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Games that are 100% perfect?

Are there any retro games that are absolutely perfect? As in, they have zero flaws? You can play the game from start to finish, and you can't think of anything that should have been changed, fixed, or altered? Does such a game exist?

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>100% perfect

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You posted one.

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But how can Mario world be perfect when it's just like Mario 3, but worse?

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>but worse

I like the level design better in super Mario world

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no one will agree on this subject OP, bad idea

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This game is like 63 % perfect at best.

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Super Mario World is pretty lame.
>get feather
>fly across entire map
>works on 50% of maps

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Ocarina of Time

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Star control 2

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Puzzle games are as close you'll get to ever having a perfect game purely due to them being so simple.

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There is no perfect game. We know this.

Every game wil have a bug or two and some flaw.

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Ah yes, a game notable for it's multiple exploitable flaws. It must be perf... heeey, wait a minute!

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This but with SMW too.

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Does anyone think Super Metroid is perfect?

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>mfw egoraptor ripped it a new asshole

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Damn near

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Super Mario Bros 3 might be the perfect game.

Can someone point crippling flaws that aren't totally nitpicky?

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Perfect example of this is a game like Tetris, that game defines itself how the game should look like and therefore if anything gets changed it could only get worse.

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Stating a handful of minor complains that nobody really cared about beyond possibly minor annoyance isn't "ripping it a new asshole."

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His opinion pretty much has no validity though since he plays video games for a living, and doesn't have a high school diploma

His argument was also full of holes.

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There never really can be.

Also Mario World is a really bad example as it had some big technical flaws like the frame rate chunking up fierce when there's a lot of enemy movement on screen, in the bigger levels sections or when Mode 7 is being used on top of the various gameplay flaws.

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No. This is the closest anything has gotten however.

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Perfection if subjective anon.

For example, I think Resident Evil 2 is perfect. The gameplay, the music, the area layouts, the puzzles, the secrets, the replay value, ect. It's all perfect to me and I wouldn't change a thing about any of it. However there's a million kids (and some /vr/ gamers) who think it's literally unplayable and couldn't be bribed into beating it. Ever.

That's just the nature of things.

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All of these Mario faggots.

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Tell me one thing wrong with >>1739001

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>Does such a game exist?

No, and if it did it wouldn't be worth playing. You can't make something interesting without also introducing flaws.

Like, Tetris is flawed because it isn't fair. The game decides what piece you get and something that means you get screwed. But if Tetris was made fair it also wouldn't as exciting as it is.

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Too easy.

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Don't care for the music, no story. Never really cared for the gameplay. Only played Mario games because I was supposed to.

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That's your opinion. And there is a story. Multiple stories actually

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This. It's still a good game but the feather made the game a little too easy.

Saying that, you won't find any secret exits and alternative paths by flying over the level with a feather. Super Mario World is a game where you get as much out of it as you put in.

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Your princess is in another castle/thank you for saving me is not really worth being called a 'story'.

>that's just like your opinion man.
Well fuck you too. Not everyone sucks mario's dick. Its not very perfect if I can even complain about it. Fuck that music. Rapes my ears.

Anything I said was dumb about it would be core gameplay to you.

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>/vr/ board
>doesn't like classic Mario

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>it's just like Mario 3, but worse
Amen, brother.

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>Back when every mascot had only 1 game
Not hoping samus or kid Icarus was going to be the mascot and get billion sequels.

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Has that physics bug in SMB1 where Mario's head is pulled into breakable blocks instead of bouncing off them.

Doesn't include Super Mario World.

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Psh. As a kid, we all hoped it would be Link (especially after he was on Captain N: The Game Master) and then it essentially was.

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I wish he actually had real complaints besides the minor nitpicking he did throughout the whole video

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Shit, forgot image.

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I don't know about by normal standards, but this game will always be perfect in my eyes. Both the Japanese and USA versions.

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Liking Mario is vastly different from thinking Mario is a perfect game. Can't you tell the difference?

