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Post some retro youtubers.

I will start with Steve Benway.

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he's cute

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Game Sack and Metal Jesus are pretty awesome.

Mark from Classic Game Room (he's supposedly coming back to Youtube)

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metal jesus is a huge faggot. game sack on the other hand is a very good show

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Lazy Game Reviews is full retro.

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>metal jesus is a huge faggot


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Oh look at the poor babies jealous they can't afford Earthbound. So cute.

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By this logic, let's not discuss classic gaming as a whole, since it's viral advertising WHAT THE FUCK AM I READING

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So I fuggin found a game that's turd
So we're gunna go and rip off da nerd


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We don't get paid to talk about retro video games, dingus. You're not familiar with how YouTube works these days or something?

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Why would I want it?

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Because you can't have it. Here maybe this song will help elaborate.


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because le feels xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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He looks like Warren Spector so that's reason enough for me to check him out. Thanks. I was listening to the new Game Sack just now.

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dont they get like $5 every 1000 views? OH MAN ONE TOPIC ON /VR/ MAY GIVE A YOUTUBER $10!!!!!!


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Please keep this on /v/.

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But you're potentially advertising games to people who may be selling them, drumming up interest for those who would pay money for physical games.

Seriously, get over it.

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>But you're potentially advertising games to people who may be selling them, drumming up interest for those who would pay money for physical games.

Shit man then I guess every thread on here should just come to a halt because for all we know they were started by someone trying to stir up interest to sell their copy.

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*for, not to

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Be more subtle with your shilling.

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Hopefully, you got the sarcasm now, and see why it's not an ape shit of a deal when people make threads like this.

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>discussion about retro games and others who discuss retro games doesn't belong on retro

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I'm stupid and didn't read the final part of your post on the bottom. May bad ham skillet.

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I am subtle with ur mom

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This is where the term "motherfucker" comes from.

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>youtube let's players

Guys, don't turn this into another /v/ tier shit hole. I've been happy here for months, keep the cancer quarantined.

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These kinds of threads have been around since day 1. If you really loved this place you would be discussing the topic instead of /v/ which you probably still go on despite your attempt at making it look like you don't. Trust me I'm a psychiatrist so I know these things better than you do.

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OP never said lets players, he said retro youtube personality's.

Youtube is more than gamegrumps and pewdiepie, you know that right?

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No, they haven't, and you're projecting way too hard.

Oh no, you just insulted two channels for something I don't care about!

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>if you love this place, you'll keep discussing the topic of this off topic thread

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>Oh no, you just posted a thread about something I don't care about!


Can you please leave? You're stinking up the thread with your shit.

The problem isn't the topic. The problem is people like you fucking things up.

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Does babby need his pacifier?

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Anon, you don't need to get this angry.

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>and you're projecting way too hard.

No I just told you I'm a psychiatrist so I know how your kind works. And yes they have.

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I'm not the one being a crybaby about these thread topics.

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That was great, thanks! The only thing that could have been funnier was if you posted the copypasta about being a Navy seal.

You guys have a great sense of humor sometimes.

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Let me guess, you majored in something pointless like math and now you're out hunting for a job while I on the other hand get to make money out of stressed losers like you.

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Yes, you got me, I'm the one that's crying.

You win, please don't feel the need to reply.

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Jesus Christ I thought only AVGN threads didn't get deleted because he pays off the site or something can't someone please please delete this shit thread? I mean we're like fifty posts in without a single post about retro gaming beyond "hurrr ur so jelly u can't afford erfbound"

This thread is exactly why we shouldn't have these threads. "Hey lets talk about people who talk about retro games then next we'll talk about merchandise hawked by people who talk about retro games then later maybe we'll just all talk about twitter and suck each other off"

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>I mean we're like fifty posts in without a single post about retro gaming beyond "hurrr ur so jelly u can't afford erfbound"

Holy shit I know you were mad about not being able to buy Earthbound but this is just plain ridiculous!

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>My post is exactly why we shouldn't have these threads.


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I bought my copy of Earthbound fresh out of a case for $20 in1998 when I worked at a game store and I sold it in 2009 for $450 without ever playing it.

