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(For those unaware, March 18th marks the day when this board was born, so be free to celebrate!)

DOOM THREAD, (Last thread >>1470201)
(other retro FPS games welcome too, chances are we played 'em too)

FAQ/Pastebin, still updated semi-frequently


##Our WADs can be found here!##

Steam Group:

IRC (The password is in the FAQ.)
Channel: #vr


Wanna learn how to...

Create maps?

Open/Edit WAD/PK3/etc to make 'em compatible with other mods?
http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads (download 3.0.2)

Load multiple WADS and mods at the same time? - ZDL (v3.2.2.2)

/idgames torrent (12 GBs of wads, 18 years worth of user-made content!)

Vanilla/Boom related projects can be found here

ZDoom mods/projects can be found here

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-If you feel like trying a new mod, give GMOTA a chance! Go check it here! http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=742401#p742401

-The past Awesome Games Done Quick featured a playthrough of Plutonia (Go 2 It included) and also a Doom 2 race which was a result of a bid war between that game and Ultimate Doom. To rewatch the Doom speedruns, go follow this link http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQcxg3SUqlYBoSYrpNJVu58GsoCXMREa1

-Guess who received an update? OBLIGE! Now it's in version number 6, and oh man things surely have improved; go check it here! http://oblige.sourceforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=307.0

-CACOWARDS? SURE, HERE! http://www.doomworld.com/20years. Feel absolutely free to share your thoughts about the works chosen for this edition. And, well, they surely left a lot of stuff to discuss related to the decisions made on some wads...

-ChocoDoom got updated in the 20th anniversary. Now you can play Heretic, Hexen and Strife too! Go grab each version of them here! http://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/Downloads

-Jimmy's Jukebox may be get a new update very soon...get hype!!! http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=29117&start=180

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*REAL* past thread link because IMX is a dumb little shit >>1474715

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Super Sonic Doom anyone?

posted in the old thread just before we moved here, what does everyone think of it? I think it's amazing, in a technical sense anyway

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>"Day 2 #GDC still undefeated! Super close game, though. Too tense! Score 18 to 20."
>Brenda Romero

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And this is how Romero plays Doom; or at least, that's how he's doing it in GDC

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Is there a video?

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>sonic doom

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I've been having fun with exit messages

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None that I'm aware of

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Thanks anyways.

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>all those commas
that's like two sentences, second one starting at Return to title screen

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mouse is for scrubs

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>keyboard only
he still has the touch

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>“I knew it was risky, and I didn’t want to do it. It didn’t make sense. I mean, there’s the whole culture of smack talk that goes with games and especially the FPS’s, and that was something I was known for,” Romero explained.

>“You know, I never wanted to make you my bitch, not you, not them, not any of the other players and, mosy importantly, not any of my fans. Up until that ad, I felt I had a great relationship with the gamer and the game development community and that ad changed everything… I regret it and I apologize for it.”

Fuck Snake, Romero is the one that had a hard life

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I'll fix that. Can anyone think of any other horribly translated messages or actually good ones I can add?

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Games like Doom and Diablo are racist, they promotes violence towards demons. They can't even leave the Infernal Realm without some roided up space marine trying to shotgun them in the face or some wannabe hero trying to steal their loot. And don't get me started on exorcisms.

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If you really want to go the extra mile, do the double spaces and punctuation and everything

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where is is other hand
does he seriously not use wasd to move
is he seriously using the default controls

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anyone has the doom 2.5 (doom 3) weapon mod

Not doomromero doom 3 rips.

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probably playing like this and forcing everyone else to as well to fuck with the fans used to mouselook

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yep,he's using the original setup[lets be serious,WASD+Arrow keys is a pain in the ass]

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If you want HMOD added so bad, add it yourself. I'm not putting porn on there. If it was a porn list, it'd be


Time and place, dears.

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i beat ultimate doom with wasd + arrow keys
fight me irl

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what the fuck is it?
I dont even have a facebook

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it's a group for furry porn with tit counts per fur over two

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I'm a firm believer in "If you're gonna do something. Do it right."


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protip, you better don't try to look it for yourself; the helled thread pretty much explains it for everyone

Another quality thread from Marnetmar for sure

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>you feel strongth welling.
>in your body.
thank you, this really makes it

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>You know, I never wanted to make you my bitch, not you, not them, not any of the other players and, mosy importantly, not any of my fans.
out of context thats pretty fucking funny

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Thank you for pointing that out, I always laugh at the grammar itself, not the punctuation, I never noticed it before.

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than make a fucking porn list just put it on something

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and he's using just one fucking hand
circlestrafing must be impossible

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didn't he recommend keyboard+mouse in the doom manual?
what if he was playing like that just to give the contestants a chance?

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Page 17, on the note under Mouse Control.
I also remember some guy going to id to play with them and do interviews (?) and shit saying that they destroyed him in DM because the id guys would use the mouse to circlestrafe around him.

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Could you guys use consistent subjects so this is automatically filtered for me? Thanks.

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>Berserker packs
>time based

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I liked Daikatana

I know it's really bad, but it has this.. Kinda charm to it.
Makes me wish it didn't jump to the Quake 2 engine, I would have liked to see what should have been.

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HMod would be alone on that list if we did that.

And Kama Sutra level 30

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Could you consistently inhale exhaust fumes so that you are automatically filtered for me? Thanks.

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no, and now we're going to make new threads on page 4 of 10 instead of page 5 of 10

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some people used to believe that, that's why there's tons of berserker kits on some old slaughtermaps

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Romero's left-handed you bakas

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That's funny.
> TIP: Save your game and save it often. When you die, you're back to the beginning of the level, toting that little pistol again.That ain't good, especially after you progress to some of the tougher levels.
Then why did they do the whole pistol start thing? Easier map testing?

>> No.1478839

are there any hard facts about maps being made for pistol starts? was it even all maps? did they think it'd be pistol starts and then changed their minds?

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You are the baka here,you baka

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i guess their plan was to make it hard but possible, but yeah they clearly had continuity in mind (that's why you often find medikits near the spawn)

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I don't understand what you're trying to say anon.
Not him but that's a good point. Maybe they wanted to make it fair for hardcore players or something, I don't know.
The thing I know for sure is that it's fun to idclev around.

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He's left-handed, so he uses the arrow keys for movement and due to the angle of the picture you can't see his left hand using the mouse.

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This is how Romero plays games. I thought this was common knowledge. Not the image I wanted but still good.

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That makes a lot more sense.
Thanks anons.

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Has the Berserk tint fading even though it lasts the entire map ever been explained by id? Perhaps it was intended to only last as long as the tint effect, but ended up bugged?

>> No.1478916

It's not that difficult to guess why.

The tint being permanent would be annoying as hell.

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▌▄▄▀▀                  ▌░░░░▄███████▄
                                             ▄▄▀▄▀  ▀██▀▀▀▄▄▄▀█
                                      ▄▀▀▀▀▀         ██▌

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what were you trying to do?

>> No.1478936

anyonee have that edited pic of that comic where three doomguys are about to open a closet to an ocean of revenants? i thought i had it saved but i guess not.

>> No.1478938

my ctrl+v had that[i browsed [s4s] for curiosity and copied that] instead of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vd3cgaifvHs

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>You know, I never wanted to make you my bitch, not you, not them, not any of the other players and, mosy importantly, not any of my fans.

Its okay Romero, deep down inside, we really did want to be your bitch.

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>That one fucking revenant

>> No.1478973


Arch-Vile, even.

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It's more likely than you think.

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Anyone got some good maps to play with DoomRL Arsenal? I'm looking for the most 1:1 feel I can get.

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can you think of any wads with korn midis

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SO I went and did a ITYTD, no secrets run of Knee Deep in the Dead; these were my findings

>pic related, blue armor in E1M2 without too much effort for the player to reach
>you kill two zombiemen to your right at the beginning of E1M3 instead of just one
>you don't face shotgunners until you reach the other side of the nukage when you approach the blue key
>of course, the lights out trigger activates in the blue key room, but there's two lamps for the player to guide himself to get out of there.
>there's just no way for the player to miss the secret near the exit leading to E1M4, it opens and the player can hear it clearly
>if the player goes towards the secret leading to E1M9 then there he will fight the Pinky for the first time in the game
>the Rocket Launcher in E1M9 is present; the monster trap always spawns Imps and nothing else
>the switch that triggers the Pinky trap only liberates two instead of the 10 or so demons that are programmed for UV
>E1M9 will be the first place where the player fights the Spectre (if he reaches the secret level, of course), it is located in the blue room near the exit. He may fight another one if he falls to the nukage

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Oh deary me.

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>The first secret in E1M4 is left intact in ITYTD (backpack + shellpack + medikit), there's a shotgun near the center of the starting area that the player can reach easily
>pic related, TWO radsuits for the player to take, hinting that he may need them for a special area later in the level. Speaking of which, if the player reaches the secret where you take the switch to the Soulsphere, he won't find the shotgunner present in UV and there he will meet the Rocket Launcher for the first time, if he hasn't done it in E1M9, that is
>In the labyrinth he will fight the Pinky for the first time ever, once again, if he never went to E1M9
>E1M5, to the left there's the green armor for the player to take, as how it should be (Note to mappers, DO NOT put such kind of primordial items in secrets near the start of your maps, it's annoying and lame as shit)
>The secret area that contains the automap, chaingun, ammo box and backpack is intact in ITYTD, if the player manages to find that secret, of course. The visor in the final, blinking room is there too
>E1M6, there's only a shotgunner guarding the blue key, the rest of the items in both secret areas that the player can reach when falling to the nukage are left intact
>If the player manages to reach the secret area that contains the RL + Partial Invis., then he will most likely fight the spectre for the first time ever in the game, without counting E1M9
>in the "labyrinth" which opens with the blue key, you can clearly find the unmarked secret by checking the alignment of the armor bonuses, they're forming an arrow facing towards the texture (not sure if this is the same on all difficulties). The boxes with rockets and the backpack in the secret at the end of the nukage are left intact too
>There's not a single Spectre in the game, without counting secrets, up until the final area in E1M6, and instead of the swarm of them that attack you, there's just a single one of em to dispatch

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Looks like the transformation animation is coming along well.

>> No.1479220

Does anyone still have that map chock full of dick moves? "Help", I think it was?

>> No.1479221

That is so fucking rad

>> No.1479224

Just wow. That's all I have to say. Although the skull's eye glows seem a little too flat. Its not much of a distraction, just something I have to say about it.

>> No.1479230

>Weapons that transform into a full power mode
It's the best thing

Or just weapons that transform as you pull it out.
With a cool sound ala Turok

>> No.1479234


Shivers is working on that, I asked him to spruce everything up, but I think the baseline animation is pretty much set


I'm gonna start looking for sweet as fuck metal rasping and clangy sounds, and a WASHING as that blade shoots out. I love this kinda shit too

>> No.1479238

I can't wait for that shit to be put into the game. Also, is it even possible to put more satisfying sounds in one wad? GMOTA is full of sound clips that are just fun to listen to. Like the slash sound when cuttin' demons apart.

>> No.1479240


Buddy there's a shitload of great old vidya with satisfying sounds, and I'm all about satisfying sounds and good music. The tricky part is gonna be finding satisfying sounds for the other heroes, seeing as they'll be themed around other consoles, but I'm pretty confident about finding the right stuff

>> No.1479243

Games with good NES sounds
Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2
Project Vice
Anything Sunsoft
Double Dragon 2(Dat knee impact sound)

>> No.1479245

>Old thread is still only on page 6
Maybe we shouldn't make new threads so early

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>You will never find both a nano pack and a Super Shotgun in one DoomRL run

>> No.1479252


Don't forget battletoads. I've already said this many times over but I never stop getting hyped over it. But I'm gonna use that CRUNCH sound for Kuros when you kick bitches

>> No.1479253


Final notes

>E1M7 is empty as shit, not a single shotgunner outside of the building, however the partial invis. sphere is still present, hinting that the player may reach it by finding a secret door.
>E1M8, only 4 pinkies at the start of the level that you can dispatch easily by using the barrels; the same two barons and that's it

So that leaves us with this: you don't fight more than 40 monsters in each level, shotgunners are found scarcely and they do not offer much danger since you're always stacked on ammo, whether or not you find secret areas; and you only fight ONE spectre in the whole Episode; if you never go out to find secret areas and the secret level of course

In conclusion, yep, id software *really* thought about EVERYONE when creating Doom, and not just the hardcore Wolf3D players that were following 'em since they announced the game. Casual players would effortlessly enjoy the game without caring too much for enemy count and strength as well as the old and more experienced players

Too bad that nowadays none of their so-called fans follow this same routine of balancing their custom maps in ALL difficulties while doing no-secret runs at the same time; they only test their levels on pistol start on UV-Max and call it a day. Oh well :^)

>> No.1479254


>> No.1479259


I've also pointed out I want to use a lot of music from Rare games for Kuros' soundtrack, like from Battletoads Double Dragon.


I want to give Kuros some traits from the battletoads, like that kick, I already have it planned where enemies finished off with a charge kick will go skyrocketing away, I'm half tempted to have his foot change into a giant boot or something like that too.

>> No.1479263

do you have it and which version of battletoads

>> No.1479267

>I already have it planned where enemies finished off with a charge kick will go skyrocketing away

>I'm half tempted to have his foot change into a giant boot or something like that too.
Would look absolutely ridiculous in first person

>> No.1479268


I don't have the sound yet, but I'm pretty confident about getting a rip of it, the NES version of course. I'm gonna start collecting resources for Kuros once I finish up with Blaz and V1.0

>> No.1479272


Would it increase your hype even more if I said I also plan on having those classic particles fly out of monsters that're finished off with the kick, and tougher monsters like Barons, Knights, etc will also play make that boss death sound as they go flying? I got a trailer planned out and everything once I get started on Kuros.

