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Post what you're looking for in a game, others make recommendations.

Also, feel free to just recommend some of your personal favorites!


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Have a lot of shit going on in my life right now, looking for a game to help take my mind of my troubles.

I want a game that is lighthearted and fun, while still being immersive and compelling.

Something with an original story and cool characters, that doesn't involve too much monotony such as level grinding (a little is okay, but would prefer this to not be a significant aspect of the game).
It can be campy or wacky or silly, or it can be a little more on the serious side. I just don't want anything dark or grim or anything like that. (got enough of that already lol)
I want something light and fun!

What do you guys recommend?

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Console RPGs with plenty of classes, customizable stats, loot and equipment to sperg and OCD over. Japanese console games because the PC RPGs are all obvious choices I've most likely played. Something like Diablo or Shining Soul, most Japanese ARPGs don't have many RPG elements aside from "your health bar grows a little when you level up" though if a classic turn-based JRPG that fits the requirements exists that's fine too. The older the better, SNES-era preferred but I can look into any suggestions.

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I want a game like shenmue, with less qte's and perhaps more fighting segments.

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>I want a game that is lighthearted and fun, while still being immersive and compelling.

Threads of Fate, It;s just delightful in every sense of the word

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Why not play Shenmue 2 ?

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If you haven't, Final Fantasy V. SNES version.

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I'm looking for something truly epic, that makes you feel like you went on a big journey. Preferably with a captivating story and good interesting (not necessarily relatable) characters.

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Because its even more qte's.

Fucking planks. The hardest video game boss ever.

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GBA version. With the new better translation with its jokes and all around more lightheartedness. Whyever would you suggest the SNES version in particular? Otherwise a great suggestion.

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Skies of Arcadia: Legends, for the Gamecube.

Also, chin up wrt your personal life dude.

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>Skies of Arcadia: Legends, for the Gamecube.

gonna have to 2nd this. Spend 5 minutes basking in the awesome that is Vyse and you'll be feeling like you can take on the world...NO! THE UNIVERSE!

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The first time I played, Piastol absolutely smashed me!

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just never give up

Vyse believes in you you're awesome

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Looks pretty cool, but I can't play it.

I only have emulator on my shitty laptop,
and I have no controller or mouse,
so I can only play games that utilize a d-pad and buttons and aren't too CPU intensive.
I mostly stick to playing NES and SNES.

Thanks for the rec though :)

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then I don't know umm..star tropics?

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I'm looking for a PS1 Game with a huge world, plenty of exploration, and some good puzzles.

RPG not named FF or Acton is preferred, but I'll play any genre.

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Wild Arms

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DO IT!!!! I love the wild arms series

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>If you haven't, Final Fantasy V. SNES version.
How good is this game? I'm a huge FF fan but have never played this version. I have it for PS1 (Anthologies) but I've never played it. Is that version the same other than the load times?

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I'm looking for turn-based party combat, the more difficult the better. I've already played Wizardry 8 and XCOM.

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Same game with load times and an even worse translation (Wyvern > Y Burn. Yes really). FFV in general is an amazing game that has perfected turn-based JRPG gameplay with its deep and diverse job and ability system. However PS1 is not the version you'd like to play. GBA is probably the best.

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Thanks. I'm on the fence on buying a english repro for the SNES but figured I would get an opinion on the PS1 version before I did.

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Thanks! I knew I could get some good stuff from /vr/

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I want a first-person game where I can fight skeletons.

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King's Field 3

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looking for a game with a story line that will bring me to tears. I seek feels. Any platform will do.

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>skeleton is hiding in a chest he shouldn't be able to fit in

from software pls

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Chrono Cross is pretty much the king of the feels. It doesn't do everything right mind you, but it does one very sad tale.

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Looks really cool, but tt's too expensive.
Anything else?

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Nice! I happen to have a hard copy I've never gotten around to playing. Or should I emulate?

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I assumed you owned a modded ps1.
Because you really should, regardless of your stance on collecting.

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It works fine either way, but I should add that it also looks really pretty. I'd go hardcopy because it may look better depending on your setup.

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Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion. Time to pull out the storage bin.

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Thanks, checking it out now!

Arena and Daggerfall come to mind.

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Can you link me to a website/video that explains how to mod one? I don't want to use the disc swap method.

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Want an arcadey 3D shooter in the same vein as stuff like Star Fox, Panzer Dragoon, Omega Boost, and Sin and Punishment.

