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Hey /vr/, I compiled a list of about every video game ever.


I have no idea what you guys would do with it. There are a lot of retro games on there, though.

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>43804 games
Gotta play them all!

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>I have no idea what you guys would do with it

So far, I'm trying to find a game that isn't on here. No such luck yet.

Unless I'm allowed to count Tiger Electronic games or something.

Or bootlegs like Aladdin on the Dendy.

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Holy shit OP what the fuck have you done? Are you ok? Do you need medical help?

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I want to.

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I agree with this guy.
You are the ultimate /vr/o I guess

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How long did it take you to compile this list?

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You could have spent that time working on TempleOS

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OP you are one crazy son of a bitch.

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>who is the most based anon on 4chan

I vote OP.

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Welcome to /vr/ gauntlet!

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What if we help OP tracking down those games with different titles in different regions? Just PAL/NTSC differences though, we ain't need no Japanese names for non Japan exclusives.

I can start with:
Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers! ---- Donald Duck: Quack Attack! (PAL)
Rippin' Riders ---- Snow Surfers (PAL)

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This is like meth-head level of mad genius. Fuck, son. You didn't type all this shit, right? Like you had scripts and shit, yeah?

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You sick motherfucker
I like you

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>every video game ever

東方玄夢妖譚 ~ the Nightmare of Rebellion is not on that list.

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My mobile browser can't even handle opening the pastebin.

Can somebody tell me what game is on line 9977?

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Dead Pixels

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I used some regex.

I will be adding more foreign releases and visual novels in the next version of the list.

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What did you apply the regex to?

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adding the game cover or a screenshot for each game would be nice. good work though, I'm impressed

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you forgot orgasm girl 1/2.

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Archive this shit

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Last 4 digits of your post decides the next game your going to play off this list.

How fucked are you?

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And monster girl quest

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Wow, this is amazing.

There are no android and Indie games here though.

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It would be great if you could list them by release date.

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Have fun.


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Well, good job!

I'm very curious how you did that OP. Care to explain?

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Except the next 1000 posts are all going to get jet/flying games from late 80's/90's

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>I'm very curious how you did that OP. Care to explain?
And why?

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Seriously how did you get this list

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He just used Regex and referenced multiple search engine to extract the data. Probably only took the program a couple hours(if that) to retrieve all the data. Its not that impressive.

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>(your post numb MOD number of games) + 1

>> No.1551497

I can add those in the next version.

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Before I open this, did you only include games that had a boxed release or also digital-only games, shareware games, or even freeware? What about games that are actually TC mods, such as Malice for Quake?

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So there's less than 50,000 games in existence, not counting utter showelvare? I think it's not impossible to actually play them all at least to the point when you understand their mechanics and design philosophy.

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I did use regex, but that's not how I compiled it.

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OP, can you use some regex magic to only have 1999 and older games?

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Every game on the list has release year listed, so even I can probably write a script to sort them by year even though I'm not even a programmer.

>> No.1551529

>>1551513 see

>> No.1551537

maybe you should open it and find out

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Hmm, it even has some freeware games in it... two thumbs up, OP.
But since you've already included Dark Wars, you could also include its sequel Dark War 2. Also rRootage.

>> No.1551574

Yes it's easy, you can just grep for it.

>> No.1551586

It's funny you say that, because I actually just started using linux. I should have thought of that.
I figured it out though, the syntax makes enough sense.

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I'll give you the command
"grep -RnI "199[0-9]" list.txt"
you can also pipe it to a file doing this
"grep -RnI "199[0-9]" list.txt > 90s.txt"
Note that this assumes you have the pastebin saved as list.txt

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You're leaving out the 80s and late 70s.

>> No.1551687

The earlier Anon I thought only wanted 90s, but in that case.

"grep -RnI "19[6-9][0-9]" list.txt > pre2000.txt"

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>implying people care about mobile

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>he doesn't want to go mobile

look at this hothead

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>implying certain devices should be left out because you personally don't care about them

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What should I do if I want to play through all of these, one by one?