Though I really shouldn't be getting ahead of myself. There's still a lot of crap to do. I also need to get those unarmed doomguy player sprites and start editing them as best I can to use them for lord Blaz's player sprite.

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File: 33 KB, 600x505, FrogSauce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah according to the manual ITYTD was made for players who could barely use the controls or were still getting used to them

I actually find all those changes to be kind of pointless since they should have just removed the damage from acid/lava floors if they were concerned about putting too much pressure on new players. I'd expect new players to struggle with not dying to one of those acid pit traps as opposed to dying because they didn't have 200% armor by the end of the second level

>> No.1479276

I never liked the enlarged limbs in Battletoads, sorry mate.

Would play it regardless though just so you know, so don't mind me.

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File: 107 KB, 332x261, JohnMaddening.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh my, I forgot to help start this thread off correctly. Let's try this again


>> No.1479285

I'm not sure if this is the right sound but this is what I got from Battletoads through Nestopia with all but the Noise channel muted.

Included is: The cut out sound, the sound processed in a few different ways, and the individual edits in their own OGGs with further shaping. Might be too loud but the original is included so you can roll your own.

>> No.1479287

For fuck's sake https://copy.com/X10zuu66ri6l2qU3

>> No.1479291


This is fucking sweet. Though instead of making the eyes flash twice i would make the lights grow brighter and brighter as the animation plays then shut them off suddenly when the thing locks.

>> No.1479310

did you have to write the whole thing in greentext, it's unreadable

>> No.1479314

>inb4 comment about vision

>> No.1479316



And now?

>> No.1479319

they have to kill you. otherwise you'd be stuck.

>> No.1479323

>I already have it planned where enemies finished off with a charge kick will go skyrocketing away

but have you actually gotten it to work?

>> No.1479331


I appreciate the effort, but these sound pretty off, don't worry I'll get to ripping the sounds myself soon enough, one way or another I will have them.


Not yet, I haven't started working on Kuros, though Term offered a good suggestion where they react to Kuros' foot as a unique damage type, and when killed with a fully charged kick, they enter a unique nointeraction state and have them thrust away violently.

>> No.1479335

Oh right

Man acid pits are dumb

>> No.1479341


It'd be better to see if it even works as you want before you start hyping it up.

>> No.1479348


You're right. I'm pretty confident on getting it to work, but the last thing I want to do is be an absolute fucker by talking something up that I can't do.

Everything else I got planned for Kuros though I'm perfectly confident that I can get working.

>> No.1479416

>Thinking people that can barely play DOOM on the lowest difficulty are smart enough or care enough about videogames to bother downloading custom maps.

We're talking about children and baby boomers who think videogames are the darn fangled fad all them keedz are playing these days,

>> No.1479418


>Didn't get hit once.
Shieeet nigga, that was flawless.

>> No.1479441

So... the way I had the Railgunners set up in my Hard doom patch, they ended up being too unfair, so here's the replacements.


>> No.1479446

I loved it - it's got a sense of adventure that a huge majority of others WADs lack. If you haven't already, check out Serpent Resurrection which was the ultimate doomer's last release. It's even better.

The only flaw it has is parts of it are slightly dated, and the bullet sponge enemies don't really add much. The human enemies are annoying though since they move fast and fire very quickly too.

Definitly an awesome peice of work - I remember posting about it myself a while back and an anon suggested I try the author's earlier project 007 license to spell Doom as well. It was pretty good, you could see how Sonic Doom is an evolution of it (And how serpent resurrection is an evolution of Super Sonic Doom)

>> No.1479451

Also forgot to say, it also showed how fucking amazing Ultimate Doomer's sense of music was. He didn't make the tracks obviouslly, but he made fantastic use of the various sonic soundtracks and used them in perfect ways, so they suit the levels amazingly.

Serpent resurrection is even better, and has such a fucking great soundtrack I thought it was custom made specifically for the mod until I finished it. He really was great at picking out tracks to complement the levels.

>> No.1479458

They definitely designed for pistol start, but there's also plenty of evidence to suggest design for playing levels with previous equipment.

Just another example of how much brilliance went into the level design of those games.

>> No.1479474

>Guy a few days back suggests eRampage so I can get Redneck Rampage to work.
>Sort of works, but the dynamite now acts like a pipebomb from DOUK, some textures are seriously fucked up and the gas station on the first level doesn't blow up.
How does this sort of shit even happen? I know Redneck Rampage was built on the DOUK engine.

That difficulty too, what the hell. One shotgun guy would shred a third of my health across the map and health isn't that easy to come by. Getting drunk is like game over too, after five damn minutes I was still strafing backwards to get around thanks to the drunkenness.

Shadow Warrior got updated, maybe RR will too.

>> No.1479479 [DELETED] 

You ARE having a new thread everyday, aren't you?

>> No.1479485


We have a new thread every time the old one reaches bump limit and hits page 5.

>> No.1479492

Are you old ladies or something? You are the worst chatterboxes I've ever seen.

>> No.1479494

So is your mom,and i still have cybersex with her

>> No.1479496

I oughta hit you with my handbag

>> No.1479498

I did told you it didn't work very well back when I tested it (quite some time ago), I was hoping they had improved it since then. Sounds like you have no choice but play it in dosbox. With my new computer I can play Build engine games smoothly at 800*600 (contrary to 320*200 on my old one) and that's the best thing I got out of my quadcore since modern gaming is pure shit, including games like the new ROTT which tried to be 'retro'. And yes, I know 800*600 isn't native res.

>> No.1479503

I know you did, you tried son, you tried.

>> No.1479509

There's a lot to talk about with doom and doom modding. 99% of the discussion is doom related.

Don't worry, it isn't always this fast. The speed of the threads aren't constant. It was slightly faster than this at one point and also slower than this.

PS: Catalog and infinite scroll are your friend. I have no idea WTF you're doing if you aren't already using them on a board that moves at /vr/'s pace.

>> No.1479529

Just an idea for HMod.. how about a Kinky edition for our /d/eviant /d/oomers?

>> No.1479534

You'd think having sex with demons would be /d/ enough

>> No.1479537



>> No.1479556


If there isn't a dick cannon that shoots sperm missiles named the BFD then I'm not playing.

>> No.1479565
File: 151 KB, 1920x1080, gzdoom 2014-03-19 21-36-52-21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been playing Brutal Doom SE and the Mancubus gun does look pretty phallic.

It's hella OP too.

>> No.1479569

It's probably not a good idea to go straight for the dick jokes.

>> No.1479571
File: 4 KB, 176x196, laser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not nearly as phallic as the laser cannon from Scourge of Armagon, which just looks like a robot dick placed on top of an even larger robot dick

>> No.1479573

I mean more /d/ than that

>> No.1479578

Hell Knights are towering muscle women with the bottom half of their bodies being that of a goat.

>> No.1479580

So how about an Impgirl footjob?

She has the footwear for it.

>> No.1479604

It's great, DBZone i fine too.

>> No.1479614

I need a weapon mod.
One that doesn't feel like the standard stuff.
I'm also giving Project MSX a break

Any weapon mods with interesting or satisfying weapons?

No Russian Overkill. That's the definition of boring

>> No.1479616

Is the map from hell revealed 2? it is irritatingly familiar but I can't place it

>> No.1479617

That's HR2

>> No.1479621

>Fuck Snake, Romero is the one that had a hard life
>fuck fictional character, real person had this!

>> No.1479623


i agree with you on RO, also MSX is great but i don't really like how the monsters are fucking fast and fatal

>> No.1479627

I love the fast and dangerous aspects of MSX
It feels perfectly balanced to me.

But I need a fucking break, I've been playing MSX for months

>> No.1479641

>modern gaming is pure shit, including games like the new ROTT which tried to be 'retro'
serious sam 3 is good

>> No.1479646

Not him but I honestly thought Serious Sam 3 was lackluster

The weapons were decent enough but the first five levels? Terrible.
Then the remaining levels ranged in quality, but never really hitting anything as good as TFE/TSE.

>> No.1479654

>Last thread is only on page 7/10 after being abandoned 11 hours ago
We really don't need to make new threads at page 5

>> No.1479660

Helps that tactical armor has an effect that causes revenant missiles to lock on to anything but yourself and the boots increase your speed by 15%.

>> No.1479669

The link to the previous thread in the previous thread had only just expired when this one was made.

>> No.1479675

First link is to the thread before the last thread, IMX made a mistake.


>> No.1479689

No you misunderstand.
The link at the top of the *last* thread (that is still active on page 7) had only just stopped working when *this* thread was made.

>> No.1479691

Oh okay. Why are you telling me this though?

>> No.1479693
File: 108 KB, 442x434, 1376716943307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Compliments revoked.

>> No.1479704
File: 279 KB, 1366x768, 1395236379990.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>armor has a few unique effects instead of providing any protection against damage
>this is cheating
>infinite ammo rapidfire ssg
>this is fine

>> No.1479707


are you concerned?

>> No.1479709

No, I'm just pointing something silly out. It's part of my daily quota, if you don't mind.

>> No.1479715

The compliment was obviously because he was dodging rockets like a pro without knowing anything about the mod.

I don't know why that anon was okay with the SSG that caused assloads of flinching though.

>> No.1479723


The HD remakes of TFE/TSE are fucking amazing though.

>> No.1479727


Why are you caring that much over the past thread and where does it currently is? Nobody have complained so far in /doom/'s lifetime until now when it comes to new threads. At best, the only thing that might irk some people is that IMX wasn't awake when we reached page 5 or 6 at the time.

>> No.1479731



Fuck you. Arch-Viles.

>> No.1479734

20 bucks he's the same dude who has been whining about our threads not being automatically hidden for him. And dammit, I really hope that's the case because my other guess (which I won't reveal for now) is complete and utterly retarded to be true.

>> No.1479736


>ROTT bad
hahahhaha get a load of this joker

You do realise reloading and ironsights were developed specifically to be detrimental

>Complaining about sprinting

You mean RUNNING, Right? Even doom had that. Sprinting is when there's some shitty gimmick tied to it and you're slow as fuck otherwise. Which you're not.

0/10, Thanks for the bait guys.

>> No.1479737

any good, relatively easy and fun wads you'd recommend for a guy who's new to doom? I only finished Doom 2

>> No.1479739


Hell Revealed 1/2
Scythe 1/2

>> No.1479740

Sprinting was tacked on to Serious Sam 3.

You can tell because it trivializes the most iconic Serious Sam enemy, the Kamikazes.
Sam sprints faster than them.

>> No.1479741



>> No.1479743

thanks I'll look into them

>> No.1479746


The difficulty ramps up pretty fairly on HMP.

>> No.1479748


>Trivializes kamikazis

And jumping ontop of them didn't do that?


>> No.1479750

>You do realise reloading and ironsights were developed specifically to be detrimental
explain. i agree they are detrimental to gameplay but i would like to hear how they were specifically designed to be.

>> No.1479751

Because this is a general, we make new threads constantly. There's no reason to jump the gun and fill /vr/ up with additional threads for no reason.

There's a perfectly good thread going unused because for some arbitrary reason /doom/ has decided that page 5 is when we're in danger of falling off the board, unless that's not why we make new threads on page 5.

>> No.1479758


They were designed to be utterly pointless [infact taking valuable frames on just some of the weak weapons], and you literally slow down to a crawl and get killed when you ironsights.

It's basically a "Ha ha, fuck you." meant to attract little kiddies, then violently beat them over the face with it like a testosterone enfused individual

>> No.1479759


They don't have any upsides, either. The weapons don't change accuracy, and reloading usually gets you killed.

>> No.1479763

There's a difference between an oversight and game design straight up being counterproductive.

Sprinting shouldn't have been in there at all.
I'm glad that achievement for not sprinting exists though, at least they know that sprinting isn't Serious

>> No.1479771
File: 1.00 MB, 499x310, 1394693127552.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>General has derailed to not-doom games

Am I in zombie country?

>> No.1479778

no, you're just a pussy who overreacts

>> No.1479780

Doom fans always talks about other FPS games alongside Doom.

There's nothing wrong with it mate.
We have lots of Duke/Blood/Heretic/Hexen/Quake/Serious Sam talk here.

I've even seen a bit of STALKER talk.

>> No.1479783

Nigga do you even read?
Straight from the OP:
"(other retro FPS games welcome too, chances are we played 'em too)"

>> No.1479793


I'm aware of this.

>> No.1479797

Fuck I can't start Scythe and Scythe 2 wads. In cfg file the path is configured to check the game folder for wad files (and yes both scythe.wad and scythe2.wad are in the game folder) and yet it won't find them, I can only choose from the basic ones. Wat do

>> No.1479798

I'm not sure what the issue is then.

If you're wondering why the Doom talk seems to be kind of lacking right now it's probably because of the time.

>> No.1479804


Set up the things, toss Scythe into the PWADs section and enjoy.

It'll save you time and hassle if you just get ZDL, and you can run all sorts of mods and combine mods with ease

>> No.1479815


>> No.1479817

OBLIGE, so you get the full DoomRL effect.

>> No.1479818

What's the best thing in DoomRL arsenal then?

>> No.1479824

Play Hexen?

>> No.1479831

Hexen only has two satisfying weapons.

Fighter's Fists
Timon's Axe.

The enemies are too easy to even be engaging.

>> No.1479836

Play Samsara as one of the Heretic or Hexen guys?

>> No.1479838


>> No.1479841

>because for some arbitrary reason /doom/ has decided that page 5 is when we're in danger of falling off the board, unless that's not why we make new threads on page 5.

No, we wait until page 5 because if we just made a new thread on bump limit then we would clutter the fuck up the board really quickly. Waiting until page 5 spaces it out.
Contrary to what some kneejerk faggots would like to believe, we don't want to have four different threads going at once.

>> No.1479843

Not him but /vr/ has 10 pages and is pretty slow, we could wait more, in my opinion.

>> No.1479847

A few months ago it was page 6. I think it could stand to wait until page 8 or even 9, frankly.

