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What's /vr/'s ps rpg collection lookin like?

Here's mine
>ffX and IX and xenogears are at my dorm

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Pic related and an incomplete copy of Legend of Dragoon.

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I...I had to sold most of my PS1 collection to pay for college.

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Whats with all the wires on the ground?

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Breath of Fire 3 & 4
Final Fantasy 1 -> 9
Suikoden 1 & 2
Vandal Hearts 1 & 2
Legend of legaia
Legend of Kartia
Guardian Crusade
Legend of Dragoon
Arc the Lad
Saga Frontier 1 & 2
Star Ocean : The Second Story

Might have a few more, but that's my main games.

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Work in progress?
You gave up just like everyone else haha
That's stuff from my GameCube and VCR, Nintendo and ps2 and 360 are on the other side ha
I need to pick up BoF games, and are the saga games good

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I definitly recommend them. They have some really nice graphical work in them and the combat/story is really nicely done.

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Star Ocean 2nd
Persona 2
Valkyrie Profile

And burned copies of all the rest. Kinda sad that I never bought a legit copy of ff7 back in the day.

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Interesting! I'll have to look into gettin em sometime after I beat the remainder of these. What's your personal favorite ps rpg

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I need to upgrade my GH versions and replace the cracked cases.

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Nice on persona 2 that games expensive, and yeah I've owned some of these games before but had to rebuy them all because my bro sold them all. Ff7 is only 30, id say it's worth it to own a hard copy

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thats a though question.
I spent a lot of time on all these games as a kid, trying to get 100% complete.

if I had to pick one of my entire list i would say Suikoden 2

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1. How are the alundra games, eternal eyes, and vanguard bandits?
2. Nice on the ogre series and eternal blue
3. Really nice collection, I'm jelly

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So that game IS that good then eh?

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I cannot even describe how great Suikoden 2 is.

In some aspects it far exceeds any RPG game I have played so far. The story is really catching, has a lot of depth and there's a huge background for almost every character in the game.

Big advantage is the save-game inport feature from the previous game, allowing you to unlocked a few additional features.

The world of Suikoden is huge, both in the game you're playing as the universe it takes place in. Some characters are known to re-appear in up to 3 or 4 games out of the series, if not in all of them.

The entire series is also linked, in that the games either follow eachother in chronological order (4,1,2,3) or explain features of each other.

Graphics and spell effects are pretty awesome as well given the platform and technology standards back then. I simply love how they did some of the spells in the game. And the fact you have so many combinations.

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One day I'll get it, sucks that it runs near a 100$ though
Thanks for giving me reason to buy it though

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Yeah, the game is first of all really hard to find here in Europe. We usually pay quite a bit more then 100$ for a copy.

I personally got lucky that I received both Suikoden I and II from a friend several years ago since he did not play them and knew I was a fan.

Really crossing my fingers that you can get your hands on them and play these gems.

Other recommendations I have (after looking through my disks):

Parasite Eve I & II
Tales of Destiny if you can find them
Wild Arms
Lunar I & II

Getting those with my previous list will probably set you back quite a bit, but they're damn amazing games to play if you're into RPGs

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Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Suikoden II
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete
Saiyuki: Journey West
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Dragoon
Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
Jade Cocoon
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy Chronicles
Final Fantasy Anthology
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story
SaGa Frontier
SaGa Frontier II
Star Ocean The Second Story
Vandal Hearts
Azure Dreams
Shadow Tower
Chocobo's Dungeon 2
Thousand Arms
Wild Arms
Wild Arms 2
Dragon Warrior VII
Threads of Fate
Monster Rancher 2
Legend of Mana
Front Mission 3

Still trying to get stuff like Rhapsody, the Tales games, and Brigadine.

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Forgot Xenogears and Parasite Eve

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Its really small. I was too poor to buy video games back then

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>Work in progress?

Well, yes and no. I'm the guy who has the platformers, and a pal of mine is the one who has the RPGs (Legend of Legaia, Persona, SMT, Star Ocean, etc.), so we just go around switching like little kids in a schoolyard.

>mfw another pal lent me one of his Dragon Quest games and the case only had the manual because his ex stole the disc

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I have xeno, wild arms, and lunar silver star. I'll work on the rest!
Damn impressive my friend, damn impressive
Completely understandable
I wish I had retro gaming friends, but I do not. I'd kill that ex

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Any other words to describe your game collection except 'collection'? That's what it is, but I'm not actually collecting, I just buy games I like.

'My library of games' doesn't sound accurate either.

I have half a dozen oven mitts too, but if I call it my oven mitt collection it sounds like I'm actively collecting when I've just happened to receive several of them as gifts.

>phraseology handbag

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Discography, a pile, idk man haha

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God fuckin dammit another case of me hiveminding with someone

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hah, I guess pile or stack is okay if I can't just say 'my games'

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That'll do pig, that'll do

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other suggestions, horse?

