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How well does the wii emulate PSX titles? I've got a weekend off and would like to play through FF7, but I don't feel like finding and setting up my PS2.

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Like shit

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I played Fire Emblem 3 on it and it ran well, wouldn't know about games with mostly 3D though.

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Is it really that much of a hassle to hook your PS2 up to play some PSX games?

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He said he has to find it, too. It might be in an attic. Or at his parent's house.

He might not have any additional hookups with his TV setup, either.

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terrible compatibility. you'd be much better off emulating on PC hooked up to your tv or complete the dreaded search for your ps2. get a modchip for it while you're at it and it'll be like buried treasure. who don't like buried treasure

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Why would you need a modchip for a PS2?

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Awfully. A Xbox is better at emulating the playstation. Otherwise just find the goddamn PS2.


Has 2 goddamn PC versions, no need to emulate.

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god dammit.
i love your use of the word "goddamn"
god damn, good show

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PC versions with achievements and other nonsense.

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