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List your favorite retro games by genre.

2D Platformer:
3D Platformer:
First-Person Shooter:
Beat 'Em Up:
Traditional Sports:
Alternative Sports:
2D Fighter:
3D Fighter:

Game Based On a Movie:
Favorite Graphics:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Controller:
Favorite Box Cover Art:
Favorite Character:
Favorite Arcade Game:
Favorite Horror Themed Game:

Post an image of a classic moment, scene or boss fight.

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2D Platformer: Super Mario Bros. 3
3D Platformer: Super Mario 64
Shooter: Galaga
First-Person Shooter: Goldeneye 007
2D RPG: Breath of Fire III
3D RPG: Final Fantasy VII
Action: Rocket Knight Adventures
Strategy: Final Fantasy Tactics
Puzzle: Adventures of Lolo
Beat 'Em Up: TMNT III: Manhattan Project
Adventure: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Racing: Rock N' Roll Racing
Traditional Sports: 10-Yard Fight
Alternative Sports: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
Simulation: Harvest Moon 64
2D Fighter: Samurai Shodown
3D Fighter: Tekken 2

Game Based On a Movie: Home Alone (SNES)
Favorite Graphics: Breath of Fire III
Favorite Music: Chrono Trigger
Favorite Controller: NES
Favorite Box Cover Art: Mega Man 2
Favorite Character: Samus Aran
Favorite Arcade Game: Donkey Kong Junior
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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2D Platformer: Dynamite Headdy
3D Platformer: Super Mario 64
Shooter: Gunstar Heroes
First-Person Shooter: Perfect Dark
2D RPG: Chrono Trigger
3D RPG: Final Fantasy IX
Action: Metal Gear Solid (I always found "action" to be a very vague genre but I guess it fits)
Strategy: Final Fantasy Tactics
Puzzle: Panel de Pon
Beat 'Em Up: Streets of Rage 2
Adventure: Monkey Island 2
Racing: Road Rash II
Traditional Sports: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out? I guess Tecmo Super Bowl if that doesn't count.
Alternative Sports: Tony Hawk 2
Simulation: SimCity
2D Fighter: Super Smash Bros. Melee
3D Fighter: I'm not really crazy about any. Fighters Megamix if I absolutely had to pick.

Game Based On a Movie: The Sunsoft Batman game on Genesis
Favorite Graphics: Really not retro but Wario Land: Shake It. I've never played it but I've never seen another game that quite literally looked as good as its animated cutscenes. I really need to pick it up sometime.
Favorite Music: A tie between Dynamite Headdy, Sonic CD's Japanese soundtrack, and Guardian Heroes
Favorite Controller: Sega Genesis
Favorite Box Cover Art: Sonic 3's USA cover. If there's ever a game cover I'd want a printed poster of it's that. RIP Greg Martin.
Favorite Character: Freya Crescent
Favorite Arcade Game: TMNT 1989
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Resident Evil 1

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2D Platformer: Yoshi's Island
3D Platformer: Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped (more like 2.5D)
Shooter: R-Type Delta
First-Person Shooter: Wuld Guns
2D RPG: Pokemon Red
3D RPG: Daggerfall
Action: Contra Hard Cops
Strategy: Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge expansion
Puzzle: Mario & Wario
Beat 'Em Up: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R
Adventure: Klonoa Door To Phantomville
Racing: Hydro Thunder
Traditional Sports: Baseball (NES)
Alternative Sports: Tony Hawk 3
Simulation: There was a Jurasic Park or maybe just a dinosaur game where you breed it by doing research on mines, then you find fossils, then you extrac the DNa and then you can create it through genetic tecnology. It was an SNES game, but I don't remember the name...
2D Fighter: Guilty Gear
3D Fighter: Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha

Game Based On a Movie: The Mask
Favorite Graphics: Little Samsom
Favorite Music: Mr. Gimmick and MC Kids
Favorite Controller: SNES
Favorite Box Cover Art: Phalanx lel
Favorite Character: Crash Bandicoot
Favorite Arcade Game: Metal Slug X
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Clock Tower

