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What was your favorite Carmageddon ?

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I got into the series by playing a demo of Carpocalypse Now about a hundred times, before buying the full game, and loved it to bits.
Even after getting the original, and liking it just fine, 2 remained as my firm favourite.

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Played the first one a lot more than the others.
I liked the one yellow car with a drill in front of it which name eludes me after all this time, but I liked it because it was fast and bouncy but still sturdy enough to handle policecars.

Btw, any one here played/tried the newest remake? how is it?

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>Screwie Lewie
>The Twister

this one.

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>Btw, any one here played/tried the newest remake? how is it?
What can I say so far:
>graphics still need some work and optimization
>amazing technology, the best vehicle damage I have seen in any game ever
>Pedestrians are really fun to kill
>level design is here, but we still haven't a map as big as, say Amazon track from Splat track
>the driving is good. Feel like Carma 1 but with less inertia.

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The first by a long way. Played that demo til my fingers bled. 1st time a racing game gave me an enormous map(s) and told me to go wherever the fuck I wanted and encouraged me to crash into shit. Loved it. 2 is probably more playable nowadays but 1 is 1. Also mk1 Eagle>>>>>>>>>>other Eagles

Screwie Lewie. I was a more partial to the tow truck (Bulldog or something) with the low center of gravity and that hard suspension. That thing could ram.

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The first. Could never get the 3dfx thing working tho. Also expansion pack for 1st. Number 2 was great. Fuck doing a race, smash up ur opponents! Electro bastard ray!

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Gog version have the 3DFX version.

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I never attempted to race in these games and I still won somehow by simply exploring, running over civilians and wrecking other racers. One of the best random purchases I ever made.

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>>amazing technology, the best vehicle damage I have seen in any game ever

Comparable to picrelated? Called DRIVE tech or something. It has a free demo for anyone interested.

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2, hands down.

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I have spent hundreds of hours on the first as a kid, autism style "have to kill every pedestrian on the map".

I only played Spat Pack a few years ago though (even though I had a one level demo as a kid, too), and I was disappointed. Half of new levels are completely uninteresting (big empty repetitive spaces), but it's still worth checking out for the few good levels, the new cars and the sprites.

Could never get into any other Carmageddon.

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haven't tried this one I admit. But seriously, Carmageddon reincarnation vehicle damage is amazing.
I just love to press backspace to get the parts coming back.

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Started with the first. Played it a shitload. Loved it.

Then played the second. Loved it more.

I heard people didn't like the mission levels in the second game. I don't get that. I thought they were excellent and added challenge + variety.

I loved the 3D pedestrian models the second game had, and how the bodies came apart. Like they could come apart at each main joint such as elbows, knees, hips, etc. The physics were so much.

God I loved how open these games were and the shit you could do in them. You could just drive around and dick with the physics and it would be fun.

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2, I guess.

It introduced me to Iron Maiden so I really appreciate it.

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>God I loved how open these games were and the shit you could do in them. You could just drive around and dick with the physics and it would be fun.

I think that was honestly the only fun part about the games.

Did anybody, AT ALL, try to play them as racing titles?
That's why I'm kinda worried about Carma3. I mean, when we were kids, splattering civilians in an open world was fucking mind-blowing. But will it be as entertaining today?

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You have a point. I don't think the other cars even tried to do the race. They will seriously have to add a lot to the game. There was a shit load of content however, like all the powerups, cunning stunts, and the presentation etc was really funny with the bonuses you get. The car combat was pretty good, too.

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Yes because:
>of the driving
>the gameplay
>the weapons
>how carmageddon do splattering civilians right
>the level design

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*Also the world itself looked really cool and cars handled great. You'd feel great when you unlocked another car, too.

Pretty much >>1698545

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Any new Reincarnation news? Weren't they supposed to have an E3 showing?

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The next update is supposed to be multiplayer.

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I did try to do the races 'normally' once; it's actually pretty hard. Unless you play on easy difficulty settings where pedestrians give you 20 seconds, you have to try to kill as many pedestrian as possible while remaining on the track to have enough time.

You also earn a LOT less money if you do the races normally.

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Wrecking the other opponent is the easiest win.
Racing is in the middle.
killing every pedestrians is by far the hardest.

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I'd say doing the races normally may be harder then killing every pedestrian. Killing pedestrians is just tedious, not hard. Plus if you're lucky you'll get the power up which tells you where every single pedestrian is on the map.
Plus, killing all pedestrian gives you a shit ton of money. If you do the races normally, and say you have to repair your car along the way during the race; you'll earn very little money (again, unless you play on easy)

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>But will it be as entertaining today?
Dud, it's the selling point of most gta like, and they all do a shitty job at that.

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Do Carmagedden 1&2 have any source ports?

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Your best luck is the gog version.

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screwy lewie was a terrible car m8

I remember when I unlocked it I got so fucking happy, then I discovered it was useless because it would just drive over cars instead of impacting them properly and killing them.

it did have fun, bouncy suspension though.

