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Doom thread, (Last thread >>1748923)
(other retro FPS games also welcome, chances are we played 'em too)

FAQ/Pastebin, still updated semi-frequently


##Our WADs can be found here!##

Steam Group:

IRC (The password is in the FAQ.)
Channel: #vr


Wanna learn...

More about Doom? Check the OFFICIAL Doom Wiki!

To create maps?

To open/Edit WADs/PK3/etc for mod compatibility?
http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads (download 3.1.0)

How to load multiple WADS and mods at the same time? - ZDL (v3.2.2.2)

/idgames torrent (as of Nov.25, 2013; 12 GBs of wads, 18 years worth of user-made content!)

Vanilla/Boom related projects can be found here

ZDoom mods/projects can be found here

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-Listen2Doom, 24/7 http://liquiddoom.net/doom/radio

-Some anons did a 200 min. speedmap WAD and THIS is the result! ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pub/pc/games/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/200minvr.zip Tell us what you think! (/idgames frontend link very soon)

-Don't forget to (re)watch this year's Summer Games Done Quick, as it featured Doom 64 and an Ultimate Doom race! Ask in the thread for links! The past AGDQ featured Plutonia and a Doom 2 race; to rewatch said games, see this link http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQcxg3SUqlYBoSYrpNJVu58GsoCXMREa1.

-Wanna see John Romero deathmatching in 2014? Do you live in England? He will be present at Revival '14 on August 9, see more details here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1283115; for reference, this happened at GDC http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXkipPv0b4KMKE7z3WwlYYUCDLACNoYfE.

-Metroid Dreadnought IS OUT! - http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4561&pid=61847#pid61847

-Also The Space Pirate got an update! Check the latest ver. here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxbbtKR5bll_anFPaVhUQVZqcnM/edit?usp=sharing And be sure to check this tutorial http://youtu.be/mrFF8LCZw5Y

-HDoom has its 5th techdemo! happy now? http://www.best-ever.org/download?file=m12-hdoom-techdemo5.pk3

Mods that also got updated (these links include their respective download links for each mod, by the way)

Doom RPG (not the mobile game) - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=33292
Hideous Destructor - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=12973
Pirate Doom - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=32674
DoomRL Arsenal - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=37044
Doom The Golden Souls - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=661646
GMOTA - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=742401

ATTENTION! If you know about something news-worthy PLEASE reply to this so everyone can see it

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Are there any good conversion wads that have both good level design and weapons?

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You want a total TC with levels AND weapons? Good luck, mate.

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>Pirate Doom - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=32674

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seconding pirate doom.

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>All brown enemies
>Imps and Pain elementals everywhere

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Can anyone settle a dispute I've been having? I swear that at least one of the box-art images for DOOM 1 had Doomguy holding a shotgun in his left hand (the one the imp is grabbing). Yet I can find no evidence that this is the case because it either doesn't exist or I suck at googling.

Can anyone at all post this picture if it's actually real? Am I just dreaming?

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It's the titlepic, not the boxart.

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hi i drew those floating caco ladies in the last thread, here are wips of what im working on right now. what monsters would u guys like to see after this

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I want mutants from Wolfenstein

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>Affinity of DoomGuy and Samus Aran
>Ecstasy of DoomGuy : 2 times
>Ecstasy of Samus Aran : 9 times


>captcha: historical pbeaude

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I'd like to see you draw some proper grammar, thank you very much. This isn't a text message hosting site, it's an imageboard.

Also a nukage barrel girl.

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All of them

You draw a good busty girl, i love their proportions

Title art, pic related

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I am actually slowly working on this... Just suddenly felt overwhelmed with projects. I'm stupid.

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>That guy drawing the thick demon ladies is here now
>he joins forces with the H-doom team
>thick caco and pain elementals

Please, please stop. My dick is at risk of igniting.

Don't stop

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Cyberdemon would be nice

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Well there goes our blue board status.

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Fucking hell, she makes him go twice?
And she goes nine times and keeps trucking?
The woman's a fucking tank.

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he needs to replace the hdoom art. i like the animations but anime heads on monster bodies is just dumb

let's get some real monster porno going

also: monster infighting that results in orgies

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Trips don't lie, this man is a good man.

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Agitating skeleton girl is the only answer.

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>i like the animations but anime heads on monster bodies is just dumb

...as opposed to monster heads on anime bodies?
Let's not turn this into a "my fetish is the way to go!!!" fight.

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Ok, but I do recall it literally being actual boxart, exactly the same but for the shotgun.

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what the fuck am i watching here

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it's just titlescreen

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Metroid Dreadnought Deathmatch

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What would happen if inevitably Samus and Doomguy started fuckin'.

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But muh waifu is pure and would never dream to touch a man

purityfags are disgusting

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Sorry nerd DoomguyxSamus brOTP eventually upgraded to married and kids and give birth to duke

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>Birth to duke
My god, it's perfect
I actually just started playing duke 3d for real for the first time. The last time I played i wasn't gud and couldnt find all the secrets so I was always low on ammo.

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How does she bend like that?

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Chozo dna
the sane way she curls into a ball

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I'm not sure if you're aware, anon, but Samus is kind of crazy-flexible.

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Are you saying you can't? I'm not even particularly flexible. Try not being fat.

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will there be any tournaments and shiit for quakecon 2014 ?

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the only thing i can find is some trial

DOOM II – Level 13
Scenario: Players will be timed on how quickly they can get through this level of DOOM II while getting 100% completion for Kills, Items, and Secrets.
Level of Difficulty: Ultra Violent Difficulty
Controls: Keyboard/mouse only
Rankings: Best times (1st through 3rd) win based on the in-game time displayed upon completing the level. Must achieve 100% kill, items, and secret ratio to qualify.

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>Muscles from Doomguy
>Blond hair from Samus

oh god

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It might just be me..
but it looks like Doomguy is actually fucking the back of her knee

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no as in do it consistent

either all monster or no monster

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I thought I was the only one that noticed something was off.

>> No.1754147

>what is a "work in progress"

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File: 149 KB, 640x320, average GMOTA gameplay.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Couple of weeks after DNF's release
>Doomguy is comforting Samus at the table who is crying
>Samus is depressed becuase of DNF and still recovering from Other M
>Doomguy "Son, I'm not angry.. Just disappointed in you, What the hell were you trying to pull there"
>Duke "I wanted to be like the CoDs dad, Be famous"
>Doomguy "NO, You need to follow family tradition and keeping the fast paced action in FPS"
>Doomguy "Alright! Doom 3 wasn't the best doom, but it wasn't the worst, It had Mod support, No weapon limitations, No health regan"
>runs outside and gets on his motorcycle
>Doomguy step out on the porch "Duke Nukem You get back here right now young man!"
>Duke "Goodbye dad"
>Drives out the driveway "AND DAD! I HOPE DOOM 4 SUCKS"
>Drives off never to be seen again.

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C-Can somebody put this onto imgur?

>> No.1754182

Got an archive of all of those Doom comics? I wasn't able to grab them in the other thread because I was on a phone.

>> No.1754184

>DG: "I've gotta do it, I'm putting my resume in to Bethesda."
>S: "Noooo!"

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You can check foolz. I forget the name of the guy who does this stuff, but he does these special easter comic and shit.

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It's so right, and yet...so...so very, very goddamn wrong.

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BUMP BUMP...... no one got information on any doom 1-2 tournaments? or has all the focus been directed to doom4 that will probably be released in 2015 anyway, making it completely useless to show now.

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>cant edit post
>must make a reply to my own post
>ask for additional information since the schedule on quakecons site forces you to download an app.

>> No.1754236

>wanting to fuck a complete monster

>> No.1754238


>> No.1754242

>Megaman: At Least Smash will treat you with some fucking Respect!

>> No.1754246

>not wanting to fuck a complete monster

get a load of this pleb

>> No.1754247

I think she's facing downward awkwardly

>> No.1754249

You should visit /d/ for a minute, anon, you'd be surprised (and also horrified, probably).

>> No.1754252

>Sonic: "Oh LOOK who it is. Like your IP even cares about you anymore and being in some kind of collaborative thing will save you."
>Johnny Dash: "Why are we all in the same house?"

>> No.1754257

>Solid Snake: It was For Duke's Intervention remember, didn't expect to be Consoling Daddy... and Shut the fuck up Sonic, you're barely any better

>> No.1754260

>Pac-man: "This is worst fucking house party I've ever been to! I'm outta here!" WAGGAWAGGAWAGGA *slam*

>> No.1754263

who the fuck is Johnny Dash?

>> No.1754271


I tried to purposefully pick one of the obscure characters from early DOS. I suppose I could've gone with Jill Of The Jungle or something.

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Do you guys plan to have a /vr/ server running this evening/time of the day that apply to you?

>> No.1754283

I know, makes me want Duke to have a good game just to smooth it out when Doom 4 winds up bad

>> No.1754285

Any fun modes going on too? I loved doing the minigame maps with you guys.

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>Toby Masuyo: Hey Snake, I look forward to your new movie.

>> No.1754291

>Doomguy: Look at these two shitheads they're lucky enough to get doom mods even.

>> No.1754294

>Hey my hands are clean, talk sit to my dad on that one

>> No.1754298


It's not explicitly /vr/, but I just put up a Dreadnought server, if you're interested.

:: [BE] Montreal :: Metroid: Dreadnought - 13 Layers of Hell

>> No.1754302

>Master Cheif: look pal, we have our differences but I've always respected you, don't be this way you're better than this

>> No.1754304

Can anyone from the Doom 4 beta tell us how it is and if it has multiplayer yet?

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>I invented headshots mates, and no one is gonna take that away.

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Jesus christ how does this web even work?


Just look at the vagina generation damn!

>> No.1754318

>inventing headshots

valve fanboys can't be this delusional

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fucking hell

>> No.1754328

It's not out yet m8.

The Wolf preorder just meant they got access when it happened.

>I invented headshots
Excuse me?

>> No.1754329

All these videogame characters..

They've all had a very hard life.

>> No.1754332

What was it? Anybody have a link?

>> No.1754334

I don't know if this was already known (or if this info is even true), but apparently, Dime, the man who ran Doom at the past couple games done quick speedrunning marathons, browses /vr/.

>> No.1754336


Yeah that's probably flat out bullshit.

>> No.1754337


>> No.1754338


are you acting retarded on purpose?


>> No.1754340


Surprise, porn isn't allowed on blue boards, even when spoilered.

>> No.1754342

>he thinks teamfortress wasn't born on quake

wow and I thought /vr/oomers had actual knowlage of classic fpses

>> No.1754345


someone linked him like the thread after the SGDQ, and yes, he posted here at the time and actually gave a shoutout of sorts in the past AGDQ

I know, >/srg/

>> No.1754347

Well yeah it was but TF wasn't the FIRST THING EVER to have Headshots in it.

At the very least, it didn't modernize it.

