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Which classic NES Mega-Man game does /vr/ love most?

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Mega Man 2 and 4.

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Mega Man 2, 3 and 5.

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I love them all equally.

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1,2, and 3

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Mega Man 2 for sure.

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Best level design and weapons.

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Let's solve it once and for all, until the next time somebody asks.

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Agreed. 4 is my favourite, I also enjoy 6 a lot. I love all Megaman games, I'd have to say 3 is the most over-praised. It's great but it ain't the best.

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3 is my favorite.

Haven't played 5 though, prices on them are a bitch.

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Have you considered the Rockman COmplete Works version for PSOne?

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2 > 4 > 6 > 10 > 9 > 5 > 3 > 1 > 8 > 7

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2 and 3, with 4 a close runner up.

And 8 for camp value.

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My favorite is 6, probably because its the first one I played. I do like the Rush armors and the international theme of the Robot Masters. That said I think 2 and 3 are probably better games.

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It's still a Classic Megaman

Also it had a good Famicom demake.

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It's hard to say since I played them in order. They're similar so you eventually get bored, even though 5 and 6 are much better games than 1 or 2.

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The only Mega Man game I actually played through was the Tiger handheld version. The entire series is shit, IMO.

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>Also it had a good Famicom demake.
I'm going to give it a try, thanks anon.

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>Best Weapons

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Which one then?

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Most people who vote for MM 1, 4, 5 or 6 will admit that MM 2 is the best, but that voted for their favorite, instead.

On the other hand, fans of MM 3 always vote for MM 3 because they feel it is in the shadow of MM 2.

Therefore, 50% of the people who admit MM 2 is the best, often vote for their favorite MM game, instead. While 100% of MM 3 fans always vote for MM 3 in an attempt to outdo MM 2.

That being said, Mega Man 2 will always be the top tier Mega Man game.

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Most people who vote for MM 1, 4, 5 or 6 will admit that MM 2 is the best, but that they voted for their favorite, instead.

On the other hand, fans of MM 3 always vote for MM 3 because they feel it is in the shadow of MM 2.

Therefore, 50% of the people who admit MM 2 is the best, often vote for their favorite MM game, instead. While 100% of MM 3 fans always vote for MM 3 in an attempt to outdo MM 2.

That being said, Mega Man 2 will always be the top tier Mega Man game.

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MM4 is superior to MM2 in every way.

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except music

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jokes on you, buddy! I never played MM2!

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MM2 is definitely not the best, in my opinion. Also I don't know about you, but my favorite of the series will naturally be the one I think is the best. MM4 is the best in my opinion and thus is also my favorite.

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Music taste is subjective.

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MM3 had bigger and more complex levels as well as a higher difficulty. It's the longest MM game by a fair distance. The robot masters are interesting and unique, and it's honestly the last game in the original series you can make that claim, AND to all the MM2 robot masters are in MM3 too! MM3 improved on everything MM2 did. While you could certainly argue that MM4's charge mechanic was a poor addition to the series that ended up doing more harm than good (which I agree with), MM3's slide mechanic was nowhere near as intrusive and actually did add to the game. And of course, MM3 introduces Rush and Proto Man, two iconic characters of the series. Speaking of which, MM3 actually bothers to tell a story, a simplistic one, sure, but it still manages to capture the imagination. MM2 doesn't really bother.

While I did enjoy MM2 too, I don't understand how anyone could seriously claim it's better than MM3. Play them both back-to-back. There just isn't any area in which MM2 surpasses MM3 except arguably in a few of the music tracks, although MM3 is quite strong in that department as well.

I still believe, to this day, that MM2 is only thought of as the best because it was the first one to nail the gameplay of the original series (MM1 was flawed in numerous ways and included some baffling design decisions).

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>this thread

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I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Wily Castle theme in MM2 is the most memorable and greatest song to come of NES music.

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All of 'em.

