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What's the greatest RPG of the SNES library and why is it Secret of Mana

Hard mode - No Earthbound

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Troll harder.

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Live a Live

If you're a SaGa fan, Romancing SaGa 3.

If you speak Moon and are a SaGa fan, Romancing SaGa 3's crossover hack.

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but secret of mana is not chrono trigger

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I really wish I could agree with you OP, especially since SoM was my first JRPG and still makes me all nostalgic whenever I play it.

But the game is simply too flawed. You can break it way too easily and most spells are plain useless. It's still a great game, I just wish they would've put more time in it.

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I personally like Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG.

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I'm not? Are you mad you couldn't say earthbound?

All fair points. However, it has a redeeming quality of which most RPGs don't have.

dat co-op

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Proof by contradiction: Chrono Trigger is better.

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which is a clone of SoM

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did you even play CT? Yes, it was made by squaresoft, and yes it has a protag with red hair and a chick with blond hair and white pants too but that's about where the similarities end...

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> August 6, 1993
>March 11, 1995

>implying squaresoft didn't use SoM as a foundation for CT

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You said it yourself here
Identical protag and support characters. Hmm wonder where they got that idea from.

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>has a redeeming quality of which most RPGs don't have.

Drunken co-op Secret of Mana is fun as shit, although not as fun as Gauntlet Legends because you can't really fuck over your friends.

SD3 is better then secret of mana imo, although I do like a lot of the things that are in secret of mana that arent in sd3, like the weapons and shit.

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Are you really this dumb or are you just fucking around?

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stop responding

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lol wut

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Sup nigger.

3 is better.

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Great, now i'll have the Lich's battle theme stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

On topic: FF6 is a timeless classic for me. Earthbound, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3 are all strong contenders too

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Shin Megami Tensei was pretty neat, and i'm not even into jRPGs.

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Live a Live is good but I can't say it's the best overall RPG of the bunch mainly because the battles are imbalanced and/or short lived and by the end of the game it just becomes a boring RPG losing all the charm.

You could argue the flaws are repaired by its strengths (short story scenarios that destroy the point of even grinding), but there are just some aspects that could have been better.

the best one is Chrono Trigger

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Fucking reply box no longer tabs from captcha to file select button, it goes to the goddamn post button WTF

meant to post this

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I absolutely loved this game. The atmosphere, game play, and music was excellent. I actually felt a sense of exploration. There was never a need to grind. It combined the best of first person dungeon exploration with real time battles. I replayed this one so many times that I knew all the areas by instinct without the need to draw any maps. Too bad the sequels sucked and there's no modern game of similar vein that is as good as this one. I wish the Japanese picked up on this series instead of Wizardry. Wizardry is good except for its grinding hell. :(

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>What's your favorite Squaresoft RPG?

Sorry, but I have no interest in getting on the Square bandwagon.

Do you guys ever play games by other developers?

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Even if you like Secret of Mana so much, I can't understand why you'd think it's the best RPG when Seiken Densetsu 3 was way better.

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Is this the SNES version? any good? i like dungeon crawlers a lot.

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>H-hey guys I'm over here

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But Shadowrun's second half is really mediocre.

I liked the game, but the later half of the game just dragged on for me. I got bored by the end.

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People other than Sqauresoft made RPGs?

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Yes, but not good ones on the SNES.

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Front mission. Yup.

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You have Atlus and Neverland for starters. They made some good shit. As well as Enix.

Squaresoft still made my favorites on the system. But there's no reason to try to turn this thread into a franchise war zone just because his favorite RPG on the SNES wasn't made by Square. That's just being a faggot of the highest caliber.

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Atlus sucks. Most of their RPGs are generic dungeon crawlers and linear dating sims that are hashed out like bad fanfics.

>But there's no reason to try to turn this thread into a franchise war zone

That wasn't my intention. I don't want the discussion to be a one-dimensional Square circlejerk. There are other series and developers worth mentioning, even for the SNES.

>blah blah faggot ad hominem

Two wrongs don't make a right.

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Definitely SMRPG.

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Now, I never played this, so I can't make the most accurate comparison, but you might like Grimrock.

