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So what makes this game great?

Naturally, though I've played little of it, I can tell that the soundtrack is fantastic and it plays competently. You can just tell if a game plays well or not after a short while, and it definitely plays well (unlike, say, Maximum Carnage or The Shadow or something).

But with all the praise I hear of this game, what makes it stand out gameplay-wise? Is it difficulty or replay value or what?

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It's really solid and fun.
And that combined with the great soundtrack and pretty good aesthetics it's a good beat 'em up.

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It has a lot of depth for a beat-em-up game when it comes to special moves and grapples. Every character plays differently. Mania mode is one of the best challenges in the genre. Atmosphere and music is fantastic. It's just a wonderful game.

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Overall a nice piece of art. I remember playing part one with my buddies for hours on end.
Part two is the icing on the cake - same quality with some added quantity.

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>Maximum Carnage
>doesn't play well

I will fucking fight you.

SOR2 is goat however, though I'm more partial to the mechanics of BK3

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I'm sorry but Maximum Carnage is trash.

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Nah, it's a great beat 'em up. Separation Anxiety wasn't so hot, but Maximum Carnage is great. Lrn2webthrow.

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Your ass is trash and I'm gonna plow it.

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I would say the replay value. The gameplay is very solid and refined for such an old console beat em up, the difficulty is well balanced, the music is fantastic and the graphics nice.

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Streets of Rage 3 was objectively better in absolutely every possible way other than music

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>Streets of Rage 3

Do you mean Bare Knuckle 3 right? because SoR3 is an unbalanced piece of shit, and the story is less interesting.

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No it wasn't.

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Let's see...

>legendary soundtrack
>16-bit at its finest
>combos only seen in arcade fighters
>never suffered the fate of being a downgraded console port
>AI can kick your ass

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>AI can kick your ass

Man I love SoR2 but it was pretty easy for beat em up standards.

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Did you even play on Mania?

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No I rarely ever increase the difficulty unless it does something like adding different enemy types or adding new attacks. Does it do anything like that or is it the usual increasing only damage and health the enemies have?

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Yes, the AI is WAY crazier, and there are more enemies on screen.

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Shit man I will try it out. I have been playing SoR 2 for years so this will breathe some new life into it.

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The first one isn't too great any more. It's awesome for the police support fire, and that's about it.

The second one, though, aged like a fine wine.
>Throw escaping
>switching sides when grabbing
>safe falls
>weapon specialization

The combos in that game are insane. You can Like, SF4 kind of insane, maybe even harder because you need a good teamwork to do it. Enemy AI was way ahead of its time, they even pick up the food you left alone for too long. The type of enemies are also pretty varied-basically each one of them that's not a pallet swap does its own thing. You got dudes who slide and trip you, counter your jump kicks, guys that block, flying guys, long range guys, guys that do flying kicks, cheap Ninja guys that you must absolutely have to study to counter.

Just do yourself a favor and check out some of the speed run videos of it to see what the game is capable of.

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mein negger

It's kind of hilarious how fucking OP Venom is compared to Spidey. I was eventually able to beat the entire game as Spidey, only switching to Venom when fighting Carnage at the end, but holy fuck was it hard. The most satisfying thing ever was positioning yourself perfectly between a couple of goons and pulling off that double websling thing where you drag them both towards yourself and crack their fucking skulls together.

It's also kind of shocking how big of a pile of shit Separation Anxiety turned out to be in comparison, considering that it's pretty much the same game.

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>>Throw escaping
>>switching sides when grabbing
>>safe falls

The first one has all of those too, you know.

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I was just about to say

Not sure about throw escaping, though, unless summoning the artillery strike counts as one.

>Enemy AI was way ahead of its time, they even pick up the food you left alone for too long.
You're probably thinking of BK3.

Unless it's a Mania thing.

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Enemies have way too much HP and lowering the difficulty decreases enemies of screen when I really just want the enemy HP to go down. I feel like I'm not getting the full experience with less enemies and enemies with all that HP makes for a pretty boring full experience.

I think the first game is better. Just the pacing and length and the speed of the gameplay.

I don't usually go for hings like 1 credit clears in games but SoR1 felt so brief yet so enjoyable that it inspired me to sit down for a couple of hours until I could finish it in one life. I thought I would do similar with the second one, but man, all that HP it just drags. Finished it with a continue and didn't look back. Every now and again I sit down with it thinking something will click and I'll like it more than SoR1 but nope, just not for me.

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Throw escaping?

Like when a regular guy grabs you from behind or holding up and jump when you get thrown to negate damage?

You escape all throws by trying to jump first and then attacking to use a counter throw in SoR1.

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Oh shit, I thought you meant using the special move to break out of grabs. I totally forgot about those.

>tfw grabbed from behind
>tfw when the other goons start moving in for the rape
>tfw fucking horse-kicking the approaching guy right in the dick
>tfw when throwing the second fucker off your back and right into a crowd of his buddies that were just starting to get up

The hypest shit.

