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DOS games thread.


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This game in action:


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A personal favorite, the intro and first level use to scare me as a kid.


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>not choosing king graham

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do you even DOS?

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You get 6 characters into a FAT32 long filename before it gets truncated in FAT16 mode, scrub.

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I know you never DOS.

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fav game on my school's 286

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You get 6 characters before the VFAT fuckery kicks in, not 5.

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Oh fuck, I played this game all the time. I never played Old Maid, though, because I didn't want to be an old maid. I just thought it was weird.

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>Robin Hood

No, look at the face, blue hat, and red feather. That is clearly King Graham from the King's Quest series. Also, note the Sierra logo in the upper left corner.

Pic related.

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Anyone remember this game? Kind of along similar lines.

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Games like Commander Keen?
I love platformers but a lot of the DOS ones I find are awful garbage

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A few pics from the game.

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Pic of backgammon. I remember playing the shit out of this. Not so much the checkers.

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>Hurrah! I'm a king!

I bet you are! Here's a gold star.

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Fucking Hoyle's, man. There's one name I hadn't heard in centuries. Gotta get me a copy of that, pronto.

He's joking. All the chars in the game are either staff or characters from other Sierra games, as you can see in >>1651567

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Love this thing. The concept, the execution, how the original had cars from the 40s and the sequel had cars from 20 years later. Only thing I dislike about it was the race, the one not on the aqueduct. The game did well on the drags and aqueduct races but that one was a bit pant. Still, much fun messing around with engine parts.

>Losing your ride bc you forgot to fill the tank

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>Tyrian not mentioned in this thread

wtf m8

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That game was made by only one person.

Fucking hell it's amazing. It's like a precursor to Oddworld.

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The actual gameplay sucked, but it was the first game I remember that let you do drafts, and I'd spend hours doing them.

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This and Sensible soccer are such overlooked games, it saddens me. Back when independent developers were actually independent in the true sense of the word

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Overlooked? What??
They were insanely popular back then.

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Yeah, maybe in Europe. Sensible software had very little to no exposure overseas. Not that it matters though, I'm glad enough to see that they did well inside Europe

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Old covers had so much style.

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God I played this shit all the fucking time when I was a kid.

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hey! that's my video haha.
my dad got hoyle from a neighbor back in the early 90s and its been passed down from floppy to floppy. and now its preserved in my DOS folder forever.

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my god this game

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It's the best board/video game ever. Fuck I played it so much.


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no one posted this
come on

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Omg yes, speedball!

Immediately I think of the nastiest team, SUPER NASHWAN

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To be fair, it took a programming genius to make Commander Keen happen at all.

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Jill in The Jungle, Bumpy, Duke Nukem 2, Jazz Jackrabbit, Dangerous Dave, Prehistorik, The Blues Brother, Hocus Pocus, Prince of Persia, Zool. The Lion King, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

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Oh man, so many memories. I must have been a pretty lonely kid.

Hearts is a game for old ladies, but I swear that dog was like my best friend. I can still remember how crushingly lonely it was to be a computer kid back then.

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Actually DOS

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What game is this

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Bio Menace is one of the very best IMO, even though it has EGA graphics.

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It gets tough and unfair at points, though.

>Episode 3, level 1
>The mines hidden by all the grass

Total bullshit.

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anyone got a copy of the original archive for the freeware release of gateway? legend released it on their website years ago for free to promote a collection of their other old games, but i can't find a copy of the original archive anywhere.

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fuck you

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Want to play this again so bad

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I used to love that game as a kid. Didn't care for the card games, I just loved picking players and the watching them talk to one another.

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>Getting the instruction manual out to learn how to give CPR

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loved this game growing up, glad to see other people played

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Speaking of Code Name: Iceman, I found a copy of the game in a thrift store and it had this drawn on the bottom of the box. Can't do that with a cartridge box for non-PC games.

>0/10 shit drawing skills
>damn son why can't you art

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This motherfucker right here

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That is... Just so fucking weird

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I never got very far in this game. Last time I played it was when I was first grade. I vaguely remember a beach and getting killed by some guy in a bar for talking with his girlfriend or something. Probably in the first five minutes of the game.

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IIRC Gin Rummy was my favorite on this

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I had a pirate copy of this game that came with a savedgame which was past all the copy-protection and fiddly bits. Which means it was pretty far into the game, really, and required a lot of guesswork about what the plot was... which was, to my childish mind, tense and exciting. Result being that I loved this game a lot more than most people I've heard who tried to play it properly.

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It did take a while to get good, but once you got far it was much more rewarding.
Especially back in the day when you weren't getting and guides or help and you just had to keep going at it.

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