>> No.1479850

use hexercise

>> No.1479856

Hey guys, I've got a server request to play together today:

ANY GAMEPLAY MODIFIER [Like Samsara], Survival [Optional] and Nightmare on Demons of Problematique 2.

The wad has three endings. two are difficulty dependant. Find them all.

>> No.1479858

I don't think Demons of Problematique 2 works in co-op.

>> No.1479861


Couldn't hurt to try, right?

>> No.1479893

The scripting doesn't work in multiplayer at all

>> No.1479896

Romero is lefthanded. For what that's worth. He was playing with a mouse since before Doom's release.

>> No.1479909

Don't worry. It will work. Several of us know exactly how to implement it and I'm fairly certain he does too.

>> No.1479915

For some more information: I'm his acs guy and I can whip up a very quick acs thrustaway thing that would prevent needing to use replacements. We can use acs to set +projectile and give it a specific set of velocities to have it fly away indefinitely, looping a timer to remove it when it's out of visual range. We can set +nointeraction as well, as term said. This is all doable within about five minutes and doesn't even need to use damagetypes.

>> No.1479919

At this rate four threads at once isn't looking too unlikely.

The old thread is still at page 7 of 10 despite being abandoned 16 hours ago.

Why "space it out" at page 5, of all pages? Why not 9 or 10? It's likely to last several hours on page 10.

What is the purpose of a new thread? Is it to keep it on the front page or is it to keep the conversation going? Waiting longer before making a new thread and pushing other content off the board won't cause us to stop posting.

>> No.1479924
File: 1.05 MB, 938x637, Cutey Cacos for Sale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've made my maps with different enemies/items for each difficulty.

Normal is supposed to be the normal difficulty, what is normally played, while I made hard exactly what it was supposed to be... hard. Stuff like removing health kits in certain areas while adding more enemies/more difficult ones.

What's the point of having different difficulties if it doesn't really change up the game that much?
I also like to crank up the amount of enemies, a fuckton, for the hardest difficulty and design the level in such a way they can't simply just run past everything. But that's just because if they're playing on it then they deserve to have a challenge that matches the setting. Ya gotta think about urrbody.

>> No.1479962

>be 58 year old lady who plays Doom
>some anon talks shit about me on /vr/ because I like to talk about Doom
Respect your elders.

>> No.1479982
File: 366 KB, 1680x1050, 1395250778790.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 cyberdemons in the map
>1 one of them is teleporting forth and back between 2 key areas so that he can send rockets at you through windows without you noticing
>he keeps teleporting so that it's hard to him him with anything
>both areas where is he standing are very narrow so you either fall down or take a rocket in your face in case you want to kill

This is just annoying bullshit. It's not 'challenging', it's not 'fun', it just ruins the flow and the fun of the map. 'Normal' Cyberdemons ALONE always ruin the flow of a map and have you save before and after you the fight, but this is just over the top bullshit.
So I'm supposed to play the whole map without killing him, except that's not fun EITHER because he sends stealthy rockets through windows from the other side of the map.

>> No.1479985

I saved-scum in order to get him. Now perhaps I can enjoy the rest of the map.

>> No.1479994

>not only relying on autosaves so you punch a hole in the wall when you die far into a hard level

youre too young to die

>> No.1479995

NESfag you should be used to bullshit difficulty. You're a NESfag.

>> No.1480007

>Walk into medium sized room with key in the middle.
>Pick up key.
>In pop four Archviles!

>Walk down hallway.
>Walls drop down.

>Walk into wide open space.
>Walls drop down.
>Infinity + 1 chaingunners.

>Any kind of narrow hallway with tight corners.
>Here come the Barons of Hell, hurrah, hurrah.

This is 90% of levels right here. You can see the 'trap' way ahead of time, but surviving the actual fight is something else entirely. Fuck dat shit, savescum away.

>> No.1480013
File: 123 KB, 500x343, gallagher.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Requesting Doom edit

>> No.1480045
File: 343 KB, 500x343, 1395252872309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1480052

I don't see a knife

Not that guy, but it could use some imp heads or dead pinkies around

>> No.1480056

that looks like a knife or cleaver or whatever. might be wrong though

>> No.1480059

yeah i was gonna use some gib sprites from beautiful or brutal doom but i couldnt find any online :/

>> No.1480063

It's a sledge.


>> No.1480067

well fuck

>> No.1480114


You're 4 months late gaize

>> No.1480148
File: 412 KB, 1458x902, whyllokslikeshit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, why does my shit look like shit.

>> No.1480151
File: 940 KB, 245x145, Beserker_pack.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys seen the sequel to Dead Snow AKA Doomguy vs. undead Nazi army the movie?

>> No.1480156

Use RGBA8.

>> No.1480158

Some one post those r63 doom monster concepts
I need them for science

>> No.1480164 [SPOILER] 
File: 21 KB, 182x240, 1377743358015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you access the information screens

It's not like they're totally necessary for most of the items since you can assume they're pretty much the same as in doomrl but I didn't know if commando armor was the same as [4/4] Red Armor

>> No.1480174

Nevermind, found the artist's pixiv

>> No.1480176


>> No.1480180

only had it on G2 cuz i lag alot

>> No.1480183

what is it?

>> No.1480187


>> No.1480197
File: 78 KB, 378x600, cubus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks, have an anime mancubus

>> No.1480215

Wouldn't that be a womancubus?

>> No.1480220
File: 2.93 MB, 150x148, 1395258494263.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1480223
File: 166 KB, 579x1989, Archviles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if the trap is super, super, super obvious, and is instead intended to make you aware of the impending battle and raise tension?

>> No.1480225

Bind a key to "armor stats", near the bottom in controls.

>> No.1480246

Tick was awesome.

>> No.1480291
File: 345 KB, 500x343, 1395260229878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i fixed it i think

>> No.1480294

He's left handed. His left hand is either on WASD or a mouse.

>> No.1480307

Mike12 plz use this for brutal poon

>> No.1480314

b-but muh chubby womancubus

>> No.1480318

He could just make it more curvacious

>> No.1480320


>> No.1480323

thats what i mean

>> No.1480328

the same guy made a pain elemental and a cacodemon but they are-not as good

>> No.1480330


>> No.1480332
File: 126 KB, 416x600, pain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's the pain elemental i meant to post

>> No.1480334

I like this.

That's an idea I'll consider in the future for a loss animation or something.

>> No.1480338

You'd love Congestion 1024.
Demons teleport into maps so many times that you're starting to wonder if they are wizardo of some sort.

>> No.1480341

thats a kinda cool design though

>> No.1480348
File: 643 KB, 600x600, caco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its a bit too distant from the original for my liking, heres the caco by the same guy

>> No.1480351

this one not so much. there's nothing that really identifys her as a caco and she actually looks more like a baron

>> No.1480358
File: 61 KB, 512x815, cacox2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only other doom-girl I've found on pixiv has got some nudity, is it ok to post if I spoiler it?

>> No.1480365
File: 632 KB, 500x271, 1336442036163.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1480371

We have reached a step where, when the 'traps' that are supposed to surprise the players have become so obvious they lose half of their meaning (they lose the surprise).

What I DO love though, is when mappers surprise players with what they expect. They know the player will expect the trap at that precise moment, so they work around it, like don't make it happen at the moment the player think it will happen but BEFORE or AFTER; or have another trap AFTER the trap, less expected.

It's like horror movies. When the unexpected becomes predictable, you have to work around players' expectations, with the expectations in mind. There is room for infinite mindplay. Sadly not everybody does it (but that only renders the maps which DO play around expectations even better).

But like >>1480223 said, sometimes the author knows what he does is predictable but leaves it like that anyway because it has another purpose. The problem with this scenario though is that tons of people do not see that and only see "HURR DURR I SAW THAT COMING". Of course you saw it coming because it was designed just so that you WOULD see it come...
There is a horror game I love which I believe was completely underrated and misunderstood both by critics and players (Ju-On: The Grudge on Wii) which has a great examples of that : When you open doors, there is a slow animation of the players hand opening the door. The first two times you open doors, a ghost pops up. So people were all like "HURR DURR THIS GAME IS SHIT SO PREDICTABLE".
What they didn't understand was, how it was designed so that you expect it just to fuck up with you : for the rest of the game, each time I saw that door opening animation, I was preparing myself for the ghost to be there. But it never happened again, not even once more...
And that was great fucking horror mindplay, the developers fucked me up and kept tension with that throughout the ENTIRE game because of the 2 first predictable door scares.

>> No.1480379

Yes. Please do.
My dick requires it.

>> No.1480380

Technically not, but I think linking is acceptable.

>> No.1480391
File: 237 KB, 425x600, arachnoboobs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not as well drawn as the others, but here it is
>>1480380 I am pretty sure links don't work for pixiv if you don't have an account, and I am mostly just a lurker, so I will take a chance

>> No.1480408

so do lost souls come out of her belly, or is that one just a tattoo and they come from her boobmouths?

>> No.1480418
File: 158 KB, 256x302, 1394766270529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, iam trying to play the metroid mod on singleplayer and it plays a bit different than on the server. For instance you can't double jump and there is no shotgun cannon in replacement of the chainsaw. I remember terminus talking about a cl command that activates double jump (that I forgot), perhaps there is also a command to activate the shotgun?. Could somebody pls help me?

>> No.1480426

metroid_spacejump 1
metroid_doomcannon 1

>> No.1480431


If all else fails, type "cvarlist metroid_*" in the console.

>> No.1480436
File: 32 KB, 512x384, stare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you very much!

>> No.1480451

Did we ever figure out who stapler-san is?

>> No.1480458

Gimme terror wads.
And real terror wads, not just a copypasted forest with a spooky scary ghoul.

>> No.1480508

Unloved was pretty fucking creepy.

>> No.1480519


real terror? Try fighting pinkies in -fast

>> No.1480540
File: 495 KB, 1680x1050, 1395265649875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start map
>framerate drops to like 25fps
>hear several cyberdemons at once shout

Is this hell? and the readme file says this is actually the TUNED DOWN version of the map. Fuck.

>> No.1480548

That downloaded just finished.

>> No.1480551

that download*

>> No.1480556


So MAP29? Yep, the only way you can appreciate (and, well, play) it is via PrBoom

In fact, the whole wad was made with PrBoom in mind. That's sort of why servers that host stuff like Sunder (and on top of that, with mods) tend to have quite some giggles

>capatcha:yimmis act
>also I'm aware I misspelled captcha, I just think it sounds funny

>> No.1480645
File: 152 KB, 276x240, SUCKITDOWNtm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imp-girl is pretty much finished, now with a second scene as well. Just putting the files together and waiting for Stapler-san to make contact.

Here's this in the meantime

>> No.1480650


>> No.1480659

It goes full slaughter map at 29 and 30.

>> No.1480662

>and waiting for Stapler-san to make contact.
Stapler-san confirmed for alien

>> No.1480665

Has there ever been a wad based on Tom Hall's design documents that was actually finished?

>> No.1480725


Probably never will be either, there's a lot of work to be done after all.

>> No.1480727

>that was actually finished?


Doom Bible is the new Mordeth

>> No.1480768


>> No.1480769

lmao shes feeling up doomguy

>> No.1480771

>she touched the butt

>> No.1480795

How long until Trailblazer

>> No.1480797

You can use a sledgehammer in accesories to murder.

>> No.1480803

haha, nope

>> No.1480806

>she doesn't goose his prostate

>> No.1480808

>implying she can breach Doomguy's impenetrable posterior

>> No.1480809

I'm not a huge fan of how it's animated personally.

Just doesn't look natural.

There has been no word on Trailblazer since the fridge.

>> No.1480813

I'd get too cocky

>> No.1480817

yeah if i saw a trap i wouldn't get cautious i would think i'm too good for the map because i just saw a trap and didn't fall for it

sort of a double trap

>> No.1480818

I agree, it looks pretty weird.
Not a fan of the pistol either.

>> No.1480835


thanks, we were all dying to know

>> No.1480854

>a game is bad by default because it has sprinting and reloading
>sprinting is handicapped by the inability to shoot
>only like three guns require reloading not to mention the fact that you had to reload the colts in classic serious sam too
>none of this even gets in the way

Yeah, fuck people like you. I bet you came straight from /v/.

>> No.1480857


is she playing Cave Explorer in Doomguy's no-no part?

>> No.1480863

>Sprinting invalidates Kamikazes
>They don't really lock you into arenas in Serious Sam 3 like before so you can always keep on running back
>All enemies come only from the front
>The entire reason the Tommygun was good was because there was no reloading and the rifle that replaced it sounds dinky as hell
>The shotgun sounds like a toy and the reload is ridulcously slow
>No dual wielding colts and instead it's the tacticool Deagle
>Assault rifle and pistol both have random spread unless you're using Iron Sights
It's not perfect nigga

>> No.1480894
File: 2 KB, 24x30, Doomguy_cringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugh....I shouldn't be doing this dammit, anyway...

Does anyone happens to have the so-called "updated" version of the Doom infopic that I did a year ago? I lost it. Filename is "DoomUpdated2013-5.png"

>> No.1480905



>> No.1480909

Any wads with cool boss fights?

>> No.1480918
File: 82 KB, 533x800, 1389395664972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


To settle this, since it seems like someone(s) keep bringing it up, I made this straw poll:


Also in the future, if IMX is okay with it, we can have people that start new threads that aren't him use the name IMX without a trip so that people are spared the crushing burden of hiding a new thread.

>> No.1480939

Does Brutal Doom SE have any cvars?

>> No.1480942

Or just put Doom General in the subject

>> No.1480948

>3 people think it's acceptable to abandon a thread only to have it stay up for another 24 hours
??? but we could be using that

>> No.1480950

claustophobia: the walls close in
it has some moderatly cool bullet hell style bosses

>> No.1480952

Batman Doom
Action Doom
Super Sonic Doom
Zen Dynamics
Cheogsh 2
Community Is Falling 3
NeoDoom Gold Edition

>> No.1480956

9 or 10.
Honestly, how can you justify anything else.

