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Why there is so much hate about Yoshi's Island? I'm replaying it recently and the only disadvantage I can find is the short length (even if you clear all the stages) which is a little rip-off since N64 cartidges were too fucking expensive.

The graphics look so beautiful even today (I'm playing it at Virtual Console on Wii). I'd rather see a new Yoshi's Story instead of another Yoshi's Island.

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Yoshi's STORY. Island is the SNES game.

If Mario cries it's because you're a failure at the game. Git gud.

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Sorry, my bad.

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It's mostly the seemingly short lenght (I don't really think 24 levels make for a short game, but the fact story mode only let you play through 6 out of these 24, made a lot of people feel like the game is really shirt, and not many figured out you can unlock more levels). The controls are also different, and a lot of people got turned off by the extreme cuteness, I guess.

I think Yoshi's Story is a fairly good platformer/collectathon, the controls are actually quite smooth at 60fps, I found that once you get use to the controls, they feel really nice, making the game really fast-paced. The thing is that it can also be quite slow if you decide to play it that way, and the game allows slow-paced gameplay too, in fact, a lot of the game is slower paced due to the exploration nature of it.

It's really on the easy side, and the only challenge comes from doing melon-only runs, but otherwise enemies and bosses are pretty forgiving to the player.

I think the game gets more hate than it deserves, simply for not living up to being as good as Yoshi's Island, but then again, it plays differently and has a different focus. If it features an original character instead of Yoshi, today it would be remembered as a sweet sidescroller like Tomba or Mischief Makers.

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What's wrong with the controls? They are quite simple and responsive.

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Nothing, but some people don't like the fact they're different from Yoshi's Island.

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Actually the controls are exactly the same. The major differences were at the gameplay in order to make it a little fresh.

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There are several differences between YI and YS, for instance, Story's controls have a lot of emphasis on the 3D control stick's sensitivity, Yoshi has like at least 4 different speeds he can go by, from tip-toeing to running fairly fast, this allows for both slow-paces gameplay or fast-paced simply by pressing the stick further.
Another significant change is that you can throw eggs in any direction you want by using the stick instead of the auto-aim like in YI.

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I agree. I think, on replay, it's polished as fuck, lots of intricate little details and smooth controls. But I think a few things soured people on it other than what was already mentioned:

-Graphics. Yoshi's Story IS pretty. In fact, parts are gorgeous. The "storybook" motif is ahead of its fucking time, beating out Little Big Planet by two whole generations with its use of craft material visuals. BUT, the prerendered sprites are for the most part dull, and they stand out like a sore thumb against the more creative backgrounds, most of which aren't that same round shiny CGI look. The net effect of this is while it's pretty...it's not as pretty as Yoshi's Island was.

-The saccharine attitude. Yoshi's Island had a very all-ages, whimsical, children's bedtime story theme to it with the drawn style and everything. Yoshi's Story takes it a bit too far with the entire game being about Yoshis being friends and happiness and happy friend heart singing happy happy. This pushes it into glurgy, almost infantile territory, and while it's not a huge annoyance to adults, the main audience at the time was just hitting adolescence. The whole thing was pretty much repellant to 11-13 year olds. Compare this to the fact that Midway/Acclaim was churning out ridiculously adolescent edge-fantasy games like War Gods and Gauntlet Dark Legends and Mortal Kombat and FUCKING EVERYTHING ELSE left and right.

tldr Yoshi's Story was a bit too childish and a bit too unstylish to truly succeed Yoshi's Island but it was a good polished Nintendo title.

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There is? Yoshi's Island is a fucking fantastic game.

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Yoshi's Wooly World is appearing to play a lot like Story did IMO. Might be what you'd like to see OP.

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It's also being made by Good-Feel aka ex-Goemon Team.
it has good potential.

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Because even if you are aware of the need to replay it a few times to see all levels and get what the gameplay is all about, the platforming is still shallow, the jumping feels floaty and imprecise, the bosses are absolute shit and collecting fruit to finish a level isn't fun.

No, all-melon runs aren't fun either, they are just tedious.

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