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Haha suggestions for names or games?

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for a games collection.

I've been trying to look for a name that doesn't imply anything much more than ownership. I could use 'assortment', 'set', 'selection' or 'compilation'. I realise I am getting a bit, er, autistic, about this.

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is arse the lad worth playing? i dropped it after ~30 mins, so i don't knwo if i'm missing anything. how are the sequels and spinoffs?

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Yeah you sound a bit out there but it's cool, how about anthology, selection, or store

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I'm currently playing the first, it's not too bad. Pretty fucking easy and it's supposed to be short, the second is supposed to be sweet. It has a data transfer thing through all three games too
The first is pretty humorous in dialogue though

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lvl 99 kek

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While I had a Playstation growing up back when it was big, I never had many games for it, so the JRPGs I own for the system are still kind of limited, mostly due to how expensive some of the ones that didn't sell that well can get these days.
>Parasite Eve
>Tales of Eternia/Destiny II
>Brave Fencer Musashi and Threads of Fate if they count.
Actually still need give most of those he time they deserve since I picked them up fairly recently, but haven't had much time to get down to them yet due to college projects.

How's Granstream Saga? I've seen that around cheap lately.

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I prefer hard copies. That's just me though
I feel ya, and I'm not sure I haven't gotten around to it but yeah it's cheap and what I've read it's supposed to be at least a worthwhile playthrough

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ok, but this also sounds as if it was pretty forgettable? maybe i should spend my time giving chrono chros/trigger a try instead? because, if i really play arc the vag, i'd play the whole franchise including pokemon stadium...

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Don't have many Alundra 2,Guardian crusade, Parasite eve 2, they are usually expensive as shit

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Not sure about Guardian Crusade, but Parasite Eve and Alundra 2 aren't all that expensive, at least where I live. Far more pricy JRPGs on the system, especially the ones that didn't get big prints (Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia/Destiny II, Persona 1 and 2, and Suikoden II come to mind).

Still, I have to wonder why Parasite Eve 2 goes for about twice the first game out where I live. I mean, the first isn't all that expensive if you can find a decent place with it (usually $12-16), but the second game runs about $28-30.

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Exactly all the other rpgs are expesive

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That's weird as hell considering the first game is much better.

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Apologies. I had thought you were trying to say the ones you'd picked up were expensive as shit for some reason where you lived.

Yeah, most of them are kind of pricy, but if you like them you'll get a real bang for your buck in a fair amount of cases. Though of course these days emulation with the Playstation is pretty easy, if money's an issue.

Makes me wonder if one store managed to sell some for $30 or so and now everyone else has raised their prices to match. I think both used to be about $20 each some months back around here.

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I could understand PE1 and 2 being same price. Fans seem to be roughly 50/50 about which one's better (I'm saying PE1, but PE2 is great, too).

But yeah, I see PE2's all over the place - PE1 much less so.

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Exactly. Hell, I got the first Parasite Eve for $12 complete at a place that usually has scalper prices (they fuck up the pricing in favor of the customer often enough that that they're worth checking back at, and at times can even beat the prices of the most reasonable store I know for games when they really screw up; meanwhile popular games that are about $11 elsewhere are $30 there). Same store wants nearly $30 for the second game, which they have more of. Makes me wonder if they charge that low for the first game to try to get people that enjoy it to buy the second game at full price. I suppose either way you're still saving some money on the first, but that's a reasonably big increase between the two games, and I'm not real sure why.

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Are they charging per disc or something?

Oh god, what a horrible idea.

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I don't have a collection because I only keep good games.

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>Are they charging per disc or something?
Considering I once got a copy of Xenogears at the same place, complete and in decent shape for $5, I doubt that.

Seriously though, with less popular, more niche stuff like JRPGs, chance are you might actually find them pretty cheap at this place. Anything bigger name, or more popular, you're likely to pay a good deal more than you should.

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OP back, just got back to my uni dorm from home.
Holy shit you got xenogears for 5$?! Lucky man
Haha I like your names for shit, and I'd play through chrono trig and cross first because I love those games (I might like cross even more than trig). I don't know enough about arc yet to give a real good opinion but I feel it's worthwhile

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I'll have to do this without looking because I don't feel like taking out bunch of games to get to a bunch of games that are behind them.

Final Fantasy Anthology, Chronicles, Tactics, 7, 8 & 9
Wild Arms 1&2
Guardian's Crusade
Lunar 1&2
Jade Cocoon
Legend of Mana
Threads of Fate
Beyond the Beyond
Breath of Fire 3
Eternal Eyes
Legend of Legaia

There might be a couple more. But the last time I pulled everything out I had a hard time putting it all back properly.

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Personal favorite?

