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>Want to play a Super Mario World Romhack
>There are literally thousands and it's impossible to choose

Which are the best?
Which feel like a good SMW expansion pack?

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I'm just getting into playing romhacks now and I would also like to know what's best for this game, a fave of mine

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You know we have a Romhack general for this.

Catalog, use it.

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Not OP, but you're a dick. The catalogue can make the decision more difficult. Be a /vr/ trooper and make a meaningful comment.

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>The catalogue can make the decision more difficult
We only have one general for this. How does that make things more difficult?

>Be a /vr/ trooper and make a meaningful comment.
Okay then.
Go here and ask for recs: >>1606323

I really can't be more specific.

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>pointing to the place with the best information
>being a dick
It isn't as much being unhelpful as organized. We're a slow board, we take advantage of it sometimes.

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I guess if you were to play only one, Toad World or the VIP Mario stuff?

>pointing to the place with the best information
>being a dick
It isn't as much being unhelpful as organized. We're a slow board, we take advantage of it sometimes.

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2012 Master Hands Doomsday

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>Toad World

It's a decent hack, but I feel like it's missing something.

>VIP Mario

That's a good one. The quality of these hacks is all over the place, but they are worth trying out, in my opinion.

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Super Mario World Romhacks are so plentiful they can have their own thread. There's literally THOUSANDS

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We should make a /vr/ Romhack collab for SMW...

There's Super Mario World Central Production, A Super Mario Thing... why not make our own? Just an idea.

If we're all n00bs who can't romhack good, we could also do something with SMBX. Much easier.

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The goombas must be CRT TVs.

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I don't have the skills to import graphics in SMW... I play romhacks, don't make them but that would be awesome!

Anyone out there can make sprites? Goomba CRTs would be the shit

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Did you seriously not notice you spelled "length" wrong every single time?

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Can one of you guys please vote on this "Half life 2"? I need only one person to do it

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Come on man, it's very important!

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Just voted FTL for you. You're welcome.

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I did not make those lists.

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i took a jab at it,i havent done much sprite art and it shows but maybe someone can improve on this

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not sure why that's become so blurred, i saved it as a png of an edited goomba sprite, it doesnt even look like that on my pc

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just download the game from romnation, it comes with heaps of decent hacks. Once you played one or two decent ones youve played them all.

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I checked, it's all early 2000s stuff. The only hack in that archive I consider good is Super Demo World: The Legend Continues, the rest just ranges between mediocre to straight-up awful. Recent SMW hacks are heads and shoulders above them.

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Kaizo and Brutal Mario,

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I asked this in the hacking rom general too, but got no response...
I remember playing a SMW hack that had the map-mario sprites replaced with in-level small mario edited(so that it could look/go up/down too othert than left/right) sprites, but i cant find it anymore...anyone knows what hackrom was it or where i can find it?

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What if this SMW hack had a level for every board? Is that even possible?

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