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>Most of their RPGs are generic dungeon crawlers and linear dating sims that are hashed out like bad fanfics.

Son, if you're going to shit on things, it helps if you've played them first.

>I don't want the discussion to be a one-dimensional Square circlejerk.

And what's the issue with that? If you want to add new games to the discussion, do so without being a faggot about it.

>blah blah faggot ad hominem

What the fuck are you talking about? Do you even know what "ad hominem" is?

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Terranigma isn't even fun. It's pretty fucking bad as far as ARPGs go actually.

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>No Evermore


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Not a clone but they were originally one game before they diverged into two different games. Which explains the similarities in the spritework and character designs.

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Play Dungeon Master, it's better than EotB

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>not SD3
Do you even snes

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>Earthbound, FF6, Chrono Trigger

Yup, this is /vr/ alright.

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SD3 is fun and intredasting but very, very short. SoM is less smooth about the edges and only nearly as fun but much, much longer. It's like... would you prefer to honk some 9/10 girl's tits but not get to fuck her or go all the way with a 7¾/10 girl?

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I'd honk Angela's tits

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>SD3 is fun and intredasting but very, very short
Well it does have 3 endbosses, so you can just play it twice more...

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But that's actually correct, it was called Maru Island.


Please be inform yourself so you don't look like a buffoon next time.

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Okay, would you rather honk Angela's tits or fuck Liesl/Riesz?
>inb4 Carly

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>Okay, would you rather honk Angela's tits or fuck Liesl/Riesz?
I thought you were supposed to be comparing SD3 and SoM. Both of them are in SD3. 3some imminent

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>Despite that, the CD-ROM adapter was never completed. Once everyone learned that the CD-ROM adapter was never going to see a release, they decided to abandon everything that had been planned for development since the very start, including Toriyama-sensei's contributions, and decided to revise the project in order to make it release into a ROM cassette. We said that we would wait for the CD-ROM to make a collaboration project with Toriyama-sensei, but when it was revised, it actually became an entirely different project with an entirely different direction. That was what later on was completed into the game we know as Chrono Trigger.


Yes, Chrono Trigger originated from Secret of Mana.

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let's just assume he said Purim instead of Riesz

well she's quite a vixen, hard choice

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Excuse me. I'd like to point out this masterpiece.
The atmosphere.
The music.
The artwork.
The characters.

I'm not saying Chrono Trigger and the Seiken Densetsu series aren't great. I'm saying the butler did it.

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Uhuh. Sure. Ya got it, dollface.
Did you know Schala was meant to be a playable character and that CT is based on the FFVI engine?!

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>picking a Jew whore over a German goddess

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Let's not forget that FFVII is just a remake of FFVI and that Squall was braindead the whole time in FFVIII and he's just living out his subconscious fulfillment fantasies!

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Except it isn't, it was explicitly stated by Hiromichi Tanaka in the Seiken Densetsu Music Complete Book.

Now be quiet, you've been proven wrong already.

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>somehow, one idea splitting off into two projects means that the two projects are
>a) related and
>b) based one on the other
>somehow, reading more into it than what's there and reaching this illogical conclusion isn't total conjecture
Let me guess: state schooled?

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>conjecture - noun
>an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.
Sounds like saying that CT
>is a clone of SoM
fits that definition pretty definitively. As definitions are wont to do.

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Are you fucking stupid, son? The fact they "split off" from the same project means they're related in their early development, simple as that. They don't have much relation past early development. It's not that hard to get dumbfuck.

>> No.1649919

Seeing >>1649913, I realise that the person stating that they originated both from the same idea differs from the person saying that one is based on the other.
Had I realised this earlier in the thread, I would not have contested it. I was contesting the clone accusation, not that the two originated from the same idea.
Apologies to you, >>1649882, for my misreading. Friends? Ƹ(°_°)Ʒ

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see >>1649919
I misunderstood your point and was arguing against a different point, one you didn't make but someone else did. Apologies. Seamos amigos?

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The game is garbage and isn't even a footnote in Snes Rpg history. The music was good, what little of it there was, but most of the time it was dull ambient tripe. Other than the music, I can't think of anything positive to say about this game. It was such a mess that the team never made another Square Rpg again.

