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Are there any good adaptation of Hanafuda or Mahjong on Gameboy/NES/SNES? I'd like to learn how to play, but wonder how much Japanese I'd need to know in order to play such games.

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PC Engine

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If you know how to play mahjong, you should be able to enjoy most games. At the very least you would need to learn the 4 or so menu items/buttons labels are so you can make the proper calls when taking tiles. Though you might not be able to play with the rule customizations.

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I am very interested in finding some Hanafuda games myself.

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Not on Gameboy/NES/SNES, but I used to play Min-Ha-To (Korean adaptation of Hanafuda) on DOS. Not sure how the rule differs between the two, though.

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Koreans are gross, please keep this to just Japanese variants.

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Why these platforms in particular, OP?

Nintendo's history got you curious?

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Any really. I bought a pack of Hanafuda cards in NYC and been playing non-stop with friends. I also want to buy a mahjong set.

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Ok, so you won't really need any Japanese to play most basic Hanafuda games as long as you already understand how the game works. I've come across a couple Famicom versions but soon discovered they were ecchi games. There's AV Hanafuda Club, which is pretty straightforward, the cards are decently legible, and as you gain a lead in points you get increasingly racy screens of pixelly 8-bit girls in various states of undress. Not exactly boner bait, but it's pretty interesting as a curiosity. Hanafuda Yuukyou Den - Nagarebana Oryuu is another game in a similar vein. This one's a little more complicated though and the cards can be a bit difficult to distinguish. The difficulty's definitely higher and you can use the points you earn to unlock advantages, such as seeing your opponent's hand. Problem is these bonuses are all in Japanese so you'll need to either be able to read them or figure them out through trial-and-error.

For unadulterated Hanafuda, I particularly like Pocket Hanafuda for the GBC. The cards are very large, colorful, and easy to identify and you can simply scroll the screen to see what you/your opponent have collected instead of having piles clutter up the screen. The music can get repetitive, but it's not really like anyone's playing the game for the sound in the first place.

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There are tons of mahjong game for arcade, so MAME is your best bet. In fact, this site mahjonginmame.com (not updated in years) taught me the basics of mahjong.
Be warned that most game are ecchi, though.
So, if you're easily offended, play the SNES version of Super Real Mahjong P5

As for Hanafuda, I began with Star Platinum (PC-98 or Windows). The cards are zodiac signs so it's easier to get a hang of the various combinations.

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Funny thing about strip mahjong games, is at first you're all, "yeah! take it off, girl!!"
Eventually you're, "yeah, panties, whatever, deal the next hand already!"

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Aren't PC98 or Windows Mahjong games easier to control since you can use a mouse instead of the special Mahjong controllers.


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Well, I find arcade games with the A-N layout on a keyboard quicker than a mouse or a selection with arrows.

Plus the arcade games usually have power-ups that can grant you some crazy hands. First turn 13 Orphans ? Fuck yeah !

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