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-Super Mario World
-Super Mario 64
-Contra 2[if shumps are included here:Thunder Force IV]
-Quake 3
-Dragon Warrior 3
-Bust-a-move 2
-Fighting Force
-TLoZ:Link's awakening
-F-Zero X
-Megaman soccer
-KoF 98
-Smash Bros
-Batman NES[in case it doesnt count,then its Batman Returns]
-Journey to Silius
-Thunder Force IV
-Raiden II
-Any boss fight of Einhänder,specially stage 3 boss(filename related)

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2D Platformer: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
3D Platformer: Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon
(Yes I know, they both have RPG elements but I see them as platformers first since that's what the majority of the game centers around.)
Shooter: Starfox 64
First-Person Shooter: Duke Nukem 3D
2D RPG: Diablo
3D RPG: Final Fantasy VII
Action: Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Strategy: Starcraft: Brood War
Puzzle: Wario's Woods
Beat 'Em Up: Captain America & The Avengers (Genesis version, fuck the SNES version)
Adventure: Shenmue
Racing: Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
Traditional Sports: NBA Hangtime
Alternative Sports: WWF No Mercy
Simulation: Dungeon Keeper 2
2D Fighter: Mortal Kombat Trilogy
3D Fighter: Soul Calibur

Game Based On a Movie: Goldeneye 007
Favorite Graphics: Legend of Mana
Favorite Music: Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon
Favorite Controller: Sega Saturn (The small ones, not those big ass ones.)
Favorite Box Cover Art: Ghouls 'n Ghosts JP, pic related
Favorite Character: Cloud Strife
Favorite Arcade Game: Galaga
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Silent Hill

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2d: SMB3
3d: Crash Bandicoot
Shooter: Galaga
2d RPG: Ultima V
3d RPG: um... does the first person view in old RPG dungeons count?
Action: Not sure how this is different than the other categories
Strategy: Civ2
Puzzle: Columns
Beat em up: Final Fight
Adventure: LoZ1
Racing: Virtua Racing
TSports: NHL 94
AltSports: NBA Jam
Sim: Little Computer People
2d fighter: Street Fighter Alpha 2
3d fighter: Virtua Fighter 2
Movie: Fuck if I know
Graphics: DOOOOM
Controller: Genesis 6button
Box art: DOOOOM
Character: DOOOMGUY
Arcade Game: Galaga
Horror: Splatterhouse

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2D Platformer: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
3D Platformer: Ico
Shooter: Einhander
First-Person Shooter: Quake
2D RPG: Zelda Phantom Hourglass
3D RPG: Final Fantasy VII
Action: Metal Gear Solid
Strategy: Civilization
Beat 'Em Up: Golden Axe
Adventure: Monkey Island II
Racing: Ridge Racer
Traditional Sports: California Games
Alternative Sports: Flight Unlimited
Simulation: A-Train
Hentai/VN: Knights of Xentar

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Pretty sure that Wild Guns is a cabal shooter, not a first-person shooter.

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>Yoshi's Island
>Mario 64
>Turrican 2
>Pokemon Gold/Silver
>Pathways Into Darkness
define "action" please
>Myth: The Fallen Lords
dont like beat 'em ups
dont like adventure games either
barely played any retro sports games or simulators, and same goes for fighting games too

>Goldeneye 007
does "favorite" mean most realistic looking or favorite artstyle?
>Top Gear
>Virtual On Oratorio Tangaram
Havent played any retro horror games i would say i enjoyed

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2D Platformer: Super Mario Land 2
3D Platformer: Super Mario 64
Shooter: Ikaruga
First-Person Shooter: Half-Life 2
2D RPG: Final Fantasy VI
3D RPG: Final Fantasy VII
Action: Super Metroid
Strategy: Dungeon Keeper
Puzzle: Bust a Move 2
Beat 'Em Up: Double Dragon II
Adventure: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Racing: F-Zero GX
Traditional Sports: Don't like >.>
Alternative Sports: Don't like...
Simulation: Theme Hospital
2D Fighter: Street Fighter II '
3D Fighter: Soul Calibur II