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>Holy shit you got xenogears for 5$?!
Yeah, it surprised me too. it was right after Christmas (guessing some people had traded their old stuff in for buying last minutes gifts) they also had a complete, black label copy of Final Fantasy VII there for $12 that I would have bought if it wasn't all faded and warped. Also picked up Koudelka for $12 and (while not /vr/) Super Mario Sunshine for $12 that night as well; seen the former go for up to $45 where I live, while the latter's been at $25+ and climbing. I honestly don't know what's up with them. I'll see them give a particular game a truly asinine price and it will just sit there until the end of time, yet for harder to find, generally more expensive games they'll mark them down for some unknown reason, sometimes drastically. Doesn't happen that often, but often enough to make going back to check what they have worth it. Sometimes I'm there at the right time to get something I might have written off for being too expensive even at a reasonably priced store.

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Damn what is this magic land

>> No.1509342

Some crappy store that can't seem to get the prices on its stuff together. I'm not complaining about finding the occasional good deal there (not /vr/, but Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for about $10 and Wild Arms Alter Code F for $18 were welcome finds in addition to the previous finds), especially since spending money's usually tight, but they have GOT to work on their pricing for normal games. As an example, I saw some Playstation Gundam game there for about $30 complete, whereas the most reasonable consistent store I know only wants about $10-12 for the same thing. Another example: They still have their copy of Metroid Prime 2 priced at nearly $30 when it goes for at most $12 complete elsewhere. It's been there since I first started searching to see if the place had anything decent at a reasonable price.

I suppose it's not their fault for trying to get away with that stuff though. Gamestop bought up and drove away pretty much everywhere else in this part of town, and they managed to survive by being a multimedia store. In addition, there's just very few places to buy older games out here, and most of them feel justified in charging scalper prices on stuff worth playing, especially harder to find stuff, because of the overall lack of places to buy it and because they can pull the "it's old and retro now" card. It's created a pretty big gap in prices between the majority and the one or two stores that still have all around reasonable prices, and people are willing to pay those ridiculous prices for stuff.

I suppose this is getting a bit off the topic of PS1 JRPGs though.

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Hmm from those... I think I'd have to say Wild Arms.

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Not him, but how is Wild Arms 2 anyhow? Been thinking of looking into it myself if I see it in good condition; most stores around here want $25-30 each for both the first and second game, but I know of one that only charges $16.

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I have most of them. I know I'm still missing Brigadine, Azure Dreams, Hashigami, Persona 1 and 2, and Tales of Destiny 2, and will buy them if I ever see them.
Also Eternal Eyes... but that game is shit

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If you're dead set on Tales of Eternia/Destiny II and have the money to spend, pick it up. Great game right now, and it still holds up quite well, between the spriting, pacing, music, and overall fluid combat that still makes it fun to go back and play all these years later.

I see it often enough where I live (already have my own copy), but I wouldn't call it common by any means. Not sure how much it goes for out where you are but it's about $90 here, complete or not.

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Oooohhhh this thread adds fire to my jelly. I envy you all. Stay classy.

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OP back again, doubt anyone is left but wild arms for me got a bit trudging for me at the end. My playthrough ended but being 45 hours, I just got kind of tired of it haha. Good game though
What is eternal eyes even
Lol at the metroid price
Haha you going to work on getting some?

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I just remembered I had Chrono Cross. How could I forget that. And if you want to count Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain I got that too.

>> No.1510826

I have pretty much the basics.

Breath of Fire 3 & 4
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy 7-9
Final Fantasy Origins
Final Fantasy Tactics
Legend of Dragoon
Legend of Mana

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Ahh Torneko the Last hope. That was the first rogue-like I ever played. That was also the game that taught me I fucking hate rogue-likes.

>> No.1511401

>Lol at the metroid price
Yeah. One of the prime offenders is them pricing games going for about $10 for $30 or so. Really not sure why they do it. On a related note, at least the don't charge $50 for used copies of Other fucking M like another store I know does, but that's a topic for another time.

>What is eternal eyes even
Not him, but I think it might have been some strategy RPG or something. Heard something along the lines of the mechanics either being dumbed down for the US release, or the translation was botched, I don't know, and I suppose I could have heard wrong. Either way, it's only about $5 at most places here (not just that one place I keep finding stuff like Xenogears at absurdly low prices) where I live, which generally doesn't bode well for JRPGs, at least on the Playstation.

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Didn't have any money when these came out, so I'm slowly (and expensively) working on my collection now that I have a job.

Also, fuck those price tags, ruining the cases.

>> No.1511536

Yeah some of them are pretty damn expensive these days. I had a PS1 growing up but never managed to get much for it, and none of what I had were JRPGs. How much did you pay for Suikoden II?

