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Lets talk classic adventure games. The leisure suit larry series is one of my favorites

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Never played Larry, but I have a deep respect for anything that is erotic that has an emphasis on a gameplay style OTHER than H-game.

Senran Kagura comes to mind

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That's because Larry games aren't really erotic, as in they want to make you amused rather than aroused. Also, people often blow the adult content of the series way out of proportion.

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Open door. Sit on the empty bar stool. Talk to bartender and order whiskey, don't drink it. Go north through doorway. Take rose. Talk to the drunk, give him your whiskey. Go through door on right. Read the walls 4 times. Use zipper on toilet. Use hand on bowl of toilet, stand. Do not flush toilet. Look at sink, take ring. Exit bathroom, go south. Knock on red door. Use password on the door. Use remote control on tv until pimp is interested. Go upstairs. Take candy. Open window and exit through it. Walk to the left. Look in dumpster, get hammer, exit dumpster, walk to front of Lefty's.

Use hand icon on taxi sign, enter cab, talk to cabby, go to hotel, pay him and get out. Buy apple from man in barrel, he may appear later. Enter casino. Play blackjack or slot machine until you have a few hundred dollars, save after each win and restore after each lose. Go north, look in ashtray, get card. Go right into cabaret. Leave and return until comic is performing. Sit at the bottom right table, get up and leave hotel. Take cab to store.

k to girl until she invites you in the water. Use zipper icon on your self. Give her apple.

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