>> No.1551824

Also, in the far future I _may_ start adding custom content/mods to the list, ie Doom/Quake WADs or L4D campaigns.

>> No.1551850

Play trough these, one by one.

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>> No.1551863

in what order?

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eh, alot of it is pure ass tho>>1551824

>> No.1551867

Doin' it.

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>I _may_ start adding custom content/mods to the list

Doom wads would easily outnumber the amount of games in the current list. Not even kidding. It's your choice

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>All American Basketball (1992, Zeppelin Games Limited) (Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum

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have fun

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Holy fucking shit.

There's an image I've been posting in obscure games threads for probably 5 years now and it has never once been found.

It's on your list.

Props man, I'm one of perhaps 20 people who've even heard of the game let alone played it.


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Nope, Tetris isn't on there

>> No.1552069

Gandolph the Sorcerer was missing also. But bloody well done, tried a few and that was only one without hits.

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Here I go...

>> No.1552112

Well, let's see...

>> No.1552113

>Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep
This should be interesting.

>> No.1552135

Time to roll!

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Why not? It could be fun.

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Is suicide an option?

>> No.1552148

Are you a wimp?

Also that's some godtier boxart.

>> No.1552150

Roll! Roll! Roll!

>> No.1552152

Why is that guy humping the air?

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>Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Hahahaha no, sorry YouTube.

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Shit nigger, you actually got something good.

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What are the platforms with the most games listed?

>> No.1552170

There sure are shitloads of stuff on DOS and european PC's....

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I remember the days of the /vr/ gauntlet.

those days can be restored.

Imagine doing blocks of games like the mosaic threads on /v/. Anons grabbing individual games from blocks of twenty or thirty...

And we would slowly play every game that exists, as one mighty, retro collective.

Roll with me brothers. Roll with me.

>> No.1552175

we need a way to distill the retro out of this...

>> No.1552180

That'd be something. It'd be nice just to have more completion threads, people actually showing what they're playing and not having people shit on the game. Just more active playing of games and simultaneously discussing them. Would make better conversations since everything is fresh

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>> No.1552202

Let's try rolling now....

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I'd love this but the problem is that 80% of the games on there are unbeatable for me.

During the /vr/ gauntlet I employed the rule of "You can re-roll a game but you have to go back a console" I had to re-roll on pretty much any dos\pc-engine space game.

It would be awesome if anons could just pick a game and say "Will be taking this game, will post a game-complete screen within the week" or something.

>> No.1552269

Gotta try this.

If I get a non-retro game, should I try again until I get a retro one?

>> No.1552292

hh DAM /vr/o

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>> No.1552301

Nice. Angry Ants. I don't have an iphone.

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>> No.1552307

how long was this in the making?

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>> No.1552339


There are so many games that you'll only get a game starting with A-D.

>> No.1552340

Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt (2005, Ignition Entertainment Ltd. USA, Ignition Entertainment Ltd.) (GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox)

>> No.1552359

[Sweaty man walking down the hall in slow motion with camera angles transition through slow camera shutters]

>tfw my fate will be fully shut once I reply to this post
>tfw I can't do anything about it because my impulses control me
>tfw the results are semi-random

[Sweaty man reaches his computer desk and speed goes back to normal]

Well /vr/, Let's Rock!

[Megadeth - Duke Nukem theme song plays]

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>> No.1552373

Anmynor Puzzles (2013, Pyxel Arts Digital Entertainment S.L., Strategy First, Inc.) (Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows)

I have my hands full this weekend.

>> No.1552415

Insanity for the BBC Micro/Acorn series of computers is missing from the list. You Don't Know Jack british version not denoted.
Word Munchers is missing.

I'll list more as I remember more games.

>> No.1552418

Does somebody actually want to make movement on /vr/ that collectively completes these games bit by bit?

We could catalogue the end-game screens into a huge retro collage or something.

>> No.1552424

That's not to mention all the various DOOR games like Planets: TEOS, LORD, etc.