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this is like a low cholesterol version of /v/ shitposting

there's two criteria that you can judge anything by

overall popularity (which is inevitably weighted towards the obvious)

and how much it improved over previous efforts


-megaman 2 generally wins popularity contests, though as I stated above the opinion simply trends in that direction
-megaman 2 represented a massive increase in quality over MM1. Bosses had distinct themes, rather than being elements, music was emotional and provocative, and the challenge was just right for the average player
-I would also add that megaman 2 is the first game where 'selecting your own path' is clearly a winning game design, even though this had been done many times before, MM2 was when it became clear that this was a great design and not a gimmick. You can start with any boss and succeed, and the weapon you get changes the way you play later levels substantially.

-megaman 4 does not win popularity contests, it's generally in 3rd place. Again, this means nothing
-megaman 4 did not visibly improve upon megaman 3, and represents a plateau in the quality of the series, not an improvement. MM4 was when the designers finally worked out all the quirks and `finalized a lot of concepts that wouldn't be changed again until MMX
-it was also pretty long, having 2 final castles


MM2 is the winner by objective measurements. If you disagree please respond to the points above or add something new.

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No one disagrees that MM2 was the biggest step up from the previous game, bud. We're discussing which is the better game.

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>there's two criteria you can judge anything by
>and only two because I say so
>objective measurements

What was that you said about shitposting?

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My favorite is the first one. Fair difficulty, but not too easy, awesome bosses, killer tunes, but was overall a really simple game. Later on shit like sliding, sprinting, charging, walljumping, et cetera got implemented, and is practically needed, I just cannot get into that.

Also, I don't care about online polls. I have never voted on them, I never will, surely others must feel the same, and therefore no matter how you paint it, a poll will never be accurate. Up yours fags.

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>dat intro song
fellow mm3 fanboy reporting in. for some reason when I was younger this is the first old school megaman I played thru and beat on NES. always cheated my way thru with emulators on all the others..

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And yet MM3 was better than MM2 in every way. See >>1745535

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shitposting is when you don't put any content in your post

if you don't know what I mean by a post with no content, this is a good example


study it and see that the poster didn't actually say anything, there's no way to gain information from that post, hence 'shit'

oh by the way, did you want to tell us other ways that things can be judged?

you don't have to ask for permission, you can just tell us

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You 3fags will never fucking listen, will you? MM3 was the worst in the series, besides the first game, because of bosses being extremely easy (compare MM2's Alien to MM3's Gamma), slowdown out the ass, Rush Jet making levels trivial, and level design being horribly lazy and boring- especially the Wily Castle stages. Just deal with the fact that your first Megaman game, MM3, isn't as flawless as you'd like to believe.


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>easy bosses
And yet all the levels, and robot masters, were significantly harder than even the "difficult" version of MM2. Sure, the alien was kind of tough, but overall, MM3 is significantly more difficult than MM2. MM2 is practically a joke overall compared to MM3.

It wasn't intrusive. I remember slowdown in MM2 as well, though I don't really know which had more because, quite frankly, I don't remember either game having problems with slowdown.

>Rush Jet making levels trivial
Examples of this? Because this just isn't true. Sure you can use Rush Jet to get an advantage in some parts, but then again you can use the Items in MM2 to do the same thing. It's not a possibility most of the time in either game though.

>level design being horribly lazy and boring
Haha, go back and play it again. The level design in MM3 is much more complex than in MM2. This is easily the biggest difference between the two games, and the only real objective measure that you can say makes MM3 superior.

>your first Megaman game
You mean MM1? Cause that was my first.

>MM3 isn't as flawless
Never said it was flawless, just the best in the original series.

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Well first of all, I'd like to point out that the content of my post (which you were able to divine, even as you claimed it didn't exist) was that the idea that those being the only two criteria you could judge something on is complete nonsense and also that your use of the phrase objective is equally fucking stupid.

