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DOOM THREAD, (Last thread >>1405736)
(other retro FPS games welcome too, chances are we played 'em too)

FAQ/Pastebin, still updated semi-frequently


##Our WADs can be found here!##

Steam Group:

IRC (The password is in the FAQ.)
Channel: #vr


Wanna learn how to...

Create maps?

Open/Edit WAD/PK3/etc to make 'em compatible with other mods?
http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads (download 3.0.2)

Load multiple WADS and mods at the same time? - ZDL (v3.2.2.2)

/idgames torrent (12 GBs of wads, 18 years worth of user-made content!)

Vanilla/Boom related projects can be found here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/
ZDoom mods/projects can be found here http://forum.zdoom.org/viewforum.php?f=19

Best Single Player WADS of 2013 (needs update)

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-If you feel like trying a new mod, give GMOTA a chance! Go check it here! http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=742401#p742401

-The past Awesome Games Done Quick featured a playthrough of Plutonia (Go 2 It included) and also a Doom 2 race which was a result of a bid war between that game and Ultimate Doom. To rewatch the Doom speedruns, go follow this link http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQcxg3SUqlYBoSYrpNJVu58GsoCXMREa1

-Guess who received an update? OBLIGE! Now it's in version number 6, and oh man things surely have improved; go check it here! http://oblige.sourceforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=307.0

-CACOWARDS? SURE, HERE! http://www.doomworld.com/20years. Feel absolutely free to share your thoughts about the works chosen for this edition. And, well, they surely left a lot of stuff to discuss related to the decisions made on some wads...

-From the creators of Russian Overkill, here is to you The Guncaster! http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=37066 Give it a try if you want.

-ChocoDoom got updated in the 20th anniversary. Now you can play Heretic, Hexen and Strife too! Go grab each version of them here! http://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/Downloads

-Jimmy's Jukebox may be get a new update very soon...get hype!!! http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=29117&start=180

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fixed, last thread link


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>Creators of Russian Overkill
Really? Would have thought that someone with that standing in the community could get more than one sprite for a weapon.

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NOVA: The Birth might get officially released on /idgames anytime soon in a matter of 48 hours or less


Feel free to keep track of this project as it promises to become a recurrent mapset in this year.

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It was a Tootsie Toy Dakota Capgun

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Enough of this shit. Take it to /vg/ where these threads actually belong.

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Oh hi /vg/kun

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so i hope some of you have learned a lesson about fancy gl effects not being everything in a mod. hopefully this will mean the end of such trend and people will focus on actual eye-catching stuff.

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Doomthread is the only one /vr/ is worth visiting for

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Provided you're talking about Guncaster, from what I can tell people are complaining more about how the weapons aren't fancy enough. Then there's the idiots complaining about the lack of balance, but I don't know what they were expecting from the author of Russian Overkill.

>> No.1421138

Well, I would have hoped people would recognize that GL effects aren't everything, but here we have two mods released on the same day that is only one sprite put through various levels of rotation through Rotsprite and one of them has a bunch of effects.

Despite it being uninteresting, the effects make it cool enough to be well received.

It even has that slow recoil that looks like the character fired and then willingly moved the weapon back and put it back into place because it moves back so slowly instead of being anything like the gun being forced back.

>the weapons aren't fancy enough
Having more than one sprite is fancy these days? Jesus christ.

>> No.1421140

>from what I can tell people are complaining more about how the weapons aren't fancy enough

That is the last thing I am complaining about.

>but I don't know what they were expecting from the author of Russian Overkill

How about a reason to use anything other than Striker and Ravens?

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>How about a reason to use anything other than Striker and Ravens?
to look at the cool effex

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so good

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i did a comic summing up my thoughts on guncaster

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What is Piratefall?

And is there any way that they could actually make AoW2 better? I used to have fun playing it, a year or two ago But it seems extremely crappy now. Maybe it's the players.

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>Maybe it's the players.

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.
Like 8BDM, the big problem with AoW2 is not the mod itself but the autistic playerbase.

Though I'll admit the AoW2 base mod has more problems than 8BDM has.

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[11:13] <+Cyantusk> but some1 should do that then
[11:13] <+Cyantusk> we r adding pistol for Strifeguy
[11:14] <@TerminusEst13> But someone should do that? You're the one in charge of the add-ons now. You should do that.
[11:14] <+Jesh> nope, we arent anymore
[11:15] <+Cyantusk> yea


RIP in pieces Samasrara adduns

in all seriousness, good damned riddance

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>/vr/ goes onto server last night
>talking about everything that's wrong with the add-ons and what could be done to fix them
>talking about how fucking terrible the monster randomizer is


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a TSP singleplayer campaign maybe?