>> No.1754348

>reading comprehension

>> No.1754351


wait, I got the events switched. AGDQ was first, and yadda yadda

>> No.1754373


it was porno of anthro demon ladies

artist is robot joe (he's on tumblr)

>> No.1754378

That's neat, I like the guy. Mad respect for that Plutonia speedrun.
I liked that race where the other guy, on first place, spent a lot of time trying to glide and he couldn't, then Dime reaches that spot and does it in like 2 seconds. That was hilarious.

>> No.1754391

That looks pretty boss. Anybody got more art of marines together?

>> No.1754393

It's in the Foolz archives, here https://archive.DELETEITfoolz.us/vr/thread/1753913/#1754000

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File: 697 KB, 2480x3508, 1400886775238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2.83 MB, 300x240, d67655434c3b5cd0b87887af46a1773e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When are they gonna make Cosby Doom

>> No.1754420
File: 2.85 MB, 300x240, 11394a4045b82e6a44e45b9432f5d84e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Along with Cosby Nukem

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File: 265 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140709_213620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Feel free to pop in, we're having fun.

>> No.1754493

calling all boards

>> No.1754497

Just got banned on /mu/ for saying I didn't like a highly-appreciated album in a polite way

Sup guys

Been considering to buy Doom for the SNES. I've played the original PC version. How is the SNES version in comparison?

>> No.1754502


>> No.1754504

it sucks

>> No.1754512

Okay thanks anons

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File: 214 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140709_221449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1754527 [DELETED] 

>Just got banned on /mu/ for saying I didn't like a highly-appreciated album in a polite way
Nice blog man. Where can I VIDEO GAMES

>> No.1754546

Samus got a Chainsaw hand?

>> No.1754553

It's the Doom Cannon's charge combo.

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File: 2 KB, 100x100, 1389638184776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1754563

How do you enable that HUD?

>> No.1754567

>literally one sentence
>nice blog
Not sure if that's meant to be ironic but you're the only one here who seems to have a problem

How active is the /vr/ Doom steam group? I joined a bunch of dead ones in the past so no offense but

>> No.1754574

Change screen size

>> No.1754576

Pretty sure that's the default, try changing your screen size there anon

>> No.1754584

>How active is the /vr/ Doom steam group?

It isn't, and it's maintained by a fuckhead who refuses to merge with the others.
Your best bet is to join the IRC, it's active every day.

>> No.1754585

so can anyone recommend good sound packs?

>> No.1754586

Thanks anon

>> No.1754590
File: 231 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140709_223747.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bloody rain so real.

>> No.1754625

>Weapon mods with angled weapons
Okay cool
>Angled projectile weapons
Neat I guess
>Projectiles hit the wall if you're next to it
This is not okay

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File: 337 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140709_223937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.1754637

What is that satanic symbol above the beams? Satanic Beam?

>> No.1754648
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since older fps are allowed in here what did you guys think of the n64 port of Quake 2? I'm running through it right now after shaking off the urge to quit playing because of the controller. I actually like the flow of this better than the pc version

>> No.1754651

Perk's sounds. It's the original sounds taken from the original sound libraries. Just in perfect high quality. I can't play without it.

Although if you're not into that, try the PSX/N64 sounds

>> No.1754652

I'll look into them I already have the Zombie voices pack

>> No.1754654

aside from the PSX Doom, is there a mod that adds Doom 2 enemies in fitting parts of Doom one?

>> No.1754659

Doom Cannon. If metroid_doomcannon is on, it replaces the chainsaw.

It can also be the chainsaw.

>> No.1754675
File: 525 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140709_224254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Also the only weapon that can be used with Speed Booster.
You haven't had "kill-frenzy fun" until you've run around with chainsaw at full blast and speed booster.

>> No.1754684

any plans for Metroid style enemies?

>> No.1754697
File: 219 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140709_231402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes, actually that's the plan right now.
I can't draw worth a damn, but I've got a few artists who were interested and they're doing different things. I'm just fiddling with behavior while waiting for them to finish and desperately hoping that they do

>> No.1754698

Got download links?

>> No.1754702

so is it going to be a blend of pirates and demons, or full replacements?

>> No.1754705


Full replacements.

http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=45872&start=105#p767269 - Under the spoiler here is the general plan I've got so far, with everything except the Wolfenstein SS figured out.

>> No.1754751

I didn't play the N64 version of Quake 2.
I really like Quake 2 though.

What does the N64 version do differently?

>> No.1754769
File: 300 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140709_235805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Beat all of Reverie. Now onto the plain, undecorated hallways of Hell Revealed!

>> No.1754774

so the plan is to eventually abandon the crossover plot and be pure metroid?

>> No.1754781


>> No.1754786
File: 3.64 MB, 2243x3052, samus_imp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There was never any crossover plot planned in the first place, so I wouldn't call it "abandoned".
But yes, I'd like to make it pure Metroid, though maybe with a few Doom elements (rocket jumping with super missiles, the Doom cannon, maybe a demon as the Wolfenstein SS enemies, etc).
For mappers who really really really want the Doom demons, though, separate Decorate spawns for them will be provided, which will always spawn the demons even with the Metroid enemies cvar turned on.

>> No.1754803

>Also the only weapon that can be used with Speed Booster.
>disrespecting the sword beam
term i know ur butt still hurts but pls

>> No.1754823
File: 880 KB, 4000x2828, metroid 1.5 - Luminoth Sentinel Armour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I will turn this car around and drive back home, mister.

>> No.1754835

Nice mirrored picture.

>> No.1754840

It's not as good as the PC version, but more than I would've expected from a SNES version. If you have a good idea what the SNES is capable of you'll likely be impressed, but not necessarily entertained...

>> No.1754841


>> No.1754847

Samus's cannon is on the wrong arm.

>> No.1754851

Does anyone here happens to have this monster generator?


>> No.1754908


It's how the artist handed it to me, so I assume either he forgot or drew it backwards.

>> No.1754912

As someone who just started playing Doom this year because of these generals, thank you. I'm actually enjoying video games again.

I haven't been this excited to play them since I really got into Stalker, though I seem to have stormed through Doom 1&2, and most of the Final Doom WADs. Played them all as vanilla as possible, though I didn't realize crouch and jump weren't in the default games until later. Are there any high speed fanmade wads to enjoy? I love the fast paced gunning in Doom, It never gets old for me to speed into a room and decimate enemies with the DB shotgun, while navigating around them.

>> No.1754916

Oh man, there's so many.
Try Deus Vult 2 for a great mapset, and Project MSX for a fantastic gameplay mod.

>> No.1754934

>high sped

parias in samsara is gr8, he wrecks shit hard
project msx is also gr8 because every moment is life and death
gmota is fun as hell with lots of RIP AND TEAR but no guns so

>> No.1754941
File: 2.58 MB, 1543x2898, SoYouWantToPlaySomeFuckingDoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Enjoy, friend.

>> No.1754951

If you liked the feel, I'd recommend trying Raven Software's Doom-based games, Heretic and Hexen. They do amazingly to make you feel like a fucking powerhouse. How does being a METAL AS SHIT MAGUS sound? How does having an arsenal of MEDIEVAL FANTASY GUNPOWDER sound? How does fucking SMASHING PEOPLES HEADS IN WITH A GODDAMN HAMMER GIVEN TO YOU BY YE GODS THEMSELVES sound?

If you're looking for good immurshun, I'd look into Strife. It's pretty weird, but you definitely feel like a rebel trying to infiltrate and annihilate an evil corrupt government.

And of course, there are a metric assload of WADs out there for you to try. I'd recommend some popular megawads like Alien Vendetta. If you wanted more levels and more difficulty, the Modding community has got you covered.

And if you ever get bored, you can always take the /vr/ gauntlet (link below), or generate random maps with Oblige.

Just a reminder that most DOOM and Heretic mods do not require jumping, but Hexen introduced it.


>> No.1754962
File: 8 KB, 185x206, 1403734675393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>dat timing

>> No.1754964

I dabbled around a bit in Strife actually, I was pleasantly surprised.
Not exactly as toned down as most FPS these days that make you work from the ground up, but considering this was during a time where the only theme shooters had going for them was to kill everything you see, I can really appreciate what they did.

I'll try out Hexen for sure, though isn't mouselook pretty buggy and distorted? I figured it would mess with the sprites.

>> No.1754980

Man, every time I think about Hexen I just want to start a map pack for it... I don't care for the original levels much, and they actually ruin what could be a great game.

>> No.1754981 [DELETED] 


>not realizing how irc names work

>> No.1754987


>missing the point

>Man, every time I think about Hexen I just want to start a map pack for it...

Go for it, man; releasing a single custom map for either Hexen or even Heretic will get you a lot of attention

>> No.1754989



>> No.1754994 [SPOILER] 
File: 273 KB, 1280x1160, 1404972250370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


someone get this bonehead out of here

>gmota is fun as hell with lots of RIP AND TEAR but no guns so

u wot? and what's about that supershotgun thingie on the arm which I was seeing the other day?

>> No.1754997


He could be referring to GMOTA having no hitscan weapons.


>> No.1755004

Can you add a rock weapon for Blaz? Make it hitscan with 1 damage or so. Just to hit switches.

>> No.1755005

How does attention help me?

>> No.1755007


I really do need to give him -something- to trigger switches, probably an inventory item to ping shit.

I should give him a light source item too, like knight vision goggles.

>> No.1755010

>knight vision goggles
Haha, that's great.

>> No.1755012 [SPOILER] 
File: 17 KB, 210x240, 1404972849755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>knight vision goggles.

>> No.1755015

How about something like.. Take the first projectile fired by the arm cannon right?

And then make it thin as fuck.

>> No.1755016


If I do that, I could just make the arm cannon fire a harmless hitscan puff before it starts spewing out those energy shots

>> No.1755025

This would probably be the best course of action.

>> No.1755035
File: 368 KB, 640x480, BillboardAxes[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, what source port are you using? ZDoom or GZDoom?

If it's ZDoom, then sprites are billboarded to your viewpoint. They'll just look like they're crawling on the ground or something. If it's GZDoom, you can choose whether they'll be paper or plastered.

As for distortion, that's usually only for level geometry. You'll notice that you can't look all the way down or up in ZDoom vs GZDoom, and edges of some stuff when mouselooking get stretched like you were looking at them with your peripheral vision.

>> No.1755049 [DELETED] 
File: 165 KB, 5000x5000, aaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>knight vision goggles

>> No.1755202
File: 106 KB, 320x645, Y-shearing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The distortion of the Software (normal ZDoom) renderer is because of the "hack" it uses to achieve freelook in a raycasting engine. It's the same method pioneered in Heretic and adapted into ZDoom.

>> No.1755231

Did the Metroid mod ever get a SNES sounds addon?
Did Eriguns ever get updated with any of the cool stuff Eriance finished?

>> No.1755238

>Did the Metroid mod ever get a SNES sounds addon?

I'm about halfway done with that, actually. The second half is a big ol' hurdle, though.
The big problem is trying to do SNES souds for things that never had 'em in the first place, like the charge combos, doom cannon, and etc. So I'm having to learn about SNES sound creation and, well, make new ones.

It's a fun little project, though.

>> No.1755240

>doom cannon
There was an SNES port of Doom.

>> No.1755246


I'm not going to lie.
I feel kind of stupid now.