Furthermore, not only is two a laughable claim for the number of criteria you can judge something on, those are two pretty shitty criteria since they inherently disadvantage releases that occur later in a series and if you seriously think the popularity of something is a good way to judge how good you personally think it is you should probably give up on trying to consume anything because you are clearly missing something.

Anyway in terms of actual criteria for actually judging something I'm going to say that there are nearly endless options which weigh differently for people of different tastes, but things like "newly introduced mechanics and instances of level design which incorporate the player's knowledge of those mechanics," "cohesiveness of graphical and art style," "use of music that is appropriate for where it is used and which is ideally catchy or at least remains interesting for as long as you'd play a level," and hell maybe if you want to get specific to the game series (you can actually do that, you know use the context of the thing you're judging to judge it instead of using arbitrary parameters, mind blowing I know) "roster of weapons which function differently from one another and ideally without having some that are too good and some that are rarely useful" are all a good place to start. There's more than that.
Also: fuck you.

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>because of bosses being extremely easy

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>Sure, the alien was kind of tough, but overall, MM3 is significantly more difficult than MM2.
There's also Quickman, Dragon, and Boobeam Trap. Who is hard in MM3? Nobody.

>It wasn't intrusive.
If there were more than 3 enemies on screen at once, it would start chugging harder than Gradius III SNES.

>Examples of this?
Rush Jet could move in any direction and had a bug where if you jumped repeatedly, the energy would never run out.

>The level design in MM3 is much more complex than in MM2.
Complex, I dunno. I would argue that MM level design complexity didn't happen until 6, when they introduced secret extra paths.

More challenging though, in terms of platforming? No. Heatman and Quickman stages kick the shit out of anything in MM3.

>Never said it was flawless, just the best in the original series.
Except 2, 4 and 6 are way better than 3.

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This entire thread is worthless.
It's like those "circle vs. triangle" threads.

All Mega Man are great. All the original saga is, and the NES ones alone, even more so.

That said, in all fronts, for me, 6 is the best. The only flaw in it is that it may be a bit too easy. Other than that I find it to be much better than, say, 2.

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You can kill dragon in seconds and the only danger is that sometimes he gets lucky and knocks you off, and the booby trap is nothing but using your brain/trial and error of the simplest variety.

i thought the doc robot stages/fights were harder than anything in 2

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Is that a joke? Quick Man is pathetic.

>Boobeam Trap
Just moderate bosses by MM3 standards.

Seriously, I can't believe you think these are really tough. Just go back and play MM2 and MM3 back to back. Both are great games, but MM3 is an improvement on MM2 in every way.

>it would start chugging harder...
This is an extreme exaggeration.

>Rush Jet...had a bug
Which you weren't forced to abuse and still doesn't help you in most MM3 levels.

>MM level design complexity didn't happen until 6
So you haven't even played MM3? Go compare MM3 levels to MM2. Look at a map. MM2 levels are very short and with less obstacles than in MM3.

>Heatman and Quickman stages kick the shit out of anything in MM3.
Heat Man's stage had its moments, but wasn't anything special when compared to MM3 stages, and Quick Man's stage was a joke once you had Flash Man's power.

>4 and 6
LOL, the charge power killed the classic MM series.

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>the charge power killed the classic MM series.


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very well said. as for the topic i could never pick a favorite let alone determine the best one. they're all good in different ways.

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Doc Robot was rehash tier. If you already played MM2 you already knew the attack patterns, and he still had 2 weaknesses like all the other bosses in the game, making him ez.

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Not sure why I'm even bothering. I'm just one of the billion people who will say 2. It's a great series, but that game was the shit.

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Cause he doesn't like it, therefore it's bad.

People may like the charge shot or not, but it sure as hell was a good addition... in MM4. In that game, the mega buster is still the weakest weapon in the game (because the arsenal in that game is awesome as fuck), so you're still given an incentive to use all of the weapons, especially through the castle stages.