>> No.1421231

IMX, will the Demonicron Lost Souls be teched out?

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Highly unlikely

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Alright, doom general. I work an extremely late night shift and I'm the only person there. I've played through the official episodes and a few other wads. Are there any wads that let me get a multiplayer-ish experience without actually being with other players?

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Is there a wad that gives each enemy a random appearance? Nothing major, just different faces or stuff like that. Random spike placing on imps, different lost soul skulls, etc.

>> No.1421265

skulltag, 32 in 24 deathmatch set with the burgers, add 63 bots

>> No.1421294


So terminus just discovered that the monster randomized used in yesterday's samsara addons server was just a wacked out Hard Doom, which explicitly says in the readme to avoid adding more monster from R667 just because

gee to the motherfucking gee.

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>forces term to update shit unbalanced addons
>takes all credit
>quits when they have to do something

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Guncaster is basically the same thing as psychic, but psychic is much better balanced.

>> No.1421413

Psychic wasn't really balanced unless you're just comparing to Guncaster's weapon/power balance.

It's fun but not balanced.

>> No.1421454

Comparatively balanced. I feel totally op in Guncaster, in Psychic I at least feel vulnerable until I upgrade my powers. I also find the powers in Psychic to be better balanced in that they all feel useful, where as the only one you really need in Guncaster is the raven power, since it just trumps the rest.

>> No.1421501

Which is the best song and why is it E2M1?

>> No.1421505

Useless powers in Psychic:
Lightning(Doesn't arc between monsters well at all, takes way too much to use overcharge)
Steel(Unless overcharged)

Gravity, Dark and Overcharged Steel pretty much stole the entire show.

For guns it was basically shotgun and powered up grenade launcher. Nightmare if you wanted to use powers more often.

Definitely more balanced than Guncaster, but not really enough.
Not to mention how low cost a soul sphere and blue armor was.

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I hope I can release my addon soon enough.
It'd be horrible to see v0.3 Samsara servers with addons while Terminus already released Samsara v0.35 or something similiar

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i bet some idiots of zandronum will add their own add-ons and they will be 10 times worse than what was released
oh the other hand,its irrelevant what add-ons the rest of the zandumbs will use

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whatever happened to the /board/ project

>> No.1421543

failed miserably

>> No.1421550

That's disappointing to hear, the /pol/ wad was a great laugh

>> No.1421560

How so?

>> No.1421573

In the SHRECK YOUR PRIVILEGE toxic pit, the signs read "fluoride".

The floor doesn't do any damage.

>> No.1421596

because it was a swamp
but again,why did the /board/ project failed?
i dont think /pol/ killed the whole project[when in fact other boards would make something better than /pol/]

>> No.1421601

There was no interest.

>> No.1421604


>but again,why did the /board/ project failed?

the ideas are there, but no-one is willing to do anything about them; too scared about the backlash, maybe?

>> No.1421613

>the ideas are there
It's not hard to be an idea guy.

There is no interest in making the /board/ project because nobody would really care and it would just be nothing but in-jokes.

>> No.1421618

Spending a week putting stupid board-specific memes into Doom Builder?

Hell no.

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File: 23 KB, 320x168, Trailblaze it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Those engravings
Naked Snake would give Trailblazer guy some shit for this.
They look great though.

I am most interested in the shotguns of Trailblazer.

I hope it's good.
Like Guncaster

>> No.1421648

How much progress has been mad on the trailblazer? Seems like it's been forever since we've heard anything about it.

>> No.1421650

It's going to take a few more months to rotsprite out the animations.

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>> No.1421656

I have no idea, I've just been trying to wait patiently for it.

I was also hoping to have been playing TSP more but there's only so much you can do without a rocket launcher equivalent or stronger.
Like all of Plutonia

>> No.1421678

>can't finish knee deep in the dead because I keep switching pdwas and can't decide which one to use

>> No.1421683

Angen pedwar? Defnyddiwch wyth.

>> No.1421689

I translated it and I still don't understand what the hell you mean.

>> No.1421691

Considering the sprites they're using for Trailblazer are drawn for that mod, and Pillowblaster isn't forced to find his own... not really.