>> No.1552435



>> No.1552442


Y'know if each person takes a game, takes 3 screenshots and writes a really brief summary of the game they just played we could make one hell of a database.

Although if we made weekly threads and maybe 20 or 30 people we could make a dent in the list in about a year.

>> No.1552449

Sounds like fun, we should totally do that.

>> No.1552456

Can anyone tell me what game I got? Another mobile anon here.

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>> No.1552480


>> No.1552483

Anvil Awareness (1999, Unknown Publisher(s)) (Windows)

>> No.1552493

You could probably discover a ton of fun and interesting retro games that nobody ever knew about.

>> No.1552498

How about we use this to roll for a random game?


>> No.1552513

Kinda like reading a "Make your own adventure" book.

>> No.1552537

Just like it was mentioned in the OP?

>> No.1552561

Let's see what game I should play...

>> No.1552570

>every video game ever
Why isn't Sexy Hiking on the list?

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Ninja Taro is missing.

>> No.1552637


Papers please. Is missing

>> No.1552665

No it's not.

>> No.1552717

How'd you even managed to put it all in alphabetical order?

That must've take one hell of a long time.

>> No.1552738


There are sites online that do that automatically, I use them for Uni all the time.

>> No.1552753

I didn't do that manually.

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OP here, I merged in a LOT more entries with the existing list, resulting in a huge 12.1 MB text file with 179,351 lines total.

It's this big because I haven't removed the duplicates, and I need help doing so. I'm sharing the file here for anybody who wants to give it a shot:


>> No.1552850

>Ninja Taro on the list
I can sleep easy tonight.

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missing Desert Trek


>> No.1552898

I've seen a Tiger R-Zone nib at a pawn shop I frequent. They have it marked for $50. My cousin had one when we were growing up but he'd never let me play it. Would it be worth it? How hard is it to come across games? Is it as shitty as the hand helds?

>> No.1552901

Where's muh 2hu?

>> No.1552915

OP thanks, I might try and whip up some code that'll go through the list and grab pictures.

>> No.1552974

see >>1552846

>> No.1552978

Roll for that retro.

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Right where it belongs.

>> No.1553004

He didn't do this manually you stupid niggers

>> No.1553008

>Implying I implied that he did

>> No.1553332


>> No.1553341

Start from the top, hope you like James Bond.

>> No.1553474

Here I roll...

>> No.1553553

I didn't find Auto Racing for Intellivision or the second Burger Time arcade game. Eat shit.

>> No.1553572


>> No.1553576

OP upon inspection it appears none of the iOS/3ds games were correctly added.

>> No.1553584

>no The Sniper 2

>> No.1553586

Here goes.

>> No.1553594

We'll do it live!

>> No.1553618


>> No.1553647


just out of curiosity...

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OP here.

Here's an alternate list of every video game ever, some that are missing in the original (linked in OP post) may be in here, and it may miss some that are in the original.


The mega link in >>1552846 is a combination of the original list and this one. If anybody would like to try the challenge of merging both lists into one and eliminating duplicates, I would be grapeful.

>> No.1553682

Oh yeah, and the alternate list is a lot longer because each game gets one entry PER EACH platform, whereas the original, every game gets one entry only regardless of platforms.

>> No.1553882


Time 4 fun

i aint playin it nigga

>> No.1553898

>I've compiled a list of about every officially licensed console game ever
This is what you mean, OP.

>> No.1553902

>that's not impressive

>> No.1553905

>citation of the release date
>doesn't say which region (JP, NA, EU)

at least be correct about that, OP.

>> No.1554529

>doesn't even succeed with that caveat

>> No.1555259


>> No.1555816

bring it

>> No.1555845

no games

>> No.1555889


>> No.1556029


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OP here, my paste has 73k views and is the #2 most popular paste on pastebin.com right now. It's getting hundreds of views every time I refresh.

What the fuck happened? Where did this get posted?

>> No.1556237
File: 965 KB, 300x180, 1374862932189.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm at the top of /r/gaming, apparently.