>> No.1480957


>> No.1480974
File: 224 KB, 432x284, tumblr_mdjxlbjBMl1qd20ie[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great, and what if everyone suddenly stops discussing while being on bump limit and forget about making a new thread? We've been thru those kind of situations too, we've been in Page 4 while STILL being in bump life.

And WHO keeps posting stuff in the older threads anyway? Who's dumb enough to keep posting in a place where nobody would even answer to you




>> No.1480976

can you prove that

>> No.1480979

Yeah, when I fill up my 8GB flash drive with 4GB of porn I go out and buy a new one.

>> No.1480995

you act like posting is some great privilege or something. who gives a shit if we start a new thread?

>> No.1480996



Go check the Foolz version of this thread. And now go back three or four threads back.

First of all this little faggot keeps showing up and whining at the beginning of the threads about how we "clutter" /vr/ with Doom discussion.

THEN two threads after we suddenly have a nancy complaining about us making new threads in Page 5, when it has become a tradition to create new threads in page 5 (or 6, because, well, you know, Iron Maiden stuff). You can complain about us having an unorganized mess in the OP, or probably a messed up way of storing our info. regarding custom /vr/-made wads, but...thread making?

>> No.1481001

>the totalitarian /vr/ mods

Confirmed for butthurt at being banned before.

>> No.1481005


This is totally my favorite video game.

>> No.1481007

hey if someone's fucking up the doom topic chances are were gonna try to settle it

>> No.1481014

But if it's one guy...just...ignore him?

Whatever, this is enough meta crap. Back to Doom

>> No.1481015

can you prove that this one person that comes by and trolls with doom doesn't belong on vr is doing this

can you even prove it's not someone in the community saying that

can you even justify making threads on page 5 instead of 9 or 10? we have two threads, two, and one has been unused for nearly 24 hours. why push off other threads (4chan has limited space) without needing to?

sorry, not the boogieman

>> No.1481018


Yyyyep, blame it on someone that took the time to explain everyone at #vr that he decided to get vacations

>> No.1481026
File: 36 KB, 600x450, 1395264261633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1481032


ACTOR CarmackSonSmile2 : CarmackSmugSmile replaces CarmackSonSmile

>> No.1481034

fuckin notch with his candy-ass abstract paintings

>> No.1481041

>Carmack will never be your dad
why even live

>> No.1481053

Has minigunner updated Polished Skull at all recently? I seem to recall him saying he'd provide updates for the mod in the thread.

>> No.1481054

damn, his kids got the ugly too

>> No.1481067

>Minecraft will never have the fast paced gameplay of Doom with enemies that are at least a little dangerous
>Doom will never have destructable environments

Damn shame

>> No.1481069

Nah brah, follow me on this one.

This is a HOT IDEA cumming straight into your brainhole: We use eDuke32.

>> No.1481079

I just made the poll because it seems like it is a recurrent discussion since forever that's been discussed more as of late and it was an easy way to get everyone's input. And the pace of /vr/ in general has slowed, so we're not in danger of getting pushed off the board by waiting. If it makes some people (even picky people) happy and eases friction between /doom/ and the board at large, why not?

If people keep complaining after we start making pages later (from the poll it looks like that's what everyone wants) then it just outs them as unreasonable curmudgeons.

The only time I've seen anyone get their post removed for complaining about the threads is if they were hostile or their post/argument just consisted of ">>>/vg/"

>> No.1481081



>Minecraft modding will never stop being a mess and get their act together to put quality mods that are actually compatible with each other like the majority of Doom mods
>Doom modding will never have the same amount of people interesting in modding it compared to Minecraft



>> No.1481083

yeah waiting for page 9 or 10 is just being polite to the rest of the board

we don't even need threads every time we reach page 5 there's no reason other than "we've just always doen it"

>> No.1481086

>>Minecraft modding will never stop being a mess and get their act together to put quality mods that are actually compatible with each other like the majority of Doom mods

Blame Notch and
>muh obfuscated java

>> No.1481090

I don't think Doom engine could even handle destructable environments period.

I don't mind though.
I love Doom's modding community

>> No.1481102


Doom 4 will come out and Notch won't be releasing the goddamned ModAPI

>just being polite

I would personally ask for politeness over at the emulation/screen filters threads rather than the Doom threads. If I were a mod, "they way the devs intended" would get the Piccolo Dick treatment.

Also, off topic, but IMHO the only things the developers intended was to receive their pay directly from you (pizza money in id software's case) by buying their works at the time instead of pretending to like things because they're "so retro"

>> No.1481104

contact with stapler-san established.

>> No.1481106



>> No.1481107

*modem noises*

>> No.1481110

I tried to suggest a centered 3d weapons mod, too bad no one cared.

>> No.1481121

this is stapler-san, over
i repeat, this is stapler-san

we're getting pounded hard in here
send reinforcements

SEXY reinforcements

>> No.1481126

i hope the apocalypse is really just sexy demon bitches

>> No.1481170

I'd welcome it.

>> No.1481194
File: 14 KB, 82x118, doomdemon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know, what really makes this .gif is the filename.

Not really, because while there's some cool ideas in there, there wasn't actually enough for a whole game, he never really got to finish it as far as I know.

But I fucking digged E2M2 and D2M10, those are among my favorite maps.

>> No.1481201

Quoting just to check if he's going to deliver


>implying he will ever do

>> No.1481221

can someone post all of the hmods sprites for me right now? I forgot to save them
also is there gonna be some demon on demon lesbian action?

>> No.1481237

This is the only one that isn't either in the thread or on r34

>> No.1481242

thanks friend

>> No.1481248

Anyone got the hmod difficulty levels images=

>> No.1481262

forgot what nightmare was

>> No.1481264

>NIGHT -- Mom! Knock!

>> No.1481272

can it be canon that doomguy has a baroness wife he fucks all the time

>> No.1481274
File: 29 KB, 500x375, 1391272443486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


oh my god that pic

>> No.1481279

oh wait no it was a hell knight...ess. that doesnt sound right.

>> No.1481284

Why not both

I'd rather it not be canon either way. Let Doomguy have a pervert brother, Lewdguy

>> No.1481286

I prefer to think of it as an alternate universe affair.

>> No.1481301




>> No.1481314


>> No.1481326


Yyyyep, and just what I expected, no answer at all

>> No.1481362
File: 8 KB, 389x371, Doomguy peek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question time!
What are your favourite weapons, from vanilla or otherwise, and why? inb4 5000 SSG replies
Same with your most disliked weapon.

Mine's are the vanilla rocket launcher because, well, fast firing rockets, what's not to like?
From mods, Brutal Doom SE plasma gun.
>that sprite
>those sounds
>those glorious projectiles
Best used on a dark level with dynamic lightning on. Shit's pretty yo.

>> No.1481372


Shotgun, it made me learn to save ammo wisely.
BFG and how mappers expect the player to know how to use it and find it in the most obtuse and pathetic way ever possible in a secret room

>> No.1481373


Vanilla: Super Shotgun, sorry it just feels good, sounds good, and IS good.

most disliked is a tie between the fist and pistol, damn they bug me.

Mod weapons I fucking love Lelweps Health/armor bonus SSG, it's just so fucking goofy. I also like MSX's personal autocannon and plasma gun

>> No.1481375

Super Shotgun

>Project MSX
Especially the Autocannon and Gauss Rifle, holy shit.

>Brutal Doom SE
Super Shotgun
Rocket launcher

>Polished Skull

Torch one day

Shotgun Multiple shell types one day

I'd also put any and all over-under shotguns on there but honestly there isn't any.

>> No.1481381

>BFG and how mappers expect the player to know how to use it
But it's not that hard.
I imagine it as a Super Shotgun and it works perfectly as one.

>> No.1481389

I always liked the rifle with the bayonet from Immoral Conduct, at least, in concept. I just really like the idea of a powerful semi-automatic rifle (say 7.62x51mm) with a bayonet. Really handy to be able to stab the shit out of enemies to conserve ammo.

>> No.1481396

Rocket Launcher - That fast firing rate, that solid BAMM when you hit something. Blowing away zombies just for the fun of it. Too bad it sucks against the bosses. Least favorite would be the non-berserk fists I guess.
Any of the superweapons from Russian Overkill, for obvious reasons.

>> No.1481402


They expect new players to push a Cyber away with the BFG blasts, they expect 'em to kill Barons with one shot (it's totally doable, but we all know it isn't flawless and shit happens), they expect 'em to save ammo in order to kill the 10 archviles that pop out when you reach the Exit door

I can go on

>> No.1481406

>>Project MSX
>Autocannon and Gauss Rifle
Agreed. They feel great.
I kind of dislike the autoshotgun thing tho, even if it's pretty useful and powerful.
Everything except the wand. Sounds so fucking weak and weird.I would like it better if the PC did magic with his hands to be honest.

>> No.1481412

All you have to do is switch the Autoshotgun sound and it feels right.

The sound is kinda eh.
But I gave it something with a bit more bass and it's rad as shit in all ways.

>> No.1481414


I'm working on replacing the wand with that wrist cannon, and giving it more thuddy sounds, something with some oomph. I was also thinking about having him shoot magic from his hands but that doesn't fit Blaz very good, nor does the wand though.

>> No.1481415

>All you have to do is switch the Autoshotgun sound and it feels right.
Yeah, agreed.

>> No.1481428

Oh, that's great.

>> No.1481437


yeah, look at the transformation animation >>1479219

>> No.1481465
File: 29 KB, 700x525, i saw the demons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chainsaw from Doom 3, they really got that part right.

Machete from Zen Dynamics.

Fists from ww-hcdiaz.wad were pretty cool, especially with the Berserk pack.
If you line up the karate chop just right, you can make it look like you karate-chopped a shotgun guy's head off.

And of course the classic Super Shotgun, can never go wrong with that baby.

>> No.1481467


And now they know

>> No.1481473
File: 36 KB, 393x391, 1354619006173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


alright who's the idiot that posted that over there

>> No.1481474

oh god damn it

>> No.1481475


Eeeeeeey, I think I know who was it...


yo 'sup

>> No.1481480


>> No.1481487
File: 50 KB, 640x480, doom3_5gr[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




Rewatching the Doom 3 "Hell" level makes me wish Betruger had a more "hellish" voice, he sounds so normal.

>> No.1481491


You know what? Fuck this, I don't want the new threads to be made in page 10 now. Your obnoxious shit made me wish I can change my vote in the poll.

>> No.1481492

No shit, get out.

>> No.1481501

Why did you choose page 10 if you were going to change your mind later just because I need to let people know that page 5 isn't the page for new threads to be made?

Judging by the "reasons" people gave for making a new thread on page 5, those people need to be reminded constantly that their plan for making new threads doesn't suite a board as slow as /vr/ so change can occur.

>> No.1481503
File: 12 KB, 254x321, 1395287348199.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A poll was made hours ago. Decisions were taken. I was making up my mind to accept democratically everyone's thoughts.

But guess what? Nothing will change now. Now you look stupid; and you might avoid looking stupid AND dead.

New thread at page 5 and that won't change. Have a nice day.

>> No.1481509

>those people need to be reminded constantly that their plan for making new threads doesn't suite a board as slow as /vr/ so change can occur.

I'm voting page 5 just to spite you.

>> No.1481513

Do you act this way whenever someone proves that you made a bad decision?

Shouldn't you vote for the option that's more courteous to the rest of the board? We're all adults here.

>> No.1481515


>> No.1481516

>imx being a huge shitlord
what else is new

>> No.1481519

keep it up, maybe one day we'll have three threads up at once

>> No.1481523

I vote we make a new thread now so he'll fuck off

>> No.1481526

>We're all adults here.
Clearly not you.
Page 5.

Go back to tumblr.

>> No.1481529

All I did was post how long the old thread has gone unused to drive home a point that people needed to learn. Clearly page 5 isn't chosen for any logical reason, it's tradition brought over from /v/ and /vg/ and spite brought over from those same places.

/vr/ isn't /v/ nor is it /vg/, it's much slower.

>> No.1481531

BDSE chainsaw
reelism minigun
AtM revolver

reelism gasoline bomb launcher
vanilla pistol

>> No.1481535



>> No.1481538

New thread on page 2.

>> No.1481539
File: 1.20 MB, 1280x720, 1395287959301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't understand what's happening in here.

>> No.1481540

Someone killed a shitload of Hellknights and Cacodemons.

>> No.1481543

>Doom 3 Chainsaw

Makes mincemeat out of the Tank boss.

>> No.1481546

>We're all adults here.
>courteous to the rest of the board

I think you threw that out the window when you felt the need to remind people how long it's been since the last thread AGAIN.
Because now we know you're the type of person who will push and push and push and push until people unequivocally agree that your way is right.

No. Fuck you. That is not how we play your fucking game.
You wanted the poll, fine. We used the poll. We cast our votes. Who knows, maybe we could have settled this politely and without any drama.
But no, that wasn't enough, you wanted to steer it back off-topic anyway. And since you've so aptly demonstrated this, who knows what other matters you're going to push and push and push on?

>> No.1481547

>All I did was post how long the old thread has gone unused
Yes, because you are autistic as fuck. No, I really mean it, because you obsess over a thread you don't like, a thread that you could easily filter and ignore with the use of the catalog and native extension.

You lose your shit because everyone is inconveniencing you very slightly, in a way that you can solve for yourself with the press of a few buttons.

>> No.1481548


>> No.1481551



>> No.1481553
File: 167 KB, 599x450, cutitout.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting real tired of that whiner whining about when we make new threads and you boneheads replying to him. Cut it out. Think of some more Doom related shit to talk about for either right now or whenever the new thread comes up.

