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ITT: 2D games on Nintendo 64

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Rakuga Kids

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Getter Love

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Even though that's a side-scroller, it's technically 3D, or as some people call games like it "2.5D".
Games like Yoshi's Story or Mischief Makers use 2D graphics with 3D rendering ala Donkey kong Country, but are still 2D.
Great game though

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Kirby 64 fits that too.

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What the fuck? I should go learn Japanese, I know this will never be translated.

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kirby 64 is fully polygonal...

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That's what he's saying.

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OP here.

I should have been more specific. I was thinking of 2D, side-scrolling, sprite-based games.

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Plays on 2D planes though, and only uses the D-Pad.

...this thread has every 2D N64 game ever released, doesn't it? Less you count SSB as 2D, which, given you only move in two axii, you could.

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>I was thinking of 2D, side-scrolling, sprite-based games.

Good luck with that.

As far as I know they never made any.

I can't think of a single traditional sprite based 2D game with 2D backgrounds.

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side scrolling is perspective, has nothing to do with the way the graphics are rendered