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What the fuck? I literally never heard of this before, it looks really good from your video though. Thank you very much for the recommendation.

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The one after it is even more depressing but it is a PS2 game and thusly not retro


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Vanark for PS1

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Elemental Gearbolt, sort of.

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I've heard that Mana Khemia is heavy on feels

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>breath of fire iv

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He's talking about Dragon Quarter, dumbass.

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I want to play a stereotypical western fantasy warrior in a Tolkienish world filled with loot and wonders and kill goblins and demons, preferrably in a real time combat environment

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Are there similar games to Milon's Secret Castle?

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man I love BoF4 and 5

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Looking for a detective style game, preferably a murder mystery with a scary serial killer preferably with multiple endings depending on how you investigate.

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Gamera 2000
Space Harrier
And some other game I have on MAME but forgot the title of. Will look up later.

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what jrpgs take place in space? besides Star Ocean and Phantasy Star 4.

Something I can emulate and play

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Lennus II and STED come to mind, but the latter is more grindy while the former is a damn good late SNES release you can find fan translated at the usual rom sites. Way better than its prequel

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J.B. Harold Detective Club, most likely.

Lagrange Point, if it's been fully translated.

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Seconding this. Space adventures would be pretty sweet.

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Albion, keep in mind that it's DOS.

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You can find it as either its Americanized version "Ufouria: The Saga" or the original version translated as Hebereke


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I want games that are pants-shittingly hard, but rewarding, like pic related.

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Legend of Mana, yo.

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It's not realtime, but Age of Wonders fits the bill.

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Anyone happen to know some GOAT retro skating/BMX bike/etc. games that aren't named Tony Hawk?

I have an urge to shred but I get bored eventually of the courses too bad we can't trade custom parks.

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you know the fact that you can switch campers really takes all the piss out of that AVGN review

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The first coolboarders game was fun. Maybe 2.

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Something with the scope of Terranigma.

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Only ones I know is Skate or Die and California Games but they may be a little too primitive

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all good Survival horror

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Hmm, this actually has two translations? What are the differences between them?

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Not much really, but most use Aeon Genesis purely because of popularity.

I don't really think anyone's really compared the two since they're fan translations for an obscure game that not even /vr/ talks about much.

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Looking for two things.

1.) Something challenging and action-oriented that is very easy to pick up and play and has no complex aspects that require a tutorial or something. Preferably something with platforming. Think Mega Man or Darkwing Duck, but I'm looking for good obscure examples that I probably haven't played.

2.) A good score-oriented arcade game. I like action and shooting. I don't want to worry about 'beating it', I just want something that can be picked up and played whenever without worrying about the progress you make.

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Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is a good biking game in the same vein as THPS.

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Night of the Sickle Weasel is brilliant. It was recently translated and released for mobiles as “Banshee's Last Cry”.

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Looking for a long ass gaem. Preferably a JRPG without a lot of grinding (some is ok).

>> No.1753731

Looking for a horror game of sorts with a tad of cheese, alright atmosphere or interesting environments. Something like Overblood, perhaps?

>> No.1753734

Deep Fear
Countdown: Vampires

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I'd like a game similar to banjo kazooie/tooie, but I can never find Conker's bad fur day for less than $50 (I'm broke). Is there anything else similar? Preferably on n64

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I am looking for a game is that fairly skill based and has a lot of fun exploration (like metroid). It might not exist but I would love a metroid-style game with more RPG elements.

>> No.1754289

Shin Megami Tensei. If you start grinding in that, you've fucked up and forgotten to fuse better demons

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Games with the same art style as Monster World, Rainbow Islands and Alex Kidd preferably on an 8-bit system.

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Donkey Kong 64

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Completely forgot about Threads of Fate (I finished it years ago) but I might have to replay it now. Thanks!

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Kirby's Adventure
KIrby Superstar
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Tooie

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Play Fear Effect.

everyone should play Fear Effect

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Grew up playing Pokémon,
would like an RPG/JRPG/ARPG not too complex with nice pixelated graphics

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Gunple english patch.
It's A Link to the Past with guns.
Nice fun pastel graphics and a lighthearted story about a kid saving his island.

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Azure Dreams might be fun for you, though it's a roguelike.

Also, if you haven't played the "must haves" yet Chrono Trigger is pretty much up your alley; It's a perfect gateway to ease you into this sort of thing.

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Is there a game like Summon Night: Swordcraft Story for GBA?