>> No.1556247



>> No.1556305

front page of reddit.com as well

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>Hey /vr/, I compiled a list of about every video game ever.

Impressive but not true.

>> No.1556345

What, OP, are you trying to become an ultimate god or something?

Because you just did it.

>> No.1556351


>> No.1556361


Well? Let's hear the ones he missed.

Seriously. Contribute. Let's help this list to grow.

>> No.1556364

Missing Wargame: Red Dragon, though it only came out a couple days ago.

>> No.1556369

OP needs to be hired by the fucking CIA as a data collection specialist
holy shit

>> No.1556372

as a programmer*

>> No.1556374

i don't think a programmer could find all the fucking vidya gaems that existed in the world

>> No.1556375



Dinosaur Hunting
Gunparade March
Gunparade Orchestra
The Combini
Kenka Bancho (the whole series)

I'm checking other games now.

>> No.1556378

>implying he manually put this together

>> No.1556385

VM Japan
Missing Parts (the whole series)
Koufuku Sousakan
3-Nen B-Gumi Kinpachi Sensei: Densetsu no Kyoudan ni Tate!
Fish Eyes (the whole series)

>> No.1556472


>> No.1556687


Fuck you Fahey.

>> No.1556691

Wow, you're FAMOUS now, OP.

>> No.1556710

DOS, GNU/Linux and Windows aren't real platforms, they are operating systems for IBM compatible computers as well as other systems.

>> No.1556716

play game ####


>> No.1556829


>> No.1556861

CODE:R 幻想郷より愛をこめて
宵闇伝説 The Legend of Twilight
Han Tamashii Takeshi Geichou
熱血硬派まりさくん ~ ダウンタウン魔道物語
幻想ノ宴-Rumbling Spell Orchestra-
Phantom Magic Vision
夢幻 -Spell of Mirage-
東方夢終劇 ~ Concealed the Conclusion
Patchoulius V
東方夢詠宴 ~ Dreamer's Party
東方二重極 ~キワミシューティング、アッー!
東方海恵堂 ~ Marine Benefit
日天永路 ~ Astronomical Few Minute
東方風魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wind
東方桃月抄 ~ Pitch Peach Paradise
萌える弾幕STG もえだん Moedan
東方命萃酒 ~ Resurrection of Heaven's Liquor
絹織琉華 ~ Weaving the blue orient
某方紅魔郷 ~Scarlet Family~
東方スプリンターセル CODE:R
藍さまが よくわからないけど ひたすら走るゲーム YAKUMO RUN!
Super Marisa Land
Super Marisa World
Mystical Chain
紅魔城伝説 緋色の交響曲
紅魔城伝説Ⅱ 妖幻の鎮魂歌
東方の迷宮 幻想郷と天貫の大樹

>> No.1556917

Should we post some gore to send the kotaku fuckers away?

Or some delicious loli butt.

>> No.1556934

Henry's Rollin and Black Fag

>> No.1556940


>> No.1556945

fuck it, lets go

>> No.1556946 [DELETED] 

Why did you link the that version of the list? Zok Zok Heroes (GBC), for example, is not there. It can be found in the "alternate" version

>> No.1556950 [DELETED] 

Zok Zok Heroes (GBC), for example, is not there. It can be found in the new list

>> No.1556957

Slaygon is missing

>> No.1556959

It's probably some ridiculous crap that no way you're going to play.

>> No.1557043


Looks like someone's grumpy he didn't get CoD

>> No.1557071

There are quite a few high profile iOS games missing from the list, such as Device 6 and Rayman Fiesta Run

>> No.1557093

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.1557260

Missing Elroy's Costume Closet, an obscure spinoff of the obscure Elroy series (BugZerk and hits the pavement)

>> No.1557550 [DELETED] 

Well what is it?

>> No.1557556 [DELETED] 

>Look on the front page of Steam
>Look for the first game I see that's probably not on the list

>It's an Early Access game
Does that count?