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God this board is autistic like nobody can discuss anything even if it is games you get bitched about by other autists. Does it really pain you morons that much that people want to talk about other people who talk about retro games? Just fucking hide the thread and scroll past. This is a slow board stop being so fucking hostile to each other. I fucking LOATHE game grumps and shit but I'm not a big enough faggot to go and bitch at people talking about them playing retro games or something.

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It's exactly the kind of thing that shits up good boards. I'd rather have meta-threads than increasingly unrelated off-topic ones like this - and everyone who's turning this into a meta-thread feels the same way.

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>retro youtubers
Again? Why don't we ever talk about old TV shows that were about retro games?

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Here's a novel idea, talk about games and skip the middle man.

Look at just about every cancerous board, they all have circlejerk threads about specific industry or youtube figures. If you "fucking LOATHE game grumps," don't put a welcome mat for that sort of thread here.

Personally, I'm going to go post on other threads and enjoy game conversations while OP and maybe one other person has a youtuber circlejerk while posting reddit garbage.

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I'd infinitely prefer that for a number of reasons including but not limited to that
>Those people are no longer profiting from the content
>The opinions represent the real, contemporary views of the subject not hindsight/nostalgia/post-nerd hipsterism

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Yeah like I'm gonna fall for such an obvious lie.

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>The opinions represent the real, contemporary views of the subject not hindsight/nostalgia/post-nerd hipsterism

Why even go on /vr/ if you don't want opinions from 2014?

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#1 It's not off-topic. It's all about retro gaming and retro gamers. Prove me wrong.

#2 On a board full of multiple threads, you should really stop shitting up the ones you don't like and pass them over for the ones you do.

You don't own the place, faggot. Why don't you go everywhere else on the internet and whine like a bitch when you find something that doesn't fit into your ideal view of life?

The world is full of things you don't care for. Stop making it a habit to be a crybaby over it all.

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>Those people are no longer profiting from the content

Profit is your argument?

>The opinions represent the real, contemporary views of the subject not hindsight/nostalgia/post-nerd hipsterism

Wrong. The opinions represent what the network studios allow.

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>implying you would hear "this game fucking sucks" on network TV.

Keep on dreaming...

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I can't watch either of those without thinking "gosh I hope I don't end up like these guys."

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One rule for this board. Talk about retro games. If you want to talk about youtubers playing retro games, go to their comments section. Sorry but threads like this are the reason there ended up being two containment boards for /v, so let's not start down that road again.

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>It's not off-topic. It's all about retro gaming and retro gamers. Prove me wrong.
>This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games.

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>married, successful, and profiting doing what they love

Yep. Such a shame.

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Threads like this stink up /vr, so can YOU please leave?

>> No.1615149

It's all about retro games and others who discuss it.

> If you want to talk about youtubers playing retro games, go to their comments section.

You may as well be saying
>If you want to talk about retro games, go to the Gamefaqs comments section.

>> No.1615157

And those we mention discuss retro games and retro gaming.

By your logic, any time someone point out an individual poster, it's "off-topic"

>> No.1615158

>If you want to talk about retro games, go to the Gamefaqs comments section.
It sounds like a place best suited for you.

>> No.1615159

Just ignore people shitting up the thread.

And if you think this thread is shitting up /vr/, report it, hide it, ignore it, then fuck off.

>> No.1615160

Except this board is for talking about retro games, That's it purpose and I wouldn't say that. This board is NOT for talking about youtubers. What they do is irrelevant.

>> No.1615161

I want YOUR thoughts, Anon. Unless your thoughts are "I like this shitfaced youtube whore's thoughts". Then I want to hit you with a hammer;

Retro gamers are not an acceptable topic for this board.

>> No.1615167

>I'm in favor of keeping the thread derailed, so people trying to fix things need to go

Yeah...we know who the cancer really is now...

Go back to /v/ with the rest of the garbage.

I'm sure you won't, since you like the stench you bring here.

>> No.1615170

I think /v/ has invaded the topic. We can't even discuss Youtubers who focus on retro gaming without children whining about it.

