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just build more refineries, you don't need silos unless you're making defensive walls out of them

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Fuck you all. Bump because classic C&C is a great game.


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>shoot an enemy harvester
>all Hell breaks loose

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>replaying Nod campaign in original C&C
>scout with buggies
>wild harvester appears
>cut off half of it's hp
>20 grenadiers, 10 minigunners, few Medium Tank and a Mammoth Tank appear out of nowhere for act of justice upon 5 buggies
Also fuck grenadiers, it's like a flamethrowers, but actually useful.

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I only play the C&C games on PS1.
Shit gives me nostalgia faggot feels like no other.

Used to use the PS1 link cable with my bestfriend and play 8 hour straight matches building up our armies.

He was always fucking russia though, so once I had hundreds of fucking troops, they would get wrecked trying to invade his tesla protected forts. :<

I sucked.

C&C: Red Alert: Retaliation is the shit yo.

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seriously, is there any way to get this to run on w7 or higher? i've been trying for years and it just doesn't want to work. hasn't someone made something like chocolate doom but for C&C?


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i wouldnt say chocolate cnc but there is OpenRA
you can even play in higher resolution with it etc.
you need the original game data. just sayin.
and im not sure if the old Live Action Campain videos are working.

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When we were playing RA with friends, there was some weird rule that you can't shoot other people's harvesters. Everyone would just go bananas


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What did the harvester ever do to you?
It's just a garbage man inside there doing his job, pickin up ore's and shit, and you come along fucking his day up.

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Well I guess it had something to do with the fact that they can't attack back. But I'll be damned If I share my diamonds with some other guy

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Did they ever mount machine guns or missles on harvesters in the future games? if not, gay...

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Use OpenRA instead

Just like the original RA but with bonuses

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Chocolate CnC was made awhile ago by Nyerguds:
Supports high resolutions (though it's very hard to recognize grenadiers from infantry in such case) and works well on Windows 7.

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RA2 soviets did. Allies solution to the problem was making them chrono capable at the expense of carry capacity.

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RA2 had machine guns on ore trucks for the Soviets, C&C3 had armed harvesters for GDI out the ass.

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Oh neat.

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Still no proper singleplayer mission support, which is the meat of the game for me. I get bored of beating up my old college buddies online.

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RA2 Soviets had machine guns on their trucks. Allies' trucks could teleport back to the Refinery to deliver ore or to get out of tight spots, and Yuri's Slave Miner also had a machinegun though it's different and is more of a mobile building that spawned ore-digging slaves (who joined sides with other players if they kill the miner and can slap infantry around with their shovels).

Not sure about other newer C&C games or RA3...I mean RA3 never happened, yeah.

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Shame there was never a sequel to Tiberium Wars.

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thanks my nigga

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So did you guys do "silo jumping" (I don't know a better term for this, maybe "silo reaching". When you want a Tesla coil somewhere far, you would just build silos all the way there. My friends always did this but I always preferred Barrackses

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>sniping slaves
>they just keep coming
>dem pointless human sacrifices

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dat glorious soviet waifu

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>He was always fucking russia though, so once I had hundreds of fucking troops, they would get wrecked trying to invade his tesla protected forts. :<

But that's what nukes and air force are for!

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>seriously, is there any way to get this to run on w7 or higher? i've been trying for years and it just doesn't want to work. hasn't someone made something like chocolate doom but for C&C?

You literally need only to replace one DLL file to get it working on XP, and from there it should work on Win7 too.

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if you really want a good win rush build destroyers and set them up miles away from his base. By the time he finds them with subs his base will be gone.

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>Not sure about other newer C&C games or RA3...I mean RA3 never happened, yeah.

C&C3 had machinegun harvester for GDI, stealth harvester for Nod, and healed-when-on-tiberium harvester for Scrin (who also had infinite silo capacity RA2 style).
Kanes Wrath added a Rocket Harvester for ZOCOM, and a heavy harvester for Steel Talons which had higher HP and could garrison troops. Black Hand got a non-stealthing nod harvester with higher HP, and Scrin Reaper-17 got a harvester that had a bonus forcefield.

RA3 had the soviet harvester being able to armour up like an armadillo (lost speed and couldn't harvest like that but was nearly impossible to kill), Allied harvester being able to deploy to sub-bases, and Empire harvester being able to switch to a minigun (but losing the collected ore when doing so).

Also, in RA3 refineries could build harvesters which was silly fun, there were some matches won by Empire players by harvester spamming after the rest of their base was destroyed.

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>if you really want a good win rush build destroyers and set them up miles away from his base. By the time he finds them with subs his base will be gone.

You mean Cruisers. Destroyers had dual rockets and double depth bombs, basically for playing escorts. But, not all maps had enough water, and a Soviet player can still snipe them with MIGs. Especially since after having 5-6 airfields, they build super fast.

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yeah your right i mixed them up. The airfields take a lot of power however, you can wreck a base with 2 cruisers before they build enough airfields and you only need 1 naval base, whereas they need an airfield for each plane.

