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I'm playing it for the first time. It's pretty good. I'm running the "Megaton Edition" through eduke with the polymer engine.

Are there any mods you recommend? I'm using the Saturn font and Saturn music mod which is pretty good. I dislike the original font since it's easy to confuse 9 and 4, and there's a few times when I went back to look for health since I thought I had 40hp, when I really had 90. I know there's HD or 3D mods, but I really prefer the original 2D with some minor enhancements.

It came with these expansions:

>Duke it out in D.C
>Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach
>Duke: Nuclear Winter

Any other expansion packs worth checking out? Also Is there a way to get main menu to include all the expansion packs in one menu

For gameplay, those chaingun aliens from the second episode are giving me problems. I can handle them if I have cover, but many times I don't and I end up taking some damage. Other than run to cover and take some hits is there a preferred strategy?

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I'm not sure if the hitscanners in Duke have any kind of "be less accurate when Duke is running" programming, but I swear it seems like that if I have to fight a chaingun alien in the open, dancing around him as much as I can makes me take less hits.

Of course, the main thing is to quickly land a couple shotgun blasts so he goes down as fast as possible.

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Megaton Edition is a mod itself and is fine. You probably shouldn't change too much for a first playthrough.

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Is there a better HUD? I think the standard HUD is too cluttered, but the fullscreen HUD needs work too.

Also I must be doing something wrong with the chain gunners. They always take 10-20 off my health. I can only do them without getting hit by having cover and a shotgun, but many times I don't have cover.

I find Duke 3D pretty hard, but I think it's mostly because I don't get the strategies to use on the enemies yet.

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yes if you keep strafe pressed and circle him you'll rarely take hits

there's a way of doing it right and if you're not a scrub you'll get it


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Life's a Beach is great, DC ranges from pretty good to acceptable, and Nuclear Winter you shouldn't bother with.

As for recommendations, the big list picture above isn't bad, but it really helps to know what type of map you like. Vanilla style? Nonlinear? City maps? The craziest effects-laden map the community has made so far? There's a lot out there.

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Life's a Beach is so comfy. Whenever I see it, I just want to go on vacation on a nice cruise liner or resort.

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>TFW waiting for War of Attrition update
Any day now.

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If I remember correctly you can pop out and stun them with the shotgun, but they're too heavily armored to stagger with the pistol and ripper before they can get shots at you.

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Have you checked out the steam workshop for this game? Most of the usermaps are total garbo but there's a few beautifully detailed, well made ones.

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get into a habit of hitting Pigs and Chaingunners with a single solid Shotgun Blast and then finishing them off with 2 or 3 hits from your machinegun or pistol
The Shotgun is crazy powerful, and to use it on the grunts is overkill TBH.
This gives your pistol a highly effective role to fulfill, and you'll always have more shotgun ammo than you'll need, which is better than the alternative...because being outta shotty ammo in this game sucks pretty fucking bad.

Also you'll notice that the enemies in this game emit their fire from a specific side of their sprite, you can shave corners like the dirtiest of bitches in DN3D.

Other than that it's just important to learn and use Duke's arsenal and not just be married to the more conventional weapons. They all excel in different situations. Like the Freezethrower is actually by far your best choice for taking out those irritating turrets efficiently.

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you actually have problems with ammo management in duke? lol. there's ammo (particularly shotgun ammo) fucking EVERYWHERE

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hi nesfag

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Duke has less ammo than Doom (which is way easier btw) but I still have a decent amount of shotgun ammo at any given time and I use it a lot. Usually at least 15.

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