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I've read that whoever did localization practically butchered SOR3. What were the biggest sins?

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I was playing 1 the other day.

>move really slowly
>graphics have little style
>massive slowdown, feels like an SNES game
>enemies are boring and fight in a boring manner

Pretty crappy compared to Golden Axe, which is itself far from arcade perfect (music cuts out whenever a sound plays? Really?).

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not very great, just nostalgia-fags rose-tinting the beat-em-up genre. If you're going to play a beat-em-up may as well play one that actually improved upon the genre ex. DnD SoM or ToD. or if you really want to piss off /vr/ try dragon's crown

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>Beat 'em ups with RPG elements

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I honestly can't comprehend why SoR2 is considered the best in the series, but I do understand why it's the most popular.

Personally I like SoR3 more because it plays better. In this thread I discovered the two links that explained the differences between it and BK3 and... I'm fine with those changes, you really think the game was butchered? Come on. Different names for enemies and bosses and characters and slightly different plot doesn't butcher a game, and neither does rebalancing the difficulty. The versions are barely different at all, both games being excellent arcade titles, and I can't wait to own SoR2 and 3 some day.

It's true that I love 3 way more than 2, but I never owned them as a kid, only 1. I played 2 and 3 only with an emulator over the years, but once I can I'm getting the cartridges and have me some fun.

Incidentally, Blaze dressed in white/gray/silver? Looks just as awesome as dressed in red. And I don't mind Axel wearing yellow/black. Yes, it's a little odd, but not that odd.

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I thought SoR3 played way worse.

>Rechargeable meter for special moves. Hated that stuff. The risk/reward of having to sacrifice health to use them was a better system. This just encourages you to mindlessly use them since the gauge fills up so fast.
>Fucked up the special move controls since your special is also a dash. Special moves just don't come out as well or as intuitively.
>Worse design, in my opinion. Lots of levels drag on for way longer than they should and it just gets repetitive.

Music was top-notch though.

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I feel the opposite. I hate Golden Axe on the Genesis.

In SoR, I don't think you move slowly. The graphics are great, just look at this. Had that dark, dusky neon thing going in throughout most of the levels.

Can't say I noticed any slowdown, but I won't really argue against it. I'd like to see an example in a video or something though.

Enemies have worse variety than the sequel, but I love the way you fight them. With no consistent move to knock all enemies down you have to play more carefully and know how to use your grabs. It's good fun.

With Golden Axe I felt like the game just encouraged you to do nothing but go for quick knowndowns since enemies charged at you so frequently.

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Best part of it was the RAGE

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Except 3 is much more difficult than 2, so having a cooldown on special moves makes things a bit more even.

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>Music was top-notch though.

Bizarro! Bizarro!

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I just don't think it's a good mechanic. Just has you waiting for that bar to fill up so you can use that special move again instead of using it strategically.

SoR2 was hard as fuck already on Hardest or Mania and it didn't need a cooldown to be balanced.

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>I thought SoR3 played way worse.
>>Rechargeable meter for special moves. This just encourages you to mindlessly use them since the gauge fills up so fast.
Not true. This encourages you to time the use of your special attacks a lot better so you can play more strategically while saving your health. I feel like this system lets you show how well or not you use your special moves. It doesn't make sense for it to *always* take your health away.

The best thing about the special moves is that they let you break out of an enemy's hold; now if you always lost health, it would be pointless to do it at all. So that little meter is very purposeful and recharges at just the right rate, and IIRC the amount of health you lose is proportional to how full the meter is, so you may or may not have saved health by using it (to break out of a grab) without the meter being full. There's so much going on in terms of damage in SoR3 that, you could almost say, it makes the combat have more depth. The fact that enemies deal more damage in higher difficulty modes compliments the special move/meter mechanics perfectly, especially considering there are more enemies on screen, and you have more freedom of movement thanks to rolling and sprinting.

(continued in next post)

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Trying to tell me this doesn't sound incredible?

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>You can just tell if a game plays well or not after a short while
I don't think this is always the case, some games are so different they require adjusting to a different mindset, but this isn't really the time or place to talk about that.

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>>Fucked up the special move controls since your special is also a dash. Special moves just don't come out as well or as intuitively.
Nope. Dashing attacks are not the same as the aforementioned special moves, they do not utilize the same mechanics. If you play truly well and rack up those points without losing a life, you are awarded ranks (stars) to your running attack, so eventually you don't even have to worry about the unintuitive inputs anymore. All of this, once again, forces you to play more strategically, and still involves a risk/reward sort of gamble. Memorize the inputs, then make sure you do them fast and hard enough at the right time.

>>Worse design, in my opinion. Lots of levels drag on for way longer than they should and it just gets repetitive.
It's been too long since I've played both games from start to finish to remember all of the stages and how long they take, but I will momentarily agree mostly due to the railroad segment with the... robotic... carts? Yeah, fuck that part of the game. I mean it's not that difficult to avoid the carts, but pair this with jump/throw/kunai happy ninjas and it can really drive me up the wall.