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Airfields don't need a lot of power iirc. Only battle lab, tesla coil, and nuke silos need excessive power. And maybe the radar dome.

True enough that 2 cruisers could wreak near everything but the MIGs could go in two runs - or they could be built already (decent soviet players should always have some to crack artillery units!). Plus if the map is on water, a good player would have some subs patrolling anyway, since Cruisers are too much of a threat to ignore.

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sounds like you and I need to have a game anon, the question is:

what side do you pick?

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>not using your genetic mutator to bunch up a few slave miners, turn all the slaves into brutes and march them into grinders for some cash (since brutes weren't good for much else)
do you even suffering

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You're all wrong, goddamn.

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look at this faggot

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Shake it baby!

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y'all cowards, Romanov best husbando

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Brutes actually could wreck vehicles pretty well. If the incoming army was a mixture of infantry+vehicles, the mutator could surprise them very badly. The problem was that you can just spam one unit and win in RA2, so no one mixed infantry into their army aside from sneak attacks (crazy ivan/terrorist flak truck, engineer flak truck, or anything in a battle fortress). And the brutes were too vulnerable to anti-infantry fire, so two SEALs can hold up an infinite amount of them.

Westwood then fixed them in Universe of War where, where Brutes were COLOSSAL.

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westwood is kill.

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because EA hates games

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Which C&C had best cutscenes?

Imo Tiberian sun had best atmosphere, pretty likeable characters and that fucking Kane's return was one of the best moments in gaming ever

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>Which C&C had best cutscenes?

All the Westwood ones had incredible cutscenes. That, the music, the b-movie feel, and the level design were the high points of every C&C game made by them.

I'd say RA2 is the best but only because they had a higher budget and the videos had the highest video quality (and in stereo). But all of them were cool.

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>Which C&C had best cutscenes?

Emperor: Battle for Dune.

It's like you are in the David Lynch movie, and Romanov is a crazy looking atreides mentat.

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Although I think Tiberian had the best atmosphere gameplay wise, I though RA2 had the better cut scenes.

The characters were great and it was just fun to watch,.

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Couldn't you just put sandbags (way cheaper) like in CNC? My memory is hazy but that's what I did in CNC....

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best tanya

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Ah well, he had a full life. He was in RA1 and 2. That's quite the time gap.

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C&C gave sandbags build radius (like 1 square only I think), and you could chain them up to the enemy base and put obelisks there. However sandbags had no scouting radius, so you were eventually building them blind into undiscovered terrain (you could still build them though!).

RA1 and only allowed the same with Silos. I think TS could do silo creep as well.

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Red Alert 1 had Stalin as your commander. Everything else is inferior.

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Which port is the best?

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>Red Alert 1 had Stalin as your commander.

And Kane behind him, pulling the strings.

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>the only Westwood games I've played extensively are RA2 and Tiberium Wars
>mfw can't get into any older Westwood games. Call me a casual, but I can't bring myself to play any of them after RA2. RA2 is too fluid compared to RA1/Dawn, too good, and the masterfully done B-movie, Soviet superscience aesthetic just beats all, makes the Tiberium timeline bland in comparison
I want to get into the other Westwood games though. What do, bros? Do I play Tiberian Sun since it's the same engine and work down from there? Or is there some other recognized super-gem that is must play?

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>Do I play Tiberian Sun since it's the same engine and work down from there?
play renegade/renegade x until you fall in love with original C&C tech, then play OpenRA or something

>tiberium wars

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i remember the first time I edited the rules.ini files of RA1 and added a gun to the transport helicopter. it was awesome watching the troops parachute out of it when it attacked.

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>edit tibsun .ini
>give soldiers disruptors

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tiberian sun. darth vader man

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Tib Sun looks gorgeous if you ask me, if you liked RA2 you're missing out on pretty neat campaign here.

I guess the impressions left by first C&C/RA game played are making anybody who played them a lot biased. I can't really say I prefer one over another, they all have different atmosphere. RA2 probably had more over the top attitude. You might like RA3 and Generals if that's the case.

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Goddamn I love Tiberian Sun. Only RTS I can stand to play. Everything about it was just executed so well.

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You know what I liked the most about the original C&C and Tiberian Sun?

Tiberium was an actual threat.

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>build army of cyborgs

>build and destroy silos to make a barrier of tiberium in front of your base

>cyborgs hang out in tiberium, get healed by it

>get enough cyborgs

>rush enemy

>even if you die their base is now infested with tiberium

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If left unharvested, it just kept growing and growing.

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and growing

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....and growing...

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and growing still...

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without stopping

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until it reaches

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So, that's what green energy actually looks like.

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the end of the map

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in every possible direction

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Nah m8 RA3 was a load of shit. RA2 was over the top, but tastefully done, it felt like a B-movie which is freaking great while looking relatively realistic(ish). RA3 jumped the shark with fucking transformers, fucking BEAR CANNONS and ridiculous stuff like that. I like me some Soviet superscience but RA3 just jumped all the sharks. Its visuals were also abhorrent compared to RA2's, and cutscenes were very weak, didn't have a fraction of that feel...I could go on forever, but this is /vr/. I didn't expect anything better from EA, though.