>> No.1755251

I actually think it would be okay to keep the beam combos with normal sounds

But that's just my opinion.

>> No.1755253

I don't blame you son, the SNES version wasn't really the best port, the good thing from that port though was how the music sounded pretty dang good.


>> No.1755262

whoever who re-edited the doom music on the snes did a cool job imo

>> No.1755301

This is my favorite doom song actually. The SNES version is best version...

>> No.1755346

pls I'm a newb I am playing Doom for the first time (I am too young to die) and I am stuck with the cyberdemon. How do I kill him ?

>> No.1755353

Shoot him until he dies.
From the official Nintendo Power magazine

>> No.1755354


>> No.1755358


Have you tried shooting him?

>> No.1755362

I have problems dodging its rockets.
I have 100 missiles.

>> No.1755363


Shoot him lots. And remember he always fires his rockets in barrages of 3.

stay the fuck away from walls

>> No.1755368

Like most Doom 1 demons the projectiles it shoots goes straight and it will always aim at you so just don't stand in the same spot for any period of time and you will be fine.

>> No.1755369

I have some questions about the multiplayer tag in Doom Builder.
-Do weapons tagged with MP only appear in deathmatch, or do they appear in co-op games as well?
-If there's a door that needs a key in the level should I just not have anything like deathmatch starts or MP weapons behind it, unless there's a way to get past the door like a teleport?
I'm making maps in my vast amount of spare time, & I'm aiming to make a full WAD's worth of levels though I'm not expecting myself to complete this, it's just a hobby. I don't expect the WAD to get any amount of fame, & I'm not sure if I should even bother with the multiplayer crap, but I saw that most of the Doom 2 maps had a couple of weapons, armor, etc. in for DM, so I thought why not add stuff in for multiplayer just in case people want to DM on the maps.

>> No.1755370
File: 17 KB, 300x466, 785567452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep moving side to side, around him in a circle while shooting him. You'll get the hang of it eventually, but for a start just don't try to change directions while he can see you, because that one moment when you're standing still could be enough for him to land a rocket.

Also, try staying a reasonable distance from him, and any walls around you. So you can see them coming, and to avoid the explosions.

>> No.1755371

the multiplayer flag hides items in solo. they will appear in both co-op and deathmatch.

there are also flags that mean "hide item in co-op", and "hide item in DM", but they are not supported by vanilla (Boom introduced them).

a locked door will remain locked to players in co-op without the appropriate key, but deathmatch players will be able to open them always. effectively, in deathmatch you start with all the keys already.

>> No.1755378

I'm not using Boom, so should I just put stuff in mind for deathmatch & not worry too much about co-op? Though, I guess I could also put in some extra monsters tagged for multiplayer, since DM disables all monsters right? & thanks for answering

>> No.1755385
File: 1.50 MB, 640x360, defeating the cyberdemon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a car
I can confirm that this is a viable strategy

>> No.1755386

that would be fine, i mean, the original game had all the deathmatch weapons available in co-op as well, and nobody minded.

deathmatch doesn't disable monsters automatically, you can play deathmatch maps with monsters. but no one ever does.

>> No.1755426
File: 511 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_Doom_20140710_074101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone yelled at me and Yholl

"WE WANT A CHALLANGE!" they said


Yholl got angry.

>> No.1755431
File: 12 KB, 288x306, tmp_4030_187e1182039857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not use the rocket launcher. The Cyberdemon has the hardcoded NORADIUSDMG flag (by default), thus he takes no damage from the rocket explosion, only from the rocket itself.

And if you are in E2M8 right now, watch out for Lost Souls. They tend to block Cybers rockets and make them explode and you will most certainly die by the splash damage.

I suggest you use the plasmarifle, it is the best weapon for this map (beside the BFG of course).
But if you're with the RL, it will take some time and skill.

And why are you playing on easy peasy mode? Play Hurt me plenty. I'm sure you are not that much of a weak marine.

pic related

>> No.1755432

make it even more challanging

>> No.1755434


>> No.1755440

Well, let's put it this way.

When I was testing, he killed me.

In God Mode.

>> No.1755441

Different set of levels and someone vomited color everywhere.

I had fun with it though.

There are a handful of architectural similarities in some of the levels; I'd bet $20 they were going for a straight port before deciding pretty early on it wasn't going to work.

>> No.1755447

the game was coded so you can still get telefragged when invulnerable, to prevent players being stuck together.

however, this left god mode vulnerable to sufficiently high damage as a side effect.

this is nothing new or interesting, it's just a bug in the game engine. MBF and derivatives have a "god mode is absolute" option (comp_god) - i would be surprised if zdoom did not have similar.

>> No.1755451

Way to completely miss my point. I'm well aware of this.

What I was GETTING at is that it can do over 1 million damage straight in some of it's attacks. Not even the best Defense and Shields can block against all of that.

>> No.1755452

I can't seem to recall does the doom engine allow sloped floors? I don't think it does but for some reason I think a map in Episode 3 has slopes on it.

>> No.1755454

Godmode blocks only up to 1000 damage, doesn't it? 1 million is what a telefrag does.

>> No.1755457

>>1755447 (me)
>as a side effect.

in fact it seems to have been deliberate. P_DamageMobj has

// Below certain threshold,
// ignore damage in GOD mode, or with INVUL power.
if ( damage < 1000
&& ( (player->cheats&CF_GODMODE)
|| player->powers[pw_invulnerability] ) )

i.e. god mode was explicitly added to the same test.

strange choice, though.

>Way to completely miss my point. I'm well aware of this.
sorry, i wasn't trying to suggest otherwise. you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that i was trying to correct you. no offence was intended. i merely enjoy sharing tidbits of information that maybe someone out there hasn't heard before.

>> No.1755458


>someone posted my video

Heh. T-thanks

>> No.1755460

It was changed from 1000 to 1 million in ZDoom due to requests and back when DECORATE was new and monsters were being made that were starting to do more damage and whatnot.

>> No.1755462

>thinks of Russian Overkill
>Imagines someone trying to cheat under the old limits


>> No.1755463

What's the music called? I've heard it so many times...

>> No.1755464

>(I am too young to die)
You probably killed him by now but goddamn anon grow some balls.

>> No.1755465


The Noveltones - Left Bank Two


>> No.1755479

Thank you very much!

>> No.1755480 [DELETED] 

Choose two
>drop trip
>get banned
>stop shitposting

>> No.1755486

Is it even possible to kill that guy?

20 million HP seems like a might too much.

>> No.1755492 [DELETED] 

Well, technically he can choose the first 2 and then ban avoid and keep shitposting. Which, may I add, he isn't.

>> No.1755497

Yes, you can. Took me about 20 minutes but I managed it with maxed out stats, Augmentations, Stim abuse, properly timing shield recahrging, etc.

>> No.1755498 [DELETED] 

>Which, may I add, he isn't.



Yeah, I mean, not even a fan of DRLA but considering how powered you may become it's quite easy to do so

>> No.1755503 [DELETED] 

>"h-hey guise! the shitposter is not banevading! I-i swear"
Fuck off to >>>/v/

>> No.1755513


The animu is staying, it's been a part of the plan since day one. That, and these are supposed to monster girls, they're supposed to have human facial elements.

That said, I do like the stuff done by >>1754000
- but it wouldn't quite work in-game due to the fact that i'm trying to keep the monster height fairly in-line with their original counterparts: otherwise you'll have monsters clipping through ceilings and the like (that, and we have a caco design nailed down - pain elemental will likely be something similar). As far as art goes though, good stuff!

>> No.1755543

>and we have a caco design nailed down

any pictures?

>> No.1755569

Oh I bet it's "nailed down" all right.

>> No.1755584
File: 24 KB, 808x924, bkoio_ascii.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>any pictures?

here we go again

>> No.1755593
File: 220 KB, 1241x835, KFBxe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is now canon.

>> No.1755594

where's the dead rabbit?

>> No.1755596

they had it for dinner

>> No.1755597

They ate Daisy? ;_;

>> No.1755605

so it's there to help maintain depth?

>> No.1755607

Gzdoom is coming to Android very soon

>> No.1755608

man we need an Ultimate soundtrack pack from all the doom adaptations

>> No.1755643

Really? Link?
I can already imagine the horrible controls.

>> No.1755651

There used to be a pack that went around on here with all the console soundtracks in it, dunno if it's still around.

>> No.1755697

>Well yeah it was but TF wasn't the FIRST THING EVER to have Headshots in it.

lol yeah it was. TF for quake was the first game to have headshots. god, that is /v/ level ignorance.

>> No.1755714

Is it just me or are enemy sprites and sounds a lot better with ZDoom? I like GZ Doom because it uses a better method of mouselook, but everything seems so much worse now.

>> No.1755723 [SPOILER] 
File: 719 KB, 1920x1080, 1405008310928.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if it's because I'm loading it with GMOTA, but the voxel pack that was linked in the previous thread does some weird stuff sometimes. Like not show any voxels.

Restarting GZDoom seemed to fix the issue, but I just played a whole level filled with invisible torches (you could still see the fire sprites), obvious keys I couldn't find because they were invisible, and CYBERDEMONS FIRING INVISIBLE ROCKETS.

>> No.1755727

At least it isn't an Invisible Cyberdemon.

Is there going to be a Cyberdemon replacement for GMOTA?

>> No.1755730
File: 15 KB, 142x136, imp-cum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a pretty sorry piece of work in my opinion, but like all the other ports, it's still Doom, it may not be as refined or tasty as PC Doom, or as filling as Doom 64, but you still have Doom, you have the action, the monsters, the maps, the violence, the music, the important parts, sure, it's all a bit scaled down and simplified, but if it's the only Doom you have, you're guaranteed to enjoy it for what it is.

The music, while not as good as the original, is really great in it's own right.

>> No.1755752
File: 6 KB, 99x128, CyberDoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to Doom.

Here's a few of my personal favorites:
Plutonia 2
Plutonia Community Project Revisited
Action Doom
Action Doom 2 : Urban Brawl
Epic 2
Deus Vult 2
Doom The Way Id Did It
Hellcore 2.0
Wonderful Doom
UAC Ultra
Pirate Doom
Back To Saturn X Episode 1 : Get out of my stations

A short while ago I played Back To Saturn X with the gameplay mod Accessories To Murder, and found it to be a very good fit aesthetically (I'm also playing through Jenesis with it, I think this might be one of my favorite gameplay mods)

I must also say that Back To Saturn X was both jawdroppingly beautiful and fun as all fuck to play, make sure you play it, with or without gameplay mods, it's fantastic either way.

>> No.1755786

>Epic 2
>Try to play it with DoomRPG and all the other shennanigans
>Hell Barons in second map

It is weird playing wads that have their own monsters overwritten with RPGs scripts. Especially the "return to arenas you murdered a gazillion only to find an arch-vile spawned now". And said Arch-Vile is now a boss spawn.

>> No.1755793

E.Y.E: was such a weird game.

Pure Doom doesn't, but an earlier build of it did. The function was removed on release.

Bout damn time.