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forgot pic

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Excuse me for being a faggot but, what game is this?

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Eye of le Beholder.

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Cliche, but mine is Super Mario RPG.

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So often on the internet you run into people who love to rant about this game while knowing next to nothing about it. I bet you also think it was responsible for keeping SD3 out of NA and EU.

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You just can't ask us to say the best game and then lock us out of saying the best game.

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>No lufia
I am saddened, /vr/

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>sequels sucked.


The second game was great. It was basically more of the same with a little added character in the form of fleshed out plot and dialogue and some great monsters, too (the demons that looked like Snuffalufagus, for instance).

I do agree that the third was pretty shit, but I also only played it until I beat the mausoleum. After that I just lost interest. So maybe it had some redeeimg value later?

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same here
it was an odd eclectic mix of Mario and square rpgs but it felt so right

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but seriously FFVI is best

pincer attack me in the world of ruin and ill still get the drop on you

pic related: me and my girl. she just stole the show performing an opera and then got kidnapped by the worlds only airship owner right after (shit was not so treasure hunting)

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this was the best battle sequence & music. in gaming. EVER. prove me wrong

i think square is more afraid to remake this game than VII

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>Not Kevin

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How is SD3 short by any stretch? You gotta go through a lot of content to find the mana stones, then find and fight the 8 god beasts then the final dungeon. It was a good length, especially without using a guide.

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Why are they both dressed as whores in that picture?

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Because they are both whores?

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>See first post
>Dark Lich theme starts playing in my head
>Get here

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>What's the greatest RPG of the SNES library and why is it Secret of Mana
A good question.

Pretty great
Ehhh... Okay. Great for its time, but later SNES titles overshadow it considerably. Terranigma, Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger are all superior in this regard. Evermore is even creative.
Piss-easy. Too easy.
Inspired, but there's no challenge after the first tiger. Well, the first boss on the lost continent can kill you if he uses magic barrier early.
Really, really bad. The percentage gauge will never, ever be a good thing. Magic is overpowered. Most weapons are pointless - people will invariably flock to lance, sword, axe. Bow exclusively for the first tiger.
Standard jrpg fare. Yawn.
>Difficulty curve
Complete shit. Either you buy the best armour on the lost continent and you get through the volcano with ease, or you miss it - which is easy to do on a first playthrough - and you invariably get your shit wrecked.

Is Secret of Mana fun?


But it's got some pretty significant flaws that other games just don't have.

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Is this game any good? I picked it up CIB with manuals and posters for $15. I got the genesis version any differebxe between this and the SNES version

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>pretty great

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locke went from rachel, woulda tried with terra, and got caught up with celes. he and edgar got all the babes all the time. surprised someone like him knows a king?

you know celes was hit on by edgar, setzer, experimented on by kefka, etc

>>1651037 ive listened to both since the thread started too, by now im on the 6 hrs of balance and ruin remixes

>> No.1651115

they're completely different games. SNES version is point-and-click controlled (but it doesn't use the snes mouse, you just use the dpad for mouse movement) with much less customization. You can't even shadowrun. On the flipside it's more story-driven.

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Super Mario RPG is the best, though it's strange more people don't think that. Square was at their peak when they made it.

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I don't know why but I feel like Secret of Mana is the perfect SNES RPG yet I'm too shit at playing games to play through it.

>> No.1651158

Holy shit I always thought Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana felt similar without really knowing why, guess that explains it.

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I'm really curious about this.

>> No.1651189

>Because they are both whores?

So basically, "what if FF6 was designed by Tetsuya Nomura"?

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he did the majority of monster designs, and the minority of character designs (setzer and shadow)

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scratch that, character concepts i meant, amano still did the character artork

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>They all have extremely dangerous weapons or are extremely strong
>Lock is thin as fuck and has a boomerang

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I almost fucking posted that earlier are you in my party?

>> No.1651243

Why do people like this kind of horrible animu fan art?
Whenever I see shit like this, instead of reinforcing my enjoyment of the source material, it makes me feel embarrassed that I share an interest with whoever drew that fuckawful abomination.

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What about the Genesis?

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