Also, (in my experiences, at least, and make sure to remove the manual and discs first) using a very small amount of goo-gone, a bit of elbow grease, and some rubbing alcohol to clean up will remove those stickers and adhesive safely, provided they're on the case itself and not the manual or, somehow, the art inserts. I've never had much of an issue with them using that method, unless they're a caked on, decades old sticker from FUCKING GAMESTOP. Recently picked up a cheap copy of Monster Hunter PS1 with one of those on it and it took me a good hour or so, a lot of effort, and most of my patience to clean all that shit off it.

>> No.1511549

I paid more than I'm comfortable admitting 250 canadian. The case, manual, and disc are all in perfect condition, though. I have a friend who got his for $20 from a rental store when it closed, but it's in rough shape.

Thanks for the advice. They're all on the case, except for Vandal Hearts, which is on the fucking insert.

I think I'm going to aim for the Breath of Fires next, but it's hard to justify those prices when it's available on the PSN. It's going to be even harder to justify re-buying Vagrant Story so I have a hard copy.

>> No.1511584

Out of curiosity, how much does the Canadian dollar or whatever you guys use stack up against the US one? Just wondering since the most I see Suikoden II for out here is $150, with the most reasonable store I know selling it complete for $120-130 (which is still high, but they're fond of knocking off some dollars on stuff here and there to keep customers happy); makes me wonder if that's about equal or if you guys are suffering serious scalper markup.

As for Breath of Fire III and IV, I've been meaning to look into those too, but it's hard to find them in both decent shape and still at a reasonable price out here. Both go for $30-40. Hell, if you're on the fence about them, I'd say perhaps emulate a bit of them and see if you like them enough to actually drop the money on a physical copy, if actually having your own copies of stuff is something big for you.

>> No.1511602

Vagrant story ain't too bad priced at least.
I'm surprised myself at BoF holding it's value well

>> No.1511617

Probably helps that (from what I've seen) most people consider III and IV to be among the best of the series, at least as far as refinements and official translations go. That said, last I checked, even the US release of II on the SNES was pretty pricy; kind of a shame Capcom didn't see the GBA rereleases of I and II as an opportunity to spruce the official translations up.

>> No.1511636

Yeah they were fun games, just seemed like ones that'd be placed on the back burned to others to me personally. I just feel like most of these games prices are artificially driven up by peoples nostalgia getting in the way and having them throw absurd amounts of money at the game

>> No.1511639

Burners* not burned

>> No.1511652

To be honest, Breath of Fire III and IV are about average price for a PS1 JRPG, at least where I live (about the same as FFVII, Xenogears, various other Squaresoft games like Threads of Fate and Brave Fencer Musashi). It's the ones that got smaller prints (Both of the localized PS1 Tales games, Suikoden, Persona 1 and 2, etc) that really see inflated prices. Granted, at least with Tales of Eternia, the game still holds up really damn well on a lot of ends even to this day, so while pricy I had no regrets picking it up at the price I got mine at. Can't speak for whether the prices I see on the others listed are unreasonable compared to how much the games feel they should be worth though; haven't played them myself

>> No.1511660

I misremembered, it was actually $220. At the time, though, the Canadian dollar was worth about the same as the USD. I got it on Amazon(.ca).

If anyone knows where I can get retro games in Montreal, I'd love some advice. There hasn't been much since GameBuzz got shut down.

>> No.1511665

I suppose I should be happy they held up so well. And yeah the amount printed is a good point, games like ff9 and ff8 I can pick up dirt cheap even though they're pretty damn fun. But games like persona, I have to shell out 70$ if I want it because of limited print. A game I really want is tactics ogre

>> No.1511678

I'd help you if I lived in Canada. Hell, I have enough trouble finding reasonably priced stores that carry older games where I live in the US. Gamestop's got way too much power down here, that they drive out most small stores that stock older games, and drive up cost at most of the ones that have stuck around.

That said, have you done an online search for something like "used game stores in Montreal Canada" disregarding all the EB games/Gamestops? Kind of what I had to do to see what was still left in the towns surrounding mine after the local used game store went under. Granted, you're likely to find a lot of scalper stores if your experience is like mine, but finding the one reasonably priced, bro-tier store is worth the search.

>> No.1511681

Is the PS1 version of Chrono Trigger as bad as they say with regards to load times? I've never played it before and I don't have a SNES or DS, so I was just wondering if the load times would irk a first timer.

>> No.1511690

They'll definitely irk the shit out of you. Chrono Trigger on PSX was my first experience with the game in 2001 and it definitely was noticeable and irritating, but it's not unplayable or anything.

>> No.1511713

Shouldn't prevent you from enjoying it, I'd say

>> No.1511724

Damn, that's a shame, and I consider myself pretty tolerant of PS1 load times. As long as it's playable though. Thanks, I'll still give it a shot.

>> No.1511749

I like cross better personally though. Most would disagree

>> No.1511789

The problem is that the battle transitions are supposed to be seamless. On the SNES, the only "load time" are the animations are everyone gets into place and draws their weapons. On the PSX everyone stands around doing nothing like assholes and it looks awful.