Jesus, I'm an idiot. I was under the assumption that since he posted the TF2 sniper, that's what we were referring to.

(Canonically they're not the same person either.)

>> No.1755797

Survival horror mod.
1. Replace midi music with ambient one form PSX version.
2. Less ammo, make every bullet count.
3. More fog and dark areas.
What do you think, /doom/?

>> No.1755804

Wait... Is that Doom Roguelike? I've been gone for a while.

>> No.1755809


>> No.1755824
File: 3 KB, 63x75, oh-god-get-your-foot-out-of-there.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Epic 2
>Try to play it with DoomRPG

>> No.1755829

What's the original source of that scream anyway? Mortal Kombat?

>> No.1755831


>> No.1755834
File: 61 KB, 156x170, Classic_Sniper_new[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should have posted this guy

>> No.1755836

GZDoom on Android, running Brutal Doom. Coming so…: http://youtu.be/L_-LyPsL3nM

This will be OK with 2d aiming mode on the shield

>> No.1755845

I believe so.

>> No.1755852

who the fuck is that?

>> No.1755857

ahaha i can't stop playing this
it possibly sounds funnier played backwards

>> No.1755873

TF/TFC Sniper.

>> No.1755876

Oh hi, i just played yesterday the 200 minutes megawad, is a nice megawad with some really cool maps in it, i enjoyed playing it!


here, i made a speedmap in 2 hours because why not. Enjoy.

>> No.1755881

TFC.. Quake tf would look like minecraft.

>> No.1755890

Well I just figured since it was a drawing...

>> No.1755895

It'd be Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat, if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.1756005
File: 2.63 MB, 320x240, silly-speedmap-for-4chan-vr.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hello, i know your work. welcome to the board and thanks for enjoying our work.

here is a first try of your map. it misses a secret and a couple of monsters. the return teleporter at the end doesn't have a destination sector (there is no sector with tag 8).

demo (-complevel 2): http://temp-host.com/download.php?file=zv85li

>> No.1756025


Play Buttpain.

>> No.1756079

I just played this. Well, I made it through 5 levels without map, weapons or enemies and then suddenly died. 10/10 will play again.

>> No.1756101 [DELETED] 

Damn. All the wads 4chan made are terrible. Anyone on here actually make vanilla maps that are fun to play?

>> No.1756105

If you like the concept of that wad you could also try Lasting Light.

>> No.1756119

I give up, PrBoom+ maximum SFX volume is too damn low, Imma switch to ZDoom.

>> No.1756124 [DELETED] 

Whoa whoa whoawhoaWHOA.
FKER's and GMOTA's wads are hella fun.

>> No.1756127 [DELETED] 


Oh, so you just hate gameplay mods.

>> No.1756128 [DELETED] 

They are all overmodded heaps of shit. And Hdoom is for pedo. Any one of you queers have the skill it takes to make a decent level pack for fucking doom.

>> No.1756129 [DELETED] 

Welp. Looks like I fell for a shitposter. Damnit.

>> No.1756130 [DELETED] 

No. Only the shit ones.

>> No.1756138 [DELETED] 
File: 43 KB, 169x156, both-directions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And Hdoom is for pedo

>> No.1756139 [DELETED] 

>Anyone on here actually make vanilla maps that are fun to play?

Yeah nah.

>> No.1756140 [DELETED] 

>He disagrees with me he's a shitposter

>> No.1756143 [DELETED] 
File: 109 KB, 320x240, itStinks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any one of you queers have the skill it takes to make a decent level pack for fucking doom.
>Not shitposting.

>> No.1756148 [DELETED] 

Fat neckbeard faggots who watch anime and loli. Honestly I have not met a single tolerable human who watches anime. Always the most awkward autistic losers. Leave it to the zandronum community to bring ponies and anime to doom. Fucking 10 -18 year old player base on that port. Ruining doom. You little faggots.

>> No.1756150 [DELETED] 

oh it's you again, still holding out from the last raid? since no one can resist the bait I'm going to take a break from this thread

>> No.1756152 [DELETED] 

Report and stop derailing the thread, yo.

>> No.1756153

are the sounds too quiet or the music too loud?

>> No.1756154 [DELETED] 

Just trying to spark some intelligent convo and wrap my head around why you virgin faggots are spreading shitty gook culture into our glorious western culture doom. Please just move to Japan and get beaten to death by the very people you worship because they HATE you gweilo.

>> No.1756156

Never had that issue, what are your settings?

>> No.1756157

The sounds are too quiet. Music's OK.

>> No.1756158 [DELETED] 

Fuck you. GO on reddit if you want censored, opinion stomping, hivemind, non anonymous conversations with the same people day in day out. You faggots should not be on 4chan.

>> No.1756160
File: 511 KB, 500x741, 1378615064204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I'm working on another overmodded gameplay mod sure to piss spergs off simply by existing, and let's talk about some of the most annoying monsters in the bestiary: Lost Souls, Archviles, Revenants, Chaingun Guys.

How would you guys feel about the following changes:

1: Lost Souls have +ALWAYSFAST and stop after travelling a short distance if they don't hit anything.
2: Archviles teleport away a short distance on pain.
3: Revenants have removed melee.
4: Chaingunners have reduced painchance.

>> No.1756163 [DELETED] 

well you could spark intelligent conversation by, you know, speaking intelligently

>> No.1756171
File: 147 KB, 1288x752, doom settings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here. SFX is at maximum.

>> No.1756175

>made my post about the RPG and RLA not working together 3 days ago
>not one response
what did I do to deserve this?

>> No.1756183
File: 594 KB, 1280x265, tumblr_n5zvbeNEEq1rbp0ifo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, what's one real life weapon you'd want in Doom?

>> No.1756185


Didn't post it again and/or bump it.
Alternatively, if people didn't reply, it's possible they don't know.

>> No.1756198

add this to piss more off
>pain elemental teleports behind player when pain
>rapid fire lost soul barrage when player is in line of sight
>all shotgun guys have super shotgun

>> No.1756204 [DELETED] 

Anyone on here actually play doom?

>> No.1756207 [DELETED] 

So what do you think we are doing here?

>> No.1756208 [DELETED] 

What are you getting at?

>> No.1756210 [DELETED] 

That seems like a troll-ish comment.

>> No.1756212 [DELETED] 

Nigga all I do is play doom

get home from work, play doom

it's kinda sad really

>> No.1756216 [DELETED] 

playing doom. Not megaman overmods. Just wondering if it's all zandronum fanboys on here or not.

>> No.1756219

orry to state the obvious but if you turn the music down you can hear the sounds better

>> No.1756221 [DELETED] 
File: 2.96 MB, 640x480, doom party.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

where do you think we are?

>> No.1756223 [DELETED] 

When I get home Imma eat then make some Doom maps.

>> No.1756224 [DELETED] 

All my posts were removed. This is why 4chan is shit now.

>> No.1756225 [DELETED] 

Megaman Deathmatch is not a mod, its a separate game. And yes, we are playing vanilla.

>> No.1756226
File: 186 KB, 1280x960, Screenshot_Doom_20131111_193911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So the current Zandronum beta is the only source port in which I can get dynamic lighting to work. In any version of gzDoom or Skulltag and even in older versions of Zandronum, transparent objects in the glow of a dynamic light become opaque. Sometimes it just looks ugly like pic related, but sometimes it makes the game way harder than it needs to be because I can't see monsters in cages; fireballs and hitscans just come out of black squares in the walls.

The fact that gzDoom and Skulltag used to work for me, the fact that the current Zandronum beta works just fine, and the fact that I get the exact same transparency glitches on my friends' computers would lead me to believe that it's an issue with the source ports and not with my PC. Maybe a borked install or something?

I've tried deleting the folders and downloading the .zips/installers again, I've tried old versions that I know used to work/were specified in the .wads readme, and I've changed about every graphics setting in the options menu. I even looked through all the appdata folders to see if there was a config file I missed. Nothing fixes the issue.

Any ideas? Zandronum works 90% of the time, but some things just won't run in it.

>> No.1756227

How do you guys play DOOM?
I do Chocolate if I'm just playing the base game or speedrunning and ZDoom for when I play with mods.

>> No.1756231 [DELETED] 


I'm a mainly-vanilla player and I'm loading up a gameplay mod just to piss you off.

>> No.1756239 [DELETED] 

I could care less. I enjoy the torture you are about to put yourself through.

>> No.1756245 [DELETED] 

Yeah, we play Doom. You know why enough people play Doom 20+ years later to have at least three active communities? The answer isn't "hex editor maps from 1994."

>> No.1756246 [DELETED] 

It's a mod. Just another turd squeezed by the newwave doom community.

>> No.1756248 [DELETED] 

What are the other two communities?

>> No.1756249 [DELETED] 

Incorrect. It's just one ingredient.

>> No.1756254 [DELETED] 

No, its not a mod. It does not requre original wads to run. So, you think Heretic and Hexen are mods?

>> No.1756259 [DELETED] 

If you had any doubt that >>1756204 was bait, you've been proven wrong.

>> No.1756261

The music is at minimum mate.
It's not a mod.

>> No.1756264 [DELETED] 

Do NOT respond.

>> No.1756265 [DELETED] 

To be fair, Heretic and Hexen both modified the engine. A better example would be Chex Quest.

>> No.1756272 [DELETED] 

haha you guys are EZ. Anyway i'm out. Enjoy your shitty overmodded junk little kiddies. Have fun on zandronum br0nies yay!

>> No.1756280

Mainly GZDoom, but sometimes I'm playing DOOM on PrBoom+ or Doom Retro.

>> No.1756282 [DELETED] 

not him but doomworld, zdoom, and zandronum forums are all busy sites with hundreds of posts per day

>> No.1756286
File: 673 KB, 900x900, 1241619093834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Actually, I was thinking of turning shotgun-guys into zombiemen that fire shots of three, sort of the in-between step between zombiemen and chaingunners.

Here's the plan I have for all the monsters:

1: All enemy hitscans replaced with speed 50 projectiles. All projectiles can be shot down.
2: Zombiemen fire faster and have +MISSILEMORE.
3: Shotgunguys fire three-shot bursts and have +MISSILEMORE.
4: Chaingunguys have reduced painchance.
5: Imps move/fire faster, removed melee.
6: Pinkies are +ALWAYSFAST and bite faster. Spectres don't exist.
7: Cacodemons use A_FastChase and have blue blood.
8: Nobles have +MISSILEMORE and no longer melee.
9: Fatsos no longer fire in a pattern, but instead rapid-fire their shots like beefy chaingunners.
10: Arachnotrons fire in a spread.
11: Revenants no longer melee.
12: Archviles teleport away on pain, no longer attack--can resurrect other archviles.

>> No.1756291

>can resurrect other archviles.


>> No.1756294

other archviles resurrecting archviles is too much man

>> No.1756301

right, so you've got music pretty much turned off and you still can't hear the sounds at maximum volume? damn, i've never had this problem. i've just done some testing and it does seem that zdoom is slightly louder at max volume than pr+ but there's not a great deal of difference

on linux btw, not that that should make a difference

>> No.1756304

A good amount of this can be accomplished by using the -uvfast command.