Game Based On a Movie: None
Favorite Graphics: Vampire: The Masquerade ~ Bloodlines
Favorite Music: Myst
Favorite Controller: Gamecube
Favorite Box Cover Art: Gravity Rush (pic related)
Favorite Character: Solid Snake
Favorite Arcade Game: Ikaruga
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

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>half life 2
>twilight princess
>f-zero gx
>Soul Caliber II
>gamecube controler

What part of "RETRO" in op's post and the fucking sticky is it you dont undersand

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2D Platformer: Silhouette Mirage, Super Mario World, DKC games
3D Platformer: Croc, Crash 2
Shooter: Tiger Heli, Tatsujin Oh, Battle Garegga, Strikers 1945, Thunder Force 3 n 4
First-Person Shooter: Quake or Doom
2D RPG: Valkyrie Profile, SaGa Frontier
3D RPG: Legend of Legaia
Action: Another World
Strategy: Age of Empires
Puzzle: Puyo Puyo 2
Beat 'Em Up: Final Fight or Streets of Rage 2
Adventure: The Secret of Monkey Island
Racing: Crash Team Racing or Rollcage
Traditional Sports: NBA Jam
Alternative Sports: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2
Simulation: Gran Turismo
2D Fighter: Vampire Savior or Super Turbo
3D Fighter: Virtua Fighter 2

Game Based On a Movie: The Mask (snes)
Favorite Graphics: Vampire Savior
Favorite Music: Thunder Force IV
Favorite Controller: Saturn Model 2
Favorite Box Cover Art: Mega Man 2
Favorite Character: Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile
Favorite Arcade Game: Tetris The Grand Master
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Splatter House, Silent Hill

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2D Platformer: Sanic 3 and Knuckles
3D Platformer: Jumping Flash
Shooter: Perfect Cherry Blossom, but if it ain't retro, Radient Silvergun
First-Person Shooter: Doom 2
2D RPG: Chrono Trigger
3D RPG: Suikoden 2
Action: Probotector (Contra Hard Corps)
Strategy: Alpha Centauri
Puzzle: Dr.Sparks
Beat 'Em Up: Streets Of Rage 2
Adventure: The Net Yarozee game, Adventure Game
Racing: Wipeout 3: Special Edition
Traditional Sports: Sensible World Of Soccer
Alternative Sports: Wind Jammers
Simulation: Fuck knows
2D Fighter: Street Fighter 3: Third Stike
3D Fighter: Last Bronx

Game Based On a Movie: Lawnmower man
Favorite Graphics: Vectorman was sick at the time
Favorite Music: Streets Of Rage 2
Favorite Controller: Sega Saturn
Favorite Box Cover Art: Kof '96
Favorite Character: Shodan
Favorite Arcade Game: Smash TV
Favorite Horror Themed Game: System Shock 2

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>2D Platformer:
ActRaiser 2
>3D Platformer:
Sonic Generations
>First-Person Shooter:
Fallout: New Vegas is the closest thing to an FPS that I play
>2D RPG:
Zelda II? Even though the RPG elements are minimal, it's close enough to an RPG.
>3D RPG:
Fallout: New Vegas or Vagrant Story
This seems a little redundant since you've already listed action sub-genres. I guess the only "pure action" game I can think of is Tomb Raider 1.
Don't get into these games. I can play the occasional round of StarCraft or a Shining Force title, but there's nothing I like enough to consider a favorite.
Super Columns or Tetris 2 (Tetris Flash)
>Beat 'Em Up:
Streets of Rage 1. Muh Adam <3
None. Hate this genre.
Wouldn't say I have a favorite, but I can get into arcade racers like San Francisco Rush, or kart racing games.
>Traditional Sports:
None. Not my genre.
>Alternative Sports:
The Sims 3
>2D Fighter:
Marvel vs. Capcom
>3D Fighter:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
>Game Based On a Movie:
None. I think all these licensed games suck. Sunsoft's Batman for the NES wasn't so bad, but that's a rare exception.
>Favorite Graphics:
Yoshi's Island
>Favorite Music:
Kirby series
>Favorite Controller:
PlayStation line of controllers
>Favorite Box Cover Art:
Bomberman 1 for NES
>Favorite Character:
Arcade Gannon
>Favorite Arcade Game:
>Favorite Horror Themed Game:
Would Ghosts 'n Goblins count?

