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Name a /vr/ place more comfy than Lindblum. Protip : you can't

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minus land in super mario bros

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that fucking music

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Hate this smugness

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Daguerreo as runner-up

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OP is spot on.

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Every City in Earthbound

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Bitches don't know bout home in Legend of Mana

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ITT: God tier FF9

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I beat the game three times, and I've never seen this place. Some boring mini-game ?

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Lindblum kinda looks like my home town. :3

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North Europe?

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>using comfy to describe anything besides furniture
Can't this shit die already?

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where u from

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yes please

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This. Remember that scene with rain after Jumi Knights ark completing?

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>that music

back when the game came out, i'd just go into dali, let the music play, and play computer games or surf the net.

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This. Remember that scene with rain after Jumi Knights ark completing?

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>I beat the game three times, and I've never seen this place.

You never beat it then.

>Some boring mini-game


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Southern Europe, actually. Italy.

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I keep seeing these chicks on Tinder (lel) who have pictures of themselves in some seaside city that looks so much like Dali/Lindblum, but I have no idea what it is. It must obviously be in some popular European country like Spain, Italy, or Greece, but I can't identify it. The picture is always in front of this "fence" overlooking the city that has like mosaic tiles on it and the buildings have blue domes.

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Aaaand it's Barcelona

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Balamb Garden

Fisherman's Horizon

Clocktown from Majora's Mask

Old camp from Gothic

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scommetto che sei Calabrese

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>Clocktown from Majora's Mask
>not the beach

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>Clocktown from Majora's Mask

yeah, sure. moon coming down and everybody has that heavy feeling of dread and upcoming demise. so damn comfy, right?

>Old camp from Gothic

pls be bait.

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damn, that's neat if your hometown looks like that.

It actually happens pretty often that japanese game designers try to imitate or emulate western styled influences in architecture. it's mostly a weird mix between rokoko medieval and slightly japanese styled buildings.

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I like the FF9 places a lot but most seem a bit too busy for my taste.

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How is sitting around a campire at night with your fellow inmates, drinking beer, eating molerat meat and smoking swamp weed while someone plays the lute and everyone chats casually not comfy?

And that concert by in extremo when you pass your acceptance test ...

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In what period is reputedly sets FF9 ? Don't seems Middle age to me, more Reinassance. Something like XV century.

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Is this a serious question?

It's not set in any real century because it's fantasy.
It's a wild mambo of real world influences.

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i actually fully agree with this, treno had a great atmosphere as well

one of my only complaints with this game was actually just how claustrophobicthis hubworld was, music was great though

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Not really my favorite place in gaming, but it is probably the most relaxing one I can think of.

Also you know you hear the music from it now.

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Southern Italy doesn't look like Lindblum that AT ALL.

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Haha, and that looks like where my family passed summers. :3
I detest FF7, but at least Costa del Sol looked realistic.
Speaking of summers...
Summers in Earthbound looks like the town my family moved to when we left >>1498237
We owned a video game arcade and a bar, two separate businesses.

Di Napoli città, ma sono cresciuto in provincia, vicino a Salerno.

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>implying that FFIX is a retro game
go back to /v/

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Black Mage Village.

Loved Lindblum though. I have a thing for cities that go vertical.

Damn FF9 was a pretty comfy game.

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If you haven't beaten Ozma, you have not beaten FF IX

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The places you go to in Front Mission 1-3 always seemed pretty comfy to me, especially the intermission locations in 3. I know they're just static screens with background music and few mostly linear dialogue options, but still. It's probably the music.


Also, pretty much everything in Klonoa just screams comfy. Again, the music is important to achieve that effect. Just remember that Save Game jingle, holy fuck

Lesson: pay attention to your music. It can make or break the atmosphere.

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Generally I have got to agree with Dali, but I guess I don't really like big cities.
You mean rococo, right? Pretty sure it isn't medieval.

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>yeah, sure. moon coming down and everybody has that heavy feeling of dread and upcoming demise. so damn comfy, right?

This place was pretty comfy.