On the other hand, you have games like MM5 where the mega buster is far superior and more practical than any of the weapons in the game, rendering the weapon system useless.

tldr, the charge shot is a good thing, it's just better implemented in some games than others.

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Is just that it became a hipster trend to shit on MM3 because "WAAAAAAAH its rushed and unpolished".

MM2 OST is just OK at best.

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im currently playing through the classic megaman's in order for the first time and i just got done with 2 and am currently playing 3 and i have no idea where all this love for 3 comes from. i think 1 and 2 are way better.

i think the first glaring fault with the game is that the robot masters are all so forgettable and poorly designed. needle man, gemini man and shadow man are probably the top 3 and even still they have a hard time holding a candle to most of the robot masters in the past.

i also find the music to be completely lacking and borderline pathetic when in comparison to the music in 2. so far the only theme i even slightly like is magnet mans but its still a joke. this was a huge letdown for me because some of the tracks in 2 were so good i was expecting similar quality in the next game but it isn't even close. when i first heard bubble man's theme i got chills, that theme is flat out one of the best 8 bit tunes i have ever heard.

i think the level design is great though and i love the addition of the slide but honestly im just trying to hurry through this one now because im over it already. still a great game, im just more interested in seeing what the rest of the games have to offer

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>if someone doesn't like my favorite game they are hipsters

>> No.1747440


just like the rush jet bug, you aren't forced to abuse the charge shot and i don't think its a fair criticism of 4, 5, and 6

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>If someone defends the game we love to shit and hate on for hipster trolling they are whiny manchildren faggots.


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I liked 3 better because Proto Man

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I love Megaman 6 even though its considered by most to be the shittiest or close to the shittiest one.

Its just fun. Its challenge level is low but it was really cool as a kid to have the Power suit and the Flight suit and fuck around in levels.

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7 is worse.

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protoman was a retard in 3

literally the easiest fights in mm history

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>considered by most to be the shittiest or close to the shittiest one.

Is it really? I thought it was quite the improvement over 5.

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Yeah, I tend to prefer the easier megamans too.
In all the other games I usually quit when I get to the willy fortress, because even though I know I could do it, it just feels like a chore. But not in 5 or 6.

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>the shittiest or close to the shittiest one
Out of the NES games, yeah, but that's only because every single one is pretty solid.

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Fuck, didn't read the NES part.
3 was my favorite.

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1. Mega Man 2
2. Mega Man 4
3. Mega Man
4. Mega Man 5
5. Mega Man 6
6. Mega Man 3

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I know this isn't relevant to the topic, but I'm having issues with Megaman 9 and 10 on the PS3.

They no longer load for me. All of my other PSN titles work fine, but neither of these titles load past the XMB.

After many uninstalls and downloads, all I get is a black screen no matter what. The PS button doesn't work either. The PS3 B(lack)SODs basically.

I've only found one other occurrence of this happening on Google and he didn't get any answers either, so I'm at my wits ends as to what to do.

Help, maybe?

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting my megaman game signed this saturday when I meet and shake hands with Keiji Inafune at the gaming convention in dallas

>> No.1752716

Not retro.
Not sure about your problem though. First delete both games. Then delete or backup any saves you want to keep. Then delete all saves. Delete/clear your cache if possible. Then re-download and install.

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4 > 3 > 2 > 5 > 1 > 6

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2 and 5 are my favourite, for some reason never like 3 so much.

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I like all of 2-6 almost equally, the only one I have a beef with is 1, it just feels unfair and rudimentary to me compared to the others. When I was a kid I used to hate 2 because it had a few tricky spots that you couldn't cheat your way out of, but as I got older and got better at it, I learned to appreciate it more, such is not the case with 1, I still think it's BS.

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It's been so long, I'm not too sure.

Definitely like 4 the most as a kid.

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My favorite is The Krion Conquest

>> No.1753187

mine is Darkwing Duck