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Why did europe get so fucked when it came to releases of ps1 games?

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because we were still sour about the whole hitler thing

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Europe and other PAL regions have never done too well on the localization front, especially for Japanese games. Took until the DS for them to even get an official localization of Chrono Trigger. Makes me feel rather sorry for JRPG fans in those areas.

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ps1's too cool for europoors

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Is Europe still even a thing?

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>Why did europe get so fucked when it came to releases of games?

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Wasn't that bad, SNES was a lot worse.

Say what you want about Sega but they actually cared about Europe. Mega Drive and Saturn got pretty much every USA release.

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It ain't just PS1. Europeans have been getting fucked on every platform period. Higher prices and games getting delayed or in some cases not released at all along with having to comply with stupid censorship laws. Region locking is a great sin.

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>Why did europe get so fucked when it came to releases of console games?


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Took quite a bit of work to get games to properly work at 50fps so a lot of devs either gave up or didn't care and released a shit version.

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Meanwhile at Rareware...

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Why were Americans so casual when it came to computer gaming?

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Cuz we're too busy playing all the console games you didnt get lollllooll

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I wouldn't be using Goldeneye as an example of anything, as far as graphics or resolution goes.

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Goldeneye looked better than software Quake at 640x480 which was pretty much its main competition in 1997, so I think that's enough.

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3D acceleration was already a thing in 1997.
Quake 2 was also released later that same year.

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That's true, but having a 3D accelerator wasn't very common at that time. Bang for buck, Goldeneye had the best FPS graphics of 1997, even if it wasn't the overall best.

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