>> No.1421693

Well sea

>> No.1421694

It was a joke because he misspelled PWADs and it looked like pedwar (Welsh for four) so I went to Google Translate and typed "Need a four? Use eight." into it and translated it into Welsh.

I don't know where I was going with this either.

>> No.1421701

It didn't make sense and nobody laughed.

That’s what makes it funny.

>> No.1421705

I... ok.

>> No.1421729

the only funny thing about welsh is that it sounds like everyone is drunk and retarded when they speak

>> No.1421732

And they are.

>> No.1421762

it felt like reading a manual translated from chinese to swedish to french to japanese to russian to korean to english

in other words, what the flying fuck is that?

>> No.1421765


I dislike recoil in Doom. at least the kind of recoil that throws your cursor around

>> No.1421780

console casual

>> No.1421821

I figured it out

Piratefall -> Titanfall -> Giant mechs

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>dat single-action frame
>those engravings
>dem ported barrels
>dem grips

If it wasn't for the covered cylinders, I'd almost say they look like percussion cap revolvers.
So how is the cylinder accessed, do they just swing out, is it a top-break, is it a fixed cylinder that's accessed through a loading gate?
What are they chambered for?

>> No.1421827





>> No.1421829


The Trailer these are featured in show off that they're Top-break revolvers.

>> No.1421831



>> No.1421835

What is piratefall

>> No.1421845

PirateFall = Pitfall with pirates?

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>> No.1421849

007: Piratefall

>> No.1421850

>Concerning "PIRATEFALL"

>> No.1421852

is piratefall a gun? does it rain down pirates?

>> No.1421859

Piratefall isn't a single player campaign

>> No.1421869

someone just fucking figure it out i'm sick of not knowing

>> No.1421870

Fall damage confirmed for TSP

>> No.1421873

it was so simple

why didn't we figure this out sooner

>> No.1421879

Piratefall is unobtainable

It isn't real

It's a red herring


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>> No.1421883

>It's a new mod

>> No.1421884


>> No.1421885


just abandon all hope, it's two jerkoffs shitposting.

>> No.1421889

seriously though does anyone know when space pirate will be updated?

>> No.1421890

No word on it.
No official word either.

>> No.1421892

Couple months after Piratefall is released.

>> No.1421915

>a bloo bloo Piratefall

>> No.1421916

do you know what piratefall is?

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>> No.1421925


>> No.1421931

I think it's more like one jerkoff and one who happens to be from central Europe.

>> No.1421936

That "shoot the wall" secret in E1M2 in Doom took me so fucking long to figure out, goddamn.
What secret gave you the most pain in the ass anons?

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Any tips on shading?

my winging power is depleting.

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>> No.1421942

Let's not spam about PIRATEFALL guys. Sorry for bringing this onto you /vr/!

>> No.1421945


Good going marty! Like, really, REALLY nice job

>> No.1421946

Way to go Marty, YA BLEW IT, lol.

>> No.1421947


It's not your fault Marty. It's Russia's.

>> No.1421950

It's cool, it got me into playing the Space Pirate again
Combos are too hard in my opinion

>> No.1421954

Just push the buttons anon.
It's really easy to combo

>> No.1421958

Gimme some good co-op maps /vr/. I've already spooked my friends with ghouls vs humans and now we want to bro it up.Slaughtermaps and invasion things would be nice.

>> No.1421969


Memento Mori 1 and 2
Hell Revealed 1 and 2
Speed of Doom

>> No.1421985

"Behold as i make rape rain from the skies"

>> No.1421992


The newest drama thread

>> No.1421994

Thanks anon.

>> No.1422005

nobody cares, fuck off

>> No.1422018

>Still doesn't help. It just starts on and off randomly with the lag. One minute it's totally fine, next thing I know it's unplayable and my laptop is ready to melt.

It sounds like your laptop is actually overheating, rather than the game itself doing anything.

Don't use it on top of a soft surface like a bed, that blocks the vents really well.

Go get a can of canned air and spray the vents hard with that to remove dust.

Think about getting a cooling pad, they actually work great for laptops that have shitty cooling. Anything more expensive than $30 is a waste.