I will totally look into Tiberium Sun, though, is it pretty much the definitive C&C game? Generals too, I'm a sucker for modern warfare, but does it hold up gameplay-wise compared to the mainstream games?

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Gameplay wise there's not much difference between RA2 and TibSun, completely different unit abilities though, so different tactics, aside from tank rush. Generals is quite good, much more praised than RA3.

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oh I hope you at least watched RA cutscenes on yt, they are hilarious.

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RA3 was a good effort and had some genuinely great moments (soviet premiere with a volcano fortress, JK Simmons as Mister America, everything the Empire does including having a JK Simmons robot, etc). The units had awesome ideas too - Macross transformers, Yuriko, armed bears, cryogenics, satellite beams, fucking space magnets, crashing space stations on the enemy base, Proton Colliders and Vacuum Imploders, etc.

The only problem was that it was too little, too short. It was half as big in every way as previous RA games. Single player was too short, the multiplayer maps were too small, and they nerfed economy in a vain effort to remove trademark C&C unit spamming...
And because everything was so small, they had to make all the tanks look boxy and toylike.

And you didn't have enough unit combinations to matter either. The roster just felt too small, because every unit sucked on their own. They just weren't as memorable.

However most of all of these can be attributed to EA wanting to push the game out in a single fucking year.

Uprising did add a ton of unique and hilarious units (except for the soviets who got nerfed again). But it didn't have multiplayer. People say that the new units would've broken multiplayer balance, but I think they just would've made the game more fun.

The Giga Fortresses and Johnny 5 robots were fun.

And they made the European Union the LAST BOSS and turned the large hadron collider into a weapon that can freeze time.
Man, if Uprising had multi, it would've been so sweet.

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I recommend you (and everyone else) look into the Mental Omega mod for RA2. Tons of new units and technology, three sides with three factions each (European Union is there too, hogging most of the Allies' chrono and weather technology), a whole brand new campaign (it lacks cutscenes and isn't perfect design-wise, but it's a mod after all) including a Yuri campaign...it lacks balance, but RA2 was never perfectly balanced to begin with. Otherwise it's everything RA3 ever wanted to be. It has multiplayer, too, and is reasonably popular I think.

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this is why i come here, people like you based anon. godspeed.

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last pic.
man, I took these snaps 4 years ago.

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You could only limit Tiberium growth in TS with walls or pavement. Walls actually would've been super useful if they could be built separately from the main building queue like in RA2.

Also, ore growth happened the same way in RA as it did in C&C and TS. They literally just reskinned tiberium and removed the hazardous effects. There was an INI setting you could use to increase ore growth speed, and you could have the entire map covered in ore the same way in RA2 as it is here.

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The greatest single file in the history of gaming.

>> No.1756809

fuck those tiberium dogs or whatever they were, the fire rate on them, holy shit.

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>> No.1756820


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I again shall remind you all, that Aleksandra Kaniak had a dozen of softcore scenes in the 90's, you can easily find absolutely gorgeous scenes with her and ( in most times ) a second female, with them slowly caressing each others bodies.

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original retail version you could do this but in one of the patches that came out they removed this ability and also changed the price of turrets from 250 to 600 shekels.

and every single damn patch was supposed to fix the issue with not being able to get the nuke in nods last mission, and for me it never did. I played through the campaign after every patch, made sure I got those bloody 3 crates, and wasted precious credits on the temple for no nuke.

also single player nuke was so much better than multiplayer.

>> No.1756830

Visceroids were worse. You can barely even target them, they move so fast.

They were also a lot more fun, because you could just bring like 10 infantry in low health onto your enemies tiberium field for top kek.

>> No.1756834

so why isn't a /vr/ OpenRA match happening right now

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>mfw I'm the exact opposite
>mfw I can't get into the RA games because the Tiberium Wars and Sci-Fi Terrorist Subterfuge gets me every time

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Same, Red Alert universe seems so dull to me compared to the Tiberium storyline.

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That's a pretty nice-looking base you've got there.

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I used to always mod the game to jack up the tib growth the ridiculous levels, so much that you couldn't get it all without a boatload of harvesters.

I always liked the thought of the world not only being dangerous because NOD/GDI was out to get you, but because there was destructive flora spreading in all directions and bringing with it mutant fauna that's hostile to you. Sadly, I never figured out how to make critters naturally spawn in Tiberium in a normal map.

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>mfw reenabling mammoth tanks

>> No.1757694


You guys need to look up Hotline: Hannah's Surprise.

>dat acting

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Y'all are playing the wrong C&C

>> No.1757742

generals a shit

>> No.1757757


Let's make a game with none of the conventions of a command and conquer game and make it a command and conquer spin off.

>> No.1757782

Just downloaded TibSun because of this thread. So far it seems pretty cool, shame I missed out on it as a kid.
But guys, the refinery is really fucking ugly.