I'm the type of person who will see flaws over positives, so even my favourite games, I can bitch about endlessly, but still enjoy them.

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but it's nothing like mario 3

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Little Big Adventure 2.

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Sim City 2000.

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i don't think the correct term is perfect OP,i believe there is always room for improvement(i.e. kirby super ultra star),but i have yet to meet a person who dislikes pic related.
also this

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>just came out

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>anywhere near perfect
It is a great game, hands down. But it is broken as fuck.

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Is he that game grumps guy? My younger brother was watching that yesterday so loud I had to listen to it because it drowned out my TV. He sounds less like a game reviewer and more like a wannabee game designer who doesn't actually have the will to create his own games but is still pretentious enough to complain about how games aren't how he would have designed them while routinely insulting actual game makers because 'muh edgy viewer base'. I mean, his major complaint seems to be that the game tried to be atmospheric and engaging rather than action oriented and challenging which is like complaining that Sesame Street is too preachy and doesn't have enough fart jokes.

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good exploration but boring plateform.

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It was actually one of the worst criticisms of OoT I've ever seen. Especially since a lot of his complaints also applied to ALttP (which was much less mysterious than Zelda 1).

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the real problem is that his entire argument bases on he having anxiety disorders,the fact that he wants zelda to be a open world rpg while it isn't and expecting the first 3D game of a series to have elements to the level design most devs discovered only today.

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You'd think people would've stopped watching his videos after that Mega Man X one.
Especially hilarious after seeing the Game Grumps playing Naughty Bear.

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No save battery.

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That game wasn't meant or designed to have a save feature.

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>having to press select to scroll through missiles and super bombs


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Thread should be a chance for people to look at really good incredible games they might have missed.

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It's too long for one sitting.

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That's why you map it to the A button.

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Argue the point with me all you want, I'm not budging.

>this guy are sick
Just makes the game 101% perfect!

>that ending though
Made my television weep tears of concentrated excellence.

>Knights of the Round materia
The defining standard of balance in video gaming.

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>games that people considerer perfect are well know
paint me surprised

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>Dat fog
It's just unsetling at this point.
And GX is better anway.

>> No.1739274

very linear
popeye model
casual combat (just like any ff)

>> No.1739279

I don't think the fog is bad at all.
I prefer X's track design. Plus, in the story mode in GX the CPUs cheat to a horrible degree. Bad game design there.

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Dude, most retro gamers fall into 2 camps.

Old vets who grew up with the 80s stuff and discovered things as they came out
New kids who only found stuff retroactively. So they worship OoT and FF7 as some mythical beasts instead of milestone games that aged badly.

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So what you're saying is that you agree that it's the greatest game ever?

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Chrono Trigger.

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Can you change the controls outside of an emulator?

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The only perfect Mega Man game.

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>It's too long for one sitting.

You can't be serious.

Also, there's the whistle for plebs like you.

>> No.1739327

>in the story mode in GX the CPUs cheat to a horrible degree
I know, but I actually love it when I beat that cheatting game.

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Gokujou was better.

>> No.1739339


Mind bown.

>> No.1739345

you are forgetting the first megaman x

i agree regardless

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A game with the worst dungeons of all time, and horrible camera angles, an empty overworld going by the name of Hyrule Field, yep, best game. No flaws at all, I LIKE shit.

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>the worst dungeons of all time

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>Mario world
>just like Mario 3

there are some significant differences between the two. for example, unlike smb3, smw is kind of fun.

>> No.1739392

>there are some significant differences between the two. for example, unlike smb3, smw is kind of fun.

Especially if you hate platforming in your platforming games and would rather just fly over every level and bypass it entirely!

>> No.1739408


yes. but also if you don't do that.

>> No.1739417

And if you hate fewer options. I just knew that when I was stoneformed in my Tanuki Suit, swimming around in the Frog suit, lobbing hammers in the Hammer Suit or bouncing around in a Gooma boot that what the game really needed was less options and just a bastardized raccoon suit with infinite flying.