>> No.1754474

I do enjoy some aspects of the roguelike genre, but that graphical style isn't very apealing to me, which one would you recommend, the ps or the gbc version?

And I haven't played Chrono Trigger, but I have heard about it, A LOT. The only reason I haven't played it is because I couldn't find time to... (I heard it's pretty big, no?)

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Secret of Mana ma nigga

>> No.1754482

Action games like Strider 2.
>Inb4 Hagane or Osman

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Swordcraft Story plays similar to the "Tales Of..." games. You can start with Tales of Destiny or Cless's Tales of Phantasia PS1 patch. Stay the fuck away from the GBA port or the SNES translation.

If you're looking for yuri, unfortunately it's not present without heavy goggle usage.

Both versions are fine, if you want straight action instead of dating sims play the GBC version.

Chrono Trigger isn't as long as other RPGs such as say, Dragon Quest games because the grinding isn't nearly as heavy. It does have some playtime if you want to see everything though.

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Ok, thanks for all the info anon

Will check ma nigga

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Run Saber.

>> No.1754530

X-Kaliber 2097

>> No.1754539

Ok. Will check. Thanks for the info.

And... I don't want the yuri part, hahahaha

>> No.1754631

Thanks G.
I also saw you X Kaliber guy.
I'm on mobile so replying is stupid so I can't link you.

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Anyone got any recommendations for detective style games (searching for clues, interviewing suspects and witnesses, etc.)? I played through Snatcher with a few of my pals a couple months ago and we had a blast, so something like that might be nice.

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deja vu

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Maybe Martian Gothic: Unification?

>> No.1754682

Skydiving games that aren't pilot wings?

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>ctrl + f
>Star Control
VR I am dissapoint.

Perfect music
Perfect graphics
Perfect gameplay.
Funny story.
Choices matter.

Every star on this map is a visitable unique location. Many have aliens to talk to or threaten you.

>Dat fucking music.
>Fully fucking voiced, great acting.

Blind lets player
>Video 6 of XXXX. oh... oh boy. I'm. I'm in a lot of trouble. Just left Sol and looked at starmap for the first time

>> No.1754693

Rise of the Dragon...thank me later

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Check out Policenauts man. It's also a sci fi detective Kojima Game

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I'm looking for a game like Zelda 2 and Metroid had a baby. 2D weapons combat in a large, unmapped, confusing world. You go through getting items to power yourself up and open up new areas for exploration. I'd basically like Zelda 2 in a larger 2D environment, and with items like in Zelda 1.

I've also played the Wonder Boy/Monster World games and a few other games like it. SotN-style Castlevania is too easy and I've played them too often, so none of those unless they're difficult. La-Mulana I've already started as well, I would like something less cryptic than that game.

>> No.1754895

Captain Comic, Duke Nukem, that whole genre?

>> No.1754903

Mega Man Legends sounds perfect.

Does the non-retro Yakuza series count? It's kinda QTE but I dunno. Yours is a hard question because there aren't very many games like Shenmue.

I know it's not retro and not even out, but there's a great-looking game on the horizon called Hellraid which sounds perfect for your needs.

Mother 3 is the first and only game to ever make me cry, and the game that made me realize RPGs can actually be good. I recommend it fully.

For 2, how about Space Harrier, Robotron, or Berzerk? A few personal faves.

Pokemon TCG, Mario Golf, or Mario Tennis, all for Game Boy.

>> No.1754910

I dunno how I feel about shooting. I like Metroid, but I'm more interested in swords and stuff right now. I'm trying Faxanadu at the moment, and it seems okay. Battle of Olympus I'm just not sure about, the enemies are annoying in that game compared to Zelda 2.

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I don;t know if it fits the criteria but play Popful Mail

>> No.1755514

>A good score-oriented arcade game.

Do you like shoot 'em ups?
I would stay that

Raiden Fighters Jet
Battle Garegga
Gunbird 2
Castle of Shikigami 3

all have good scoring systems.

>> No.1755562

BTW, that map came with the game, it's not cheating to look at it.

>> No.1755565 [DELETED] 

This needs a question it can fit on so it's not spam, so I'll relate something to it.

What are good space exploration games, like Wing Commander Privateer, the Escape Velocity games, or Star Control 2?

>> No.1755574

I'm looking for Japanese anime-style games where you play as a girl...I like Popful Mail and the Valis series...

Weird criteria, I know...But I just enjoy games where you play as a girl and games with an anime style...And finding good ones in the 8/16-bit era is difficult.