Tell you what, tell me what you guys would want to see in future versions of GMOTA or some mechanics you feel need tweaking, and when I get back I'll take all of that stuff into consideration.

>> No.1481554

I've been coming here for months. Trivia: GMOTA's sprites are done by Sgt Shivers and sometimes Mike12, Sgt Mark accused Mike12 of theft and was laughed out of the thread, Donald was banned from BestEver.

All I want is to be more courteous to the rest of the board. I'm not some bogeyman.

>> No.1481557


>Average Boom slaughterwad
>shitloads of Hellknights and the same death sprite plastered all over the place, managing to do what was unthinkable, "Doom Noise"
>"the way Doom should be played! ©"


There ain't no crosshair in there, it's just dead Hell Knights all over the fucking place. If you can hook a brother up by pointing it out it'll be appreciated

>> No.1481558

>new brutal doom video (v20)
improved blood effects, and that's about it.
looks neat if you ask me.

but then again

>> No.1481563

>rbult duum

>> No.1481564

I don't think the board really minds the Doom threads.
We've been coexisting for quite awhile with little complaints that only seem to have picked up recently.

But it doesn't seem like a lot of people, only a handful.

One issue with complaining often about it is that it adds more posts to each threads which makes new Doom threads come up quicker every time since it gets filled out faster

>> No.1481567


>Donald was banned from BestEver

that ain't new, that's more likely something that happened in the first 6 months of /doom/, BEFORE even GMOTA_guy showed up.

Also nice job for bringing up how "old" you are to these threads when the subject wasn't even brought up by anyone in the first place.

>> No.1481569

I was accused of being the guy that comes in just to tell us to fuck off, I intended to prove them wrong.

>> No.1481589

>All I want is to be more courteous to the rest of the board
And yet it's only you, and perhaps one more guy who really gets his knickers in a twist over this.

>> No.1481594


Not bad, needs more clarity for the Doomguy wad though.

>> No.1481596

Not quite. >>1480918

>> No.1481605

So what the fuck is the Hmod?

>> No.1481608

This year's gone fast, hardly got any of the games I was looking out for. Cheers for depressing me op.

>> No.1481613

It's as close as we'll get to Gmod in the Doom engine.

>> No.1481614

what makes you think I did it?
hehe he alright I did it
but seriously is there gonna be some lesbian action in the hmod or what?

>> No.1481626
File: 83 KB, 496x750, 6958[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gmod in the Doom engine.

heheheheh...oh man that would be the end of our lil' Doom world as we know it. Touching wood asap

>> No.1481630

what about doom in the gmod engine

>> No.1481636

Already done

>> No.1481637

That was done, actually.

>> No.1481642

Do you think you could either tone down the sound of the footsteps, remove 'em, or make several more sound clips? The Constant "ticticktackticktick" is insanity-inducing.

>> No.1481660
File: 201 KB, 1024x768, 1395291278166.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this brief adventure into gigantic-ism fetish brought to you by mike12 forgetting to resize his sprites

>> No.1481667

doom brutal porn mod attack on titan version nao

>> No.1481672
File: 6 KB, 96x124, sprite_improvement.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From the producers of "My Little French Girl Mapper", here it is to you


"An Unironically Made CoD mod for Doom"

>> No.1481676

>My Little French Girl Mapper
Thank you for reminding me. Holy fuck was that hilarious.

>> No.1481693

Damn,DoomRL pushes my shit hard,i try to survive and try to not loss the gothic armor just to find an armor bonus[DoomRL restores armor to 100% if you get the bonus],fucking scythe kicked my ass hard
Worst part,i keep getting teased by the game and the cool arsenal[i currently have Elephant gun,gatling gun,lightweaver,bfg9000,micro launcher and missile launcher],if this thing had at least 8 weapons limit,everything would be alrgith

>> No.1481697

I need to sleep

>> No.1481728


>67.2MB of content
>literally half of it are MP3s that never play
>hacked and slashed out IWAD levels, from Ultimate Doom to Doom 2 to Plutonia's MAP29
>dares to create a fb page, subreddit, and a Wikia out of a mod. Yep, a Wikia.
>when called out, bitches on his subreddit and "almost quits Doom"

okay, this isn't that b---

>tries to samefag
>he even dares to promote his shit in the Cacoward Nomination thread (not that vote tally counted in that shit anyway)

good lord. Even if I summed it up this is worth a read at least once.

>> No.1481736

Jesus what's the deal with that site, why is everything eye rape yellow, and what's with the stupid music?

>> No.1481748

oh god


>> No.1481756

{LINK REMOVED - Please don't spam, and be wary of scams.}

>> No.1481757


I'll make them more quiet for v1.0 for you anon

>> No.1481761


>> No.1481767

{LINK ENTFERNT - Bitte keinen Spam, und vorsichtig sein, Betrügereien.}

>> No.1481768

Aaw, thanks

>> No.1481772

Multiplayer and a 4th class that uses the bodies of the enemies to regain armor using the grapple button[basically,everything you kill becomes armor bonus],and it has magic and strong punch attacks,it doesnt have subweapons though

>> No.1481773

is that from phmlspd?

>> No.1481781
File: 22 KB, 462x347, large[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The end of an era ;_;7 LOL not really. Good fucking riddance; and never attempt to rile us again to deathmatch your asses like you tried to do months ago, take that lame 90's tough tourney guy shit out of here.

>> No.1481782

It's an archive for stupid/flaming posts, basically their own version foolz archive.


>> No.1481784


>> No.1481785

ah, they all look same to me...

>> No.1481791

the idea is based on the comedy gas chamber from something awful, instead of deleting bad threads you put them in a dump where everyone can see what not to do, and you make it obvious it's a dump with horrible design theme.

>> No.1481794

I played through Hexen with Samsara. As Ranger. Damn satisfying, too, it's like a not-brown Quake.

>> No.1481798

strange thing to say. the whole of doomworld is like the foolz archive, posts don't expire there

>> No.1481825

> And WHO keeps posting stuff in the older threads anyway? Who's dumb enough to keep posting in a place where nobody would even answer to you

Yeah, that's my bad. I don't usually browse /vr/ wholesale. I just keep a tab open with the thread. So I refresh when I have a bit of time and I see a post I want to respond to and then I post in the old thread accidentally.

I'll actually agree that the time between threads seems like its shortening, and in particular we are discussing the game & mods less and less in each thread. The only solution I see is to stop being meta about it. (Of course, I am literally right now contributing to the problem.)

>> No.1481839

I think we're talking about the game and mods less because we're in a sort of dry period without new mods

>> No.1481848

I say we finally do a /vr/ vanilla map set then.

>> No.1481865

i guarantee a /vr/ vanilla map set would be full of zdoomisms, so just make it for zdoom

>> No.1481938

So we go back and fix those. I'm guessing half of /doom/ may have never made a map in their life; you can't start mapping by throwing them the whole toolbox, you gotta work your way up to it.

>> No.1481960
File: 32 KB, 300x445, Muscle_wizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>consume the tissue of slain enemies to get armor

Sounds like a fleshmancer/muscle wizard hybrid

>> No.1481982

So, I just finished DTS-T, and can't seem to follow what the hell's gone on.

Did the device teleport itself to hell or something? I don't get it.

>> No.1482017

The device was Hell.

>> No.1482047

imagine how bad doom would be if it had regenerating health

>> No.1482050

kewl as fuck

>> No.1482051

>texture resizing

>> No.1482056

Brutal Doom SE has an option for that I think, you can regenerate up to 30% health.

>> No.1482107
File: 2.64 MB, 1920x1080, 1395314861021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This map is fucking terrible, I hate it
>Random explosions that happen instant that do massive damage when outside
>Melee enemies that move about as fast as you, can kill you at max health/armor in less that 3 seconds, don't die to a point-blank SS shot, and move in spastic zigzags

Fuck this

>> No.1482112

Yeah that map is one of the weakspots, but try and suffer through it (or just cheat past that and the boss fight which is just as bullshit) since the next level is good.

>> No.1482121

What's this?

>> No.1482128

I know people post interesting screenshots of maps and dont give source a lot around here, but maybe you should do a little detective work for yourself like looking at the post I'm replying to.

>> No.1482131

I'm sorry anon, I am out of it tonight.

>> No.1482139

>Too bad that nowadays none of their so-called fans follow this same routine of balancing their custom maps in ALL difficulties while doing no-secret runs at the same time; they only test their levels on pistol start on UV-Max and call it a day. Oh well :^)

There is no need for easier difficulties. Ideally every user map should have two difficultiles : normal and hard, which represents the usermap playerbase as a whole best.
There is no need for 'easy' difficulty because by definition, people who will play usermaps are already experienced Doom players.

>> No.1482178

No, I mean everyone here will make their map "vanilla" as in not using ZDoom features but then will go ahead and not test it in anything except ZDoom, and thus their maps will be full of bugs. It's got nothing to do with throwing them the whole toolbox, it's that nobody here uses anything except ZDoom so ZDoom would be the only engine used to test the maps.

>> No.1482202

>My Little French Girl Mapper
curious about that

>> No.1482206

>An Unironically Made CoD mod for Doom
Wasn't that Real Guns Advance?

>> No.1482210


Real Guns Advance was fun, at least it was for me.

>> No.1482264

>There is no need for easier difficulties

Alrighty then. So what about, you know, the secret areas. Do you find ALL the secrets in your first run when playing custom maps?


Needless to say, it is pointless to lying to oneself, so honest answers are more than welcome

>> No.1482267


I don't find the secret areas, but UV or bust, man.

>> No.1482268

Will these answers even be useful? There's a shitload of mapping styles, methods of hiding secrets, and mappers.

I'm sure this is useless without having everyone go through the same set of maps and report back with their secret stats.

>> No.1482298

Candid camera biatch


>> No.1482305

Oh you. :P I think being a "weird dude" is the least offensive thing anyone can say, so while I appreciate your attempt to cause ~drama~, I'm sure it'll probably fizzle out into nothing. Marrub stated it best and I agree, GMOTA Guy is enthusiastic about his mod and I envy that kind of enthusiasm for I don't really have it for my own projects at the moment. Forgive me the rest of what I said was rude.

>> No.1482308


You're right though, I AM weird.

You should play my mod though.

>> No.1482309

I really should! I apologize for talking shit, especially in a spot where you can't respond to it. I'll give it a try later today!

>> No.1482313
File: 9 KB, 357x322, 1348728474296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's not shittalking Marty, don't even give a second thought.

>torridgristle thinks I'm a beautiful babby

>> No.1482401

Anybody knows if Crossfire is still in developement? The tread on the ZDoom forum was last updated something like 6 months ago.

>> No.1482414
File: 175 KB, 668x1675, Back to Hell 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>everyone here will make their map vanilla
>not using ZDoom features
>then go ahead and not test it in anything except ZDoom
>and thus their maps will be full of bugs

That's a fuckton of assumption you have going on there. You do know that the general mapping community prefers "vanilla" to tons of fancy, flashing features, right? I shouldn't even be respeonding to this bait, but it was so obviously retarded I just had to.

>it's that nobody here uses anything except ZDoom
Ye-up, totally.

>> No.1482438

Is there a mod like Dark Souls in which you have no idea if you can survive then next room but it still feels fair

>> No.1482459


you realize that even gmota guy admits he overthinks too much about his work

>> No.1482505

Hello everyone. I wanted to get into mapping, but for my first map, I want a theme or general design layout, some tips, etc etc. Give me an idea and the most picked one by you lot, I will do.

>> No.1482506

counter strike source's dust2

>> No.1482556

>a theme

A techbase set in the forest, overgrown with nature.

>> No.1482597
File: 352 KB, 800x375, tfw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ohhh do this one.
Are exits activated by walking into an area difficult to design for new mappers? if not then maybe you could leave the map by stepping out of the forest

>> No.1482605

Yes, I know what "zdoomism" means. So we test those levels in ChocoDoom or something and we fix the problems later. Newsflash: Every community project has this phase, the "bugfix and test" phase.

>> No.1482612

Hellbase. There are not enough E2 style maps.

Do it in vanilla though.

>and thus their maps will be full of bugs
Actually this is a real thing. There are certain behaviour quirks of Vanilla that ZDoom "fixes" that other ports like ChocoDoom or PRBoom+ don't "fix." The engine actually works a little different. These are called "ZDoomisms," because it shows the map was only tested on ZDoom to make sure things "worked right" even though they don't work right in OTHER ports. The guys has a legitimate complaint regarding that.

However, MY point is that we should go ahead anyway and we can fix that shit later. The IMPORTANT step of ANY project is getting the fucking thing started.

>> No.1482613


>> No.1482616

I just remembered, one "ZDoomism" is that modern ZDoom (and even Doom Builder) basically allows you to put flats and textures goddamn anywhere--any flat can be used as a wall and vice versa. Vanilla Doom WILL NOT allow this.

And if we ARE going to get a map project started, we should agree on a texture set...Anyone got a suggestion?

>> No.1482626

Super Sonic Doom

>> No.1482629

Doom Builder won't let you use textures as flats if you use the Doom configuration. You have to select ZDoom (Doom in Doom format) for that.

>> No.1482648

Should Pirate Doom be played with jump/crouch on? it does use some 'newer stuff' for how the game looks so i'm wondering, and there is no info in the wad .txt file about that (or about anything)

>> No.1482649

Haha, no.
Sounds intresting
Looks nifty. Might use it somewhere.
Will keep these in mind.
Hellbase eh? Always liked the flesh design

I'll post dev screenshots as I go along so you can order me to do things. How big should my first map be?

Keep in mind I'll be using this as a boundry area so I know what I'm doing.

>> No.1482653

>Pirate Doom doesn't use jumping or crouching

>> No.1482654

Can't do vanilla or I can't use these textures, Sorry, would otherwise.

>> No.1482660

>You wanted the poll, fine. We used the poll.

I'm the guy that put up the poll, not the guy you're arguing with.