>> No.1756312

It's weird. I'll try to redownload I guess.
In my PC ZDoom 0.2 SFX volume is louder that PrBoom+'s max.

>> No.1756314


Need a source sir, please.

>> No.1756319


It's in the news post.

>> No.1756325
File: 800 KB, 803x382, ao3BKPw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Playing through ALT with RLA
>Focus Super Shotgun + Sniper Mod
Oh god yes.

>> No.1756329 [DELETED] 

Is this even called trolling? Seems more like he's stringing nonsensical arguments together with random insults. And, he can't even spell his words right.

>> No.1756330


I mean the picture.

>> No.1756334

So what's the point of the mod? Just to make everything harder?

>> No.1756338 [DELETED] 

Just flat out don't respond. We have a report button for a reason. U S E I T.

>> No.1756340

Not him but iirc it's just a rip and tear edit.
Don't have it atm tho.

>> No.1756361


Sort of.
The emphasis is to go really fast and carve shit up with a powerful sword that bisects things and leaves a lot of blood.
Just turns out between the super-powerful attacks and the retro-style health system (you get hit, you lose a point of health, you're invulnerable for a bit), the enemies are kind of piss-easy. So I want to make them faster and more dangerous without just "oh increase the damage".

When everything does only a point of damage to you, it's not so much the damage that matters, it's how much of a douchebag the enemies are.

>> No.1756365

sounds like Doom 1987 NES (FUCK RENTERS) edition

>> No.1756378

Like Action Doom but it doesn't make me feel like someone messed up trying to make Hideous Destructor with it? Neat.

>> No.1756413

What is it with the rest of 4chan these days? I feel like I get banned or universally told to fuck off every time I try to have a friendly discussion outside of /vr/.

Also, is /a/ basically that kid in school that told a teacher when they saw you wearing the wrong color undershirt under your uniform? I've been there three times in my life to have a friendly discussion, and I've been immediately banned every time.

>> No.1756426

How'd you try to start the discussion?

>> No.1756437

>Going on /a/ and expecting any civility

Your fault

>> No.1756438


Hopefully. This is way outside the norm for typical gameplay mods, so I'm a little nervous about how it'll turn out.
Even at their most outlandish, a lot of mods just boil down to basic "point gun at enemy, they die, health is measured in percentages".

Still, once I get the basic system ready, I'll be sure to run it by you guys to see how it is.

>> No.1756462

for anyone who hasn't seen it, dew wrote a review of 200 minutes of /vr/


>> No.1756467


I went to /idgames to check if 200minvr was there already, but it seems that it doesn't.

Anyway, I guess we can rely on RjY on that aspect; my suspicions are that he installed a plugin that refreshes the /idgames tab frequently and tells him whenever it shows up :-)

>> No.1756482
File: 196 KB, 600x400, 1400195741615.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Piss off spergs

Nigga that's going to agitate EVERYONE


>> No.1756486

Thank you and thanks for the FDA!


teleport fixed

>> No.1756534

Last time, it was "Hey, you guys like _____ in anime? I really like ______. _____ and _____ are my favorites. What do you guys like?"

To be fair, requests are officially prohibited on 4chan outside of /r/, but to be fair, I see request threads EVERYWHERE without any opposition or complaint, and to be even fairer, unless you're requesting cumshot/nude photoshops of teenage girls' facebook pictures, you probably won't get any replies on /r/.

>> No.1756552


I might be dumb but...

Why remove spectres ?

>> No.1756565


For this gameplay direction, I want every enemy to be clearly seen and recognized, instead of having some ass you can't see nip you from behind and take your last hit.
Since you have a limited lifepool (as long-lasting as it is), I want every single hit to be something like "I should have dodged that quicker" or "I shouldn't have lunged in melee range that quickly" or "I shouldn't have forgotten about him", not "I couldn't see the guy".

>> No.1756579

>"What do you guys like?"
I see. What you did is ask for recommendations. Even if you didn't intend it, that's what it looks like. Asking for recommendations is bannable, I assume because otherwise the board would be flooded with them. Basically it would be like if every 10th post in this thread was "Hi, I really enjoyed DTWID. Can you recommend me some wads like it that work with Brutal Doom?"

>> No.1756591

>If you have a good idea what the SNES is capable of you'll likely be impressed, but not necessarily entertained...
Well I grew up on the SNES so I have a good feel for the type of games in its library. Maybe I'll pick up a copy then.

>> No.1756606

it is now!


also: crontabs actually.

>> No.1756608
File: 6 KB, 300x300, 1384344606313.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also, is /a/ basically that kid in school that told a teacher when they saw you wearing the wrong color undershirt under your uniform?
It's like 50% that and 50% people there just to chill and talk about anime. Of course the former 50% is the loud, obnoxious half.

And to be fair by default you shouldn't expect to receive a well-thought response when making a post on a big thread. Small boards (/vr/, /out/, /x/, /toy/, etc.) tend to have small communities so even though everyone is anonymous, everyone knows each other for the most part and order is maintained.

On the bigger boards (/a/, /b/, /v/, /pol/, etc.) there are so many people who go there and enough people who go there so infrequently they don't care about the quality of discussion that you get a lot of people intentionally flinging shit for the sake of it.

The fact that /vr/ is small and gets along well 95% of the time is why I'm proud to say it's my home board. Pic related.

>> No.1756614

I see a lot of people posting screenshots of DoomRLA where you can see that's it's fucking awesome, with cool weapons, armors, monsters & shit. When I play DoomRLA it's a janky, slow-paced mod with stupid weapons and the same monsters. I rarely even find those stupid modpacks. It's not even fun goddamn

>> No.1756616
File: 6 KB, 80x112, 2vifn61_th.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>6: Pinkies are +ALWAYSFAST and bite faster. Spectres don't exist.

Sounds a bit like Demonicron, where regular Pinkies look like the D3 ones and the spectres are replaced by these hellish cockroaches (-fast pinkies)

I'd say go for it.

Also, have you guys noticed how almost every single (if not all) gameplay mod made by someone from this place has been beefed up on speed?

Dakka, Fractal Doom, BurlTumd, Demonicron, you name it.



>> No.1756617

i've said it before but: dunbar's number. societies larger than a given size are dysfunctional. /vr/doom is small enough to not exceed the limit.

>> No.1756618


Crank up the difficulty, make sure to use the DoomRLA monster addon, and play as technition to eat useless guns to turn them into mod packs

>> No.1756623

Thanks, I will try that

>> No.1756629

Play on a big mapset.

>> No.1756657

Suggestions? I tried using Oblige, but it's not that great

>> No.1756660
File: 71 KB, 409x331, FTLpicard[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doing this post because oooh boy if I don't I'm sure I'm going to forget about it


and a shorter /idgames link, for character limit purposes

>> No.1756661

Deus Vult 2 is always nice.

>> No.1756690

Deus Vult 2 was a great wad, thanks for the suggestion

>> No.1756748
File: 213 KB, 600x400, stillALittleMessy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1756750

Fucked up some of his teeth too. Oh well.

>> No.1756812

Does anyone have an updated list of doomRLA's exclusive assemblies?
A joke map with dozens of computer area maps would be sweet too.

>> No.1756818

The test map has a whole bunch of computer maps. Only problem is that since it doesn't have a MAPINFO entry, you can't changemap to it.

>> No.1756835

You could buy a ton of maps (and even the blueprint computer that gives you 3 assemblies at once) from the shop in doomRPG.

>> No.1756836

ALT is so fucking good aaaaaaaaaa

>> No.1756838

I've been fucking around with the sword wave and I really am wondering if I should keep it in or not. It makes the swordplay a little more balanced seeing as they're the only way to make monsters flinch, but they also share the same resource as subweapons.

I'm getting to the point with Blaz where everything is a delicate balancing game

>> No.1756851

Question, how do you apply mods to Armor in RLA? I wanna craft me some of that sweet, sweet cerberus armor.

>> No.1756859

The only mod that can be applied to armors are onyx mods. Assembled armors are just found randomly.

>> No.1756862

So I just have to hope I find Cerberus Armor then? It says on the RLA Wiki that you can get it by applying PPON mods to any armor.

>> No.1756864

That's the DoomRL wiki. You can't apply mods to armor in RLA aside from the onyx mod and the Cybernetic Armor's special ability.

>> No.1756865

The wiki is for the actual roguelike, not the Doom mod based on it. There's a lot of things in it that aren't in the DRLA yet.

>> No.1756870

Make the grappling hook faster but less spammable.

>they're the only way to make monsters flinch
Out of the 3 high-flinchitis-inducing attacks that Blaz has, the wave is by far the weaker one.
Are you drunk, sir?

>> No.1756871

Oh fuck me, I didn't even notice that it was for the original Doom RL.

There is a list of assemblies for RLA though, right?

>> No.1756872

>A fun experiment with Python to open up DOOM/Hexen WAD files and try and render them as SVG (still working out some bugs)
This is pretty cool.

>> No.1756876


I'm fairly sure this one is out of date, though.

Descriptions of the various assemblies' effects. Again, I think its somewhat outdated.

>> No.1756878

Explain why please.

>> No.1756896


Define faster, like less delay between hitting the zoom key and throwing out a hook?

and I meant it's the only way to make monsters flinch if you use nothing but sword attacks. I guess I could always remove the standard sword wave and keep the critical HP ones. Though I'd remove the +PAINLESS from the standard sword strikes if I did this, that way it causes a flinch every once in awhile.

Though if I did this I'm not sure if I should make sword attacks still use stamina or not

>> No.1756947
File: 3.89 MB, 426x240, TheArtOfShredding.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a quick showcase of what projectiles being shoot-downable means.

>> No.1756960

What mod is this?

>> No.1756963

What's this from?

>> No.1756968



>> No.1756971

Sword wave is the only thing keeping the sword viable when you have a good subweapon.

If you get rid of that then the subweapon becomes the primary method of attack with no exception.

Sword should also hurt more

>> No.1756973


It's a mod I'm experimenting with while waiting for resources for Metrood.
Mentioned it before in >>1756361 and >>1756286 as well as the last thread.



>> No.1756975

Saiga 12K.

Personally I'd prefer unrealistic weapons.
Like every gun from Metro.

>> No.1757038
File: 3.19 MB, 426x239, FirstStrikeIsDeadly.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I got sick of his bullshit.

>> No.1757053

Does ZDoom differ in any significant way from vanilla Doom gameplay if I turn off all crouch/jump/mouselook, aside from fixing bugs and whatnot?

>> No.1757060

Make the head hurt you as it rolls for the full bRüTaL effect

>> No.1757061


Aside from fixing bugs? Well, no, I suppose not.
Put on Strict compatibility options, turn off crouch/jump/mouselook, and you'll have a relatively vanilla experience.

Some people say a lot of the vanilla experience derives from those bugs, but I say bugs are bugs, so if you don't want to play with the bugs then yes, it'll be suitable for your purposes.

>> No.1757062


Technically, if you play on Doom (Strict) compatibility, it's as close as vanilla as you may get.