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>the refinery is really fucking ugly
you'll learn to love it

>> No.1757815

reminded me of coronation street sadly

>> No.1757818

you guys aren't allowed to shit on a game I loved as a kid

>> No.1757825

It broke all conventions, but it had (way) superior game mechanics to the older games for multiplayer/skirmish.

Had nothing on total annihilation though.

>> No.1757831

>you guys aren't allowed to shit on a game I loved as a kid
yeah, we can. Especially since it was carrying the name of a handful of great games we played as a kid that shit on the series.

it's not a terrible game, but it's not a C&C game.

>"can i have some shoes"? really? come on EA

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Fair enough. I really enjoyed it nonetheless, and you can't take that away from me.

>> No.1757852

I wouldn't call removal of the sidebar a superior game mechanic, it may have fallen out of fashion now but it still was very smart to have all your production right there on your hud for access while your screen is watching the battles.

>> No.1757870

The sidebar removal by itself wasn't the thing. It was how resource collection worked and how you had builder units rather than a lone construction yard, how units/factions where at least vaguely balanced, and how micromanagement of units in combat actually was a thing. The older games where obviously much more fun in campaign mode, but extremely shit in multiplayer.

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What's your opinion on baseless missions? I hated them, though they couldn't spoil me those great games

>> No.1757885

Always the most fun missions. I FUCKING loved the paris mission for the soviets in RA2, where you had three yuri clones, a barracks, and a tiny bit of money. I went full russian by putting crazy ivan-bombs on attack dogs and making them charge enemy tanks.

Also, turning the fucking Eiffel tower into an enormous tesla coil is just priceless.

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>builder units rather than a lone construction yard

>> No.1757891

Why? It made multiplayer unplayable. You either defended your crazy expensive resource collector units far from your base or a fragile building you literally couldn't win without.

>> No.1757892

RA2's are cool, that's true. I was thinking more about Tiberian Sun ones, lack of building garrison and fragility of nod faggots made me smash my keyboard quite a few times

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>you literally couldn't win without
sounds like someone is a scrub

>> No.1757904

Sounds like someone belongs in /v/.

>> No.1757909

Tiberium Sun was actually Westwood's last game as a singular studio. So in essence, it is the final Westwood command and conquer with no EA input.

>> No.1758274

Flamethrowers are perfectly useful. Just don't group them together. Use a single one to murder approaching infantry with a bit of micro.
Tiberian Sun's Nod cutscenes were pretty great.

The GDI scenes were cancer. Fucking prettyboi faggot. Never finsihed the GDI campaign - just couldn't stand it.

I'm partial towards C&C1's overall cutscenes, though. Right mix of cheese and quasi-serious.
Especially game balance. Artillery is like the most balanced unit ever.

>> No.1758297

>Especially game balance. Artillery is like the most balanced unit ever.

It had decent balance after a few patches.

And it hasn't got shit on the ORCA bomber, or the underground APC.

>> No.1758305

>And it hasn't got shit on the ORCA bomber
Never had problems with it. It's not like Nod is lacking in anti-air capability.
>or the underground APC.
Could've been worse. GDI at least has enough defensive firepower that the engineers are unlikely to make it to any buildings.

>> No.1758307

Kirov reporting

>> No.1758308

>Never had problems with it. It's not like Nod is lacking in anti-air capability.

They can bomb shit down fast enough and can make at least 1 pass before falling to AA, and their bombs do more terrain damage than Nod artillery.

After a few bombing runs your base will be full of potholes and you won't have enough space to build at.

>> No.1758312
File: 435 KB, 1024x768, kirovs oh shi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you forgot your image.

>> No.1758339
File: 1.96 MB, 448x252, z3ADX6V.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna be honest, Generals wasn't that bad.
It actually kind of reminded me of "Like what they did with Red Alert": A not-too sci-fi but not-too-modern take.

It was totally trying to horn in on Starcraft and all but eeeeeeeeh...

I liked them but then again I like DOTA now, so I guess it's a different strokes thing.

>Playing against that
>pic related

>> No.1758352

Zero Hour had the most fun online play, but the game itself has no defining C&C character aside from general goofiness.
Generals is like the Bush Administration's foreign policy made into a Saturday morning cartoon.

>> No.1758361

>It was totally trying to horn in on Starcraft and all but eeeeeeeeh...
Thing is, they actually did a damn fine job of that.
The most CnC-ish thing in generals is all the crazy and imaginative units there are. I liked how they made so many units that could have been boring as shit interesting with fun little gimmicks, like technicals upgrading when they find scrap metal, or how american MBT's can have little UAV's assigned to them.

>> No.1758365

most gla vehicles upgraded with scrap. gave you incentive to try and keep them alive, because a scorpion tank with 2 rockets is better than one with 1 rocket.

and most american vehicles could have the uavs.

even gave their medic car a bit of defense that way.

also all those apc type vehicles that let infantry shoot out. very neat

>> No.1758372
File: 269 KB, 650x502, GimmeSomeGlitterOnThis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love you Generals. I'm glad they cancelled your shitty sequel. I wish you had a badass Dune mod because I enjoyed those units but the system was terrible.