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Daguerreo is comfy as fuck.
1st in my book.

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My nigga.jpeg

Costa Del Sol was fuckin awesome <3

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>I've only seen pictures of generic beaches in southern Italy
Shame, that.

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>two virgins

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>All that arab influence

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I mean, it is, but Gaudi lived in the modern era and could be "edgy on purpose" if he wanted to. The fact that Gaudi uses arab patterns and onion domes doesn't somehow demonstrate that Catalonian culture has been "contaminated" or overwritten.

Sorry if I misread you and you weren't trying to spout some kind of /pol/ opinion, and you were actually just pointing out a perfectly legitimate fact.

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Ok this is driving me crazy. What is this screenshot from? It looks EXACTLY like the real thing (well, just cleaner), so much so that I can't even reverse image search it. Is this just someone's careful rendering of a model they made, or is there like a game or something that looks like this?

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because Gomez and the rest are basically fascist dickheads who would murder you in no time if they knew you had something of worth. Hope you enjoy your backbreaking work in the mines too. still so comfy, right?

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At least I can agree with that.

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Delling City

>dat music

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What do you mean? It is an image of Barcelona. I kept seeing pictures of girls in that city (specifically, standing in front of that ledge with the mosaic on it) and would think how similar it looked to some FF9 locations.

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Erana's gardens in QFG series

Erasmus' tower in QFG1

Carthag palace in Dune (Greenhouse especially was beautiful)

Dji Kantos island on Albion

Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic

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Erana's was the epitome of comfyness

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I'm playing through ff9 again, just reached the second disc. I haven't beaten ozma, and unless it's some bs extended quest that you can miss out on by disc 4, I'll try it this time.

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Always felt Hotel Mordavia was the comfiest myself.


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in-game year is like 1799. knights and dragons in burmecia, renaissance in alexandria/treno, industrialization in lindblum

all of earth didn't progress at equal rates, same for that game's world

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It's a hidden boss accessible once you have done all the chocobo stuff.

There is also the Tantarian. That boss can be missed. It's in the library at Alexandria.

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Oh yeah, That hotel was pretty cool. But come to think of it, so were the other inns in QFG.

Proximity of that Ctulhu church kind of put me off in regards to the place.

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Lochmarne, Broken Sword

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The rules are extremely clear, the game came out on the Playstation 1 in 2000, but the console itself came out in 1996.

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The first time anybody plays through Broken Sword, they'll leave the faucet running in the cellar, and flood the pub. Guaranteed.

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>If you haven't beaten Ozma, you have not beaten FF IX
in that case FF9 is a shit game with too much tedious backtracking

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Recently I was struck by how comfy all of the Super Mario RPG houses were and how cozy the beds looked.

'Specially those Nimbus Land beds... god damn... look at those comfy-ass beds...

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I dunno. I found it kind of comfy and unsettling at the same time if that makes sense.

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>implying I work in the mines
I bet you even carry water for Lefty, like a bitch.

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>telling people they're wrong when they feel comfortable

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I always loved Geo in LoM (best screenshot I could find I swear!) The music was so damn happy and it was such a big & wonderous city, it was like arriving at Disney Land.

Man what happened to the Mana series. LoM was the last good game and the thunder just never struck again.

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This bar.

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>playing FFIX on android
>retroarch freezes
>using ePSXe
graphics feels so fucking bad, makes me cry a litte.
I wan't to find a better emulator but I'm afraid I can't move my save files.

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Shooting Star Summit. During quiet moments, Dungeon Keeper is pretty nice too.

Yes you can.

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So many memories...

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How and to what emulator?

Is there any worthwile psx emulator for the android?

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Find where each emulator stores its save data and you should just be able to copy-paste them unless they do something weird. Also if RetroArch is freezing on Android try using instead of latest I noticed Game Boy freezing on newer versions. You can find the APK on F-Droid.

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Vice City... loved that place

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For fucks sake, it works! After some really manual work it even read my memory card file! The newer version didn't work at all so I basically discarded the whole emulator.