>> No.1739426


correct again. this is why smb1 is still the best mario.

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Parodius Da! < Gokujou < JikkyŨ Oshaberi < Sexy

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Ninja Gaiden, to me, is perfect. I love everything about it and never get tired of it. I know people will disagree, but I wouldn't change a thing.

>> No.1739481

I always find it funny how big a deal people make out of those special suits in SMB3 considering how rarely they're encountered.

>> No.1739490


and how boring they are. "you mean i get to turn into a statue? holy shit, how exciting!"

>> No.1739494

Tanuki Suit doesn't do jack shit but frog and hammer suit are nice at least. Too bad they're so uncommon as to render them impossible to truly enjoy.

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We can immediately discount almost all 8-bit games because of sprite limits and slowdown. Even SMB1 which is close to perfect has sprite limit flicker.

We can dismiss the SNES because OP already posted the best game and it's not perfect because cape flying breaks it.

We can dismiss most of the N64 library because of bad framerates. Mischief Makers has that annoying athletic events button mashing level, so that fails. F-Zero X might qualify, I haven't played it enough to judge.

Assuming we tolerate texture warping, PS1 fails for mostly the same reasons as N64. There are some good arcade ports (eg. Tekken 3), but they fail because of load times. I can't think of any obvious flaws in Einhander (60fps, and the load times are well hidden).

The highest concentration of perfect games are found on early arcade systems. Robotron, Ms. Pacman, Defender, Xevious, etc.

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It's undoubtedly the best game on the NES. Possibly best platform game ever.

>> No.1739508

Have to sit through boring intro screen and boring intro stage.

I agree with SMW being the perfect game.

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Debate me.

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why should limitations on hardware be held against a game? you can play these games on a different platform (like an emulator) that eliminates these issues.

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Lots of slowdown, and chaining past 13x does not add to your score.

>> No.1739519

NES games are fixable in emulation, PS1 and N64 are not.

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Ninja Gaiden is a muscle memory game where once you get to the hard part, there's almost no room for deviation from the one correct way to do each segment. It's nowhere near the best platformer or NES game.

The only thing that makes it better than the likes of I Wanna Be The Guy and Super Meat Boy are its nice cutscenes.

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>You can play the game from start to finish, and you can't think of anything that should have been changed, fixed, or altered?
mostly because you dont have any idea what the fuck is going on

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>I agree with SMW being the perfect game.

Mario with a Yoshi and backup powerups can take so many hits that you don't even to bother to bother avoiding damage in the first place.

SMW is great but it has obvious flaws.

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Holy fuck it's like i'm really on /v/.

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There's multiple ways you could approach it, depending on what sub-weapon you have, you'll have to handle sections differently.

>> No.1739538

>those laggy Heavy Machinegun controls

>> No.1739542

Cybersphere for DOS. It's the best breakout clone.

>> No.1739546


what are you talking about?

>> No.1739547

what about people from thirld world countrys that grew up with sega/snes while rich kids in rich countrys were playing with nintendo 64/ps1

>> No.1739549

The original Metal Slug has very slow to responding aiming controls when you're using a Heavy Machinegun. It also has quite a long delay on knifing which sometimes gets you killed. They improved these things immensely in the sequel.

>> No.1739551

This but with an X at the end of the title.

>> No.1739553

Come to think of it, the Slug vulcan aiming controls are laggy as well.

>> No.1739556

>assloads of random point items
Fuck that shit, not perfect. Final boss form is really cheap too.

>> No.1739565

there is no way you can consider the sequel to be superior. Also if you want you can consider the playstation port, there was no laggy machinegun there

>> No.1739573

>The highest concentration of perfect games are found on early arcade systems. Robotron, Ms. Pacman, Defender, Xevious, etc.

How can these extremely repetitive games count as perfect when SMB1 is (rightly) disqualified for extremely minor sprite flickering?

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>oot and ff7 sux, if u like em ur new

This thread is terrible.