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yeesh, if i answered this tomorrow i'd probably have all different choices but here goes:

2D Platformer: Donkey Kong Country 2
3D Platformer: Super Mario 64
Shooter: Gate of Thunder
First-Person Shooter: Goldeneye
2D RPG: Fallout 2 (isometric close enough)
Action: Ocarina
Strategy: Jagged Alliance 2
Puzzle: Magical Drop 3
Beat 'Em Up: Streets of Rage 2
Adventure: Quest for Glory 4
Racing: F-Zero GX
Traditional Sports: NHL 94 maybe?
Alternative Sports: THPS 2
Simulation: not too experienced here
2D Fighter: Street Fighter 2
3D Fighter: Tekken Tag

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>Game Based On a Movie: MORTAL KOMBAT
>Favorite Graphics: Chrono Cross
>Favorite Music: DKC series
>Favorite Controller: Gamecube
>Favorite Box Cover Art: Castlevania
>Favorite Character: Donkey Kong
>Favorite Arcade Game: Street Fighter 2
>Favorite Horror Themed Game: Rondo of Blood

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Gate of Thunder? Why have I never heard of this shooter, before. It's good?

Rondo of Blood--nice choice. Even over Super Castlevania IV?

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Hey said "Retro games" man, and this is /vr so you should of guessed to being with.

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I'm not a shmup expert but Gate of Thunder is by far my favorite. Awesome CD soundtrack too. It's on the VC.

I take Rondo way over SCV4. Love 4 but Rondo is pretty much classic formula CV perfection

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2D Platformer: Yoshi's Island
3D Platformer: Super Mario Galaxy 2
Shooter: Twinkle Tale
First-Person Shooter: TimeSplitters
2D RPG: Super Mario RPG
3D RPG: Chrono Cross
Action: Jak 3
Strategy: Final Fantasy Tactics
Puzzle: Dr. Mario
Beat 'Em Up: TMNT 3
Adventure: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Racing: Motor Toon Grand Prix
Traditional Sports: NFL Street
Alternative Sports: WWF No Mercy
Simulation: Animal Crossing
2D Fighter: Guilty Gear X2
3D Fighter: Tekken 3

Game Based On a Movie: Goldeneye 007
Favorite Graphics: Wind Waker
Favorite Music: Ocarina of Time
Favorite Controller: Gamecube
Favorite Box Cover Art: Super Mario Bros. 3
Favorite Character: Link
Favorite Arcade Game: House of the Dead
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Super Castlevania IV

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2D Platformer: Super mario bros 2
3D Platformer: Conkers Bad Fur day
Shooter: Contra/Super C
First-Person Shooter: Doom
2D RPG: Any Pokemon
Action: Ninja gaiden
Strategy: Star trek armada
Puzzle: Yoshis cookie
Beat 'Em Up: X-men arcade
Adventure: Banjo kazooie/tooie
Racing: Mario Kart GBA
Traditional Sports: Golf (NES)
Alternative Sports: Tony hawk pro skater
Simulation:SeaWorld Adventure Parks Tycoon
2D Fighter: Street fighter 2 turbo
3D Fighter: War Gods

Game Based On a Movie: Batman (nes)
Favorite Graphics: Conkers bad fur day
Favorite Music: Conkers bad fur day again
Favorite Controller: Nes
Favorite Box Cover Art: Contra
Favorite Character: Conker
Favorite Arcade Game: Astroids
Favorite Horror Themed Game: Crypt killer/Castlevanias

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