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20 years ago, after years of updates to Street Fighter II, Capcom finally released a brand new fighting game.

A game that instead of presenting us with yet another cast of martial artists as was the standard at the time, gave us a cast filled entirely with inhuman monsters. Monsters who fought in all sorts of bizarre, over the top ways. A Yeti who spits snowmen. A Frankenstein monster who smacks with his giant electrified behind. A zombie who sprouts chainsaws from his legs. A succubus who performs jetpack-powered piledrivers.

All of this zany action rendered in sprite animation the likes of which had never been seen before. Not only in terms of frame count (which was double that of Street Fighter II), but in terms of effective use of traditional animation principles. Even standard punches and kicks had more life to them, let alone the crazy shapeshifting attacks.

But it wasn't just eye candy. It also took the gameplay to a new level with mechanics like chain combos, guard cancels, air blocking, ES specials, and all sorts of dashes with wildly varying properties. Mechanics that would become staples of the genre, many of them even finding their way back into Street Fighter.

Let's celebrate Darkstalkers' 20th anniversary. Although it seems as though the teases of a new game were empty, we can still play and remember the classics.

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>All of this zany action rendered in sprite animation the likes of which had never been seen before.
Maybe in your genre.

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Forever one of my all time favorite fighting games.

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Darkstalkers' 20th anniversay was yesterday? Man, I do feel pumped to play the games at the moment.

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Not to mention kickass stages and music


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Just set this up in MAME few days ago.

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The themes of the first game were my favorites:



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Why didn't you bring this over here Capcom?

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The better question is:
Why did you bring non/vr/ to /vr/?

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>Why did you bring non/vr/ to /vr/?

That is /vr/, you mong. It's a collection of DS games. And if you know your DS (which I know you don't, given this post), you'd know that there haven't been any new games since '98.

Now please stop being Lawful Stupid.

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Especially odd considering that they did bring the PSP one over.
It's a port. Don't those fall under /vr/ rules?

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Huitzil/Phobos the best.

Except for Savior and that faggot kid

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The PSP one was based of the Dreamcast one

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>It's a port. Don't those fall under /vr/ rules?

Yes, they do. The guy you're responding to is likely a shitposter who ignores context and refreshes /vr/ just to post "NAWT RETRO" even when the game already abides by the board's rules. Like I said, it's Lawful Stupid.

That's not Lei Lei. Tenraiha for days, son. Days.

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Find me a single anything anywhere on 4chan that supports your claim that ports fit within the rules cuz I can't find a single thing.
Likely, ports are /tolerated/ but not /necessarily/ lawful. Like smoking pot in Canada.
I've seen threads on more recent ports of /vr/ games taken down.
Also, thank you for telling me that it's a port. I honestly had no idea as I'm not terribly familiar with anything not /vr/ because I've not owned a single console newer than N64 except for a GBA and a DS.

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Agreed, love that dogu-bot. So many awesome mechanical weapon animations.

And I do sort of agree that Cecil seems unnecessary. I guess they wanted to expand on the companion character thing they had going with Anita and B.B. Hood's dog. But he ends up being more annoying than those two, and since he didn't show up until late in the series he feels sort of tacked on and goes against the image Huitzil originally had. Of course, since canon seems to flip flop on whether Huitzil is a genocide machine or a guardian, it might have been a deliberate attempt at an image change.

I do find it somewhat telling that he's absent from Vampire Hunter 2, despite everything else in that game being identical to Vampire Savior 2. I guess they might have anticipated that some fans would prefer Huitzil without little Mayan kid in tow.

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Please don't talk about your love for gba
It's not retro

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Because they want the franchise dead.
New administration is not about making companies successful, it's about making them valuable yet unsuccessful enough that a bigger company will buy them.

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But Anon, I only used it to play ports of /vr/ games so it like totes fits in with the rules.

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New Capcom(and by new I mean since 2007) disgusts me. I hope whoever buys them will actually save their franchises.

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The Dreamcast one being an odd Hyper Street Fighter 2-esque mashup that doesn't faithfully represent the original games (especially the first two).

If I had to hazard I guess, I suppose things unfolded like this:

>Capcom decides to release some ports of old games as early filler PSP titles.
>Despite never having been a big hit, they decide to take a risk and make one of those ports Darkstalkers.
>They base it on the Dreamcast version since it was the most recent port at the time, thus probably having easier code to work with. It offers a sort of "all in one" approach that they hop will please the somewhat divided Darkstalkers fanbase (despite the Dreamcast release itself having not been particularly well-received due to its inaccuracy to the source games)
>It sells like crap in the west (big surprise, it's never had a fanbase there), but does alright in Japan. However Japanese fans continue to express their desire for an accurate recreation of the original arcade experience.
>Capcom thus decides to take the plunge and do a fully-featured, arcade-accurate Darkstalkers Collection and releases it for the PS2.
>After the PSP release they know it won't sell in the west, so they don't even bother.

Granted, that's just my guess. Also I've heard that the favorable reputation the Darkstalkers Collection received is what led to the development of the similar Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, which of course did get brought to the west.

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shit, so sad there was no Huitzil Toy

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>implying ports aren't /vr/

The majority of Doom fans are playing it in a source port. Do you think stuff like Zandronum is against the rules?

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ZDoom was invented in 1998, which most ports discussed here derive from.

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>i still can't find a single bit of canon evidence to support my claim, so i'll just give you circumstantial tangents instead
You're not very good at this.

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I'm personally sad there no Sasquatch plushies.

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I know, right? The guy's design practically begs for it.

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>No New DarkStalker.
>No new Rival Schools.
Olld Capcom will never back.

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Jedah best character.

It's too bad my connection is shit or I'd be playing Savior every day on GGPO. Really unique game.

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Lilith makes my dick ROCK HARD.
Like, fucking seriously.
Shit, now you gonna make me spend the rest of the day in Danbooru.

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/vr/ rumble in makai fucking when?

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why'd you have to remind me?
>all the potential gone to waste by letting rival schools rot

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anyone want to play on GGPO?

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My first PS1 game and the first game where I really got into the soundtrack. Recently picked it up for MAME and I've been playing the he'll out of it. Great game, but unfortunately too much like SF2 to really stand out.

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A shame Capcom didn't strike when the iron was hot and made a new game.

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Pretty much every fighting game was like SF2 back then. DS was one of the first ones to try and mix it up a bit.

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Blame the market, not the maker. Capcom's chasing the Western dollar bow because Japanese gamers started flocking to free-to-play mobile games.

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