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Can we have a thread about the mighty Sega tower?

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I didn't know Bloodshot was released on MegaCD

Obligatory kick-ass Terminator track

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That list is shit.

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I've been thinking about selling my 32x and the games, but every time I test it out before sale I remember that it's pretty fun.

Then again, I just saw what After Burner PAL seems to go for, boxed. Fucking hell.

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Dark Wizard, Vay, both Lunar games, and Snatcher were my favorites on Sega CD.
Sadly, I only had Mortal Kombat 2 and Metalhead for 32X.

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Oh, that's right. Sega CD Shadowrun is getting a translation. It's a SRPG, right?

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Don't hold your breath :(

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I got a pair of PAL 32x units CIB and a few games with a few CIB games.
Sadly both the units don't seem to work.
I also got a mint NTSC copy of Blackthorne, but I doubt I can play that without hardware modifications.

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