You may land better BFG shots, however, because of a BLOCKMAP fix that ZDoom has compared to vanilla ports

>> No.1757064

the monsters have been used for 20 years, there's no way in hell somebody's gonna get spooked. if you wanted to make a good, scary survival horror game, you'd have to forsake many of the elements that make doom, well, doom. in that case, you'd be better off using a different engine entirely. unless you like working with the doom engine.

i'm not saying that it can't be done using id tech 1, only that doom doesn't lend itself very well towards it. there's only so many times you can see the same enemy before you stop being scared of it, plus the weapons and movement speed in doom make you feel badass instead of vulnerable. jump scares are fucking stupid -- fear is about atmosphere and dreadful anticipation, limited information, feeling far outside of your comfort zone, not BOO! MONSTER CLOSET TIME. making a horror-themed mod isn't a problem (unloved is a good example of one,) but making a survival horror mod is unfeasible. you are more than welcome to prove me wrong.

>> No.1757082

Late reply but
>less delay between hitting the zoom key and throwing out a hook
Yep, exactly. You may need to mess with the aftercast delay to prevent if from being too good though, specially in the powered version.
After nerfing the caltrops, obviously.

Maybe we are fighting in completely different styles here, but I -never- use the sword wave for anything bigger than a Zombieman and I am playing in Nightmare. With a shield most of the time too.

>> No.1757086

maybe if you kick it enough times it explodes

>> No.1757095

Well what makes the sword useful really is that it has a 100% pain chance when you shoot a wave.

See that Archvile? You can tell it NO at any time you want.
It is definitely not the wave's damage that makes it useful since it takes like three on a zombieman to kill it.

If the sword doesn't shoot the wave then it doesn't really have the damage to keep up with anything above Pinkies.
Since subweapons are pretty self sufficient as long as you don't miss then that would just make the sword only as a battery.

Since it's really not going to keep up with the damage in most subweapons. Like the dagger item crash? Annihilates Archviles in a single barrage. Kills Cyberdemons in three or so.

Sword is pretty weak and the 100% pain chance is what keeps it with a purpose outside of meter gain.

>> No.1757103

You missed the entire point.
See that Arch-vile? Hook it.
It is has a 100% flinch chance and lasts longer, for no stamina cost.

>> No.1757113

But I wasn't responding to your posts in the first place.

I was telling GMOTA guy that the wave is the only thing keeping the sword in check.

If the hook also replaces the wave then the sword needs a pretty big buff regardless of wave or not.

>> No.1757114


See that Archvile? YOU CAN CLIMB IT

>> No.1757134

Lookin' better though!

Not him but I am a web developer and think of map previews on the /vr/doom site.

(an SVG loads faster than a PNG since it's based on mathematically calculated shapes instead of a grid of pixels)

Plus this might be just what I need to get off my ass and work in Python 3.

>> No.1757198

It doesnt matter who you were responding to.
My point is that the regular wave is already useless because the hook exists and outclasses it, therefore its not keeping the sword in check by any means.

The slash needs some sort of damage boost with or without the wave.

Not sure if this would even be possible, but the normal slash inflicting a stacking debuff that makes that monster take additional damage exclusively to further slashes would be a perfect solution.
This way the number of hits to kill would remain unchanged versus minor enemies, but the sword would become viable for fatter ones.
It also means that Blaz's quietus would start rip and tearing proportionally to gut size.Skeletons have sizeable guts, shutup

>> No.1757203

1.Punching/chainsaw is a joke in ZDoom and takes no skill
2.No pistol start death
3.BFG behavior is different (stronger) due to a term called BLOCKMAP

There's probably more, but those are the main ones that come to mind.

>> No.1757206

So I may be getting a new laptop in the near future. However, it'd be Windows 8.1. Are there any compatibility issues with Doom and its Source Ports on Windows 8?

>> No.1757213

8.1fag here. Nope.

If you have issues it's due to the company supplying your driver.

I have been called on to manage 3 other 8/8.1 systems and every single problem stemmed from either the owner being too closed-minded (baww why did they move x function why do i have to search for it now that's so dumb wahhh) or a third-party thing fucking up.

I'll stop /g/ing but I've been doing ZDoom and GZDoom just fine.

>> No.1757219

Good to know, thanks. I really don't want Windows 8, but I'll have to suck it up I suppose.

>> No.1757252

>2.No pistol start death

I think theres a way to re-enable that, actually.

>> No.1757267

Zdoom can easily have a vanilla-ish experience by going through compatibility settings. Will not be 100% accurate, though.

I strongly don't recommend Zdoom if this is for playtesting maps that are intended for Vanilla, as zdoom-isms can slip in even with compatibility settings.

>> No.1757273

Yeah, you can disable autosaves. It won't disable autosaving linedefs but at that point you're not doing vanilla anymore.

>> No.1757296

>more damage per consecutive hit
I vaguely remember a hexen mod where melee atks did this. Maybe a skill in wrath of cronos? You could always sort of create this effect with a pseudo-combo system (if the sword hit connects, the next hit is a visually identical atk that is slightly stronger, if that one connects, the next one is even stronger, etc. Missing or X seconds not attacking would reset).

>> No.1757316

>head kicking like in blood


>> No.1757337

>Doom 3 doomguy
>Other M samus

>> No.1757391

Fuggin' saved.

>> No.1757441


>> No.1757469

>Yeah, you can disable autosaves.
You also have to have no saves at all, because it will take you to a save on an earlier level in the same wad if you die without autosave.

>> No.1757475

Or you know, pistol start on the same map like it's supposed to be.

>> No.1757481

>like it's supposed to be.



>> No.1757486

I don't understand what you mean.

I'm just telling you how zdoom handles saves and dying.

>> No.1757491


I updated the first pastebin with a few new assemblies :
Pistol + TT = Silenced pistol. Shit accuracy, otherwise functions like a regular unmodded pistol that creates zero noise. Can be a lifesaver for luring single enemies in certain maps, but still insanely situational even for Scouts.
Pistol + PT = Shredder. 7 clip, 7-burst pistol that uses a shotgun shell to reload instead of bullets. (1 shell = full clip). Needs 7 shells in total to kill a mancubus, 2 with a Scout. Pretty good if your wad lacks bullets.
RL + AAA = Grenade Launcher. Grenades (seemingly) hit just as hard as regular rockets, but travel very fast, bounce off walls/ceilings and are affected by gravity. The weapon also reloads much faster too. By far the best use of your agility mods, even if you have stronger explosives already.
Uzi + TBB = Dual Uzis. Technically its just the storm bolter pistol assembly, but it now works for uzis and has a bigger effect. 2x magazine, 2x reload time, 2x DPS, even less accurate. A simple minigun is better. Dont touch this unless you're a Scout with another source for main ammo (plasma pistol, shredder, whatever) since it eats bullets.

When I say pistol/rocket launcher is the regular weapon only. You cant make a shredder out of a combat pistol, for example.

>> No.1757495

maybe that's how you play but it's not how you're supposed to play

>> No.1757497

>it's not how you're supposed to play

Saving often was how you're supposed to play.

>> No.1757501


your post isn't helping wonders as you may be thinking

>> No.1757506


It's telling you that "pistol starting a map you died on" is not how you're "supposed to play", as if anyone should give a shit about something like that.

>> No.1757509


shoot, I got the point wrong. Apologies, leaving my post as a way to admit I fugged up

>> No.1757515


No worries. I was a bit nastier than I should have been, sorry about that.

>> No.1757518

derp forgot link

>> No.1757519
File: 35 KB, 341x382, YOU REMIND ME OF MY PARENTS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start using ubuntu
>installed zdoom
>cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the music to work

I've taken something like 8 different approaches and nothing has gotten it to play. This is actually starting to piss me off.

>> No.1757520
File: 13 KB, 268x268, my-brain-is-full-of-fuck[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My posts
Aren't suggestions or personal opinions or anything like that. I'm not trying to start an argument on how how Doom """"""should"""""" be played.

I am telling you how ZDoom natively handles dying and pistol starting a level. It will always take you to a previous save, if one exists at all for the particular WAD combination you're playing. It will only pistol start the level you died on if you have NO other saves in the entire WAD when you die.

This should be as controversial as saying "Doom is a game created by id Software" or "PrBoom+ is a Doom source port."

>> No.1757525


I'm sorry, anon. ZDoom tech support for ubuntu is always a pain in the ass.

>> No.1757526

not everyone has to play the way you do

>> No.1757529

Did you even read the post?

>> No.1757531

>using ubuntu
As a linuxfag, this is your first step wrong.

He's a troll you slice of asswipe.

>> No.1757537

I'm not a programmer, alright? I'm just a guy who wants a damn OS that isn't windows.

>> No.1757540

You need to look into setting up timidity++ if I remember correctly.

>> No.1757543

The problem with Ubuntu is that when something doesn't work you have to go through a ton of muck to GET it to work. Google-Fu is nigh-useless because every Ubuntu update will tangle itself in more knots than your software can work its way into.

Your music problem is linked to Ubuntu not shipping with a MiDi player. There's a package called timidity++ that will add MiDi support, but beyond that I'd be hard-pressed to guess what the hell happens after that.

>> No.1757548

MIDI support sucks. If ZDoom supports it you can try something like this.


Alternatively just start your favourite music player in the background. Or for authenticity, use Chocolate Doom with OPL2 emulation.

>> No.1757607

Yo, I'm playing at 1920x1080 and my particles for rocket trails and blood look all fuzzy. Any way to make them pixellated like lower resolutions has?

>> No.1757609

Any /vr/ Servers running tonight?

>> No.1757626

Menu > Settings > Display Options > OpenGL Options > Preferences > Particle Style.

Smooth is fuzzy. Round is circular. Square is square.

>> No.1757627
File: 704 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20140710_212622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's what I'm talking about. How do I make the smoke trails squares?

>> No.1757629

Oh shit, ninja'd me. Thanks marine!

>> No.1757636
File: 771 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20140710_213136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking much better now!

>> No.1757641
File: 8 KB, 389x371, Doomguy peek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No prob.

>> No.1757646

So I'm trying to set DoomRPG up.... But I can't get anything running. I've followed the instructions, but I can't into command line.

Is there a simple way to actually start the game?

>> No.1757648

>1.Punching/chainsaw is a joke in ZDoom and takes no skill

How so?

>2.No pistol start death

Turn off auto-save and delete all saves.

>> No.1757649

There's the launcher.
Used it and got it to work on my first try. Got it with DoomRLA on my third.

I thought it was good but overrated.

>> No.1757651

Don't chance it. If you want vanilla play the original in DOSBox. Chocolate Doom is a close second.

>> No.1757654

Like, where do I put the launcher? In the Gzdoom folder? I'm confused.

I've never felt this un-Tech savvy before. Maybe this is how old people feel.

>> No.1757657


...So why is Dosbox the best option compared to a source-port which was MADE with vanilla-only gameplay in mind?

>> No.1757683

Oh man, particle blood looks way better when it's all squares.

>> No.1757693

So I'm looking at the RLA Mod Info screen, on my elephant gun, it says the bulk mod increases damage, and the power mod increases base damage. What's the difference?