Keep in mind that the PSX version was a really late release and even if you didn't have the SNES, you had access to SNES emulators on PC by then. So everyone knew what they were missing.

>> No.1511860

Those lags are annoying but not THAT bad

>> No.1511894

Off topic but arc the lad had an awesome line in it
Little drummer boy character just said
"I never thought I'd be saving the world with cymbals either"
Actually got me to laugh out loud

>> No.1512591

Anyone here have an opinion on kartia the word of fate?

>> No.1512625

I only played around 5 hours, but it was okay. I'm not a big fan of creating monsters to fight for you, since I enjoy leveling up my main characters, but it's still a good game.

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File: 2.11 MB, 3648x2736, DSCN0826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for the quality...

You might notice two copies of Vanguard Bandits, but one is signed by good ol' Victor Ireland.

Also, I didn't put up RPG-esque games like King's Field, Shadow Tower, Alundra...

H-how are my games?

>> No.1512780

Alright thanks, cause I have it but haven't played it yet. Maybe after I complete the arc the lad trilogy.
Pretty good chief! Similar to me (OP) except you have a few more rare ones than me, most of mine are run of the mill. I personally want tactics ogre bad.

>> No.1512784

Not bad. Been looking for a copy of Legend of Mana myself. On that note Vanguard Bandits is about $60 where I live, while Thousand arms ranges from $50-75. Hopefully you didn't pay too much acquiring two copies of the former along with the latter.

>> No.1512809

Is vanguard bandits good?

>> No.1512815

Not real sure myself, since I haven't played it yet, given the pricetag. As far as I know it's a strategy RPG with robots or something. Might be wrong.

As far as the price goes, I don't know if it got shortprinted, if it's just that good to warrant it, or if it's mainly due to having been handled by Working Designs out here (most games handled by them go for a lot out here, especially complete, boxed ones like Lunar or Lunar 2).

>> No.1512823

Sounds up my alley, I'll have to keep an eye on it.
Speaking of lunar, I have silver star story. How good is it? Haven't had a reason to play it

>> No.1512836

I've generally heard pretty good things about Lunar and Lunar 2, though I still need to find time to play them myself. If you have an actual copy already and enjoy JRPGs (which I assume you do) I'd say give it a go

>> No.1512859


>>1512641 here

I'm not really sure how good it is objectively, but I really love this game.
As >>1512815 said, it's a tactical RPG with somewhat fantasy-like robots (no clunky mechs with machineguns like Front Mission).
The whole game just feels... charming? I mean, it's fun, the character design is okay, the crew is likeable, it has a fair bit of humour (and it's not only WD fucking around, since the second secret opening is goofy, too), the music is average with a few good tunes... it has some kind of "relationship" system which is a good idea, but it's way too rudimentary to be considered a feature.

And then there's a nice touch: multiples branches in the scenario, leading to different battles and characters, depending on some of your actions. I think it leads to a total of three endings.

Give it a try: the first few missions are bland, but the game gets better with time.

No idea how much I got them, since it was more than 10 years ago... it's a shame that those games are so expensive nowadays. You'd think 10+ years old games would be dirt cheap...

>> No.1512889

Which one is a good RPG to start with? I've only played DQVIII and Grandia. I love em both.

>> No.1512927

Yeah time is my problem, biochem major here.
Sweet I'll try to get a copy

>> No.1512931

Final fantasy games are always a thumbs up for me, chrono trigger and cross are recommended. A lot of people like legend of the dragoon. Personally my all time favorite game is final fantasy tactics though.

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Mine's pretty boring. Chrono Cross is missing the manual. Also my camera is ass/my game room lacks natural light.

>> No.1512961

Nice lunar box set and dragon warrior though!

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I'm actually not a huge fan of PSX RPGs, I like the instant response of 16bit games better, but I somehow have collected a sizable amount of them. FF7 is the best of the bunch. Well, I love Lunar 2, but the Sega CD version is way better.

>> No.1513115

How's console diablo

>> No.1513121

Well, its clunkier, as you have to manage the controls, inventory, and menus with a controller. And the graphics are half the resolution of the PC game, negating the super smooth look of the original. You also better have an entire free memory card if you want to save your game.

That said, its pretty cool. Its not something you'd expect to be even remotely playable on console, but it is.

I've never beaten it on console because I don't have a free memory card just for the game. But I've gotten pretty far and its as good as you could expect Diablo on PSX with no mouse be. I was a huge fan of the PC original back in the day.

>> No.1513215

Well considering how much playtime JRPGs tend to have and the fact some like Lunar came with a lot of extra goodies, JRPG tend to hold a good chunk of their value, and even go up in value in some cases.

