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Yeah, that's a Playstation. What's the point of this thread, OP?

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Best controller ever. Not psone but this and only this one.

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>What's the point of this thread


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I got the 5502 model last week, and I don't want to buy games. WHich modchip should I install in it? I heard the MultiMode3 is the best for this model.

Also which PIC microcontroller should I buy? A PIC 12C509A-04P?

And does a programmer like in this picture really work?

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The SNES is better than the PlayStation.

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Yeah, no.

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That is, in fact, incorrect.

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That thing is called a PSX

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>Sonyggers think the PS1 is better than the GOAT SNES

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Snesbabbies think super nintendog is better than GOAT colecovision

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>Good, let alone GOAT

Top kek.

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>Not liking Colecovision
Nigger who the fuck do you think you are

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<--PS1 or PSOne

Also do we really need another thread about this bullshit?

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More like PISS-1. Hahahaha. Ha.

Who else likes Monster Rancher 2?

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>not PSX
underage detected

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Back in the day, I'm pretty sure most people called it just 'The Playstation'.

Calling it even the PS should be enough.

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That guy is shitposting, FYI

No one over the age of 12 ever cares if it's called the PSX/PS1/Playstation because everyone knows what it's referring to. He's just trying to start up shit because he's a shitposter. Ignore him.

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Fun fact, the original run of Playstations in Japan came with a digital controller that was a bit smaller than the international models that ultimately replaced them even in Japan. These smaller controllers' model number is scph-1010 they're the ones on the left (the older looking ones)

Also Playstation is better than SNES not just by virtue of being more powerful, but also due to the greater variety of games on account of Sony's specifically non-Nintendo-like licensing and production models.

Unless you would never play a 3D game to save your life.

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shit they're actually on the right sorry.

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>playing 3DPD

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Here's a better pic. The 1010 is front and center.

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how the fuck does one wear out the symbols on the buttons? With the magical power of being born with sandpaper coated fingers?

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>Being more powerful makes the Playstation better than the SNES

Of course Sony fanboys only care about power.

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I never understood how people do that. My oldest PSX controller got dpad fucked but symbols were like new.

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At least Sony fans know how to read.

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>not call it mega snes

dual shock is better, and you know it

almost true

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What's with all of the console war kiddie shitposting lately?

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>not calling it the PSX back then
Shit, did you sheltered retards ever even read mags or pay attention to vidya news.

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do you call the wii revolution and the n64 ultra 64

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>do you call the ultra 64
>how do nicknames work
I would if it were generally adopted by media and periodicals during the lifetime of the system. Being belligerent about it is fun though.

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>the n64 ultra 64
joe on gamesack does

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Xbox One

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I've got the dualshock's retarded older brother. it's a bit bigger and the sticks spin in their sockets, which is wierd as hell.

>don't feel like taking an actual picture

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No one called the N64 Ultra 64 after the console was actually released. Everyone called the Playstation PSX long after the console was released.

But you're probably too young to know that.

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One of my Dualshocks actually had a stick spinning in it's socket as well. I wondered if it got loose or something, or that was some error in assemby.

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It's easy to tell a dual analog from a dual shock by weight.

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Also, convex vs. concave analog sticks.

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please fuck off, its just called the playstation

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Banjo Kazooie is better than Crash Bandicoot.

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They are both terrible.

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But Crash Bandicoot is terrible-er

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Is there anywhere online that sells replacement laser assemblies? the laser moves around, but the motor is apparently shot. this is a 1001 model.

>image contains an embedded file
>I just took the fucking picture

what the hell, 4chan?

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here in my country we called it just the playstation since we have no idea there was a psx. We just read the name in the box.

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Uh yeah they're all over eBay for less than $10 for the entire assembly. Never pass up a $3 PSX

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Bought one recently, and a bunch of my favourite games. It was not as good as I remember.

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I don't know, but it can't be a good sign.

There's only so much good posting you can do to stave off the shitposting.

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I've found that if the sticks get pulled up they can spin like that, but you can just pop them back by pressing them.

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Quit it with that shit. It's stuff like that which leads to the pointless shitposting going on here lately.

Anyways, they're both good in their own merits, just like their respective systems. At least imo anyways.

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heh heh.


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The original originals are probably painted on. All I remember, from taking appart my pads, is that my controller buttons used two different layers of plastic, so this technically should not happen.

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polygons don't age anywhere near as good as sprites do

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