>> No.1557558


>> No.1557563 [DELETED] 

>Even Browser games

>> No.1557632

lets get this ball rolling

>> No.1557648


You're missing Survival Kids on the gameboy.

>> No.1557692

Feels good to roll

>> No.1557696

lol Cities XL 2011

>> No.1557697


>> No.1557701

The fuck I got the same.

>> No.1557706

Well hopefully it isn't shit

>> No.1557723
File: 32 KB, 640x640, 1395466243993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1557731
File: 63 KB, 600x756, Chozo Ridley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rerolling because generic racing game a shit.

>> No.1557743


>> No.1557840

>tfw high chance of shovelware

>> No.1557842

>Clive Barker's Nightbreed: The Interactive Movie
fuck,i don't have a PS3

>> No.1557949

I bet is going to be some phone platformer.

try playing another Cliver barker's game.

>> No.1557952


>> No.1557972

I personally was able to find a lot of missing xbox 360 games through this webpage, which sorts the games by most popular: http://www.trueachievements.com/games.aspx by going to the end of the list less popular and more obscure games can be found; a startling majority of which are not on this list. The list also includes xbox one, windows phone, and some Windows OS games.

This list similarry provides a list for Playstation3,4 and vita games: http://www.truetrophies.com/games.aspx

Hope this helps those trying to complete the list.

>> No.1557976

For some specifics missing off the list (all but the first being imports, so may not count for OP's list anyway):
BlazBlue Continuum shift
Otomedius Gorgeous
Steins;Gate (and the rest of its franchise)
Shooting Love
The entire Phantom Breaker franchise.
Golden Fantasia
Cross Edge Dash
Moe Moe WW2
Legend of the galactic heroes
Zoids Infinity EX Neo
Shiei no Sona-Nyl Refrain: What a Beautiful Memories

>> No.1558101

One game that is missing: "Where is my Heart?" released for the PSP and Playstation 3 in 2011

>> No.1558114


>> No.1558203

das rell

>> No.1558213

Rolling for video games

>> No.1558234

rock and roll

>> No.1558404


>> No.1558423

I gotta roll

>> No.1558424

I roll for great justice

>> No.1558434

Rolling on the river

Also, two missing games are Time Fcuk [sic] and Might Switch Force! 2.

>> No.1558439

By the way, Time Fcuk is browser-only, but it's pretty well known, and has it's own TVTropes pages, to name just something I found when Googleing it.

Polite sage, and sorry for writing like a retard.

>> No.1558459

This board receives 1-3 posts per minute. It's very easy to predict your number and you're limited to numbers between 0 and 9999 before the post count finally reaches 1.6 million.
If you want a random game you should rather use a RNG.

>> No.1558472

there's no Paper Mario Sticker Star

this suggests that you didn't use Wikipedia "list of" articles and a bot because that would've caught Sticker Star from the List of Nintendo 3DS software article. this suggests that you're bonkers.

>> No.1558551

Half Minute Hero 2: The Second Coming (PC) isn't listed.
And Half Minute Hero: Super Neo Climax is only listed for Xbox360 (there is a PC version)

>> No.1558579


Brazilian shitty game.

>> No.1558592

You are missing

Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken (Famicom)
Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2: Donuts Ike ha Oosawagi (Famicom)
SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi 2 - Capsule Senki (Famicom)
SD Gundam World Gachapon Senshi 3: Eiyuu Senki (Famicom)
SD Gundam World Gachapon Senshi 4: New Type Story (Famicom)
SD Gundam World Gachapon Senshi 5: Battle of Universal Century (Famicom)
Kamen Rider Club: Gekitotsu Shocker Land (Famicom)
Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden (Famicom)

>> No.1558657


>> No.1558675

Commando Libya - Commodore 64, Robert Pfitzner, 1986

>> No.1558681

You don't have Sexy Orange or Tetris Battle Gaiden.

>> No.1558686

Holy shit man. I wonder how many I've played? I should have kept count

rollin, rollin, rollin down on the river

>> No.1558695
File: 99 KB, 320x471, windmill2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Missing Little Fighter Online and Little Fighters Hikers. Two games that make you wish they were just different version of Little Fighter 2.