>> No.1757695

a melee hitscan is a trace of length 64 from your centre; thus extending up to 48 units outside of you depending on angle. remember all actor bounding boxes are square and parallel to the axes.

it's easier to connect such a melee hitscan with the outer edge of the bounding box of an actor, than it is to connect with a diagonal line passing through said box's centre that only extends to the edges of the blockmap square the centre of the target is in.

for a demonstration, try chainsawing a spiderdemon in zdoom and then try it in chocolate doom. use god mode; just see if you can hit it at all in the latter.

see also https://archive.foolz.us/vr/thread/1658595/#1661779 which goes into more detail about the diagonal vs bounding box effect and blockmap squares.

>> No.1757702
File: 60 KB, 432x282, jtmarsh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pick up jetpack armor with the hover boots in RLA
>laser rifle nothing but power mods

>> No.1757704
File: 281 KB, 896x1195, happy_cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1757713

Because Dosbox is literally the vanilla experience.

>> No.1757718


Now that's a huge list of things ChocoDoom can't do compared to Dosbox

>> No.1757721

Well the thing is that it's called Chocodoom because it's not the vanilla experience, just the closest thing.

I don't get it, it doesn't really matter. Just use the port you want.

>> No.1757724

>it's not the vanilla experience, just the closest thing.

Explain why is the closest thing, what's lacking?

>> No.1757725


>> No.1757727


ummm dosbox is not a port, its a program

>> No.1757735

if you like stalker for the gunplay, try hideous destructor.

>> No.1757738

How would you play a Technician anyways?

Shotgun builds or use energy-based weapons?

>> No.1757740


>> No.1757746

Concerning all these people suggesting timidity++:
on ubuntu, timidity is missing instruments and sounds like shit.
best bet: download a soundfont and use fluidsynth (use gzdoom console command fluid_patchset "path/to/soundfont" to apply the soundfont)

>> No.1757747

Its missing one word, pretty sure. Try viewing the chainsaw info.
Base damage is the minimum damage that can be rolled, "damage" is the random damage variation. Bulk raises the highest value, power the lowest in this scenario.
They both give you the same increase in dps, but high base damage is usually better for single shot weapons since its more consistent.

>> No.1757753

So I'd be better off finding another power and having two powers, versus a bulk and a power, or two bulks?

>> No.1757763


Ah, so that's why all the people over at Doomworld uses Dosbox to test their vanilla maps

Ah fuck yes, I forgot that's what we all used to test 200minvr too.

My apologies

>> No.1757774

Think like this : your enemy has 60 hp. Would you rather have a weapon that does 10/20/30 damage and kill it in 2~6 shots or always kill it in 3 shots with a 20/20/20 weapon?
Elephant gun is not exactly good though and power mods are the most useful ones. You may want to save them for something else. Auto-double(assembly), assault and super shotguns are much better in everything except accuracy.

>> No.1757781

Ah okay, that makes sense. What do you mean by auto-double?

>> No.1757784
File: 8 KB, 408x286, 1401383410965.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm really unsure what to do with the sword honestly, ever since I added subweapons, I find myself very rarely using it.

I'm not sure if I want any sorta combo thing to go with Blaz, Blaz is more of an instant gratification character, as in he's good from the start and can fuck shit up at any given time, even after a "pistol start"

I could always nerf a few subweapons and item crashes.

>> No.1757790

Double shotgun + BBF = a double shotgun with a clip of 20. You can also craft it with the regular shotgun, I think.

>> No.1757791


You can make the sword hurt more.

>> No.1757792

Yo, Doom General. Are there any "Different" wads out there, like Beat-em-ups? Something different?

I'm not saying anything is bad, I just want to try something different.

>> No.1757798


Action Doom
Action Doom 2
Cyberrunner (RIP)
ZDoom Wars
Icon of Party/Stupid LMS

>> No.1757801


Yeah but then it becomes braindead easy to use on everything, ultimately making shit boring.

>> No.1757805

You could give it some Capcom moves inputs.

Like D&D Shadow over Mystara or something with Fighter or something.

Like a big dash slash, double upward slash and such.

You do need to tone down the dagger item crash though, that shit wrecks EVERYTHING.
At the same time though it's pretty necessary for larger fights like slaughtermaps.

>> No.1757809


I could always give the sword charge attack tiers similar to the arm cannon, and a simple "combo" thing where if you mash fire and land three slashes it ends with a heavy slash or something.

Also to balance the hook out I could make it use stamina, not much though, and I could remove the standard sword wave and further tweak shit.

I just don't want to do directional input based commands, I'm fucking atrocious at those

>> No.1757816
File: 1.04 MB, 4200x3300, 1392825504174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could one of you anons help? I've been trying to play Doom RPG with DoomRLA and the monsters pack. The hud doesn't work correctly but I've loaded everything right (I think) with the launcher, and I've even tried using a .bat file. I get the vanilla Doom hud and nothing works right. Any ideas on how to fix? Am I doing something wrong? I've updated to the latest gzdoom.

>> No.1757820

Clearly Duke is keeping the legacy of getting fucked by uncaring devs and ending up as something less cool

>> No.1757829

You have to turn "alternate hud" off int the options menu.

>> No.1757832

And apply all patches in the launcher.

>> No.1757836

Wow, I'm retarded. Thank you very much.

>> No.1757839

Phocas Island 2
Anything by "lil' white mouse"

I did the same mistake for a very long time until /vr/ pointed it out :P

>> No.1757850

you can make it even shorter by removing "index.php".

>> No.1757857

Technician quickly gets strong assemblies and doesn't favor any type of weapon. Get like a plasma shotgun (or build for auto-double), a high power assault rifle, a hyper blaster, and a rocket launcher with +pp to eventually make into a mother-in-law.

>> No.1757879

Just finished Ep1 of Duke 3d. It's making me wish all games had quick melee as satisfying as the mighty boot

>> No.1757881

>what is pretending to be the character

>> No.1757890

Is her vag above her pelvis

>> No.1757906

games kept trying to take themselves seriously,forgot that they were supposed to be fun

>> No.1757908

no her legs are lifted up

>> No.1757916

F.E.A.R had crazy fun quick melee. That game had a very good mix of classic and modern gameplay conventions imho.

>> No.1757926
File: 105 KB, 607x743, i_came.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's it run on Win7?

>> No.1757929

A quick google search says it works perfectly.

>> No.1757941

Ha! Just got done with Perseus Mandate.

Kinda confused about why Project MSX uses the ATC security voices instead of the Replicas or the Nightcrawlers.

>> No.1757942
File: 195 KB, 738x1101, 1368250913638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best map wads for Doom RPG?

>> No.1757945

Just a heads up though, first expansion requires a little work to get into widescreen.

>> No.1757947

Runs fine for me.

>> No.1757948

Bit of a radical list if taken whole, but :
-Sword generates slightly more mana
-Simple 2-4 hit combo
-If you keep holding after the simple combo, it charges a slash, essentially the same as the current empowered wave and costs mana. If you release before fully charging, its just a heavier slash with no cost.
-Gauntlets generate zero mana and cost no stamina, can be held to create a dash punch
-Ranged subs cost some mana to use, in addition to stamina. Dagger refils both costs if it hits.
-ranged subs and their specials cost vastly different ammounts, with some weapons being cheap and weak but good versatility (hatchet), others straightforward(boomerang), heavy on stamina and/or mana with medium damage, etc
-Empowered sword now is akin to Timon's Axe. Depleting mana to have higher damage and/or range.
-massively reduce delay between empowering/depowering the sword
-subweapon powerup is a different button and not tied to main weapon (probably hard to implement at this point)
-stamina bar refills much slower, but any kind of sword hits refill it. Shield drains a bit slower as well.

Or you could do the opposite of >>1757791 and make everything hurt less, except the sword. That works too.

>> No.1757954

Please don't do that.
Action Doom 2 is a beat 'em up.
The first one is a Contra/Metal Slug in Doom kinda thing.
Cyberrunner for GOTTA GO FAST

>> No.1757957


I'm probably gonna give Blaz's sword a combo and a charge attack, but I like the tiers of gauntlet punching

and the powered sword pretty much does that, the powered sword's melee attack hits like a truck and the shotgun-like spray of energy is pretty damn lethal as well, though I think the delay between powering up and powering down is fine, I could always give it a a_weaponready state during the animation if people absolutely MUST swing their sword a half-second faster though

>> No.1757970

several projectiles obviously hit

>> No.1757974

And several more were obviously stopped. How does that make it "fake"?

>> No.1757986

What are the best wads to play at a LAN? I've tried things like Icon of Party and classic ctf and dm wads and megawads. Does anyone know of anything particularly good?

>> No.1757989


Reelism if you're willing to deal with shitty starting weapons and having to futz about with GZDoom

>> No.1757991
File: 80 KB, 1024x800, Katana-nagai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's just the framerate of the gif.
All of the bullets were either misses or parried.

Here, if you want to see it in action. Glorious nippon folded 1000 times etc.


>> No.1757994

Drawback with E2M8 is that there isnt a plasma rifle in it, nor cell ammo. You'd have to have played E2 progressively, and stocked up on ammo in order to have a Plasma rifle handy in that map.

Otherwise, Rocket Launcher is your only option, because there isn't any other weapon in E2M8.

>> No.1758020

>the powered sword's melee attack hits like a truck
Yeah but thats part of the "problem".
Why would I even bother using my silver hula hoop dispenser when my sword is more than enough to one hit an arch-vile?
Its pretty hard to make the regular atks decent when 4 of them is enough to fuel a rapetrain.

>> No.1758029


>> No.1758041

I just updated DoomRPG and now my old saves cause GZDoom to crash. Thanks.

>> No.1758042
File: 9 KB, 300x126, POWERFISTING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

spritenoobsaibot post the one without of left haaand...
also powerfistening

>> No.1758043

You're not very used to video games are you? It's extremely common knowledge that patching games break save games.

>> No.1758046

Well I admit, I left out running a 486 as the best. DOSBox is second to that and Chocolate Doom is third. And yeah, what >>1757740 said.

>> No.1758053

>if people absolutely MUST swing their sword a half-second faster
We do. Thanks for understanding.
>run out of mana shield bashing
>need to wait half a second before I can do anything
>doesnt even unpower automatically
>cant raise the shield and retreat either, no stamina
>why am I even using a shield, my feet hurt, I wish I was over there throwing hatchets everywhere

By the way, trying to shield bash with no mana still alerts enemies. I would also die to know how regular, soundless shield raising can alert anything too.

>> No.1758081

Can someone explain this to me? I see nothing missing at all. It even recreates bugs.
What do you gain by with a "truer" vanilla experience? Not being able to rebind all keys?

>> No.1758082

So does the player have like four swords?

I see a bunch of different swords during the swing animations.
Even when idling it's a different sword.

>> No.1758092

Read the Exceptions segment.

It really isn't that different anon, but it doesn't copy everything 100%.

It's like 90-95%.

>> No.1758106

I had read it. How is not supporting obsolete formats, startup message order or keybinding something different is going to change anything?
Is having the possibility running a doom 3 iwad diminishing your vanilla experience?