>Music was top-notch though.

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im sure here everyone knows about sorr? you can customize the battle system to any of the games.

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Don't you mean BIZARROOOO incredible?

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>This encourages you to time the use of your special attacks a lot better so you can play more strategically while saving your health.

The problem is that the gauge refills so quickly. When it always took away your health, you really did have to worry about when to use them because each time you did it meant losing health. Ideally, you'd want to get into a position where you'd never have to use it. The punishment for bad positioning is usually taking loads of enemy damage, but the special move is meant to lessen that for players who are quick enough to see the damage coming.

In SoR3, you don't have to think about it as much since you can use it freely whenever the gauge is full. So you can get into a position where you SHOULD be punished, but won't be because the game gives you a free out (as opposed to an alternative method that lessens the punishment).

I think they should've kept it the way it was in SoR2. That was a system that doesn't fail. It's a good standard.

These special moves are invincible attacks that knock all enemies away. There should be a definite cost to using them. The fact is, SoR3 can allow you to use that move without there being any real cost and I don't think that's as good design.

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>putting bitches Electra or Ash instead R. Bear masterrace, Barbon or Abadede as selectable characters

It's the only bad thing about Remake

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Using specials as defensive measure, i'd agree with you. But specials as offensive weapons? Sor3 system is better as it encourage doing specials instead of only using it as saving moves. It also makes throwing offensive specials a conondrum as a missed specials could lead to a nasty counter, and as we all know specials with empty gage is massively draining health

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I would've preferred Onihime and Yasha.

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Ash was already playable in BK3.

The only boss with a near-full moveset was Shiva anyway (and they screwed THAT up in BK3, he can't use some of his moves when playable).

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Clearly you don't understand how combat works.

This. No more I needed to say.

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Ninja Baseball Bat Man > Streets of Lame

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Have a nice play, then.

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Not seeing it in the youtube video I brought up. But youtube doesn't show anything over 30fps and they could very well be emulating. I played the thing on an actual Genesis. Stage 3 was the culprit.

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The SOR3 system encouraged you to spam specials more often, the SOR2 system limited you to strategic usage (whenever the loss of life caused by using the move was a legitimate sacrifice that could save you more life in the long run, such as getting out of an enemy combo or killing multiple enemies in one go to save you from getting overwhelmed).

The problem with the SOR3 system was that it was less tactical and slower paced. If you used up a special and an enemy started comboing you or grabbing you, you couldn't get free without using a meter-less special, which took down 1/5th of your life. So you were forced to sit back and take the hits.
SOR3 changed this from BK3, meter-less specials ate less life there.

The SOR2 system was better in my opinion. It was faster paced but no less tactical, and allowed you to really dish out damage if needed, or even to get yourself invincible more often if required (ninjas and their goddamn throwing stars). It just went with the flow of the game better.

What makes the problem of the SOR3 system less obvious is that the entire game is balanced differently. Specials don't do as extreme damage as in SOR2 in the first place. Neither do normal attacks for that matter. Throws, certain weapon combos, and 3 star dash moves are the strongest attacks, specials are almost always weaker than all of those.

Which makes you think that they put that meter in there so you can occasionally do a "cool" move for free, because otherwise you would have little use of it, other than occasional defense.

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imo the mark of a good beat em up is fast pacing and a sense of adrenaline, streets of rage 2 is too slow and it takes too long to kill things

makes it more dull and repetitive than it needs to be

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>The SOR3 system encouraged you to spam specials more often
You keep using that word. I don't think you know what it means. Even if it were true, it would apply mostly only the japanese version, as in western versions of the game, the health penalty for spamming the special is greater.

So no, you're wrong. Also, as long as a game has good controls and fair enemy AI, nobody "spams" anything to play well. You can't "spam" anything in SOR and beat the game, you just can't.

Which leads back to my previous post, quote, >>1551440
>Clearly you don't understand how combat works.
which leads me to believe that you are, in fact, a casual, or just plain dumb.

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>it would apply mostly only the japanese version, as in western versions of the game, the health penalty for spamming the special is greater.

No, it was the other way around. Using a special without a meter in BK3 used something like 1/4th of your lifebar. In SOR3, it used WAY less.

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the reason they added the special bar was because the only time you'd use a special was when you're about to get hit, making normal combat very repetitive for a good player.

there's also the issue of "why bother using a special that hurts you" if you can find a way out of the situation without it.

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Whatever the case, the point was, you don't spam anything if you actually plan on beating the game.

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Just confirmed it. Specials in SOR3 knock off what is roughly a single punch's worth of HP while BK3 does about a fifth of your entire lifebar.

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Don't the enemies deal more damage though? Yes they do. As long as you aren't playing on Easy.