Thanks anon for making my day even better! Migrated from ePSXe to RetroArch on my android, got my DualShock 4 finally working on PC, got laid and got a slacker part time job.

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the snow landscapes were my absolute favorites in FF 7

you can't really find anything more comfy than the town and the mountains

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>you will never rest your face on Garnet's soft lily white butt while staying on a cozy tree house in Black Mage Village

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Oddly enough I started playing this for the first time about a month ago, made it to roughly this spot, and then stopped entirely.

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This is my favorite place in the world.
Not the FFVII world.
Anywhere, ever, real or virtual.
I can't even aiwjfigjiegs;jge it's so perfect.
My soul belongs here.

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what made you stop? the only thing i have trouble with in the game is the slow battle system, relative to the other games. It's 10/10 comfy.

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You know, I think this is where I stopped too. I can't remember why for the life of me.

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I always loved spending the night at the Marrymore hotel. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff, I just think it's so cool. It was the same in Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, with their different levels of service at the hotels.

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>quiet refuge from a ruined world
>no time limit, come and go at your leisure
>slowed passage of time
>dicking around with the owner's hat

I wish this had become more of a series staple than it did

the enemy encounter music after a fish bites is slightly less relaxing tho

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I like Azalea a lot too.

That feeling when this music makes me want to tear up but I refuse to.

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Dryfield, muhfuggas.

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Those comfy Rubacava nights.

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I'm torn. I really do fucking love it. The look, the music, it all feels just so welcoming and safe. Especially considering it's pretty much surrounded by bleakness and death. However, since that's the only place with Movers, I've spent countless hours there farming AP and Gil so unfortunately it will always have an undercurrent of tedium mixed in with the comfort.

>> No.1509252

I can see where you're coming from but when I played it as a kid I didn't max stuff so I only spent 2 minutes there and when I came back it was already something I loved so I didn't mind the fact that I had to spend a few hours there to max my shit, I actually got kinda sad near the end.

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As an outdoorsman, Zora Cape at sunset or the third day.

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A coloured cave

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I found Black Mage Village kind of sad because of the whole plot point there. Don't want to spoil but yeah.

The Prima Vista is pretty comfy.


I'd be okay with a game all about just The Tantalus Theater Troop's adventures before the events of FFIX.

Also this:


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I hope you're all aware of just how out-comfied you just got, because not even Lake Hylia in OOT was as comfy as Zeal

Obligatory god-tier OST:
Obligatory god-tier OST on loop:

Unrelenting comfy:

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I'll admit Hylia is pretty comfy too though.

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ma nigga

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Probably not a traditional comfy spot, but I bet sitting around one of those fireplaces with a mug of grog is comfy as fuck.

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The bar screen from Side Pocket's jukebox. Also, most of the soundtrack is comfy as fuck.


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butchered it

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nimbus land is the comfiest place is existance

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was it oppresive or comfy for you ?

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>not Versailles.

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Not sure if retro.

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You only need to be there for like 5 minutes, but goddamn.
makes me miss my real grandmother

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Am I right

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yeah that was a pretty cool place though.

>> No.1512348

It's a kingdom of people who spend all day dreaming (except for the magicless slaves.) Comfy as fuck. 12/10.

If I were Crono, I'd retire there.

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this part was destroying me so much

>> No.1512390

not really comfy.

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Winhill ff8

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Also Wizard Peak. That fucking music.

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>be in thread
>no besaid
wut fuk?

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(• ◡•)|

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timestn guaran

>> No.1512520

that's anti-comfy

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Sunset Vista

>> No.1512526

not /vr/

Thread is about /vr/ places

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park güell, with a lot of saturation and color balancing.

Also, a very discriminative picture, which highlights the almost only beautiful view of Barcelona from it. Most of the rest of view you get from Barcelona is crumbling, tho the park is well.

I post picture of one of my comfiest (together with some places of lonely Neverhood) videogame places ever. Hope someone shares.

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Indeed. >>1510185
Also, Ys1.

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This too.

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This place too, with the music.

>> No.1512638


Random battles!