>> No.1558697

its there sir/mam. control f it.

>> No.1558706

You don't have Fury 3 but you have its obscure third-party expansion pack, F!Zone.

3D Movie Maker is not listed.

I don't see Chu-Teng, if you're doing Japanese games.

But wow that is some list.

>> No.1558723

the only Touhou game on there is SWR of all things.

The first five games are /vr/. Include them OP

>> No.1558724

no doubt an impressive list; but you are missing a whole lot of games - Kickstart I + II, Le Mans (all for C64)

there's a whole lot more by just looking at the list of C64 games released; not to mention a bunch of odd titles I remember from back in the days

you've got a few indie titles, but not nearly enough... I'd try to chip in, but honestly, there's just so many games missing and difficult to find information about that this is a near-futile task

>> No.1558730

You sure are missing a lot of arcade games, did not find anything from IGS and not even Carn Evil from Midway

>> No.1558736

There is also
>The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (2002, Team Shanghai Alice) (Windows)

>> No.1558759 [DELETED] 

Hey guys. Personal friend of moot here. He has requested all doom threads be moved to /vg/. Sorry much disappoint. Your train has sailed folks.

>> No.1558763


This nigga can't even find the Doom thread. I'm laughing at you, son.

>> No.1558784

Shut up! Actually this is glorious

>> No.1558786

It's likely he called them by their subtitles.

>> No.1558803
File: 136 KB, 1000x1262, Futo ice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try searching for any game like that besides EOSD.

>> No.1558832

wouldnt it more ideal and faster to be able to do this in google drive instead of pastebin ?

>> No.1559020

I played this one as a kid :

Sortilèges (1986, Infogrammes) (Thomson computers : MO5, MO6, TO7+16K, TO7/70, TO8, TO9, TO9+)

>> No.1559057

A sortable, fiterable database would be nice.
I'm surprised this doesn't already exist.

>> No.1559118

What are the requirements to get one of my games added to this list?

>> No.1559165
File: 114 KB, 640x636, dbt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveller

>> No.1559182

I think you missed Alan Hansen's sports challenge on ps2 and wii. Shitty game only released in PAL.

>> No.1559256

you missed Frog Fractions, Crystal Towers 2, and 2048

>> No.1559650 [DELETED] 


>> No.1559889

Well this is why it's getting so many views. They even mention /vr/ in the article.

>> No.1559892

You're missing a couple free to play games.. Like Combat Arms and Vindictus.

>> No.1559905

This seems fucking impossible... Especially counting all the shovelware on PC, like those games you find at office depot. And I don't want to think about if you add mobile games..

>> No.1560683

Nice OP, Now go like this:
Game Name > Cover > Screenshot (or Video)

>> No.1560698 [DELETED] 


>> No.1561369

You missed Crüe Ball

>> No.1561454

Congrats, man. How long did this take?

>> No.1562448

>(youir post number mod number of 43804 )+ 1


>> No.1562695

You forgot the following games:

The American Girls: Dress Designer

American Girl: Mia Goes for Great

American Girl: Julie Saves the Eagles

American Girl: Kit - A Treehouse of My Own

...and pretty much every iOS app the company churned out recently to tie in with their dolls.

>> No.1562836
File: 25 KB, 514x512, 308449_front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might wanna add this one to the list:


I've played this game as a kid and beat it several times. If any of you have ever played Rayforce, this game is like that. Except it's first-person.

>> No.1562880
File: 171 KB, 1024x768, R-Type_Tactics_II_Bitter_Chocolate_WP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your list of R-Type games is incomplete.


>> No.1562935

Might as well take a look in to the games made by this Thai outfit:


Some of their titles were published by Phoenix Games, which I'm sure some of you may recall for publishing third-rate, rubbish bin games for PAL territories.

>> No.1562961

Also, the Cindy games published by Phoenix for the PS1 and PC were apparently released in 2004.

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