>> No.1758114

No, but it's not vanilla unless it's 100% accurate.

That's the entire point.

>> No.1758117


See now that's odd because the other guy was saying the sword feels too wimpy, and you say it's too potent. Balancing this shit is getting tricky because of how much crap I wound up giving Blaz.

damn it


That fucking armor is awesome looking


> I would also die to know how regular, soundless shield raising can alert anything too.

Because I'm lazy and probably should look into making the shield silent somehow

>> No.1758121


Nope, just placeholder sprites.
I'm not an artist, so I always use crappy placeholder sprites until I can find suitable replacements.

>> No.1758123

Man, we should play some icon of party again sometime... Not now, I need to sleep. But sometime.

>> No.1758125
File: 13 KB, 171x126, PowerArm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How it came to be is pretty awesome too;

>That's all I can do with my painting/drawing skills.

>Really? I can't give critique or opinion without being as good or better as an artist than you?
>Eh, donno. I tried. (pic)

>Holy fucksticks!

>> No.1758128


All I know is I'm gonna eventually need a set of fully medieval armored arms that aren't Baratus thick for Kuros eventually and this sort of quality has me tempted of asking for help later on

>> No.1758131

how are you makin ghte beams the chaingunner is shooting?

>> No.1758132


A lot of A_SpawnItemEx putting a consistent trail behind the beam as it travels.

>> No.1758135

how do they follow the pitch and ange of the front though?

>> No.1758146


They spawns based off the x, y, and z momentum of the leader. So that way it's always a straight line.

>> No.1758151

Not previously part of this discussion, but I traced the quotes back, and the conversation started with a guy asking if playing a modern source port with bells and whistles turned off would "significantly alter the gameplay," I get that Chocolate Doom differs on a technical level, but I just don't see how a newcomer stands to benefit from having to setup DOSbox and have limited bindings when the Chocodoom link clearly explained that the only other differences either prevent the game from crashing or would only matter to someone trying to play the game on an archaic setup.

No, it's pretty much the exact same thing if you turn off crouch/jump/vertical mouselook, use the software renderer, and use the lowest resolution you can.

>> No.1758167

is the straight line parallel to ground always? and left/right?

>> No.1758174

could you pastebin the code?

>> No.1758227
File: 47 KB, 335x267, ripandtear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go, anon.

>> No.1758256
File: 67 KB, 371x296, hugeracks-fix.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone else made this because the upper lip on that version looks fucking weird.

Plus it's PNG, so here you go.

>> No.1758284

God no, ZDoom feels quite different to the original. Also the fact that Chocolate Doom isn't running on DOS matters, slightly anyway.


Also relevant is that it's possible for updated code to introduce new bugs, even bsnes has broken games.

>> No.1758319 [DELETED] 

today I learned: steamkiddies know better than people who have been playing doom for more than 14 years

>> No.1758403

Let's ask in Doomworld what's the best option to play vanilla Doom, then, and let's hear what they say. They're purist central after all, aren't they?

What's there to fear?

>> No.1758438

Someone doesn't always know the experience level of who they are arguing with.

>> No.1758482

Wolfendoom made me feel otherwise back in the time.

>> No.1758509

How intricate can your secrets be?
For example I have a room with two pools and two zombies. I want a secret to be activated by kicking each zombie into each pool and killing them. Is this possible?

>> No.1758607


Learn to ACS

>> No.1758674

Ed Boon, pls

>> No.1758714


>> No.1758791

i'm sure this is the player death sound in some deathmatch wad, anyone know which one?

>> No.1758804

I know Doom 2 Extreme had it.

>> No.1758901

So where do you guys get your sprites from? I want to make a weapon mod, is it alright if I just rip them from other games and credit them? Or is that frowned upon?

>> No.1758915

There's nothing weird about it. He's just grinning.

>> No.1758943


As long as your credits are thorough, yes.

>> No.1758951

>the other guy was saying the sword feels too wimpy, and you say it's too potent.
Pretty sure everyone agrees the empowered sword is not freaking wimpy. Anything smaller than a mastermind can be one shotted with it.

Regular slashes are not that weak either, but the issue everyone has with it is the strenght difference between regular and empowered. This goes for subweapons too.
Throwing axes for example take 2 hits to kill an imp, but after hitting 5 axes you already have enough mana to clear a room full of arachnotrons with the triple axes.
Axes are a fantastic and fun weapon, but compared to what you will be able to do 5 seconds from now, they are weak as hell.

Even Doomguy's shotgun would feel like crap if you got a free BFG every 3 enemies shot down.

>> No.1758952

Sweet, thanks anon

>> No.1758959

which Demon would you most like to have a s a bro?

>> No.1758983

inb4 2000 caco replies

>> No.1758987

To be fair the only remotely decent choices are caco and archie.

>> No.1758993
File: 56 KB, 647x752, 0012880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.1759003

Obviously Archvile. You could do all sorts of dumb shit and have him res you.

>> No.1759004

isn't he kind of ashamed of that ad campaign

>> No.1759007


>> No.1759013

Romero actually stated somewhere that he never came up with it, it was their marketing guy and Romero was just kind of, "Whatever, go ahead I guess." He said he'd never actually say something like that.

>> No.1759014

as if we needed more proof that all marketing guys need to be taken out back and shot.

>> No.1759017

Yeah, Romero's a pretty chill dude outside of deathmatches

>> No.1759027

The guy was just kind of bored since DaiKatana was taking forever to develop, so he was running all of these ad campaigns to hype it up

>> No.1759040
File: 273 KB, 1400x1050, Screenshot_Doom_20140629_011454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This walks into your girlfriend and slaps you ass? What do?

>> No.1759046
File: 107 KB, 500x352, 1404940301565.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Walks into my girlfriend

>> No.1759047

Plasma gun, seems more efficient
But if it were from any FPS, the shrink ray from Duke 3D

>> No.1759054
File: 32 KB, 212x325, cyberpredemon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1759081

huh... there are no Douk Shrink rays for Doom?


>> No.1759085

There's the Freeze Ray in Neodoom if that helps.

>> No.1759094


Shrink Ray/Expander is really fucking hard to code.

>> No.1759098

I could only imagine the coding nightmare it would be to actually make the Shrink Ray in Doom.

>> No.1759115

Not that dude but I think he said what rl weapons would you want in Doom, not what Doom weapons would you like irl.

>> No.1759131

I wanna try the Real Guns mod. Which one is the latest/best? I found a lot of tversions.

>> No.1759154
File: 333 KB, 1400x1050, Screenshot_Doom_20140711_213706_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Not really. At least not for Zdoom. I guess I can cut even more corners and get it done in a couple of hours. Though, yeah you gotta go over every monster if you wanna change their behivours too.

>> No.1759179


If you actually make a Shrink Ray that shrinks enemies and lets you stomp on them Duke 3D style "in a couple hours", I will be very pleasantly surprised.

>> No.1759194

All he's gotta do is what he's got now, a_setscale, and then changeflag +touchy

>> No.1759205

RGA2 Revised, with the highest version number
The original RGA, although I have no idea where to find it since Wadhost spent a year ded for tax reasons,

>> No.1759215

My laptop runs like shit when rendering OpenGL in Doomseeker (lags on bigger maps).

Any suggestions to fix this?

>> No.1759219

Okay, but will it also scale their hitbox? IIRC you can't do that, but then again I'm more the ACS guy then DECORATE because DECORATE makes me rageface every time I touch it.

>> No.1759220
File: 41 KB, 560x375, 1386735810509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good lord

>> No.1759223

Turn off OpenGL.

>> No.1759225

B-but invisible walls

>> No.1759227

Just have it a_spawnitemex an actor with pointers transferred, piece of cake, can even have it have proportional health if you want

>> No.1759236

Ahhh DECORATE, your lunacy hacks never cease to amaze me.

>> No.1759247

>RGA2 Revised
You mean Refined?

>> No.1759376

Eh, I liek this more, I guess I'll boost their movement speed too. I'll make the projectiles slightly harder to hit, make some monsters take 2-3 hits. But once they are shrunk they are shrunk for good. Maybe make bosses will revert to their original size after a while.

It is like Sudoku, like a puzzle then actually coding anything.

>> No.1759441


>> No.1759451


Missiles won't hit them and you can't step on them that way


TNT1 A 0 A_Jumpifinventory("ShrunkInv", 0, "Pain")
Goto XDeath

this takes them to pain state if they have the max amount of shrunkinv, not if they have 0 of the item


actor now also dies if another monster steps on them or a door closes on them

(deleted and reposted because I forgot to remove a line of POSS G 3 from the small zombieman)
(and then a second time because I forgot to point death towards xdeath like it seems like you want)
(and then once more because I forgot to post quote, sorry last time guys I promise)

>> No.1759456

step up your posting game

>> No.1759467

Jesus m8.

>> No.1759504
File: 4 KB, 506x647, crushed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>find badass gameplay mod (http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=30206)
>You're a necromancer who raises corpses to fight by your side, and you get health through blood sacrifice of living monsters.
>I think it's the coolest fucking thing ever
>It breaks scripts in every grimdark gzDoom mapset I try to play it with.

It's really frustrating. Sometimes keys won't open their designated doors with this mod, and sometimes scripted events just don't happen. (Completing outer maps won't open doors in a hub, walking into a specific spot should spawn monsters but doesn't, killing all mosnters won't necessarily unlock the door that should open when they die, etc.) In mods I know like the back of my hand, I can just turn on noclip for a second and bypass issues like this when I know how things are supposed to happen, but in a wad I'm not intimately familiar with, it's impossible to tell if I missed something through my own mistake or if a scripted event just didn't trigger without looking up a walkthrough, and I HATE doing that.

This is a shot in the dark, but has anyone had any similar experiences? Does anyone have any ideas for how to fix this? There are a shitload of .wads in the .pk3, and I know at least some of them only change aesthetics. Deleting noirpallette.wad made the colors normal again; could there be a player character/key replacement or something going on that could be deleted? Sorry for my ignorance.

>> No.1759541

You can not play nearly any gameplay mod with mapsets that use scripting involving items/weapons/monsters(If replaced)

You have to play mapsets without scripting.

>> No.1759546

Back. Making new thread

>> No.1759548


Eventually, I take it it's not set in the game yet?

>> No.1759578

Ugh. That would explain why the keys don't always open doors. (The mod makes blue and yellow keys black and white.) But I still have no idea why this would break scripts that trigger when you walk over a linedef or something. Could it be the character sprite replacement?

>> No.1759604

It could be script number conflicts. That shouldn't be an issue with more recent mods due to the existence of named scripts, but older mods like Satanic might still use numbered scripts, so conflicts are possible.

>> No.1759605



>> No.1759634

Satanic Redux has so much scripting in it.
If any two scripts share the same number it breaks both.

Satanic isn't very good but either way you're going to have to play mapsets without scripting.

>> No.1759767
File: 4 KB, 98x91, ss (2014-07-11 at 03.23.23).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1760347

grabbed the duke nukem game and already ran through it. is there a shadow warrior or blood mod available for it??

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