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Minigame thread. What are your favorite minigames from retro games?

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This was the shit.

Kirby games are GOAT for this kind of thing.

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For some reason the kirby minigames scared me as a kid. The gun one, the egg bomb one, and this one. They all used to freak me out. They were fun though.

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My first time playing Hanafuda was with Kohran.

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This bonus stage on Claymates.

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FFVII had the best minigames
>submarine fights
>tower defense
>chocabo racing
>motorcycle fights

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this, and triple triad from FF8. sooo many hours happily sunk in to it. I'm also a big fan of hacking-type minigames, but those are quite often tacked-on at best, and rare in retro to say the least.

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Blades of Steel's halftime Gradius minigame

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If we're gonna go that route then the winner is clearly Tiny Phalanx in Zero Divide.

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almost all of this game's minigames were awesome

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that lickitung minigame was awesome

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In SMRPG, I used to love the Land's End scale the cliff minigame, where you had to jump on the flying koopas. It was so easy to get frog coins there, I remember getting to about 500 frog coins just from playing that

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Goomba Thumpin' is the best.

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it was fun, but it always stressed me that you had to beat your own record (so eventually you don't get rewards)

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Everything in Yoshi's Island

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I was I knew someone to play with. I would love to learn and actually play with a person in real life.
Agree. Kirby mini games always had the best.