>> No.1755580

Pocky & Rocky and Monster World 4 are both good.

>> No.1755582

Oh yeah, and Phantasy Star 1

>> No.1755591


I've played them both...Although I forgot about Monster World 4 until now...


I've played all of the Phantasy Star games...Love them.

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Trouble Shooter/Battle Mania series.

>> No.1755606


Funny that you suggest that, because I was just playing both games earlier.

>> No.1755620

Hi, I'm looking for relaxing, but strongly emotional games. I'm on a PS1 binge currently, so games for that platform would be the most appreciated, although not limited to. There aren't that many relaxing games and all. I've played Legend of Mana already, which is really pretty and I find it enjoyable to hang out in all the locales.

>> No.1756108

I'm looking for a fighting game with weapon combat and one-hit deaths like Bushidō Blade. The Kengo games drifted from the formula complete.y

>> No.1756290

Anyone happens to know games that have a kind fo weird atmosphere, eerie (?), but NOT horror ? I don't like being afraid, just having the chills, something "lightly" creepy. I struggle to find games with the adequate settings, because they are either complete horror games, or not at all. I love that feel and it works best with older games as they are not-so detailed and let you imagine much easier.

themes: loneliness, dreams, fake or abandoned or ending world/reality, death, mirages..

For example think about Majora's Mask, or maybe Yume Nikki, even some parts of metroid prime when you get to read reports from dead soldiers, and the feeling of loneliness on the deserted planet (not retros sorry, just to illustrate).

>> No.1756345

LSD: Dream Emulator.

Also >>1751715

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Dat Ershin backstory

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>Trouble Shooter/Battle Mania series.

that reminds me, has anyone ever made a Dirty Pair game?

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Kendo Rage

No idea if it's good. the grumps once played it

>> No.1756445


Yeah, and it sucks...It's on the Famicom, I believe.

>> No.1756452


Thanks...That's one I haven't heard of, so I'm going to check it out...Looks interesting based on screenshots.

>> No.1758130

Famicom Detective Club Part II

>> No.1758141


Yeah, I wish they would get some editors or at least some proofreaders too.

>There are five different endings of the chief bitching you out for the usual accidental mass destruction. The ending you get is entirely dependent on your shooting accuracy. The game stores the amount of times you fire a bullet and the number of bullets that hit an enemy. The number of enemies hit and the number of bullets fired are divided by each other and then multiplied by a hundred. That accuracy percentage is then compared to five threshold percentages which decide which ending you get.

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File: 9 KB, 320x240, kings_field_c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark as fuck, first person RPG with a shit ton of atmosphere like King's Field. I want swamps and brooding lakes and insanity and Lovecraftian ambience sprinkled all over this mofo.
Hungry Ghosts for the ps2 looks amazing, but is weeb-lingo only.

>> No.1758471

Baroque, though you won't really be fighting tentacles. It's Japan only on PS1, but it's remake was localized.

It's made by the same people who did Riveria, Treasure Hunter G, etc. but it isn't one bit like them.

>> No.1758476

Cute lesbians

Saga Frontier.

>> No.1758504

I never thought I'd get scared from a video game but ...you know the scene.

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Seconding Mother 3 if you haven't played it, it's insane. I was only 13 when the translation patch dropped, just finished playing earthbound for the first time and was expecting more of the same. I was not prepared, that ending had me sobbing uncontrollably. Still stands out to me as one of the most uncomfortable and fucked up stories ever told in any medium.

>> No.1758746

Where do I start with Persona?

From what I understand, the first one's localization is absolute shit but the music's better. Should I just start with the first on PSP and move on in order?

>> No.1758858

The PS1 version is so bad in the US that you should either skip it and go to P2 or play PSP. They tore a sizable amount of story from it, among other stupidity bordering on hilarious.

You can come back to it later if you're curious though.

>> No.1758970


I liked Black Mark better. there I said ut

>> No.1758978

That was probably the only decent thing to come from it. Still doesn't mean you should play it for your very first outing though.

>> No.1759590

Play Magical Pop'n if you haven't yet. It's quite easy and short, but incredibly charming.

>> No.1760256

Class/job based jrpgs

Good stories are a plus

Played all the FFs including FFT, All the dragon quest games, and I'm drawing blanks on the others but throw some out there vr brothers

>> No.1760476

It ain't retro, but give Golden Sun 1/2 a whirl. Think Lufia 2 but more traditional and with a non-standard "play as the bad guy"for the second half.