IMO we should still do page 9 or 10, and not change our actions because of some asshole.

>> No.1482662
File: 734 KB, 1366x768, 1395338842643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1482664


Ah wait, Disregard that. I suck dicks.

Alright, I'm just stuck on the roadblock of what to start the map off with, the first thing you see, first room, etc etc. I equate it to a snowball.

>> No.1482668

i'm sorry you think my post was bait but i think your point of view is naive. as >>1482612 explains, unintentional zdoom dependence is a very real phenomenon.

>> No.1482671


And wrong post. Sorry. Post above it.

>> No.1482672

Attack from a 45 degree angle, your target will have a larger hitbox because hitboxes are square.

>> No.1482676

this is why you should just declare the /vr/ pack to have an explicit dependence on zdoom from the outset, then nobody has to care about mapping for fussier ports even if they don't use scripting and whatever else, and i can just ignore it completely instead of getting unduly excited for a project that turns out to be unplayably full of bugs unless i use an engine i don't like. (see also: ndcp2)

>> No.1482680


>> No.1482681


See >>1482664

I'm trying to start the map but I'm having trouble with "What would be fun to play? What would look intresting? What would flow well?" Currently I'm stuck on starting the damned first room.

Again, tips, ideas, advice, etc, are appreciated.

>> No.1482682

What? Vanilla can use new textures.

>> No.1482684
File: 697 KB, 1680x1050, 1395339667563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pirate Doom is really good so far (played 2 maps), but as soon as I find the bonus that gives more strength to the melee weapon, all I do is use it for the rest of the weapon. It's tons of fun and the alt-fire makes it really OP (makes the player run a few steps really fast while hitting), and the pistol and shotgun look and feel shallow in comparaison. I secretly hope i'll find that bonus in every map.

>> No.1482691


Doesn't seem to want to load the resources though...

>> No.1482694

Just put down a room. Any shape. A non-rectangular shape is a good start.

Make the "first" room just kind of a hallway or something so that they have to go forward a little bit to reach the "main" room. Don't put a door there, just have it open up into the main area.

Now the main area. Put something interesting in the middle, like a teleporter or a raised platform with a key or a chaingun. Something to tempt the player for later. Figure out how they're going to get it later; for right now just figure out "I want something important there."

Now consider the player's equipment. They don't have the shotgun yet. Tease them with Zombiemen, don't just load up on Shotgunners yet.

Now branch the level off into some different paths. One left, one right. Maybe make the level a Y shape. Put a raised area with a window inbetween the "forks" of the Y, put some dudes in it. Imps maybe.

I just gave you a start. Once you start building "rooms" it becomes very obvious what kind of stuff you can do from there.

Think about your favourite--or your least favourite!--levels, and what you liked (or hated!) about them. Now do exactly that.

If you're going for a hellbase theme, make sure you use lots of stuff like pentagram shapes on the floor, or inverted crosses in the walls.

>> No.1482696

What texture wad are you using? What editor, Doom Builder 2?

I always keep my texture/resource WADs separate unless I'm about to release it, it's just easier that way.

>> No.1482714

>I envy that kind of enthusiasm for I don't really have it for my own projects at the moment.

Then gimme a call bby and lemme holla at that coding

>> No.1482720

>There is no need for easier difficulties. Ideally every user map should have two difficultiles : normal and hard, which represents the usermap playerbase as a whole best.
>There is no need for 'easy' difficulty because by definition, people who will play usermaps are already experienced Doom players.

I think 5 gradients is fine, though you are correct that the difficulty levels shouldn't follow vanilla difficulty levels.

Ideally in a modern map you should use scythe 2's difficulty levels.

ITYTD is vanilla HMP, or slightly easier
UV is slaughtermap

The only people this irks are the nimrods that get mad when the skill they're comfortable playing on isn't UV, cause they're compelled to play on UV.

>Too bad that nowadays none of their so-called fans follow this same routine of balancing their custom maps in ALL difficulties while doing no-secret runs at the same time

I always test my maps in no secret runs.

>> No.1482721
File: 52 KB, 619x1219, In-fighting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweeping, negative generalizations; that's all. If your post wasn't bait, you probably shouldn't make it appear that way.

>> No.1482725

The other major thing is...well, this is /vr/. By our very nature, shouldn't we be making a mpset as retro-influenced as possible?

>> No.1482749

sweeping negative generalizations maybe, but repeatedly proven true over the past 10 years of wad development :-)

point taken, though.

>> No.1482756

>DoomRL Arsenal
>playing renegade because why wouldnt you use shotguns, u gay or somethin bro
>find supershotgun
>eventually nanoshrapnel it
>find thelaptop's boots
>go a few maps
>find malek's armour
I am become death, destroyer of worlds

>> No.1482761
File: 6 KB, 389x371, Doomguy peek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any surreal humor joke wads that are actually fun to play?

>> No.1482769

>Minecraft will never have the fast paced gameplay of Doom with enemies that are at least a little dangerous

That can easily be changed.

>Doom will never have destructable environments

This, however, would be a lot more difficult.

>> No.1482778
File: 2.14 MB, 200x126, bfb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New mapper dude here. Fuck this shit.

Just making a single room is incredibly fustrating.

>> No.1482791

Now, you'll never be a great mapper with that attitude, anon. Keep trying! I know you can do it!

What's the problem you're having? I bet I can help.

Remember, your first room--hell, even your first map--will probably not be the best thing in the world. It might even suck. Don't get discouraged. Everybody's first one sucks. Just remember, you don't have to release it as a finished product, and you don't have to keep things the way they are.

Just because you put down a bad room doesn't mean that bad room has to be there forever! You can change it entirely later on. You can add entire other areas that weren't there before!

Keep going, anon. Don't give up!

>> No.1482796

TurboCharged ARCADE!
Community Is Falling 3
Doomguy's pimp ventures II: The More,The Merrier.
Doomguy's pimp ventures III: Cybie Dreams
Doomguy's pimp ventures 3.5: Moar Futa
Vanessa the killer bitch
AOL Girls Museum
School Doom II
Spacia - A silly Doom space Adventure

>> No.1482801

I'm quite partial to the original shotgun. Love that feeling of sniping an entire row of weak enemies from across the map.

Honestly, I'd say my least favorite weapon is the rocket launcher. It just... doesn't really work too well with a game like Doom. I don't know what it is. It just feels like it'd frag my ass apart any second if I'm firing in anything narrower than a wide-as-fuck hallway.

I absolutely love the rocket launcher in Quake, though. I feel like I have a lot more control over that one.

>> No.1482802

>santa claus, you cunt, where's me fucking bike
Spacia is hilarious

>> No.1482803


>> No.1482806

The Space Pirate. Marty's thing.

>> No.1482814



>Russian Overkill
The berserk pack that turns you into a tank & the Libra. god damn that firing sound makes me so erect

>Wrath of Cronos

>DoomRL Arsenal
the chaingun
i don't even know why, it feels so much sexier than in vanilla.

>> No.1482818

>Playing unloved
>The "Scary" chainsaw guys can be killed in three shots
>They drop the chainsaw
>Spend 90% of the time hearing the anoying chainsaw sound

>> No.1482820

Never actually been to the "post hell" page before.

Holy shit that music is horrifying.

>> No.1482823

Which editor program are you using?

>> No.1482824


Am I the only one who thinks Betruger is the original doomguy?

Don't ask me why. I don't know myself.

>> No.1482829


Doom Builder 2.

Anyway, screw it.

Got a wad idea for the lot of you tho. Two of them. even.

>> No.1482832

> Anyway, screw it.
Why such the negative attitude, anon? Seriously, you were so gung ho about making a map before. So you've hit a stumbling block. It's alright, really. We all hit them. Tell us what's wrong, we'll help you through it. And we won't judge you. For fuck's sake, you're an anon, how could we?

>> No.1482838

Why are there almost never any Deathmatch or CTF games on Doomseeker?

>> No.1482839

Neutralized was neutralized.

>> No.1482845

>Got a wad idea for the lot of you tho. Two of them. even.

Oh boy, more ideas from an idea guy.

>> No.1482858


Ah shut yer cock.

The first is a simple enough bout. just remake the preset maps in DoomRL in the Doom Engine, obviously more spruced up and intresting.

The second involves cultists and a really long set of posts, generally being autistic in a nutshell

>> No.1482863

>a simple enough bout
Well anon, looks like you have some motivation to continue mapping, no?

>> No.1482864
File: 174 KB, 800x585, 1394504945650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

May you be blessed with 72 demon virgins in the afterlife, friend.

>> No.1482869
File: 922 KB, 860x935, 1394692820990.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Entering the first realm and hearing the chainsaw sound

Are you saying you weren't creeped out I mean before finding out they're all lightweights

>> No.1482872


No. I don't

Making even a single simple room is a fucking hassle and annoyance. Don't even get me started on doors, switches, and all the other bullshit.

>> No.1482882

>all those glorious doom sound effects in the earlier seasons of south park

It's fucking beautiful, guys. I must've heard that same door opening and closing sound a million times by now.

>> No.1482885

>Making even a single simple room is a fucking hassle and annoyance.

Step 1: Select Sector mode.
Step 2: Put cursor on grid.
Step 3: Hit Insert key.
Step 4: Draw a rectangle.


>> No.1482889

>hearing sound effects you're familiar with in completely unrelated media
feels good man
I remember watching Sherlock once and hearing the BFG firing sound. Had to rewind it a few times to make sure I was hearing it right and not just hallucinating

>> No.1482891


Such is life in the stock sound effect zone.

>> No.1482896
File: 83 KB, 800x600, Doomguy 8th slot weapon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a stock sound effect heard in a lot of different things

I first heard it outside of doom when watching Rugrats, in an episode where they all take on a superhero persona (mocking the Fantastic Four). Robot Angelica makes the noises when she is defeated.

It's like this one.

>> No.1482897


>> No.1482898

Got some links?

>> No.1482906

I'm trying to be nicer than this other guy here but he kind of has a point. What's the problem you're having, anon? You just keep going "it's a hassle and it's a pain." What's the problem you're having? The exact problem? Because, I mean, I've made maps before. They can be daunting, sure, but once you get the hang of drawing crap it's easy enough.

>> No.1482915
File: 2.47 MB, 1543x2898, SoYouWantToPlaySomeFuckingDoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally updated this fucking thing.

>> No.1482923

No. They are just anoying.
I am also playing silent hill and it doesn't scare me either. I think that I am completely desensitized. Fuck being a 90's born.

>> No.1482926

We should make a wider version that fits just under /v/ and /vr/'s image limits.

If we save the FINAL version of the image as a png we can get under the 3mb limit easily that way.

>> No.1482947


Go make it, then.

>> No.1482951

Adding to my post:

>If we save the FINAL version of the image as a png we can get under the 3mb limit easily that way.
should be
>If we save the FINAL version of the image as a JPG

Add Prboom/GLPrboom for stuff like sunder and other boom levels with tons of monsters.

Add Jenesis, Epic 2, Soul Devourer, LOS, others.

Put fractal under samsara and gmota, those are more likely to be liked by a newbie player than fractal. Also add FKER and The Space Pirate. Also Brutal Doom SE.

>> No.1482952

aight, just lemme know what fonts and sizes you used so when I add to it it doesn't look like a mishmash of an eyesore

>> No.1482954
File: 429 KB, 1366x768, 1395347080363.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have any plasma weapon. Fuck.

>> No.1482956

Helvetica, 72pt, bold.

>> No.1482963

What about the smaller stuff, same?

>> No.1482964


Arial Bold, 36 for titles, 24 for wad names, 14 for descriptions.

>> No.1482965
File: 2.04 MB, 1543x2898, Optimized.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1482968

sherlock guy here
excuse the shitty website, it's the only link i could find
happens around 1:10:50

>> No.1482970

*Waves arms around while solving a math problem*

>> No.1482972


>> No.1482974
File: 63 KB, 200x224, 1340667533275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just downloaded oblige

the first map I generated gave me a really rough start since weapons can spawn beyond a horde of enemies but this is a really impressive program, definitely gonna try this with arsenal

>> No.1482997

Legacy of suffering.

>> No.1483008


We should merge DoomWads and add on the stuff from DoomWads2 so that we don't have three diffrent doomwads images floating about.

Good job though.

Also you forgot the URLS man.

Some suggestions:

Russian Overkill
Shotgun Frenzy

>> No.1483015

>Also you forgot the URLS man.

No, I didn't.
I intentionally left them out.

>> No.1483019

>in an image
r u srs

>> No.1483026


Well add them now.

You can't find half of them without it.

Go ahead. Go google "Oneshot Doom"

I'll be waiting.

>> No.1483035
File: 48 KB, 657x437, chex_quest_2_crashes_here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently this game crashes on the first level at the red doors in dos, so does chocolate-doom. I want to play it in chocolate or dosbox. Know where I can find a fixed wad?

>> No.1483036



I found this.

>> No.1483040


>> No.1483042

If you want URLs it shouldn't be an image, it should be a web page.

Dropbox, Tumblr, anything.

>> No.1483049

Maybe even a supplementary Pastebin.

>> No.1483050
File: 3 KB, 118x126, 1331178624563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



It's called G/Zdoom

>> No.1483054
File: 8 KB, 80x116, vr awards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1483057


Don't hog your levels to yourself, Anon.

Share with us.

>> No.1483058



Now we just need one with a tornado of shotguns and give it to Marrub.

>> No.1483059
File: 153 KB, 221x237, YOU'RE WINNER.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1483063

>I want to play it in chocolate or dosbox

>> No.1483071

you can run an old zdoom in dosbox

>> No.1483076
File: 920 KB, 400x226, opening a door to an arch-vile.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys will there ever be a /x/.wad?

>> No.1483078

Isn't that what vrdoom.weebly (in the OP) is for

>> No.1483080

>that horribly small resolution


>> No.1483081


>> No.1483084

>>I want to play it in chocolate or dosbox

>> No.1483086

You could try Boom.