/vr/ is dead. Long live /vr/

>> No.1615171

There's tons of hated namefags on this board but hating on them is off topic and gets deleted, just like this thread should be.

>> No.1615179


This is brilliant. Next time I see someone complaining about Anita threads being off topic while someone defends it on /v/, I'll say "just ignore people shitting up our Anita thread."

Thanks, anon!

>> No.1615184

Or you could stop paying attention to the retards and post some on topic stuff. Do so right now and stop replying to shit.

Post something I want to see. Jesus. Just stop responding to them.

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I'm a big fan of Classic Game Room, he gives fair reviews and introduced me to many great games.
Metal Jesus Rocks seems cool, haven't watched many videos but again is entertaining.
Chrontendo is a great series and really enjoyable and educational.

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e-celebrity cocksucking is NOT what /vr/ is supposed to be about. It's very obviously one of the major problems with /v/ just go there and see for yourself.

>> No.1615193 [DELETED] 

How dense can you be? Threads like this are WHY /v is shit.

>> No.1615194

We haven't been able to do this since the beginning. Are you being serious?

>> No.1615196

MJR has a huge fucking collection, and consistently has guests who show off their more rare titles, full of recommendations.

Mark of CGR is king, though. A real bro.

>> No.1615201

Actually, derailing replies by topic haters are why /v/ is shit.

If you fucking hate it, report it. Whining only make you look like a child who wants his momma.

>> No.1615203

>>I like Rerez, he makes actual points on why E.T. is not THE WORST GAME EVER!

>Thats pretty cool Anon, I think you might like MetalJesusRocks, he likes to talk about hidden gems on older consoles

That's all you had to fucking do /vr/. But no, you saw youtube and you got this bullshit /v/ mentality HERP DERP YOUTUBE SUX CUZ EGORAPTER WONT DRAW VIDEOS ANYMORE BCUZ OF GAMEGRAMPS

>> No.1615207 [DELETED] 

Wow, "wants his momma"? What are you 13?

>> No.1615212

Yeah, MJR's collection is fucking HUGE. If that man ever needs to move he's going to have a lot on his hands. I think the only one who might beat him is Pat the Nes Punk (who has a cool podcast and flea market videos but reviews aren't very cool) and even then Pat probably only beats him in NES games.
Mark is easily the best though. I would like to see a CGR/MJR video, they seem like they would get along.

>> No.1615213 [DELETED] 

No it makes us look like Anons who know what's shit and crush it before it becomes considered acceptable. There are more of us than there are of you. We DO own this board. Get your personality cults the fuck off it.

>> No.1615214

>The irony in this comment

>> No.1615216

Ok. Why don't you join those two other guys talking about the original topic instead of whining?

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The guys at gamesack have a good collection. But I think joe needs to hold off one buying one neo geo game and get some god damned braces.His teeth are way too gaped for a grown adult.

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Also, forgot to mention, but we should really just post CGR and MJR playlists in recommendation threads.

>> No.1615229

Right back at you

>> No.1615231

We are. You need to pay attention.

>> No.1615234

Mark kinda has the edge with that warehouse where he has his cabinets.>>1615213
>We DO own this board
lol no you don't

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In this off topic thread:

>people saying /v/ tier youtube e-celebrity crap doesn't belong on /vr/ being called children and babies by "mature retro gamers" who want youtube e-celectrity crap on /vr/

Yeah, people who don't want this garbage here are the babies who belong on /v/...

>> No.1615236 [DELETED] 

Every day since like the second week of this place there is always some guy claiming /vr/ is dead. Is it possible for you guys to admit there are just dumb people posting on here?

>> No.1615241

I hope you mean intergalactic space arcade.
While it is true that Mark seems to have the largest arcade collection (that I've seen, at least) but I think MJR has the slight edge in console games, and his PC collection has no equal.

>> No.1615247 [DELETED] 

These threads always end up with the vast majority of posts saying they don't belong on /vr, and they're right. Why do you people keep making them?

>> No.1615252

It's his warehouse located in bay 7 of the IGSA. I should have clarified.

