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Come on, /vr/, let's discuss the beta versions of retro games

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This is from the 2D version of Simon the sorcerer 3D, that was scrapped and thrown away.

Maybe it was for the best.

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Never forgive, never forget.

They should have restarted development on the Gamecube.. Or released the 2D version as a console title

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hold in your tears

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Alpha Halo coming through.

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I was so hyped for this.

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Guy from the other thread. Keep it coming.

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This reminds me that I still have to try that Toejam & Earl 3 beta they released months ago.

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I wish it wasn't scrapped

N64 REALLY needed RPGs at the time, it only had quest 64, hybrid heaven (that were pretty shitty compared to what the PSX had) and paper mario (that was a late release)

At least the GBC had some decent RPGs.

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Ogre Battle 64 faget

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Oh, yeah.
It wasn't released in europe, so I always forget.

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I am still waiting for the Ura Zelda OOT expansion(which remains unreleased).

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Started out as an RTS incidentally.
Videos here. Time to go way back.


Machetes, third person gaming, multiplayer oriented, with about two dozen weapons, that all became sequel fodder.

Holy shit I never saw this screen before.

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I'm sorry but you know that shit doesn't belong here.

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I have about 17 of these beta info stuff on OoT but they get posted sort of frequently.. I'll post more if people are interested.

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The Halo shots are from before 2000.

I don't see you getting angry at the guy who posted the Mother 3 N64 screenshots. I swear this board has the most annoying backseat moderators.

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Too bad, the OP says beta versions of RETRO GAMES. This board is about RETRO GAMES. Just because Duke Nukem Forever was in development since 1997 doesn't mean it belongs here.

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>backseat moderators
Think of it more like people who care about the quality of the board and want to encourage others to maintain it through their posting etiquette.

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>Just because Duke Nukem Forever

The footage of DKF that's from the 90s is fine here. The finished game we got a few years ago is not.

>Think of it more like people who care about the quality of the board and want to encourage others to maintain it through their posting etiquette.

If you want to improve the quality of this board, do some research before posting.

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Research indicates... The Halo is not a retro game. I'm sorry anon, take your cancer back to /v/.

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Research indicates you're not actually reading posts.

Still don't see you complaining about the Mother 3 N64 post.

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You shitposters always pull this shit. Just because I haven't spotted an earlier shitpost doesn't make yours any more acceptable.

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>talking about beta versions of games made 1999

Yeah, I'm done responding to your stupid ass.

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You're the one throwing a shitfit over exact wording. If it existed before 1999, it's retro. End of story.

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>If it existed before 1999, it's retro. End of story.
Nope. This opens up way too many non-retro games to discussion that don't belong here.

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Mother 3 for the N64 was a canceled game, not a beta of anything.

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Discuss versions of a game that existed before the cutoff date is what I meant.

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The problem is people are inevitably going to discuss the finished game as well and that's just a slippery slope we don't need.

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With so much drama in the gaming of PC,
it's kinda hard talkin' bout oldschool Halo CE

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>The problem is people are inevitably going to discuss the finished game as well and that's just a slippery slope we don't need.

lol, so you shit up a conversation based on something that hasn't happened, but that you THINK is going to happen

Those rhymes you're trying to kick are quite bootylicious.

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The only ones shitting the thread up are the off-topic, non-retro shitposters.

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I don't see how that's a problem in a beta thread.

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Just ignore him from here on out. He's already gotten the attention he so desperately desired.

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Nobody cares except you, so really that's not the case.

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In case you can't read the OP, it's a "beta versions of retro games" thread. Not a beta version for anything that was in development before 1999. Games released after 1999 are not retro games and thus their beta versions do not belong in here. Or in /vr/ in general.

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I don't see the problem with discussing non retro games in a thread when it cones up. Hard to talk about the FF series without mentioning the future releases. Why pretend a retro game didb't have sequels?

Now STARTING a thread about non retro sequels would be a missuse of the board

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Light Crusader had some items that didn't make it into the final product. Can be accessed through debug mode.

Boots let you jump super high.
Empty bottle can be filled up in water, giving you a bottle of water. Fairly useless, because water just cures poison, which is rare.
Blue crystal, don't know.
Black crystal is a portable save point, destroys itself once used.
Satchel, don't know.
There are also graphics for Rings which are never used.

There is also some armor, Dillo, that I think can only be accessed through hacking. I've never gotten it. Not sure if it's stronger or weaker than Gold Armor.

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Woops, I say
>graphics for Rings which are never used
And there they appear in the screenshot. Disregard that. Don't know what the rings do, if anything.

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Go back to the CRT thread

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Can you post them? I've not seen them before.

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It really depends. "The thing in development in 1998" is quite different from the final DNF from 2011 or whenever. Unless you can provide exactly what was and wasn't carried over.

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So many decent ideas completely and utterly ruined and terrible.

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I'd be interested if you'd be willing to post the rest.

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Where's section 2? Also, do post all of them.

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I remember being in the Starmen.net IRC when the N64 version got definitively cancelled and there wasn't even an inking of hope yet that it would make it to the GBA.

I think that was 2001 that the N64 version got canned? Or late-2000, I don't remember. Starmen.net had already switched over from its old earthbound.net name though.

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Remember when ALTTP was scifi? The entire series was supposed to basically be Chrono Trigger at one point, actually

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What is this from?

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There's a lot of speculation that Fado was the Wind Sage at one point, not Saria. If so it would have been interesting to see how Saria's role collided with Fado

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Why don't you cut to the chase and just upload them to a site they can easily viewed. Even a free blog hot dang.

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There are sketches of these scifi designs in Hyrule Historia.

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>mfw there will never be a cell shaded Mother 3 for Gamecube

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I really wanted to know what happened with Ness and friends and the destroyed Onett.

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Yeah, just think about it, it could have been a generic everyday shooter like every other that no one would remember in one year and all we got was a highly memorable franchise with amazing characters that would become the face of PC gaming for at least half a decade and still gets new content today.

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Why the fuck is G-Man here?

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