Now Pitbull, THAT was a fucking mean car.

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The dragster was unplayable.

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I love how cars are blatantly unbalanced.

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here's a stream of reincarnation early access...


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it begin

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Ho, I though it would be done by the dev.

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That... looks pretty bad; I mean it looks promising, but I don't understand people who would pay to play an unfinished game in development.

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You can say that for every Early Access and Beta games ever.

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It doesn't help they literally play it on low setting.

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just kill yourself already nesfag
or get a job or something

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Is that Die Anna?

Also it's looking great. I wasn't at all confident about the feasibility of the whole project at the start of the KS but it seems basically as nice as could be expected.

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>looking great

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They paid so the project would get made. Being able to play the alpha build is just a bonus. I'm not a fan of giving the public alpha or beta access or of kickstarter as an everyday business model but people knew what they were signing on for.

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Well, yeah, and I mean it. This new trend of playing alpha and beta material is horrible. I can understand supporting devs, but playing the thing? People have no standar. Maybe just some wanabee who feel like the bug reports they give (which the devs probably noticed themselves, too) is like they're part of the team...

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yeah like when you namefag like a bitch and think your opinion matters
fuck off kid

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They do a really shitty job at presenting the game:
>lowest setting
>keep talking about crap
>play like retard
here, a random video but still better:

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>Is that Die Anna?
i hope not
probably not though
this woman sounds british, i think die anna was ausfag

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lol at fat pedestrians

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What's wrong with it?

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best level so far in the remake:

>> No.1698657

what isn't wrong with it

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see >>1698319

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I don't like that you can repair your car after you've been wasted or wrecked as they say now/.

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There will be different game mode. It would probably impossible in one of those.

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Why did they have to get rid of the driver's camera? I think that's what made it awesome.

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you actually used that? lol

Also why is NESfag such a fucking homo?

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I agree. I hope it will be implanted.

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I meant the camera recording the driver's face.

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It looks fun, but still looks like a 2008 tier console game. Needs a lot of work.

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Damn I was pretty far off.


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Yep. Like I stated, the graphics aren't great (need some post process, better textures, better optimization, and there is still a lot of option you can't check yet). The physic is here though.

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Anyone reason the BGM is the Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion fight in the first Mortal Kombat film?

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stupid '90s babbies on /vr/ pls go

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They do sound similar.

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Yeah I know it's pretty terrible, I just liked driving it.

Especially when climbing the rooftops for barrels and stuff, can't do that with the faster smaller cars.

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Probably because it's the same damn dong.

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This movie was made by cracka, no wonder why they stole the black man music.

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It's Fear Factory's "Zero Signal", edited to remove the vocals. It's the same song from the MK film


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its actually your mum's puss m8

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I keep forgetting that school's out.

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This. Game OST was a bunch of Fear Factory songs from Demanufacture (which is a pretty good metal album) minus the vocals. These came in cd format and like with Interstate 76, those cds found a new home in my glovebox once I bought a car.

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>driving with Carmageddon music
doesn't seem like a good idea.

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I keep tryna forget about your mum's smelly gash m8 ahahaha

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What soundtrack do you think Reincarnation will get?

We placing bets on dubstep?

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I really doubt

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>I'm worried about Carma3

There already was a Carmageddon 3, it was released in like 2001. It was pretty lame because it was by a different dev team, but some of the maps were really cool for multiplayer.

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shut up faggot

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Carmageddon TDR 2000?
Its not as bad as everyone says it is.

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2 is still the greatest racing game ever created, or at least that's how I feel about it. The physics are so unbelievably fun, level design was great, powerups ramped up the hilarity to a level I never thought possible, etc. I still enjoy the first game, but 2 really stands out.

>We placing bets on dubstep?
Look into the team developing the game. There won't be dubstep.

It isn't, but my favorite part of the game is just driving around and making the car do insane stunts. TDR put way too much restraint on time and I could never get a full 20 minutes out of a level. So exploration was limited and you're pretty much forced to either complete the race or destroy your opponents right out of the gate. The missions they added in between some of the races we're enjoyable and often funny.

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Carmageddon 2.

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Hah! That's awesome.

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Ah, Doom. The original prat-cam pioneer.

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Carma 2 already looked ugly back then.

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Carmageddon 1.
It had "IT".
And great soundtrack.

Fear Factory - Zero Signal


You immediately want to smash things.

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To think people enjoyed the last Death Race movie...

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there's a carma 1 mod that fuses the base game and the expansion pack together, worked great on my windows 7

vanilla carma 2 runs flawlessly with a glide wrapper

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Is that a Lamborghini Countach? I really like that car. Although only because it looks a lot like the Diablo, which I LOVE.

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>Carma 2 already looked ugly back then.

No, not really. Especially not compared to the gigantic levels and the car damage model which is still the most impressive one I've seen up to this day.