>> No.1760517


This isn't retro either, but if you're looking for a jrpg with solid character building, Etrian Odyssey 3 is a better fit than the Golden Sun games.

Be aware that it doesn't spend much time on its story.

>> No.1760973

Two good Super Famicom platformers:
Miracle Girls
GS Mikami

>> No.1761261

idk if this is anime enough, but try The Guardian Legend

>> No.1761276

Looking for a game with smart storytelling.

>> No.1761281

Final Fantasy VIII.
People probably think that's wrong due to the cutscenes and forced dialogues, but the game has pure video game storytelling too, as you have to find info by yourself (search for info, talk to NPCs, etc) and put 2 and 2 together (which is why most people who played the game didn't understand the story).

>> No.1761284

>NESfag recommending FF8

It's a good suggestion, though. The playable Laguna flashbacks were pretty damn nifty.

>> No.1761369

Terranigma is pretty smart with it's story presentation in some parts and has dat ending.

>> No.1761423

Lately I haven't been able to get into any game, new or old, and I'm not sure if I'm just...growing out of it or if I'm just in a rut.

I'd like a game with strong character development, one I really can't put down its characters, or the story, will have me by the edge of my seat the entire time. I prefer RPGs, but I'm good with pretty much anything except Sports games.

The only games I've finished lately are Terranigma and one of the Layton games. I got a fair bit into DQ3, but the lack of anything resembling a story turned me off.

Preferably something SNES-era, but I'm not that picky. I'd like something to get me back into gaming, if possible.

>> No.1761424

Toob'in! You don't need anything else to satisfy your tube riding needs!

>> No.1761429

>I'd like a game with strong character development, one I really can't put down its characters, or the story, will have me by the edge of my seat the entire time.
Not retro and possibly to easy an answer, but Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

>> No.1761432


I do have Shadow. Maybe I'll try that later on tonight after work. I know Ico is related, but I wouldn't need to play that one first, right?

>> No.1761594

Thanks. Sorry about the late reply, I forgot about the thread lol.

>> No.1761601

There's also Croc. Especially the second.

>> No.1763989

No worries, there are only the smallest links between them.

>> No.1764960

Honestly, VIII is damn impressive in a lot of ways, especially in the visual department. The animation trumps IX, but I would suppose that would be because IX stayed a little simpler on purpose. Also they do trance instead of Limit Breaks.

>> No.1764961

I would enjoy 8 if not for the draw system.

>> No.1765131

Looking for old school NES/SNES era Action/platformer games with a concise, beautiful artstyle(think Super Metroid). I'm just looking for something really immersive to sink into.

>> No.1765171
File: 187 KB, 500x380, demon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Demon's Crest

>> No.1765225

That's actually one of my favorite games. Failed to mention that I'm looking for some possibly more obscure games. Recently played Umihara Kawase and loved it.

>> No.1765264

>Recently played Umihara Kawase and loved it.

Devil Hunter Yohko for the Megadrive. The creator of UK worked on this game as the level designer, although the gameplay is more similar to Valis/Castlevania.

>> No.1765269


Magical Pop'n

>> No.1765302

Monster World IV

>> No.1765532

That looks pretty much awesome. Thanks.

Loved that game.

>> No.1765702

not quite the right thread, but I don't wanna start a new one
I'm looking for that cool disc throwing sports game
what was its name again?

>> No.1766538
File: 215 KB, 543x439, Magical_Pop_'n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any other action-platformers like pic related out there?

>> No.1766560

i started playing games on a sega genesis, i want something that can make me really nostalgic for when i was 10 years old but that i never played.
Favourite games are sonic 3
vectorman 2
comix zone
earthworm jim 2
Honestly anything as cool as comix zone would be welcome too

>> No.1766563

I want a 16 bit horror game

>> No.1766569

Try Clock Tower for the SNES

>> No.1766571
File: 23 KB, 256x224, kaishuzero-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero is somehow similar.

>> No.1766583

i want games where you control tanks like metal slug or blaster master. plataforming or sidescrollers only, i dont want anything first or third person.
Also any puzzle game that is not arcade like tetris or dr mario. Like portal or katherine but old and /vr related

>> No.1766589

I think you'll probably like Front Mission: Gun Hazard.

>> No.1766642

Looks good, anon. Too bad I don't speak Moon.