Anyway, staying on-topic: I think Umihara Kawase is pretty much a perfect game. The only flaw is too short

>> No.1739582

Go and Chess come closer to perfection than any video game does, but I don't know if those count as retro games

>> No.1739583

>Sub-par Mario World
>best SNES game

Your opinions are terrible.

>> No.1739587

Board games are /tg/'s realm.

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>This thread is terrible.

That's because 75% of the board, rather than basking in the nostalgia of some of the greatest games ever are aspie dingleberries who keep spamming the same garbage of:

>if you're not like me, go hang from a damn tree

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im sorry i didnt get to play your awesome golden age rpgs and story games, i was a little beaner kid tha couldnt speak a word of english. Retro games to me mean every old game were the character doesnt comunicate anything more complex than wahoo.
Most people that experienced old games and are willing to talk about them are just like me tho, people that was too poor to keep up with current gen when they where kids so good luck being the minority in the smallest minority in videogames

>> No.1739840

it has nothing to do with the board, this shit would be maybe a handful of replies if the OP said 'great' games or even 'masterpieces' but instead the phrasing of 100% perfect, flawless games is what fucks everything up, if you wanted people basking in nostalgia over great games you just make a 'great games' thread instead, OP fucked up asking a question with no answer

>> No.1739845

Leisure Suit Larry 6.

>> No.1739852

dude, any "best game ever" type threads are gonna be shit. they usually start fine, but the moment someone posts something thats kind bait, the whole thing goes straight to hell.

>> No.1739943


There was never a moment where I had the frog suit where I think it was a good thing. Yes, even in the water levels. Boot is overrated too

>> No.1739963

>Does such a game exist?
Uh, no.

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>come here to check whether Umihara Kaware has been mentioned
>it hasn't
>/vr/ I am disappoint

>> No.1739985


See >>1739576

Though, it really isn't perfect, if only because she's not real ;_;

>> No.1739990

This boring game has become awfully overrated lately.

>> No.1740005

She sure grew up..

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It's not the game's fault if you don't have the mad skillz to launch yourself around the fields like nobody's business. But okay.

My other nomination is Recca.

>inb4 muh sprite flicker
It gets a pass because of how it pushes the NES to it's utmost limits. I doubt you *could* make it better than it what it is.

>> No.1740031

So basically this is just a thread where people post their favorite games while others shit on it.

>> No.1740036

Now, be fair. There's a small amount of objectivity about technical stuff and level design and whatnot.

>> No.1740037

Too short, too fast (yes, seriously, some of the boss attacks basically require you to know them ahead of time), and the game could really do a better job of telling you there's a medal chaining mechanic.

>> No.1740191

>Umihara Kaware
>My other nomination is Recca.

That's some good taste right there.

But regardless of how great they are, neither game is anywhere near flawless.

Umihara Kawase in particular has huge problems with how it handles enemies, especially its respawn system and its boss fights.

>> No.1740203

I enjoy the nitpicking of game mechanics. If it's not done in a dickish way it can be entertaining and educational.

>> No.1740206

>there's a medal chaining mechanic.

Never even noticed

>> No.1740293

I saw him at my local mall the other day and yelled out his name jokingly (I thought it was some look alike.) and he was with his girlfriendbut if you saw that look of terror in his eyes when he realized he wasn't safe from recognition you would of lol'd.

>> No.1740305

Castlevania Rondo of Blood

Romancing Saga 3 is pretty close, I guess Romancing Saga 2 would be perfect since it's supposedly better but I'll have to learn jap to know that.

>> No.1740307

It's fucking shovel ware.
I'm sorry anon I couldn't resist.

>> No.1740315

Romancing Saga 3 has big grinding issues, particularly regarding money.

>> No.1740326

I agree that the grinding money thing was bullshit but you can level up pretty fast, all you have to do is kill every enemy in the area and you're set for the next one, not like most RPGs where you need to grind.

