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I love this game. Emulating on the Wii, I seem to have found the right settings and resolution to get as close to the real hardware as possible. Best of all, no input lag.

I want some more tight controlling side scrollers for NES. Any recommendations?

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>no lag

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wat. It's not HD...? Is it?

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You rusin or somethin there fella?

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I used to have a weird samsung 4:3 hdtv that supported 1080i letter box mode

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There are many high definition CRTs.

Almost every computer monitor made from the early 90s til the early 2000s was a CRT and was capable of high definition display.

There were some early HD CRT TVs in the 90s, and plenty of them in the 2000s.

Are you one of those faggots that thinks

16:9 = HD


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What model is that television? Looks like a widescreen trinitron. If it is one of the models that supports HD it will have a slight amount of delay since everything gets scaled to 480p or 1080i.

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Its a trinitron kv-28fx20u. Pretty sure it's not HD though.

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/vr/ has been really shitty with the troll stuff lately. Anyways, OP try, Metal Storm, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti. Two personal faves.

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