>> No.1766645


Does it look like a game where you'd need to?

>> No.1766650

try alien soldier

>> No.1766656

>Also any puzzle game that is not arcade like tetris or dr mario

Little Magic on the SNES is solid.

>> No.1767202

Looking for a game for PC, but preferably playable with a gamepad. Not too retro, don't want 2d graphics... Must be playable on a 1,6 ghz processor

>> No.1767384

that's awfully nonspecific, anon

>> No.1767412

Unreal Tournament

>> No.1767669


I'll take anything. I loved the need for speed series with my gamepad but became bored with them. Fifa same story, plus it's better on console. Maybe an rpg? Just name me the best game you've ever played on a console but which also got ported to PC!
What I'm looking for is something with a captivating single person storyline. Something that you play for a week straight all day long just because you can't put it down. I tried emulating skies of Arcadia because of the posts above, but my computer wasn't strong enough. Such a pity because it seems like everything I'm looking for.

Yeah, awesome game. But not really specifically gamepadfriendly. Mouse and keyboard are better imo for playing this one.

>> No.1767703

All the Resident Evil games were on PC if I recall. Maybe those?

>> No.1767769

Try the Ys games, there's a thread here >>1754636

They aren't exactly long, but there's enough of them to keep you entertained for a while. The later games also have a high replay value.

>> No.1767892

Thanks, downloading them now!

>> No.1767947

I recommend starting with Oath in Felghana or Origin

>> No.1771234

Rocket Robot on Wheels

>> No.1771743

Anyone have any good Dreamcast games for someone that never owned a single SEGA console when he was younger?

I bought my dreamcast with 3 controllers and a bunch of games.

The most popular ones are, Crazy Taxi, MDK 2, Grandia 2, SILVER, toy commander, blue sting, Vigilante 8, Sonic Advenutre, Daytona and Iron Aces.

There;s a couple more, but I'm looking for any other fun, obscure games I can get. I know of the expensive ones like Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia, but I'm looking for anything that goes under the radar.

Shmups, action, rpg whatever, give me your recs.

>> No.1772129
File: 77 KB, 620x612, mars-matrix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1774330

I want games that really reward you for exploring a large world.

>> No.1774849

Grandia and FFIX

>> No.1778725


>> No.1778734

I want a game where I can go full autismo speccing out a character build, but that doesn't play like a menu RPG. And not a clicking simulator, if that helps.

And it would be great if the build had an actual effect on the game other than statistics.

Shining Soul I and II were kinda what I was after if anybody knows of them.

>> No.1782428

Is there a /vr/ chart like >>1782351 for recommendations?

>> No.1782453

Rts games i have played most of the classics

>> No.1783906

A game like Umihara Kawase. Relaxing, good music, fun platforming. But not so fucking hard.

>> No.1783915

No. We tried to make them, but normally it's met with "let's just use /v/'s" which was a fucking terrible idea because the wiki isn't a very good representation of either side.

If anyone's reading this, /vr/ needs a rec list or wiki of some sort that isn't shit.

>> No.1783926 [DELETED] 

I would make it but I'm pretty close to killing myself after all the abuse I took on /a/.

The main problem I see with it is finding the obscure good games that would make the list. Basically, avoiding it being "Mario, Link, Metroid".

>> No.1784015


The main problem I see with it is finding the obscure good games that would make the list. Basically, avoiding it being "Mario, Link, Metroid".

I want it to have more stuff like Metal Storm - NES and Umihara Kawase - SNES.

>> No.1784025

There's a group of pastebins you might like, found here: >>1715303

They're all taken from threads here on /vr/.

>> No.1784038

Ah, I thought those were just romhacks. Guess they're normal games too, thanks.

>> No.1785037
File: 151 KB, 256x324, syndicate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1785039

Some kind of game that has a modern/urban styling to it (preferably RPG) that isn't JSR or Earthbound/Mother.

>> No.1785043
File: 47 KB, 336x425, (bladerunner).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1785527

Played the ever living fuck outta Shining Soul II. Easily one of my top 3 GBA games.

>> No.1785529

Any Fallout

>> No.1785536
File: 225 KB, 1024x768, bangai8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A sweet little Dreamcast game from childhood, Bangai-O

Holy balls if you like overtop action that in no way takes itself seriously, look into this one. Really easy to get into, really addicting. Also love the sound track.

>> No.1785541

The Wonderboy/Monster World series?

>> No.1785542

Laplace no Ma
So good.

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