>> No.1700985

>which is still the most impressive one I've seen up to this day.
You have to play Carmageddon reincarnation

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I'll wait for the FINAL product thank you. We're on a retro board and playing alpha material is typical of this new generation, kid. WE just don't do that. We have standards.

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barf barf barf, we all used Windows 95 back then.

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Am I the only one who think the opponent ai is amazing ?

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Speak for yourself. I've always been interested in alpha's and beta's, and always grabbed whatever I could that leaked.
I think it's a great system, you can watch the game being developed, give feedback, AND support the devs at the same time.
And if that's not your thing, like in your case, you can just wait. Nothing lost, everything gained.

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>Nothing lost
Except your dignity.

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I'll probably install it right now.
Thanks for reminding me of this great game.
Carmageddon 1 that is.

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There is a big difference between
- playing a finished game, and enjoying so much you like to check out its beta/alpha material
- paying to play an alpha version of a game as it's being made

The first I understand easily. The 2nd ? Not so much.

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I played Carmageddon 2 A LOT when I was like 14. I played all of them though and I actually enjoyed TDR. Shit physics but really nice worlds imho.

>> No.1701781

Yeah, it really matter on the internet about video games.

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Dat Fear Factory. Man, it's been years since I heard Demanufacture and Obsolete.

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Wrong Checkpoint!

>> No.1703086

How can I wreck the police ?

>> No.1703091

I remember taking AGES to wreck the police, but doable. They're not invulnerable. Repeatedly ramming it for what feels like half an hour.

Much easier to do if you get the solid granite powerup.

>> No.1703260

sounds like
>you dig it

>> No.1703432

how is that? anybody tried it?

>> No.1703438

So is this the best vidya intro ever?

>dat fucking fear factory
>those who are about to die, we salute you!

Eh, actually that's probably number 2, now that I've remembered this:


>> No.1703439

Carmageddon > Twisted Metal

>> No.1703452

How well do the gog versions play on Win7? Better than Blood? Really feel like picking these up.

>> No.1703473

Best way to play:

C1: >>1701606
C2: Vanilla C2 + Nglide
C3: TDR 2000 + Max Pack 1.14f

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Is setting up nGlide complicated? Do I need DOSBox for it?

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Nop, just install it. Play with carma hw.exe

>> No.1703515

thanks bro

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You know how in Carma1 it's always the same cars you're most likely to win after beating? Well the police car is actually one of them, you can earn to drive very easily (before you beat the game and win all the cars). Try killing it a few times, and it should be yours (unless you're very unlucky).

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>> No.1703585

That's a given.

>> No.1703587

fucking pinball mode.

>> No.1704035


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Trying to replay Carma 2 because of this thread and it's proving challenging to say the least.

>The car's always on its back, it's like the engines weigh 10 tons- jump a ramp and if you're not going sideways you might as well hit recover;
>some maps are really bad, hardly an inch of straight road in which to crash into other people at speed, it's like they love making you drive on snow or dirt or hilly terrain where you have basically no grip;
>Upgrades- Fine. Upgrades where you hit someone at 10 miles an hour and they spontaneously combust or upgrades to the engine but not to the brakes- Not fine;
>those fucking missions with the most obnoxious time limits that make the difficulty spike higher than olympus mons.

Damn. For people who're glad to talk such shit about TDR, maybe SCI could stand to play some Carma 2.

>> No.1706126

Or was it Stainless? Whoever.

>> No.1706183

I played the Carma2 pre-release demo over and over back in the day, had both versions of it even (regular with humans and the Germany-approved zombie fest with green blood).

When I finally got the full game I thought it was terrible in comparison. The physics felt off and the graphics had been changed for the worse. Anyone else had a similar experience?

>> No.1706415

SCI was the publisher.

>> No.1707496

The only Carmageddon I've played was Carmageddon N64. Was a long time ago at a friend's place and I don't remember much. But I didn't dislike it.

Bought the games on GoG when I saw there was a PC version of the game. I actually thought it was only for the N64. Though I haven't played them yet I'm looking forward to it. Checked some footage on youtube and I just love the Max Damage cam in the top left corner. It's a shame they stopped having that in games.

>> No.1707540

This board is so full of clueless console gamers.

>> No.1707628


Main trouble with C2 was that SCi rushed Stainless to have it ready in time for Christmas 1998.

>> No.1707658

Carma was funnier, Carma2 had better gameplay. Sucks that they couldn't keep the series going properly

>> No.1707685

Blame the publisher.

Exact same thing happened with Flatout.

>> No.1707693

There wouldn't even be Carma2 to begin without the publishers; also I doubt they gave a shorter development time just because they felt like releasing a shitty game.

Also, the devs must have known about the deadline for a long time.


>> No.1707698

Before I blame anyone I'll see if Carmageddon Reincarnation is any good

>> No.1707704

No, I meant in regards to
>Sucks that they couldn't keep the series going properly

>> No.1708832

thats how i feel about #1 and fear factory

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