Granger or go home.

>> No.1758375

In Tiberian Dawn/RA1 they are hell, hard as balls unforgiving hell, but in all other games they are pretty great.

>> No.1758380

>Generals had a Halo mod in the works but it was C&D'd for the release of Halo Wars
>Someone was making a Battletech mod but lost interest after adding a few mechs to each side

The Generals modding community had lofty ambitions but never seemed to produce anything finished. I guess it didn't help that EA pulled the plug on support shortly after Zero Hour was released, leaving bugs forever unpatched and a finicky and increasingly outdated online matchmaking component.

>> No.1758381

>most gla vehicles upgraded with scrap
I forgot that. It's a totally cool game mechanic though.
>also all those apc type vehicles that let infantry shoot out. very neat
Only it made american HMMWV's a bit overpowered if you upgraded them with law rockets and put a single extra rocket soldier in each. You could just micro them, circling around enemy forces while they got pelted with rockets. Crazy cost efficiency.

>> No.1758384

Rise of the reds is still in works, and it's a very big mod.

>> No.1759080
File: 953 KB, 1024x768, rockies1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Playing against that

I'd counter them with rocketeers.

>> No.1759490
File: 841 KB, 1357x697, Untitled.6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Funny coincidence, MO's mod leader contacted me the other day and wanted me to do a CG intro video to the mod.

Also, for the TibSun fans here: look up Twisted Insurrection. It's a TS mod that rebalances everything, and completely changes the units for Nod and GDI, and overhauls the graphics, and adds new features like RA2-style capturable tech buildings and new hostile Tiberium life-forms.

It's also a completely stand-alone mod, meaning you can just download it without having to have the original TS installed.

>> No.1759502
File: 1.36 MB, 1600x900, N14_4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


another pic

>> No.1759506
File: 287 KB, 778x613, CPrevC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1759513

comfy as fuck

>> No.1759557

whats with that weird fucked up west side of the bridge?

>> No.1759632 [DELETED] 

My dick is diamonds right now. I hope they got rid of those annoying drone node bombs, holy fuck I hated those in TS, they always ruined the landscape of my bases. I actually would edit them out in rules.ini.

>> No.1759647

My dick is diamonds right now. I hope they got rid of those annoying hunter-seeker droids, holy fuck I hated those in TS, they always ruined the landscape of my bases. I actually would edit them out in rules.ini.

>> No.1759660

For anyone who's checking out the thread and hasn't played C&C yet, EA released the first installment free.
Have fun.

>> No.1759669

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the versions included in The First Decade modified to work better on modern machines?

>> No.1759803

They were poorly hacked to work with a boring EA installer. I think they might have had the various XP patches preapplied too but that was it. They REALLY didn't put any effort into it.

>> No.1760252

Red Alert and TibSun are also freeware now too

I don't have a link for RA, but here's a fanmade installer for TibSun that kicks ass


>> No.1762007
File: 885 KB, 800x600, PB57Days.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's supposed to be a hostile Tiberium mutation. Think like the Veinhole Monsters from TS, but bigger.


Those got replaced with a similar unit that is deployed from your Comms Center. Like the suicide drone, it seeks out a random enemy unit, but instead of the latching onto them and blowing up, it turns into a stationary sensor package and just uncovers the shroud in that location. So basically, yeah, they got rid of those annoying things.

Also, the mod is about to undergo a major update (pic related).

>> No.1762036

>Veinhole monsters
Those fuckers were my nightmare fuel for the longest time.

>> No.1762254

Just tried this and the menu for TS isn't working. The one for Firestorm sort of works but it spawns me in a blank map.

>> No.1764812

>a whole brand new campaign (it lacks cutscenes and isn't perfect design-wise, but it's a mod after all)

What's wrong with it? I thought it was better than Westwood's, the original missions were too short, too simple and too easy.

>> No.1765086

why the hell arent we all playing OpenRA?

Is there a general dislike for it or something? Im willing to start up a steam group or something to that we can all get back into it, even better in a few months when they roll out the first versions of the Tibsun and RA2 mods for OpenRA. Its never been a better time to get back into the game guys, lets have have some fun.
like the good ole stalin days ;_;

>> No.1765424
File: 1.11 MB, 1280x720, DTA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I play Dawn of the Tiberium Age here myself.
It's pretty buggy and finicky, as you would expect from a standalone mod, but a combination of TD/RA in TS engine looks surprisingly comfy. All the extra stuff it adds is nice too - units, tech buildings, game balance improvements, random map events, etc. Latest update added SP back, although the campaign missions are rather uninspired.

>> No.1766106

I have only finished RA2 (which is a very fun game) Is this total conversion a good start for me or should i go vanilla?