Various Final Fantasy titles, Chrono Trigger... Hell, if you want to give something a bit different a try, consider Tales of Phantasia PSX (emulated with an English patch, as it was never localized in a decent format; the GBA port is all around awful while the iPort nickel and dimes you), Tales of Eternia (called Destiny II in the US, and which took the combat adjustments Phantasia PSX has over it's SNES original and Tales of Destiny, and further refines them into something pretty damn fluid), or various Mana games if you want to try a real time JRPG.

>> No.1514630

Pretty fun is you have a friend to play co-op with

>> No.1514771

Thanks for the thorough explanation
What's the best tales game?

>> No.1514803

Are those American PSX cases? Holy shit that carbonated something on the left of cover looks retarded.

>> No.1514831

>What's the best tales game?
In general, or as far as /vr/ ones go? Hard to pick one in general, but Eternia, Symphonia, and Vesperia are generally solid, much enjoyed choices.

Considering /vr/ ones only, likely Eternia due to the fluidity of combat. That's not to say the others are bad or anything, just that Phantasia on the SNES and Destiny on the PS1 (worth noting it got a good remake on the PS2 that never made it over) understandably don't hold up quite as well today given the fact they're the first and second entries in the series respectively. Phantasia PSX is decent as well, and first started to show the increased fluidity in combat Eternia built off of, but still features some minor issues people might consider annoying, like spells and summons interrupting the flow of combat (Eternia and later games have them happen without breaking the flow of combat), and the fact that unless you're using a particular English patch where the item is a default, you're stuck with semi-auto as the best mode you can use for combat for a good 5-10 hours until you can find the technical ring (manual mode gives full control over the character; Eternia and most later games have the function built into the actual menu without need to equip something to use it, and in Eternia it's gotten very early in the game from an npc in the dojo near the starting town, within an hour or less of playtime).

>> No.1514945

>star ocean second story
>wild arms 1

I think you're a cool guy, anon.

>> No.1514946

Did all eternia make it over here? Sorry I should just use google but since you're around
That's your opinion bro

>> No.1514970
File: 456 KB, 2048x1536, IMAG0189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A mix of flea market and thrift store hunting, and good ol' eBay.

>> No.1515297

Nice. Best deal you've gotten?

>> No.1515818
File: 137 KB, 752x1046, tales.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, it did. It came to the US as Tales of Destiny II (even with it having next to nothing to do with the original Tales of Destiny outside of cameos; likely a marketing ploy or copyright issues), while a port of the original Playstation version came to Europe on the PSP as Tales of Eternia.

The only /vr/ Tales games to not officially make it over were both versions of Tales of Phantasia, which have been fan translated once on the SNES (the liberty taking DeJap translation), and twice on the Playstation (Absolute Zero and Phantasian Productions).

Again, Eternia (and Destiny as well) are pretty damn expensive in the US, averaging about $90 complete out where I live. You'd likely be better off emulating it unless you're a big fan of the series already, or have a desire to do multiplayer co-op (which is a lot of fun aside from some co-op camera issues; remedied by both players played as the close ranged characters Reid and Farah respectively, as you can more easily keep both players on screen). There's also an undub patch for either the Playstation original or PSP port, not sure which. I wouldn't exactly call the English dub great (thankfully apart from a few games, the dubs in the series have generally improved since then), but I'm pretty tolerant of it given the game's age and the fact it's not ear bleedingly bad. Actually kind of charming when you get used to it.

>> No.1515974
File: 2.25 MB, 2448x3264, PSX games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my collection so far. I took this picture earlier today and couldn't be arsed to make one of only the final fantasies.

>> No.1516509

Man you actually give good replies, thanks for that. I need more cash flow to really build on my collection though, have you played tactics ogre?
Keep building! Love me some crash bandi even if it isn't rpg haha

>> No.1516535

>good ol' eBay

There's nothing good about that.

>> No.1516545

Most often that's correct, not him but you can occasionally get a deal still. But yes most often it's fucked up prices

>> No.1516745

>Man you actually give good replies
I try to when it's a subject I know stuff about. Probably helps that I've played most of the localized Tales games, though there's a few localized ones I've avoided for various reasons (like the shitty GBA port of Phantasia; bad port job and a bad localization). Unfortunately Namco's made a habit in the past of not bothering to market, claiming the series isn't worth the effort to bring everything over, and withholding localizations, so it's a bit hard to play and know the series in it's entirety when certain unlocalized games are region locked, or don't have a fan translation patch or even a decent translation script. Unless one actually knows Japanese or something.
>have you played tactics ogre
To be honest, no. Wasn't allowed access to many games growing up (parents thought it was a waste of my time and their money; actively tried to keep me from even receiving games as birthday and Christmas gifts; had to get the most mileage out of what little I had), and as such I didn't get into JRPGs until recently, and I still have a LOT to play through for the first time. Actually haven't been real sure to start when it comes to strategy oriented JRPGs; which ones are more friendly to people just picking that style up for the first time and which aren't.