>> No.1512639

but random battles in windhill felt so nice, I don't know why I can't put my finger on i-OOOOH WAAAAAIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jho-peCAKs

>> No.1512652

Pretty much how Eastern Canada feels at this time.

>> No.1512661

>implying the territories aren't like that year round

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guys... guys...

>> No.1512672

>You will never get to snuggle with your waifu while drinking coffee in Esto Gaza


>> No.1512674

The entire Hollywood area was pretty comfy to me.

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>> No.1512678

That feel is calling

Also, I hope we one day get a proper HD FFIX release.

Pic related. It's a background from FFIX in original resolution, before being scaled down for the PS1's hardware.

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Forgot the image, whoops

THIS is how FFIX should have looked.

>> No.1512684

Considering Necron still spooks me out a little, I don't think I can handle HD Necron.

>> No.1512693

Such a based final boss. I love that abstract arthouse shit.

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This thread pleases me. This and the comfy game general thread. I like comfy games. I play games to relax.

tfw I don't know half of the games being posted here though. (cries).

For me I guess I will have to go with an obligatory Zelda location... just about any house at night in OoT... especially in Kakariko.

Also, strangely, the treasure chest room at the bottom of the stone structure in the Haunted Wasteland; just being there, secure in that little bunker, with the wind howling above... I kinda digit.

I know I have a 16-bit setting that's not Zelda but I'd have to think about it for a bit...

What game is this? This looks beautiful...

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>> No.1514921


>> No.1514924

Ah yes, I've heard of that one.

>> No.1514969

Why he's wearing goku's outfit?

>> No.1514979

It took me ages to figure out the proper way to pronounce Yosyonke was "yo-shonk-uh", not "Yos-yon-kuh". I'm typically good at this shit.

>> No.1515039

Enhasa; Corridors of Time - Chrono Trigger.

Thank me later

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That would be wonderful. I would only hope they left the music/script intact. The detail of the artwork is amazing and it's too bad so much was lost for he game.

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Aw yea. All of the Golden Sun games have multiple "comfy" locations.

>> No.1515608

Maybe, but none of which are /vr/, sorry. I've never played any of the GS series. I think most of us on /vr/ who are actually old enough to have purchased a NiB NES in the 80s and recall that bizarre odour associated with new cartridges are in the same boat. The games might be very good. They might be retro in style. But they're not /vr/, I'm afraid. :-(

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>> No.1515667


>3 year difference

It's close enough you literalist.

>> No.1515692

Is that how you argue against speeding tickets?
>I was only 15 MpH over the limit, you literalist!
Da rulez be da rulez.

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>TFW you will never again spend a summers night having a camp fire with your friends


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Drake Lake has got to be the comfiest level in a retro racing game.

>> No.1516283
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I humbly submit South Gate as the comfiest FFIX location, along with its music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2kxrGds76I

>> No.1516376 [DELETED] 

>That relaxed atmosphere you can return to anytime
>That music
>Training simulations, a weapon range and things to read
>Tunnels you can explore freely
>That hoverbike
>Defend it from an invasion, making you appreciate it even more

>> No.1516382
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>That relaxed atmosphere you can return to anytime
>That music
>Training simulations, a weapon range and things to read
>Tunnels you can explore freely
>That hoverbike
>Defend it from an invasion, making you appreciate it even more

>> No.1516404
File: 170 KB, 400x300, 8tnu01000026qwtq[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1516410
File: 113 KB, 640x480, 19-Image29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1516414

This game was infinite comfy.
Kind of hard to get comfy now, the graphics haven't aged well.

>> No.1516442

Holy fuck I love that track.

>> No.1516446
File: 1023 KB, 372x242, 1356734141809.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Someone else gets it

>> No.1516453
File: 101 KB, 800x600, 1396494336404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kind of a weird one but I always liked this place.

>> No.1516462
File: 23 KB, 640x400, 1396494664821.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any of the dos ports of Taito games had this splash screen opening. When I was a kid, I would load these games just to see it, I wanted to be in there so badly! For some reason a lot of dos games have this effect on me, something about the color pallet seems so cozy.