I agree for the money part though. The other problem is the life point system, they should have made it so you get a big amount of LPs ( 20-40 depending on character ) but they never refill

>> No.1740359

You can modify it with Lunar Magic so it's perfect.

Also A2MT best hack.

>> No.1740362

>the playstation port

dem loading times, tho

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File: 15 KB, 256x224, Super Metroid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't say Super Metroid is a perfect 10, because the wall jumps, space jumps and grapple hook are a bit tedious at times. Especially during the later parts of the game.

And also, I feel the game becomes too taxing near the end. Running around in circles; not knowing where to go is never fun. Near the end of the game, I would have preferred some hints as to what to do next.

Does anyone feel the same?

>> No.1740382 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 301x167, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You already know. Come on this shit is with no doubt, the greatest game of all time.

>> No.1740386

What else do you do in a 100% perfect game thread?

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File: 173 KB, 1600x1067, the_angel__s_halo_by_mxjerrett-d51m3y5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One day the perfect game will descend from the heavens surrounded by a halo of light and angels in chorus. On that day productivity will be decimated forever.

>> No.1740404


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File: 12 KB, 350x184, Dreamweavers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>plenty of content
>smooth gameplay
>dat music
>comfy visuals
>no minigame bombardment

>> No.1740414

>productivity will be decimated forever
No matter. Mankind will have finally achieved its purpose.

>> No.1740420

I'm with you op.
I started a new save with my stepdad today.

>> No.1740423

It would have been perfect if it weren't for the cape feather level gimp.

>> No.1740425

*Still a 9.5/10 though.
Beautiful game. And if you had the balls you could always choose to do levels you could fly over without cape feather.

>> No.1740430

Everyone knows it's impossible to not just fly over most levels

>> No.1740439

May as well turn off the game at that point.

>> No.1740446

It takes longer to walk to the next level on the world map than to fly across a level.

>> No.1740457

I play Super Mario World quite often and I don't see this cape problem. If you try to fly over the whole level, you won't make it far enough. Then you could either land beside an enemy or fall down a cliff.

Plus, there's not as many stages that can be flown over with a cape or a blue Yoshi as people let on. And even if there was, the player still has the option not to do so. If anything, figuring out new ways to skip certain parts of stages only makes the game less linear and more open.

>> No.1740463

>If you try to fly over the whole level, you won't make it far enough.
wat? it's pretty easy to fly over an entire level m8. explain yourself. are you a spastic with controlling the cape feather or something?

>> No.1740468

all you do is tap back and you get 75%+ in so many levels.

>> No.1740496

Nah, that goes to MM9

>inb4 "b-but muh slide and charge!"

>> No.1740507

I can't think of any way to improve Yoshi's Island.

>> No.1740518


like another poster said, it's pointless (to me anyway) to skip through a game's levels and miss all the content.

>> No.1740541

Boring a fuch platformer that has absolutely no challenge.
It's meant to be a "My First Videogame!" game.

>> No.1740553

It's far from perfect.

>> No.1740568

No Mercy. It's a perfect wrestling game.

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I heard you guys were looking for the perfect game.

>> No.1740605

Killing bees and tigers with a knife: The Game

>> No.1740618

Secret of Mana

>> No.1740635

Someone needs to articulate their opinions so that they don't sound so much like Matthewmatosis
>inb4 "but he's not wrong"

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Rondo of Blood

>> No.1740642
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I'd have to disagree with you there
>Phase locket even existing
>That dumb deviant-art tier boomerang guy
>The bullshit trial-and-error platforming at the entrance to the tower, especially all those blind jumps before the boss fight
Otherwise, yeah, I suppose it's as perfect as I could have ever dreamed

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File: 208 KB, 515x223, y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Another version was released later that did contain SMW.

>> No.1740657

The AI is too frustrating. The computer counters way too often. Also the story mode can be brutal with its over done handicap matches and almost impossible to win Royal Rumbles..

Tag team matches take too long. It would have also been nice to see Hell in a Cell and TLC matches, since Smackdown 2 had them and was released the same year.