>> No.1766446

So, Should I start up some sort of steam group to gather up all regular players? I love DTA, use to play it when the 1.12 came out ALOT but never played it with people. They seem to be working on it a fair bit now.

>> No.1766495

Alright, I went ahead and made one, Links to all the major games and the respective links to their site is on the side.

>> No.1767416
File: 2.86 MB, 1280x723, OpenRA Nuke.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1767450

Thats pretty cool, Ive only played a bit of OpenRA but id love to play more.
It certainly isnt like the originals, this is a little more touched up.
Dont forget to join the Steam group >>1766495
so we can organize games!

>> No.1767902

RA from The First Decade pack works fine on my win7 64.

>> No.1767940


I used to like the map editor that you could use to make a huge map filled with gems and could have ultra fast high unit skirmishes.

>> No.1768031


You can go either way, really. Twisted Insurrection is definitely a lot more balanced and is better visually speaking, but you might like Tiberian Sun more since it has actual cutscenes and a uniquely bleak atmosphere for an RTS.

They're both free though, so it's not like you can't just play both.

>> No.1768212

OpenRA has that too

>> No.1768554

Hey /vr/ what I need to edit to get cosmonauts in normal vs matches?

>> No.1768579

You can get Cosmonauts on Moon maps (I don't know if there are any in default RA2, though) and Allied Rocketeers are the Cosmonauts' almost exact copies stat-wise and basically the same thing anyways. Though if you're so inclined I believe it's all in rules.ini

>> No.1768621

>be around 7
>watching my dad play
>"Silos needed"
>he starts making a nuclear missile silo
>"Silos needed"
>he sarcastically comments "I'm building a silo!"

>> No.1768978 [DELETED] 

only building AI repairs is sam site, ore trucks not even trying to squish infantry right next to them, mammoth not even trying to engage.
also dat wall, funny how i never considered walling ai off an exploit when i was playing it in childhood

>> No.1768984

Is this AI? Why is the wall next to refinery is green?
only building green repairs is sam site, ore trucks not even trying to squish infantry right next to them, mammoth not even trying to engage.
also dat wall, funny how i never considered walling ai off an exploit when i was playing it in childhood

>> No.1769293

I laughed harder than I should have.

>> No.1769649

Not an AI, it's my friend playing.
He was focusing on moving his main force around the top left of the map to find my base (see the radar) so I caught him by surprise.

>> No.1769680

I joined the group, anyone else going to do so as well?

>> No.1770186

Heres hoping they do, its a great platform to set up matches and dates\times for games. It'd be nice to be able to all be within reach of eachother or hell, just even be able to discuss the CnC games there.

>> No.1770368

TibSun actually had a "harvester truce" game option that made them un-attackable.
Gayest option ever. Hurr durr let me scout with my invulnerable units.

>> No.1770572

Well luckily I never had the displeasure of playing with people who would turn that feature on to abuse it like that.

>> No.1770734
File: 139 KB, 1284x748, We won captain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DTA seems pretty fun, I only played with NOD and GDI, Are the Soviets and Allies balanced well in it?

>> No.1772984

Whats everyones favorite CnC song pre Tib Sun? Mines a toss up between Rise of the Harkonnen and Warfare



Goddamn, Kelpacki knows his shit

>> No.1772994

Poll for best Westwood C&C RTS?


>> No.1773012

Get rid of everything before Emperor Battle for Dune and include the actual Dune games.

From what I read E:BfD was the last game any real core westwood staff worked on. After that lay offs hit and people left etc.

>> No.1773021

>include the actual Dune games.
But that would be a different poll and that's not what I'm interested in. You're welcome to do your own strawpoll of course.

>> No.1773024

Fapped at her quite a few times during my teens

>> No.1773029

Supposedly she was a cunt to work with.

Here is the true waifu


>> No.1773073

No wonder she could play the character so well.
Wouldnt mind her treating me like a piece of shit, shes just my type

>> No.1773123


>> No.1774939

>Single player was too short
Even EA knew this after the fact and put out RA3 Commander's Challenge for XBLA and PSN which added like 50 missions and let you unlock units and some structures in varying orders. I still wish it had been a bit of a mix between C&C and Risk for the territories.

>> No.1777637

I had the RA3 on the 360, I would never have thought it wouldve gotten any content though. Bare in mind I played it once and dropped it, apparently CnC3 was also on the Consoles but I never saw it here in aus.

>> No.1779680

I've been waiting for this mod for years. ;_;

>> No.1779772

Tiberian Oddyssey? Yeah its got some great stuff to it, most better then Twisted Insurrection IMO.
But whatre you gonna do :(

>> No.1779992

If I get some time into modding I might start making some 3D models of units from each Era of CnC.

I had the bitchin idea for a sweet ass Supreme Commander Mod, I might even be able to get stuff like the Bradley, M1A1 Abrams etc. models from other people if im lucky. Then Ill just need a coder.

>> No.1780029

It'll come out eventually. It's just being worked on in Valve time, Orac and Morpher release an update about once every six months, the last one were some map screens in May I think.