>> No.1516463
File: 41 KB, 700x328, gfs_51747_2_29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like I'm the only one who sees the atmosphere in this game. It is absolutely flooring.
Comfiness overload:
World 3 and 4 ice levels
Green goo speed track
Swamp tank level
First color tile level

>> No.1516529


would look great if higher res

>> No.1516560
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the quote kinda explains it well. the idea of a place where time is still and you can chill with an old guy with a lot with wisdom.

>> No.1517750
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UNATCO hq was super chill, lotsa friends (at least initially), secrets and shit

>> No.1519709

I think you're on your own with this one. I'm afraid of heights so knowing where this place is makes it immediately uncomfy for me

>> No.1519713

A big part of comfy places in games is an area where you are actually safe, need to see more places like that

>> No.1519730

>no one gets it

>> No.1519803
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Might and Magic had both comfy and scary locations

>> No.1519814


Comfiest place in all vidya.

>> No.1519841
File: 316 KB, 1440x900, fly_mystisland01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nigga what?

>> No.1519847
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Riven would be a way better choice.

>> No.1519862

This Anon knows what he's talking about

>> No.1519892

That 'old guy' was originally meant to be a playable character, but it was scrapped for no raisin. Or maybe for some raisin. I want some raisins now.

>> No.1520056

yes, someday I will have a cafe close to the ocean... someday

>> No.1520062
File: 33 KB, 544x333, MYST_AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fan art, pls
but yeah, that island is my dream

>> No.1520080


that entire game was so damn comfy.

The music fits the atmosphere better than in any platformer I've seen. Full of space, life, etc.

>> No.1520204

because stewart copeland is a boss

>> No.1520265
File: 182 KB, 500x211, jolly roger.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, so you were running out of air while a giant eel tried to kill you, but still dat music managed to make the whole experience seem pretty comfy.


>> No.1520287
File: 7 KB, 512x448, Aquaria.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1520295
File: 195 KB, 2000x1054, 864654634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I always liked Tristram, despite the little problems like a demon infestation and a hole straight down to hell.

I think it was the music in particular that made it feel comfy.

>> No.1520307

As much as I think Tristam's theme is one of the best pieces of music in vidya, I think that undercurrent of menace really prevents it from being "comfy".

>> No.1520405

Diablo was creepy, but it was ok because you were strong. I think this also help the """comfy""" part of Diablo.

>> No.1520410

This game, except that the most comfy place is Blood Island.

>> No.1520426
File: 409 KB, 1280x812, u86gY[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, I can say four.
Yokosuka from Shenmue

>> No.1520428
File: 139 KB, 320x218, 1449964-oedot01[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oedo Town from Goemon

>> No.1520431

Little town in general.

>> No.1520432
File: 86 KB, 640x480, suikoden-ii-army[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your castle, from Suikoden II

>> No.1520439
File: 30 KB, 640x480, omikron1l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.1520440
File: 134 KB, 639x476, Base_house[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your house, in any harvest moon game.
(Why the house? Because time won't run in there, you can cook, sleep, watch tv, read stuff)

>> No.1520448
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The bar in Onescapee

>> No.1520461

>Not Zazen Town
stay pleb

>> No.1520523
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The whole game was comfy. Actually, both 1 and 2. One long comfy setting. Non-threatening. Chilled. Nice, colourful.

But yeah, I also dig paper mario 64. That generation had comfy games.

>> No.1520673


mah nigga.

>> No.1521052
File: 172 KB, 1024x768, D&#039;ni_city_from_bevin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I prefer Bevin. I know Relto was supposed to be the place, but Bevin just felt better to me, like a place I could really make into a home.

>> No.1521068
File: 54 KB, 576x416, Gold-Saucer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All these final fantasy places and not the best one ever.
The fun and games, the architecture, just love the place.

>> No.1521116
File: 142 KB, 1024x768, gfs_50534_2_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no Tomba! Bacchus Lake

fucking up you guys


>> No.1521119

Inb4 hyrule

>> No.1521643


My favourite was the beach behind the mansion. I think I just liked the music as a kid.