>> No.1483091

??? or dosbox -> zdoom in dosbox ????

????????????????? ??? ??????? ? ???????????????

>> No.1483096

but why? I don't understand.

running vanilla in dosbox is far worse than running chocolate doom.

>> No.1483097

yeah, see this is why i say to make /vr/pack a zdoom wad. the whole board's attitude towards bugs and other ports is "just shut up and use zdoom".

>> No.1483108

Which would be fine except I don't want every shitheel /vr/ poster to be throwing ACS and shit all over the place.

I mean for fuck's sake that one guy can't even handle making a room

>> No.1483113

>the whole board's attitude towards bugs and other ports is "just shut up and use zdoom".

No, we're telling you to use chocolate doom because dosbox a shit.

>> No.1483114


I somehow feel Doom64ex deserves a spot. People might download absolution and miss out entirely on the better version of the game.

>> No.1483115


Are you using chex3.wad? That contains a fixed version of Chex Quest 2.

>> No.1483116

Also lemme ask something:

You are using chexquest as an iwad, right?

>> No.1483117
File: 120 KB, 299x330, 1371096449994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>better version of the game.

>> No.1483124


What ? Do you find absolution better ? Or playing it with the N64 controller ? I find that surprising, playing it with keyboard/mouse is so comfy.

>> No.1483125

I want to play original Chex Quest 2 in a vanilla environment

>> No.1483126

Might want to remove Oneshot. Tried it out, didn't seem to roll at all.

>> No.1483129
File: 1.38 MB, 1543x2719, doomwads.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Are you retarded?

>> No.1483135

>I find that surprising, playing it with keyboard/mouse is so comfy.

Nothing is stopping you from playing Absolution with a mouse and keyboard.

>> No.1483137

>Apparently this game crashes on the first level at the red doors in dos, so does chocolate-doom. I want to play it in chocolate or dosbox. Know where I can find a fixed wad?

After some searching, I tracked down what you're issue is. Your copy of chex quest 2 is not bugged.

The version of chex quest 2 you are probably using was not intended for use with vanilla doom, it was intended for use with zdoom. This is because it was a recreation by the original author released alongside chex quest 3 rather than the original version of chex quest 2 released in 1997.

So far I have been unable to find a working download link for the 1997 version, apparently it is somewhat rare. I'll post again if I find it.

>> No.1483140


Did you actually turn on the rolling?

>> No.1483142


I found a link,


FYI, your request basically amounted to "please google for me." I don't know why you're whining about zdoom.

>> No.1483151

i'm not the guy trying to play chex quest

>> No.1483158

Why are you whining about zdoom when we were just telling him to use the port the wad he had was designed for?

>> No.1483160

the chex quest 2 im using is from the original dos installer

>> No.1483161

Then try the one in my link.
Make sure any dehacked patches are getting used.
If that doesn't work then run it in chocolate doom.
If that doesn't work then run it in prboom+.
If that doesn't work then I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry.

>> No.1483167

i'm not whining, i'm merely pointing out that given the board's "don't bother with anything except zdoom" attitude, then if a /vr/ pack is going to be made it would be less problematic to just say "the /vr/ pack needs zdoom to run, regardless of if we discourage people to use tons of scripting etc."

>> No.1483169

Also, to ask again, you are using chex quest 1 as an iwad, right?

>> No.1483171

the bat file is:
chocolate-doom -iwad chex.wad -file chex2.wad

and for dosbox, it would be:
chex -file chex2.wad

>> No.1483174

>don't bother with anything except zdoom" attitude

But what was expressed wasn't that attitude, it was a "use the correct port" attitude, since the version of chex quest 2 most have seen was meant for zdoom.

It was the same response someone asking how to use brutal doom in prboom would have received.

>> No.1483184

>And if we ARE going to get a map project started, we should agree on a texture set...Anyone got a suggestion?

Yep, vanilla textures. Just look at Hellbound and what they could do with the vanilla textures only. OF COURSE I'm not saying we would ever top that thing, but all I'm saying is that we need nothing else than the regular textures

>> No.1483196

I did some more digging, and all the links of chex quest 2 that I can find (which are identical to >>1483142) have their own chex.exe that they run rather than doom.exe or doom2.exe. I can only assume that this is the cause of your issue, and--since other sources mentioning chex quest 2 all say it "requires chex quest to run"--chex quest 2 was never meant to be compatible with either doom.exe or doom2.exe.

It looks like your options are either to download >>1483142 and run that in dosbox or download http://www.chucktropolis.com/downloads/ChexQuest3.zip and run the chex quest 2 in there on a zdoom-derived port.

>> No.1483201


Yes, I did.

>> No.1483203

even with chex.exe, it crashes in dosbox

>> No.1483205


>> No.1483212

Huh. I'm trying it right now in compatibility mode to see if it crashes there too.

It might just be one of those things that no longer works on modern hardware. If you have an old comp in the garage that might be your best option.

>> No.1483216

I would, but I like to play vanilla style now

I ran Windows 98 in a virtual machine (the game ran slow unless quality was low btw), and while it didnt crash when the door opened, it came to an extremely slow crawl.

>> No.1483221

>I always test my maps in no secret runs.

Glad to hear, your kind is in danger of disappearing from the face of Doom modding's earth


That would be so many levels of fucked up


Fucking SArais would finally stop being a cocksucker? Praise the lord. Thanks, Terminus

>> No.1483224
File: 236 KB, 380x201, bitch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Doesn't want to use recent sourceport [why not faggot?]
>Asks why it doesn't work
>Explain it doesn't work and why, give solution
>see step one

Fuck off.

>> No.1483225

fine, i misunderstood. i'm sorry. i didn't notice the 2 in the filename. i didn't even know there was a chex 2.

>> No.1483229


Go ask in Doomworld, that place is purist central; they will most likely deliver the most concise answer you will ever get on the internet

>> No.1483230


Can't ZDOOM be set up to play vanilla style ? With 8 bit color depth and 320*200 res ?

>> No.1483231


ctrl+f for "crash"

>> No.1483240


Am I legitimately like the only human being on this planet that uses F3?

>> No.1483242

Finished testing, did 95 compatibility mode in windows xp. Didn't crash, just ran terribly in all quality modes, very herky jerky with speedups and slowdowns. Might have had a slowdown when the door opened but hard to tell since it was constantly speeding up and slowing down.

This honestly seems like a hardware issue. I'm not knowledgeable enough to say for certain though.

Your best bet is probably going to be downloading the second link in my post here >>1483196 and running it with zdoom.

If you're still adamant about playing it vanilla the only thing I know of to do would be to use something like 3D Analyzer to emulate an older graphics card. That's as far as I can take you though because I have no idea what settings you would want to use to make it work right. Maybe look up the specs for the recommended graphics card for doom/doom2?

>> No.1483248

When run on XP, Doom's sound gets all jittery whenever using sound from soundblaster.

>> No.1483249

>I would, but I like to play vanilla style now
What's stopping you from running ZDoom with no mouselook and at 320x200?

>> No.1483250

there's no solution there though

>> No.1483256

Spoilers: Shit like this is EXACTLY why one of the ORIGINAL CREATORS of the game decided it should be run on ZDoom. It was a bitch to try and get it working when it would be so much easier to just fix it to work in ZDoom.

And spoilers: He made it look 10x better in the process

>> No.1483257



>This emulates...well, the way id did Doom.

Up until E1M5, which just simply shows stuff that Romero would ever feature in a map made by himself in 1993. Gets wayyy too intricate in its design for being something done "id software style". HOWEVER, that doesn't mean it sucks, E1 is fucking glorious and merciless (in the proper, Knee-Deep in the Dead way). Still must find my way to play E2

>> No.1483268

Wow, I actually never knew that. Thanks, anon!

>> No.1483278
File: 68 KB, 656x439, chex2_in_zdoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not a fan of the menu, textures too high-res, and framerate isn't the same

>> No.1483282


I guess you're shit out of luck then.

>> No.1483283


>> No.1483291


Oh I can't wait for our first annual Skellies event

who will take home the golden boner?

>> No.1483292


Aren't the textures exactly the same ? I mean they're loaded from the iwad... Just asking, I dont know shit about the technicalities.

Menus are easily ignored once ingame though.


Seems that guy got you covered for your fps problem.

>> No.1483308

>textures too high-res

They're the same. The only difference is if you haven't changed your aspect ratio.

What you want is

>typed in console:
cl_capfps 35

>Display Options
Column Render Mode: Original
Interpolate Monster Movement: No

>Video Mode:
320 x 200

>Compatibility Options:
Compatibility Mode: Doom (Strict)

It's either that or 3D Analyzer as I suggested earlier.

>> No.1483313

You can make the menu bigger, but you're overlooking the problem. RUN IT AT 320x200. The menu will be big and your "textures too hi-res" idiot problem will be gone

>> No.1483320


Also just to be absolutely certain, I went ahead and checked chex2.wad in slade and compared it to chex3.wad.

Resources in chex2.wad are exactly the same in chex3.wad. The only thing that chex2.wad has that chex3.wad doesn't are some Doom resources that got left in.

>> No.1483329

What do you get out of running Doom in Chocolate doom that can't be replicated in G/ZDoom? I don't understand wanting to simulate running a game on an obsolete machine.

>> No.1483334
File: 299 KB, 1176x498, chexcomparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The levels are drastically different though.

I can't fathom why someone would want to play the left version compared to the right, but whatever

>> No.1483342


Huh, didn't know that.

I can throw together a replacement wad for use in zdoom if people want then. Might be a while though.

>> No.1483343

maybe some people want to play it the way they remember it

>> No.1483351

Don't bother, that's what The Ultimate Chex Quest was supposed to do. The guy who made Chex3 saw that and made his (IMO much better) version.

>> No.1483393

imp grill tonite

>> No.1483414


>> No.1483441

Guys, guys, wait. server idea

Icon of Party/Stupid LMS

How about it?

>> No.1483459
File: 240 KB, 620x484, all.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.1483460

I've tried using a sprites sheet generator called "stitches" but I was wondering what everyone else's work flow was for exporting and organizing sprites. People often post neatly organized, all encompassing sheets and I'm wondering how the high skilled folks do it here. Do you host your own version of this stitch app?


I really want to get to drawing and I'm wondering if there's an easier way of extracting the existing sprites. Also, are there any cyan backed templates hosted anywhere?

>> No.1483515

Doesn't GMOTA stand for GO medieval on their asses?
Anyways, good list. I would like to see Stronghold somewhere there, but it's fine as it it.

>> No.1483528


It does, but I'm not about to make them fiddle with it over such a trivial detail.

I like the screenshot they chose for it

>> No.1483534

also it bother me when people use ctrl + l instead of f6 to select the adress bar

>> No.1483543


Sorry, I'm too familiar with the Duke Nukem quote.
I'll change it come next iteration of the pic. There's a few other things that need correcting, like the URLs of the iwads.


Apparently SOME NERDS I'm kidding Eric/Scroton you're cool aren't happy with the selections, so I'll probably expand on it a bit more.

>> No.1483547


I'd appreciate it, but really it's no big deal, just as long as you're not like that other guy who calls my mod SHOTA.

I don't need to attract that audience

>> No.1483551

i guess that pistolstart options deserves an honorable mention

>> No.1483552

i'll take that audience
shota boy + hell dame please

>> No.1483553
File: 54 KB, 180x172, lolbaron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just as long as you're not like that other guy who calls my mod SHOTA.

>> No.1483554

I'm playing Demons of Problematique, and I seem to be stuck. I'm at the part where you are suppose to watch Doomguy go to this big castle, but all he does in run in circles in the lava. Am I goofing hard, or is it GZDoom?

>> No.1483558


Yeah, definitely including that as well.
Also mentioning exactly what Oblige is, since DoomRL Arsenal brings it up without explanation.

>> No.1483565


>the fem-archvile's devil magics turns Doomguy into DoomLad
>has her way with him


>> No.1483576

>Eriance has been coming to the zdoom forums every day
>Hasn't posted in 22 days
Something is going on...

>> No.1483607

I did not even think of this and I am sold on it

>> No.1483618

yeah, i'm thinking i'll probably actually do this

>> No.1483620

You beat it already.
That's the ending.

>> No.1483698


It's not that we don't like them.

We do. We like it a lot.

We're asking for more.

>> No.1483703
File: 272 KB, 1150x522, parte1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Giving this a crystal ball feel is impossible
I don't know shit about lighting, considering this to be opaque, should the back be lighter, as it is, or darker?

>> No.1483707

try darker, as it is looks fine...ish, but too bland imo

>> No.1483717

Mike12: i'm still waiting for someone to make an hmod 360 noscope
GMOTA_Guy: oh christ
GMOTA_Guy: 360 nocondom
Mike12: hahahaha
marrub: Mike12: I will do this as soon as new version comes out
so how would you react if i released the new build right now

>> No.1483726

i dont think i should say

>> No.1483736

too bad
artist's rendition of your dick when

>> No.1483738
File: 21 KB, 400x224, medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had this fucking thing attached

>> No.1483745

impgirl is perfect moty

>> No.1483747

>them sounds

I, um.
Yup, it's erect.

>> No.1483750
File: 87 KB, 712x767, 1355637583592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.1483754
File: 345 KB, 800x600, 1395367885391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are none of these imp bitches dtf

>> No.1483757


Hit them really hard, do gib-level damage.

>> No.1483758


Give them the mdk.

>> No.1483764

nothing gets the ladies wet like a rocket to the dome

>> No.1483769

>s-stuck up j-jerk!
>my dick

>> No.1483780

Yeah, Eriance is hanging out and reading threads.

Spoilers: I fucking log in and read a few threads every day. How do you know he isn't checking to see if anyone posted in the DE thread?

>> No.1483782 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.68 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20140320_221805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1483784


The older versions were better, to be honest.