Even one of the local stores says ebay has really fucked people over on trying to get games at reasonable prices by increasing the market value and knowledge on how much games are worth. And while they do look at the lower end of ebay, Amazon, and price charting to determine prices on stuff, they usually cut the buyer some slack and at least mark stuff down a few dollars, moreso if it's something notoriously pricy (seen games there that normally go for about $150 elsewhere around here marked down a good $20 or so, which, while not all that much, is welcome). Other stores out here are more than happy to go full scalper mode.

>> No.1517360

Personally start off with final fantasy tactics for a JRPG, as I stated elsewhere I believe that's my favorite game.
Good story, easy but fun mechanics, cheap pickup, awesome replayability, lots of hidden stuff, lots of classes

And yeah ebay has artificially inflated a lot of pricings

>> No.1517379

A strategy JRPG I mean

>> No.1517635

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

>> No.1517863

Yeah No problem, man I wish this thread wasn't dying. I enjoy getting as much info on ps1 rpgs as possible

>> No.1519115

Unfortunately the only ones I've had much experience with on the system so far have been Tales games. Believe me, it fucking sucks missing out on so many good games growing up, especially when the prices on some have risen absurdly. At least most stuff I play, even the older stuff, feels new and enjoyable to me still.

>> No.1519140

There ya go, all about perspective man. Look around and pick up the cheap good ones first, they do exist. A lot won't be over 20$ which is completely worth most rpgs

>> No.1519327

Only notably cheap good ones I really know of are maybe Wild Arms, Wild Arms 2, and Final Fantasy IX, but that depends on which store it's at; prices fluctuate all over out here; seen Wild Arms 1 and 2 go for $16 complete and in great condition at one store and yet be $30-35 in rather iffy condition at another.

>> No.1519375
File: 1.65 MB, 2560x1920, 20140404_012036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, it's tiny. I have a ton of PS1 games from when I was a wee lad, but not many RPGs. I pick them up when I see them. Chrono Cross is in the mail, too, and I want to get something lesser known after that (Wild Arms was my most recent purchase, and I just started playing through it). Any suggestions for lesser known PSX RPGs? Preferably under 50 american dollaryoos, if possible.

>> No.1519460

Define what you mean by "lesser known." Not from particular big name companies like Squaresoft, or say, Capcom, or just JRPGs that didn't prove that popular?

Sadly a fair bit of the less popular ones (though not all) are rather expensive these days, especially if they didn't sell that much, but saw a series with a reasonably large amount of games or fans further down the line.

On a somewhat related note, if you find yourself liking Wild Arms, you might as well look into Wild Arms 2 when you're done. Not sure how much it is where you live, but it's reasonably cheap where I live if you look in the right places. Honestly a series I've been meaning to push forward with looking into myself. Sadly from what I've heard (kind of have to go off what I've read due to not having many games back then), a fair amount of people kind of saw the Wild Arms series as just filler to tide JRPG fans over between entries in bigger name series, like Final Fantasy.

>> No.1519752

Picked up saga frontier for 15$, legend of the dragoon for 15$, star ocean the second story for like 12$, final fantasy tactics and vandal hearts 20$ and 17$, granstream saga for 5$, final fantasy 8 for 8$

All ebay buys >>1519375

>> No.1520904

Out of curiosity, were all of those complete with the case, artwork, and manuals?

Stuff like Legend of Dragoon and Star Ocean The Second Story go for about $28 and $22 respectively where I live, while FInal Fantasy VIII is about $20-25 out here. Only one I can think of out of what you listed (as an example) that's still pretty chap where I live is Granstream Saga, but that's still about $10.

>> No.1520934

Star ocean was the only one not complete, I'm OP so that's my stuff there

>> No.1520940

Also if anyone's reading this, I'm having a hard time deciding what game to play next. I just beat arc the lad and I'm just trudging through arc the lad 2 right now. What is a game I should play that'd grab me from the get go?

>> No.1520980


I suppose it depends on what all in there you've played through so far, and what you're in the mood for.

>> No.1521021

Strategy rpgs mainly, but I want a real engaging story. Something I can just get enveloped in

>> No.1521056

Delayed post here, I'm the guy you responded to.

I'm just looking for something not from a big name company, really. Trying to get out of playing only SquareSoft RPGs and into some stuff by other publishers.

Those are some good deals. Finding low starting bid auctions for PS games is the best. The Chrono Cross I just got was a little over 10 bucks, where a lot of people seem to be asking 35 (ha). It seems like most RPGs on the PS are pretty cheap overall, without people trying to scalp the shit out of games with Buy It Now listings.