>> No.1740668
File: 128 KB, 1000x646, rockman2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Precise gameplay, good difficulty for anyone to get into combined with impeccable level design and varied, creative enemies.

>> No.1740673

You don't have to collect shit. The last boss is unfair though, especially considering this game is the most satisfying to speed run.

>> No.1740675
File: 31 KB, 256x240, MM2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>good difficulty for anyone

>> No.1740686
File: 97 KB, 660x463, YOSH!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awesome controls, moves, graphics and level design. Music is catchy but kind of repetitive. That's the worst thing I can say about it.

>> No.1740689


Okay maybe I'm looking at it in the sense that gamers were already used to this degree of difficulty back then.

>> No.1740691

if the only flaw in the game are the loading times betwen levels im sure we can consider it perfect

>> No.1740693

that isn't even hard

>> No.1740696

Megaman 8 for psx

>> No.1740697


it screwed up the physics of smb1, making it much less satisfying to play than the original.

>> No.1740701

>no story.

it'a game. would you complain that chess or basketball has no story?

>> No.1740708

The story of basketball is poor urban youth making something of themselves.
It's actually really deep.

>> No.1740713

>implying that has anything to do with the game itself.
>implying you couldn't make up similar shit for mario.

>> No.1740715

I don't understand how people can think Super Mario World is perfect, I got Bros 3 for my birthday in march 1991, World later that year for XMAS 1991, and I was rather disappointed by how easy it was (beating a game in 2 days was unusual for me me when I was used to NES games), and because it failed to be clearly better than Bros 3 in spite of being on a much more powerful machine. Great game, but not perfect.

Super Metroid may not be perfect but it gets quite close to perfect, like 98/100. The things you can nitpick like the difficult wall jumping (or the x rays not showing the exit from Ridley's area), are not very important imo.

Mario Bros 3, Mega Man 2 and Yoshi's Island I consider 10/10, can't think anything bad about them.

For the people who posted Shovel Knight, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze also released this year is even better. Only bad things are short load screens, Dixie's ability is a better version of Diddy's ability, making Diddy useless, and you can only play as the other kongs in hard mode. The rest is excellent )gameplay, level design, music, art design, challenge etc)

>> No.1740716

The OP asked for perfectly made games. Not whether or not a game was hardcore enough to add to your gamer cred.

>> No.1740781


With that said, Spyro is pretty shit yo.

It's still miles better than Super Mario 64. I still don't get why this game got so much praise when it's pure crap.

I suppose if the fact that there were zero-to-none 3D platformers at the time made it seem perfect in the eyes of children everywhere

> captcha: 64

>> No.1740797

Oh look, it's this shitposter again.

>> No.1740810

>Spyro is pretty shit yo.
This statement is 100% objectively false.

>It's still miles better than Super Mario 64.
Now you've gone full retard.


>> No.1740825

Anon, you're drunk. Go home.

>> No.1740827
File: 704 KB, 1280x720, fact.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1740854

the controls are 100% perfect but otherwise no not really. still a really good game though and somehow still one of the best platformers

>> No.1740918

Cho ren Sha 64K

>> No.1740926

It's actually 96%

>> No.1741051

>bouncing around in a Gooma boot

You get Kuribo's Shoe in literally one stage. That's it. C'mon now. It's still fucking awesome though.

>Being this bad with the Tanuki Suit

Use the statue form as a sort of giga stomp. It's wrecks shit that you normally can't jump on. Like thwomps, spinies, or those disco ball things. Also the fireballs that leap out of lava. Pretty much anything that the boot can also jump on.

>> No.1741060

You can fly over pretty much every level in the game that's not inside a cave/building, is underwater, or is auto-scrolling. There's only a scant few (like Gnarly and Tubular) where you can't.

>> No.1741264

>grapple hook
only thing i hate about sm

>> No.1741269

>not having a highschool diploma makes your opinions invalid
>having a job in the gaming industry makes your gaming opinions invalid

Your head has the density of a fucking dying sun.