Still, it's my favorite TS mod, and an amazing amount of detail has gone into it, both GDI and Nod look excellent and have fantastic unit voxels, along with the work done for adding in CABAL/Forgotten.

At least it's not dead like Tiberian Sun Dusk.

And yeah, Twisted Insurrection is what I'm waiting on in the meantime, new version in two days, though I'm still waiting for them to implement the TD units in skirmish/multiplayer.

>> No.1780061

How does one go about making the voxels for the game anyway? Its always piqued my interest.

Theyre planning on putting TD units in multiplayer/skirmish? Neat, I wish more people wouldve joined the group mentioned in the thread so that we could schedule some games.

>> No.1780087

I think people used stuff like 3DsMax to make renders, and then they downscaled them into voxels.

I've looked at some of the extracted .MIX files to see what the voxels look like, and they're presented as an image with many sides used to represent the orientations in game.

Voxels are the 3D files used in the game, typically vehicles, sprites are used for infantry, and usually SHPs are used for buildings. TS doesn't really support helicopters having rotors, so that's also one of the things that many mod devs have tried to get around for ages now.

>> No.1780130

Thats cool I guess thats why VTOL was used, Why dont they just substitute with that?
Gotta get around to making some of those, Id like to get into modding TS. Might be easier with OpenRA's engine once they push out their TS mod.

>> No.1780157

>Thats cool I guess thats why VTOL was used, Why dont they just substitute with that?

Tiberian Odyssey does at least with its air units. I mean look at their version of the harpy, it's VTOL, other mods give them fake rotors instead, like TI does with the chinook and apache.

I know that there is a TS total conversion project for the ARES engine called C&C Rewire, but I haven't seen any units from it so far.

>> No.1780342

As far as I know, OpenRA are also working on Tiberian Sun, but it'll probably be a longass time.
It sucks, too. I'm on Win 8 and the only copies of my C&C games are in the "The First Decade" box which runs like shit.

Although I guess I could pirate it.

>> No.1782817

Someone should make a linux distro thats entire purpose is to play every single CnC to date without any bullshit.

>> No.1783516


>> No.1783543

>Hear the words "silos needed" in my head
>Wait a second... was that Paul Bettany?
>Check imdb, it isn't him.
>Watch a youtube video to find the sound clip
>See the comment "Is that Jarvis from Iron Man??"

My brother.

>> No.1783587

I had a few games earlier with some of the devs, it was fun.

>> No.1783591

Also, make sure you update after running the launcher. I've had some people using the release version that is incompatible with the latest patch.

>> No.1785675
File: 21 KB, 191x234, 1384443419518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, shit

>> No.1785726
File: 32 KB, 200x201, 1396880486061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unit dialogue borrowed from Generals
Can't deal with this, fucking dropped.

>> No.1785732

It works for some of the units.

If you don't really want to deal with that, try playing TD mode.

>> No.1785735

It's a really heavy hit on the atmosphere to me

>> No.1785739

I know exactly what you mean, but hey, where are they going to get VA for some units?

Some mods aren't really cut out for making their own VAs.

>> No.1785786

Fucking hated them, for me the appear is building up a base and sending a hundred units in at once to bum rush the enemy. Hated having only like six units, there wasn't much satisfaction in that for me.

>> No.1785793

I enjoyed them from time to time. They helped to break the flow up and presented some interesting challenges.

>> No.1787253
File: 77 KB, 640x480, DarkReign.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why the fuck is Twisted Insurrection so shit?
The scale of vehicles is fucked, the gameplay feels so awfully paced.

The only good thing I can say is the Infantry spritework, everything else is arse. Along with some reused assets from Dark Reign.


>> No.1787308

The worst part of Twisted Insurrection, for me, is the menu icon art. Yeah, everything is great-looking and high resolution, but the unit icons all look too similar to differentiate quickly, particularly the infantry. I'm never quite sure if I'm building a grenadier or a ranger without using the tooltip.

>> No.1787320
File: 54 KB, 800x625, Brother-CaptainBoreale.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1787360

Desert of Doom and For Those Fallen. Most of Dune 2's ost is great but these 2 stand out:

In days of ould I'd actually rue approaching enemies bc the song would change from these into a fight theme.

>> No.1787364

check em for nod

>> No.1787374

>Not Lorst

>> No.1787383

You must be the only negro besides me who actually likes this. Still play it to this day, can whip up a skirmish and have at it anytime.

>> No.1787393
File: 49 KB, 320x213, GDIMammoth2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GDI master race, fggit

>> No.1787563
File: 116 KB, 800x600, ChinaDozer01.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1787940


They are placeholders, the final version will have original VA.

I'm a TI staff member.

>> No.1787971


The vehicle scale is different because quite frankly the small tanks in the original games looks awful, though upscaling them creates a sort of visual glitch where units will overlap with incorrect perspective.

This is sort of a point of debate on the mod team though, I recall the Nod sprite artist and the mod leader often get into arguments over the vehicle scale. Personally I think the upscaled vehicles look nice, I always thought it was dumb how in the old games the M1 Abrams looked like a Toyota Camry in size, plus upscaling them means more visual detail.

