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Hey, /vr/! I have some n64 cartridges that don't work (pic related), and I thought that this would be the best place for asking.
Should I open them and check the circuit? Can I just clean the pins and hope for the best? What's the best way to clean them?

>TL;DR Cleaning n64 cartridges

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>isopropyl alcohol (<90%)
>elbow grease

that's it

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>mfw OP actually takes grease from his elbows to clean his games only to find out his elbows don't create the necessary amount of grease to clean properly so he takes elbow grease supplements for two weeks in order to secret the needed amount

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They also make "contact cleaner" pens that are kind of like paint pens except with a fiberglass wick and full of alcohol

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Just pure <90% alcohol? No more water to dilute?

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no... the point is that the alcohol dries quickly.

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>mfw i sort of did this as a child.

Teacher told me to use elbow grease to clean the chalk board. cleaned it with my goddamn elbow. She had left the room for a while and came back to my arm covered with chalk

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No harm for the pins? Not at all?

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Done. They work perfectly now!
Thank you very much

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Water would harm it way more than alcohol would.

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What do you guys recommend for cleaning pins with a decent amount of green tarnish on the? I bought some brass cleaner for the purchase, but could that damage the metal in any way?

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Use a Q-tip with alcohol on the pins. Works wonders.

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I found my old 64, and cleaned the games and the system with q-tips and rubbing alcohol. I got them all to work except for Diddy Kong Racing. Now diddy kong had green corrosion(?) along it and I think I got most of that off, but still no luck.

Should I open it up and look for more? Or just give it another few cleans?

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use a magic eraser first.

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Like Mr Clean Magic Easer?

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Do not use alcohol ever, it corrodes.

Use glass cleaner, or better yet clean them thouroughly with Brasso.

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Well, on the weekend I cleaned all my games with rubbing alcohol. Am I fucked?

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Considering most glass cleaners contain some amount of acetic acid.... No.

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Brasso is mostly mine silica powder for polishing with ammonia and alcohol...with misc filler. It polishes nicely but unless your stuff is really bad I imagine straight isopropyl is fine

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are you fucking retarded?

keep your shit out of here

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No, >>1604146 is an idiot.