>> No.1521078

>FInal Fantasy VIII is about $20-25 out here
holy shit what
That's what I would expect to pay for 7, not 8. 8 is really easy to get black label complete for maybe like 10 bucks. 9 is just as cheap. The PS games sold so well its not even funny, hell, square printed the shit out of them way past their prime because people still bought them. Some Greatest Hits copies of FF8, 9, Xenogears, Chrono Cross etc say 'Square Enix' instead of 'SquareSoft' on them.

>> No.1521093

>green labels.
What are you fucking poor, guys?

>> No.1521095

Well if it's mainly Squaresoft you're trying to get a break from but aren't real averse to games by other fairly big name publishers, maybe Capcom's Breath of Fire III or IV? Those might be in your price range; they're only about $30-35 complete at any of the reasonable stores locally where I live. I'd also recommend Namco's Tales of Eternia/Destiny II, but that's pretty damn pricy between a lack of marketing and low print run.

>The Chrono Cross I just got was a little over 10 bucks
To be fair, last I checked Square-Enix was either STILL printing Greatest Hits copies, or still had plenty of sealed ones that they were selling on their website. They may have stopped selling them now though.

>> No.1521107

VII goes for $35-50 locally, depending on condition, original or Greatest Hits label, etc. Cheapest of the Playstation original Final Fantasy titles out here is IX at about $10-16, but even then, I don't see it very much and copies are surprisingly beat up.

Not one of them, but to each their own. Some don't mind them nearly as much as others do. Personally, I don't have a single Greatest Hits style game in my collection on any system I have, unless you count various Collectors bundles as being the same thing, being essentially a rerelease and all.

>> No.1521109

>To be fair, last I checked Square-Enix was either STILL printing Greatest Hits copies
Yeah, that was mentioned here >>1521078
But I got a black label version anywho. There's a shit ton of copies of those games.

Breath of Fire III/IV was something that's been on my want list for awhile now, but something I just haven't picked up yet. Same with the Tales games...those might just be a Christmas present to myself, eheheh. . .

>> No.1521131

Yeah, the Playstation Tales games are generally something you're going to drop a lot on. Destiny goes for about $75 out here, complete or not, while Eternia/Destiny II is $90+ (think Destiny's cheaper due to the combat feeling a bit clunky, which is understandable due to being only the second game, while Eternia features a vast improvement in fluidity as the third original title in the series and fourth game created in it), and neither have even seen a PSN release or anything. Honestly, if you're not a huge fan of the series just yet, or haven't played the newer games, I'd recommend maybe emulating a little bit of each to see if they're something you wouldn't have problems dropping money on for an actual copy (though it's worth mentioning combat in them becomes more fun as you get more skills, access to more party members, etc, so don't let the first hour or two of each be too discouraging).

I can vouch for Eternia being really fun if you enjoy fluid, real time combat. Still need to play through Destiny myself though.

>> No.1521182

I prefer black label but if I'm going to get killer deals on GH versions, I'm going to take the deal man

>> No.1522061
File: 1.94 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1522231

Out of curiosity, since we didn't see the odd sized cases some of those in your image have in the US (at least as far as I can recall; going to assume you live in Europe or a PAL country), what exactly was the reasoning for it? Going to wager a guess that the manuals were thicker due to needing multiple languages or something.

Apart from that, looks like a decent selection of JRPGs there.

>> No.1522249

I'm not sure why but that large font really bothers me. I guess I'm just used to anorexic NTSC cases.

>> No.1522338

>Valkyrie Profile
I like you

>> No.1522447

Some quality games there, what's your personal favorite?

>> No.1522462

It's the exact same for us PALadins, NTSC cases seem weird to us because they look like pirated copies.

>> No.1522494

Regardless of case style, there's something magical to me about an RPG jewel case for ps1

>> No.1522617

Hey guys, how much should I pay for the box's and manuals of Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Sapphire, and the PSP 1000?

>> No.1522745

Is that without the games, just boxes?

>> No.1522752

Yeah without games.

>> No.1522773

I would say like 30-40ish. You can get psps for dirt cheap on ebay go look. The poke games run for 35-40 for crystal so it's box would be worth a little

>> No.1522779

I wouldn't pay much is what I'm saying

>> No.1522787

Ah good, I offered $30 for all 3 and I felt like it was a lowball.

>> No.1522792

Nah that sounds pretty good, those psps are cheap so you're more or less buying the memorabilia of the boxes

>> No.1522863

I got a boxed Wizardry 5 coming in the mail, so thats nice.

>> No.1522870

What's wizardry? Not familiar with the series

>> No.1522878

The original most influential electronic RPG. No big deal or anything

>> No.1523505

Is it a PC rpg?

>> No.1523543

Not him, but I recall seeing at least a few on various consoles. They might have been ports.

>> No.1523579

Ah I'll search some, there's some forms of rpgs that I just don't know anything about. Makes it interesting to find completely new ones

>> No.1525084

This rpg thread should stay alive

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