>> No.1615254 [DELETED] 

We;'re getting back on the rails talking about their retro collections. Stop being a speedbump.

>> No.1615267

MJR and Mark need to collab on a vid at least once (assuming they haven't)

Maybe a comparison between early PC ports of arcade games.

>> No.1615308

Matt Chat is pretty good

>> No.1615310

MJR was the reason I bought a second pc for classic games.....then later on a podcast he does, he admitted he doesn't even use it anymore. He uses some dosbox type emu for mac. But I like what I've done with my box. Plus my cd drive is unplugged from my main pc because I needed it for my hard drive and I just don't care enough to buy a new cable.

>> No.1615502

I'll come clean. I'm a bit of a mealfag so I googled up Metal Jesus given that a channel which covers metal and /vr/ would certainly appeal to me. Immediately his video starts playing "man, back in the day I loved playing on the 360"

what the fuck even

>> No.1615524

>citation needed

>> No.1615538

This is the top video on his channel right now:

Upon some further digging his channel seems alright, just an unfortunate first impression.

>> No.1615558

>Immediately his video starts playing "man, back in the day I loved playing on the 360"

Well the 360 is almost 9 years old.

>> No.1615570


Seriously though, its successor hasn't even been out for a year yet, it just sounds goofy saying "back in the day" I'll give that one to people maybe 5 years down the road from here.

>> No.1615602

He's acknowledging it's a last-gen console. It is.

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>> No.1615751


Who is Rerez?

>> No.1615767


This guy:

He has been getting really big lately. Last time I checked he was at 2 thousand subs. Has a pretty cool style, does a lot of really, I don't know, "different" stuff. Surprised the guy isn't posted on /V/ every day. Makes like a hundred videos a month that all look like they took a week to make.

>> No.1615776 [DELETED] 

How wrong you are. Since your post notice not a single post about retro games. They say what kind of video they'd like their fav e-celeb to do. They talk about their taste in music. They talk about who's popular. Some people think 9 years re a non-/vr/ console was a long time and they are rightfully ridiculed. They recommend new shitty talking heads to one another but they don't say one goddamn word about retro games.

This is, without a doubt, an off-topic thread that has no place on this board.

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Just looked up that guy.


How the fuck is nobody talking about him? The captured HD footage of a Nintendo Tabletop box. He must have broke it down to capture it. I fucking own one of them and the thing doesn't even look as good as he caught it. Did he only start making videos recently or something?

>> No.1615790


I think he is friends with LGR. He thanks him in one of his latest videos.

>> No.1615794

A really mediocre guy who won't stop posting his shit here.

>> No.1615801

The post IMMEDIATELY afte that one calls for a collaboration comparing arcade games and their PC ports at the time.

Are you unable to read, or are you just purposely being contrarian?

>> No.1615807


I kinda doubt anybody from YouTube posts here.

>> No.1615819 [DELETED] 

And I'm calling for the cessation of people calling for the discussion of retro games and then I'm calling for a return to the discussion of retro games right here right now.

I'm also calling you a bitch.

>> No.1615834

Well, that's one way of avoiding admitting that you were wrong. Keep on crying, kid.

You're ironically not contributing in the slightest.

>> No.1616350


They are not friends. They are just from the same website.

>> No.1616439

>What they do is irrelevant.

Talking about retro games? Which is the point of this board?

>> No.1616441

>That feel when PeteDorr hasn't uploaded anything for 4 months

Shame. He's one of my favorites.

>> No.1616474

Lazy Game Reviews is pretty neat. Mostly old DOS and mid-late 90's PC stuff.

>> No.1616487

I know this guy, Jimmy and sometimes he talks about Nintendo but mainly he just tries to get people to pay attention to him and buy him stuff. That's on topic for this thread right?

>> No.1616505

lukemorse1 gives me my repair fix when I've run out of things to repair.

>> No.1616514

go away pete you're a skinny little autist and nobody likes you.

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>> No.1617245

Cinemassacre is both retro-educational and funny to watch, plus ithe episodes are not too short nor too long; here's and example:

>> No.1617259

The neck on that guy. Holy shit. I can't stand to watch his videos because of that gross meat flap.

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