>> No.1522031
File: 79 KB, 640x480, 1396683299292.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I for one found the castle in Magic Carpet to be pretty comfy. Especially the variant with lightning towers.

>> No.1522082

This game is so comfy.
I can't understand why people dislike it.


>> No.1522087

Any level in Bushido Blade.

>> No.1522781
File: 25 KB, 320x224, Forgotten_City_FFVII.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know it was full of encounters and bad memories, but the music and coziness of the seashell house just really did it for me.

>> No.1522975
File: 101 KB, 640x360, 114bellecontraolga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Costa Faguita, a lot of places in this game are quit relaxing and those gurlz

>> No.1523384
File: 63 KB, 616x332, 20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would be awesome if someone knew what this was from.

Seriously this entire game is like a fucking history trip to Germany, looking around galleries and learning about gay German composers and kings (also werewolves).

You don't get more comfy.

>> No.1523668

Gabriel Knight 2 ?

>> No.1523678

I thought Rainbow Resort was more comfy

>> No.1523695

I used to just go to this level to hear the music and swim around in random places


>> No.1523719
File: 84 KB, 640x400, bszfinal_5[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The graphics leave a lot to be desired, but I remember the Botanic Serenity mod for Sonic Robo Blast 2 being relaxing and mesmerizing as fuck to wander around in.

Pic very related.

>> No.1523725

I get all teary eyed just by listening to this.

Mystic Quest and (curiously) Goof Troop as well.


>> No.1523924
File: 80 KB, 480x383, top-misc-church.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty much any town in Tales of Phantasia. My personal favorite was Freezekill.

Fuck, even the dungeons in that game are comfy.

>> No.1526771
File: 19 KB, 489x195, FFLIII_Talon_Artwork.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always loved the Talon, a home away from home.
That and the spoilers of what it really is later on in the game, just made it even more so for me.

>> No.1526980


There were encounters in the forgotten city? I don't think so. As far as I recall, the only fight was with Jenova.

>> No.1526985

myyyyy niggggaaaaa

>> No.1527057

I've beaten Ozma without completing the quest that allows you to physically harm it. It's really not that hard

>> No.1527059
File: 116 KB, 320x224, outrun.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1527101
File: 614 KB, 994x1026, Balamb_Garden_Area_4[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you want comfy you get comfy

the entire game was pretty comfy, even the airship equivilent was comfiest

>> No.1527153


Ragnarok was sexy, but the critters infesting it were rather annoying.

>> No.1527198
File: 230 KB, 320x414, deco_castle2-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A lot of Final Fantasy IX is super comfy, but for me South Gate takes the cake.

Let me explain, firstly THE FUCKING MUSIC


I tear up everytime I hear this theme, there is just something so beautiful about it, it instantly reminds me of being in my teens playing this game, and weirdly enough, wishing I was there.

and the south gate is not only a beautiful location, it's one of the strong points in the story where you really begin to see Steiner come into his own and one of the major parts of the game where the party is split.

and of course the cable car ride.

I guess comfy locations in games are the most important when yourself and the characters can forget about their quest and just, relax, sit down and be normal.

I think thats why we would mini games in RPG's, because they are a distraction and we like to see the characters we love have fun and sitting on a cable car is a very comfortable thing, especially for a princess.

I don't know, this whole fucking game has a little bit of magic to it. I'm not usually autistic when it comes to stuff, but FFIX gets me in my "HHHHHNNNNGGGGGGG I WISH IT WAS REEEEAAAALLLLL"

>> No.1527506

Do you guys know if there's a way to rip the prerendered backgrounds in FF8, FF9 and Chrono Cross?

>> No.1528145 [SPOILER] 
File: 29 KB, 404x480, cinna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>South Gate takes the cake

That wouldn't be the famed South Gate bundt cake, would it?

>> No.1528512


Holy shit, I cannot believe I made that connection subconciously, I never use the term "take the cake" and i guess I know why it felt natural