Also the re-use of content is mostly just placeholders, the mod is still in beta stage (though I think the Dark Reign assets are kept mostly as a homage).

>> No.1787979


I can talk to the mod leader about it, since he does all the unit cameo art. I generally don't have a problem with it outside of infantry. Maybe I can get him to create some cameos that emphasize unit role icons, like what RA1 did.

>> No.1788017


>> No.1788025


>> No.1788037


>> No.1788436


>> No.1788440


I liked it and zero hour but I could never play for long because of a memory leak.

>> No.1788817

The helipad and the SAM site look much too similar for me.

I don't have a problem with a vehicle scale aside from the overlapping issue.

I don't care for the TI original vehicles all that much, though they are well-thought out and quite useful, but the TD ones are god-tier voxels.

>> No.1789050

looks lovely, thanks for sharing anon

>> No.1789313

Tiberian Odyssey's gay, it will never be released.

>> No.1790773


>> No.1791015
File: 111 KB, 1680x1050, ASHES WILL FALL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1791559
File: 55 KB, 327x274, superior_ai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1791572


>> No.1794390
File: 45 KB, 300x372, 3ixtkn1w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lovely little mammoth tank you have there

>> No.1794404
File: 40 KB, 347x396, 3ixtkn1w2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would be a shame if something were to

>> No.1794409
File: 21 KB, 339x270, 3ixtkn1w3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

happen to it

>> No.1794556

she's perfect

>> No.1795680

Silos are good for expanding your build area. Run a line of them halfway across the map and plop a new command center. Now you have two bases!

>> No.1795760

I thought that it didn't work after Tiberian Dawn / RA? You had to use powerplants instead.

>> No.1795774


I'm so thirsty.

>> No.1795807

why does she have a unibrow in the thumbnail?

>> No.1795809
File: 386 KB, 1024x768, rac (11).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1795845

Absolutely terrible in Red Alert. Trying to figure out all the scripted enemy patrol paths and other triggers seemed to require just pure trial and error, and every time you do something wrong you end up losing units you can't afford to lose. Not to mention how finicky it is to try to send infantry against infantry and win with minimal losses. I savescummed my way through those missions.

I liked the somewhat similar missions in the first Command & Conquer, where you start out baseless but often discover or capture one later in the mission. There were some weird ones where the AI would launch an attack with tanks against my Commando at a fixed point in time, and one where I had to get close to a patrolling Gunboat that sometimes aggro'd on me and sometimes was just completely passive without any clear pattern. Some of them still required trial and error, but nothing nearly as tiresome as the baseless missions in Red Alert.

>> No.1798753

shes the best there is
but you will get along better with the soviets

>> No.1798757


no ass/10

>> No.1798785

her gams tho

>> No.1799042

>Commando has C-4 for easily destroying buildings.
>Except when he does, the infantry that spawns immediately open fire and slightly wound him.
>Can only destroy a few buildings before you run out of health.

There was a covert ops mission where you had to destroy a ton of buildings with a commando, and unless you savescumed inbetween each one, you would probably not have enough health to do them all.

>> No.1799156

That was pretty annoying, I was really glad they changed it in Red Alert so that when Tanya blows up a building no infantry spawn.

>> No.1799317


what gaem?

>> No.1799320

Says it right in the OP post.

It's called "SILOS NEEDED", duh.

>> No.1801043

god bless the openRA devs

>> No.1801218
File: 2.63 MB, 4096x3072, hi_rez_markII.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GDI master race, fggit

You used the wrong image there.

>> No.1804002


>> No.1804018

I used to make walls out of tesla coils...

>> No.1804021


>> No.1804025

Defense tower walls were always a blast. Once when I was playing TibSun against a friend, I built an intricate defense made of a 4-thick barricade of walls and it had 2x4 gaps in it filled with RPGs and SAMs. God that was a bitchin' wall, wish I had screencaps.

>> No.1804028


>> No.1804136

y'know, as much as i like the series and all, the community can be quite pretentious sometimes - specifically the modding community. yeah they do good work most times, but they come off as complete fucktwits like, a large portion of the time.

>> No.1804153


>> No.1804164

Could you be a little more vague please?

>> No.1804303


One Mutant Hijacker and you're shit out of luck.

>> No.1804329

Not many C&C mods have completely new voiceovers. Rise of the Reds and Mental Omega are the only two I can think of that do right now.

>> No.1804335


>> No.1804372


>> No.1804375


>> No.1804378


>> No.1804401

Submarine Titans is the best 90s rts

Fight me

>> No.1804405

Hijacker can barely take over AI mammoths due to the AI prioritizing them over other units.

In multiplayer, you'd NEVER be able to take over a Mammoth against any half decent player. Unless they just happen to have a fully charged EMP blast ready.

>> No.1804423

It's fun taking over enemy MKIIs in C&C Reborn, that Renegade to TS conversion.

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