>> No.1483786

looks like these two reproduced awfully fast...

>> No.1483789

man i wish a sexy imp would suck my dick then call me a jerk and die for no reason

>> No.1483794
File: 237 KB, 1024x640, 1395368702848.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.1483796

He keeps revamping all the weapons for the 3000th time instead of working on more glorious monsters.

>> No.1483805

>and die
but they ain't dying

>> No.1483807

i wonder if there will be zandronum orgy servers once the hmod's finished

>> No.1483812

>implying death
nah, just turned on to the point of incapacitation. also, in the future (when we figure out some more sound stuff) they'll probably only nonchalantly call you a jerk post-dicking if you screw them for a pretty short period of time.

>> No.1483819


:: [BE] New York :: Whispers of Satan (in my pants)

>> No.1483824

yeah whatever mike as if doomguy's monster cock isnt rupturing her vagina and killing her

>> No.1483828
File: 49 KB, 407x385, LSHx8UM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>:: [BE] New York :: Complex Kama Sutra (in my pants) (W/ ADDONS)

>> No.1483830

word of god, man. no imps are harmed in the making of this mod.

>> No.1483834



>> No.1483835


>> No.1483837

>:: [BE] New York :: The Eye (in my pants)

>> No.1483847


Right there you ding dong >>1483736

>> No.1483848


>:: [BE] New York :: 1monster (in my pants)

>> No.1483856

hes probably talking about the map

>> No.1483862


yeah, and that's part of the download.

>> No.1483863

Right there you ding dong.

>> No.1483869

wait what where. i dont see it

>> No.1483871


>> No.1483872

It's the second chapter-thing below Hell on Earth

>> No.1483874

or i guess its a sauna bar thing

>> No.1483891


>those dick sucking sounds


OH MY DIIIIIIIIIICK. Also it misses some UNFing sounds from Doomguy's part

>> No.1483898


She's fucking him! And then she's gonna fuck me!

>> No.1483934

Be sure to use this song as a linedef action whenever someone enters the sauna. It's more fitting IMHO


Also it came in a "1000% Sex Music" torrent I downloaded two years ago or so, so it's sum good shit

>> No.1483936

New thread where?

>> No.1483938
File: 31 KB, 400x300, [doom] looking at a new thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1483943
File: 388 KB, 1280x720, 1395371610059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So, uh, turns out you can load this with different mods. I tried loading it with Metroid.
>you will never have Samus passively watch you fuck

>> No.1483948


>T-t-try me next, pls ;__;

>> No.1483957

for the hmod can we at least have basic lesbian animations like the hellknight and imp?
you know you want this~

>> No.1483971

Jesus christ man, the devs have already confirmed that as too much work, at least for right now. Let them get the basics done first.

>> No.1483980

Some day, maybe. Priorities first, though.

>> No.1483992

They made a metroid wad?

>> No.1483993

Yes, are you new maybe? The guy making it posts screenshots in the threads frequently. The guy making it is the guy behind CyberRunner.

>> No.1483994

Shame it can't work for Hexen.
Though it was hilarious that it worked for Chex Quest.

>> No.1483997

Yes I only just learned how to run wads.
It's the Super Metroid TC right?

>> No.1484000

Not quite. Never heard of a Super Metroid TC. This one is more like Metroid Prime, has the various beams, you can charge them, missile combos, and you can go morph ball and stuff.

>> No.1484001

>Super Metroid TC

Heh. Not quite.
Run in Zandronum.

>> No.1484018
File: 7 KB, 480x480, jhon romero.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yo, I just thought about something

What's going to be the deal with the former troops? There's some female alterns out there already but...eehh, I'm highly doubtful about scalliano allowing edits for such task. Not that he doesn't have the right to have a say, I mean, he pretty much along with Eriance and NMN have delivered almost all the spriting work contained in the Realm667 monsters.

Is mike going to focus at the moment on the demons only?

>> No.1484026
File: 11 KB, 100x72, [Scripten] 3915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


mfw that isn't Scripten's custom title anymore

>> No.1484028




>> No.1484031

Honestly, I'm probably going to do some imp variants of a couple different colors, maybe some edited features and projectile variations. The female zombies would be troublesome due to the whole anime proportion thing, and zombies wouldn't quite fit the tone.

This would also allow me to make a pool of scenes to use for the low-tier imp-variant monsters that could be shared between them with edits and the like

>> No.1484038

Make sure you have some sort of elite imp as a random replacement that shoots faster fireballs than normal.

You can balance this out by having her with the most scenes available.

>> No.1484047


Oh god.

It's true.

It's happening.

HMOD. The prequel to DMDETH.

Doomguy-Demon Hybrids.

I just.

I what.

I predicted this.

>> No.1484053

The imps would all have variants of eachothers scenes in general, but it'd even out by giving the low-tier monsters each a good number of scenes (since they share a very similar structure, it wouldn't be hard to edit them for eachother)

Which isn't to say there couldn't be unique scenes too, but this is the basic idea.

>> No.1484059

Well I was thinking since there won't be any zombies then you need to balance out the lack of firepower from the enemies.

After all, an Imp isn't even remotely as dangerous as a Shotgun guy or a Chaingun Dude

>> No.1484064

Oh yeah, of course. The damage/fire rate is obviously gonna be accounted for with the imp variants, along with color difference so that they're recognizable from eachother.

>> No.1484065
File: 101 KB, 700x2000, 1386464157197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cacodemon is sad at no Zombiegirls

What about Shotgunners and Chaingunners? Imp replacements as well?

>> No.1484069

you should make the imps that replace the zombies have armor
>tfw armor fetish

>> No.1484071

i really need to start refreshing before i reply

>> No.1484073

Afraid so - the proportions and the 'tone' of zombies just wouldn't work with the mod. For what it's worth though, the imp variants will have more scenes to make up for the loss of zombie content.

>> No.1484075

yeah, that might be an idea

>> No.1484078

Could take the zombies and turn them into lust filled humans corrupted by the demon women invading.

But honestly I'd prefer more imps.
The design alone is just nice.

>> No.1484084

my dick is gonna be so hard

>> No.1484090

so what are you guys gonna work on next?
I would think that the revenant should be implemented next, than imp replacers

>> No.1484093 [SPOILER] 
File: 82 KB, 83x144, skeleton5_e0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spooky sexy skeletons

>> No.1484101

the revenant's nowhere near finished yet - i'm probably gonna be working on that alongside the imp replacers (moreso on the revenant if I can get some help with the imps)

>> No.1484102

Is it possible to sexualise the Pinkies?

>> No.1484104

just replace their faces with giant vaginas

>> No.1484107

don't worry - I already have a couple ideas.for that

>> No.1484110

Muscular bruiser girls who go around punching the shit out of everything?

Women who crawl on their hands and legs to pounce on people for scratch attacks?

>> No.1484112

care to share some?

>> No.1484117

Fantastic if you're going to add armor to them make sure they have a clear boob window

>> No.1484119

yeah, something between those two idas is kind of close to what i have in mind design-wise.

i'm a bit too tired at the moment to flesh out a lot of details, i'll have something more solid to share later on.

>> No.1484120

Sounds like Fiends from Quake humanized.

>> No.1484127

But what about Chexen?

>> No.1484129
File: 343 KB, 1280x720, sorryfred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1484136

>That mouth
Oh I know where this is going.

>> No.1484171
File: 62 KB, 500x500, 1395369161569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yo uuuhhhhh

Want me to create the new one?

>> No.1484175

May as well.
Everyone else is fapping like crazy

>> No.1484176

poll said page 10, no one even voted for 7

>> No.1484180



>> No.1484181

>GMOTA hasn't updated in months
>DKG gave up modding
>HMod is the only current mod

>> No.1484185

>what is Metroid

>> No.1484186

because we can or because we need to?

>> No.1484191


are you aware that the poll got invalidated when that one faggot kept driving everyone's attention to the older thread's status?

>>GMOTA hasn't updated in months

come on, try better next time

>> No.1484192


Don't despair, v1.0 is gonna be a big one. I'm working on a secret subweapon for Blaz right now.

>> No.1484193

has it really been months since GMOTA started?

>> No.1484195


I started it in january.

>> No.1484196

i know imx and some other anon got mad but it was still democratically decided, ignoring it makes you the bigger asshole

>> No.1484201

>do things the way i want or else you're an asshole

>> No.1484203

do things the way you said you would, which is what the majority wanted

you can't strawman your way out of this one

>> No.1484204


>only IMX and other anon

Everyone at irc got mad at that fag for attempting to drive the convo. away from the current subject, right when everyone have already forgotten about the issue, not just two dudes.

>> No.1484206

If you guys want to discuss this issue, you might want to take it to the IRC

>implying that other anon will ever get in there

>> No.1484209


>> No.1484212


Not that hard

Download HydraIRC (even Doomseeker's IRC tool can do the job)
connect to irc.zandronum.com/vr
password is vrtroopers

Feel free to join in anytime

>> No.1484219

I wasn't trying to change the conversation, not that there was one, all I did was remind people that the old thread still exists lest people forget and make new threads early again.

You can't blame actions done out of spite on me, I'm not forcing anyone to do anything--especially not start new threads early.

However I stopped posting about it hours ago, if people want to be a nuisance to the board and create new threads only to have the old one last for over 24 hours after we leave it and argue against it with "We've always done it" or "Posting isn't a privilege" then so be it. I've seen mods delete generals for days on end and it was on much faster boards than this.

>> No.1484225


>not that there was one

YES THERE FUCKING WAS, last time you brought the subject we were discussing someone's finding about /v/ having a look at hmod, AND people were giving their thoughts on their favorite vanilla and custom weapons. I would link your post in Foolz but it is currently down as we speak

Having fun being hypocritical?

>> No.1484227


30 mins to join in, or else I'll be making the new one.

>> No.1484229
File: 79 KB, 1360x768, 4554542563024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck do I do to join the server

>> No.1484256

Meanwhile I want us to start a map set but one guy is being a douche just because it'll be full of zdoomisms that we can obviously fix later

>> No.1484283


It's fucking IRC. Look it up you fool.

>> No.1484291
File: 754 KB, 1280x600, my elephant gun when.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck

I generated a full game of oblige wads and this was map 07 (generated name for map: Recess)

I guess you could say this program is not so simple

>> No.1484301

whoops, too late now

>> No.1484304

Not quite. It generates pretty much exactly that map no matter what settings you have. It's because Doom 2 has a built in function attached to Mancubii and Arachnotrons on Map07.

It sucks because you can actually remake that map in interesting ways--see D2TWID. I'd love to see a techbase arena version or something.

>> No.1484307


stock map, you can also include your own custom map to occupy that slot. It's the magic of Lua

>> No.1484310

I talk to Scalliano all the time and I doubt he'd care, maybe go for some non-zombie demon-possessed females? I'm not against imp variants but dem scientists gals!

>> No.1484315
File: 240 KB, 627x466, 1336468755766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah makes sense, probably has something to do with the platform/wall events from killing all of the enemies

by the way is modding armor not possible in this? I know it says the mod packs are for weapons only but I thought the Tactical armor set was available

>> No.1484321

new thread


>> No.1484324

Assembled armors are found replacing normal ones and in crates.

>> No.1484770
File: 332 KB, 640x400, E1M2_chainsaw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking of making a new retro style game (software renderer) inspired mostly by Doom's gameplay (not fish in a barrel style, but true to the old style), and I need your expertise.

1-what would you say are the crucial elements that set doom apart from the rest?
2- what could doom have done different to be a better game (but still doom)?

>> No.1484791

try simple modern graphics/techniques (light/bump mapping/actual dynamic lighting and shadows) but make the "things" in the levels still sprites for contrast, the shadows would look really cool too. Keep everything else DOOM -- large levels, keys, doors, plenty of monsters and ~8 weapons

>> No.1484801

I've got the graphical style & renderer all set. Asking more about gameplay

>> No.1484805

>Asking more about gameplay
>Keep everything else DOOM -- large levels, keys, doors, plenty of monsters and ~8 weapons

>> No.1484848

don't forget traps!
monster closets, teleport tricks
my favorite monster closet trick is a "delayed" one -- pick up a keycard far away from a door you need to go to, only one way there, walking through a corridor section you pass nearly everywhere you go, you walk through it to get to the door, monsters are in little cupboards near the door

my favorite teleport trap would be putting a monster right behind a door, so when you open it, the monster yells at you and runs towards you, hits a teleport line and comes at you from behind

>> No.1484853

>1-what would you say are the crucial elements that set doom apart from the rest?

Fast, fluid gameplay. The original design document for Doom was chock full of story-type elements and when Romero realized how awesome the rip n tear was he literally started cutting out everything that slowed down the action. EVERYTHING. That plus no load times, obviously. A simplistic scoring system. All the classic hallmarks of vidja games. An unlimited inventory size (unlimited in that every item that is available for you to carry, you can carry - i.e., the weapons) and a variety of weapons.

>2- what could doom have done different to be a better game (but still doom)?
*more* variety in the weapons, and more balance in their use. Playing doom is basically just playing shotguns.

>> No.1484882

I beat all the dooms with wasd arrow keys
My exgf would always use the original doom setup, could never understand how she did it.

>> No.1485107

Doom 64 is actually alright once you get to level 8.

>> No.1485127

All I wanna do is replace all of the weapons and monsters, maybe almost all of the sprites in DOOM64 with the ones from DOOM. They'd look so much better that way,

>> No.1485132

Could doom have been as fun if it used the Wolf3d engine (right angle walls only)?

>> No.1485137

I don't think so.

>> No.1486206

So i understand that i have to punch then run to the xeno while pressing "use" key to give them the dick,
but it doesn't work for me though, am i doing something wrong ?

>> No.1486206,1 [INTERNAL] 

You have to deal them gib damage (when they explode in guts), they'll stay stunned for a while instead of falling flat.

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