>> No.1741358
File: 81 KB, 1024x768, oblivion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for me
this is it

>> No.1741634
File: 14 KB, 320x240, 2916819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Can't think of any single thing that could possibly be improved.

>> No.1741649

Yoshi's Island is the closest thing to a perfect game.

>> No.1741661

Far from perfect, but the TGM series came a lot closer

>> No.1741668
File: 257 KB, 640x448, Mickey_mouse-castle_of_illusion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1741676

That's a good point. It may not be an epic adventure like Zelda, but it succeeds at what it tries to be. I can't think of any real flaws the game has.

>> No.1741719

Super Monkey Ball

>> No.1741742
File: 86 KB, 300x300, nigglypuff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything he complained about is easily applied to A Link to the Past as well. He even pulled a 180 and praised aLttP for some of the things he bashed OoT for. Stories and all forms of text directed at the player are bad. But aLttP has a stor- BUT ONLY TO GIVE YOU PURPOSE SO IT'S GOOD!
And if you watch him playing OoT to come up with material, it's very obviously his first time playing the game, and he even has someone else play for him at parts.
He went in with the predisposition that he should dislike the game, because his video would suffer if he couldn't find enough things to talk about.

His "comparison" is the definition of biased and it's obvious that he only made it to stir up controversy and bump views.

>> No.1741752

This isn't to say that OoT is the perfect game, because it's not even close (regardless of who wants to believe otherwise).
I personally like aLttP more than OoT by quite a wide margin, but Ego's comparison was terrible and not in any way neutral. He's claimed that aLttP is his favorite game on multiple occasions.
And to throw away any credibility he had, he dismissed any and all opposition to his opinions by portraying people who disagree as turbo-nerds not 30 seconds into the video.

He's a joke.

>> No.1741773
File: 30 KB, 274x242, 1362023456392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A perfect game is the one you had the most fun with.

For me it was Yoshi's Island.

>> No.1741797

He probably thought it was a rabid OoT fan out for his blood.

>> No.1741829
File: 945 KB, 2231x2652, 377341-starmap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one is arguing with the RCT or SC2 guy because they're both actually perfect.

>> No.1741859



It was an impressive and ahead of it's time but it's nowhere near polished enough and it's held back by it's hardware to be perfect

>> No.1741896

I see what you did there!

>> No.1741905

See, I thought it was a hex joke, but it's not since 63hex = 99dec. Perhaps the original poster of 63% means it as a hex joke and the other poster miscalculated 63's value.

>> No.1741947

Or maybe it's because Super Mario World has 96 exits? O.o

>> No.1741991

It does, doesn't it? I'd forgotten!

>> No.1742272

You're ignoring his actual point. LttP's story is not invasive like OoT's.

>> No.1742281

That wasn't his point. His point was that OoT is bad bad aLttP is good. His evidence? Because he said so.

And the story of aLttP is just as invasive. You're extremely limited unless you first gather three amulets and talk to an old guy. On top of that, several dungeons and areas are outright locked down until you fulfill some quest. I understand that this prevents you from doing things out of order, but that's what he complained about in OoT.

>> No.1742295

He pointed that out at the beginning. Overall it was LoZ > LttP > OoT and he made a good case for it.

>> No.1742401

>That's because 75% of the site

>> No.1743162

Games that are perfect:

Super Mario Bros 3. There's no save feature, but that's not the style of the game. Levels are short and sweet, and the game is meant to be started from the beginning each time.

Super Mario World. Some people say it's not as exciting as Mario 3, but that's personal opinion. Game has no flaws.

Tetris. Simple, but so addicting that it has survived the test of time. All generations play and love Tetris.

And finally, I might say Ocarina of Time. I would have to replay it again to make sure, but when I think back on the game, no faults come to mind.

>> No.1743164

Yoshi's Island

Final Fantasy V

Age of Empires II

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