>> No.1422039

nvm i found a better base

>> No.1422050

My laptop has actually overheated a few times. I do have it placed on one of those USB cooling fans, which itself is on top of one of those little lap table things. Normally I don't have to have the USB cooling fan plugged in when playing doom, but just the other day I was playing Project MSX and it overheated on me, and it did overheat before that too, when playing Paranoid. Needless to say, I make sure to have it plugged in now whenever I play anything, it's just I've never had to worry as much about it before.
But lately it seems like it's just not running as well, Doom will just totally plummet in framerate, and if I reload a save, or close and reopen it it'll be totally fine. I don't get it.

And yeah, I'll have to find a can of air. Though I know part of it is just this thing getting old, I got it in 2011.

>> No.1422051

Are there any good mods that change the gameplay a lot and are reasonably balanced/polished?

I'm thinking stuff like Reelism, but like it how it changes gameplay and isn't dumb, not looking for gameplay similar to Reelism. If that makes sense.

>> No.1422060

you may have to open it up and clean it out

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File: 12 KB, 473x356, BrainFucked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fuck is going on in this thread?


>> No.1422072

tsp update "soon"

>> No.1422085


All it needs is a decent mapper (probably mappers) willing to do it.

The reason pol.wad did well is that it was a good doom wad foremost, with /pol/ stuff infused rather than the other way around.

Other mappers will probably pick it up when they have an interesting idea for a doom wad that will work in a board map, rather than ideas that ideas guys have given which incorporate board aspects but don't really contribute to gameplay.

I wouldn't consider it failed, just mordeth'd, which many community wads in the doom community have happen to them. Most of them (community mordeth'd wads, not mordeth'd wads in general) eventually get made, though a couple of years down the line.

>> No.1422098

What are the wads that could be described as "cult"?

>> No.1422102


>> No.1422105

Project MSX?

>> No.1422106

The Sky May Be
UAC Military Nightmare

>> No.1422124

It doesn't change the gameplay all that much aside from the fist though.

>> No.1422127

I would run a full diagnostic and defrag on it too. Make sure to run chkdsk if it uses an operating system that doesn't do it automatically. Also make sure stuff isn't starting up and hogging resources that it shouldn't be.

>> No.1422128

And the grenades, and the reloading, and the iron sights, and the shield, and the double speed, and the suit powers like dodging, superjumping or fast ball grenade, or the new enemies that are fast as shit and throw more projectiles, etc.

>> No.1422134

I'll be sure to try this stuff, thanks.

As for resource hogs, I only have 4 gb ram, so I close anything that I'm not using that's hogging ram. I wonder if buying some ram would help.

>> No.1422135

>play Hellbound with Project MSX
But hell if I'm not having fun.

>> No.1422154

Grenades and reloading and iron sights aren't that big of gameplay changers. Faster monsters have been done a bunch too.

MSX is a decent mod but it's just doing a good job of implementing stuff from modern shooters and really isn't what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for stuff like Reelism or Turbocharged Arcade that does some off the wall stuff that somebody would only try in the zdoom engine. When I mean polished I basically mean done to the point that it's playable and fun and not just weird.

>> No.1422158
File: 11 KB, 478x434, isproblem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doom Rampage Edition

>> No.1422164

>The Sky May Be
This, and also Aliens TC for being the godfather of doom modding.
I also felt bad when i learnt Kansam is a furfag

>> No.1422169


Reminder that you are fucking retarded if you legit care this much about people's lifestyle choices

>> No.1422170

Hideous Destructor

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I tried to make a map for Metroid but it didn't work out.

At least it plays okay.

>> No.1422182 [DELETED] 

I said i just felt bad, i'm not caring about it. Why don't you just go back to /b/ where you can masturbate to male animals instead of talking about a 20-year old game, asshole?

>> No.1422189

How is this drama, it's literally someone posting in Spanish and everyone going "wtf I can't read this shit, speak English if you want anyone to understand you"

which is a pretty reasonable reaction

>> No.1422194


Don't give him attention. Ignore and report.

But seriously I think Batman Doom could be considered cult considering I don't see people talk about it much. So much .DeHacked fuckery in the age before DECORATE. Guy also did ZanZan, and worked on Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages.

>> No.1422195


>> No.1422198
File: 7 KB, 142x88, Ringman3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man. This thing kicks so much ass. I hope it gets finished; I'd hate for it to fall into the cracks and never be finished like so many other monsters. (*coughShamblercough*)

>> No.1422208

Doomsday of UAC for being the very first user-made wad which looked professional.

>> No.1422212


Post it anyways, I'm sure you can get some positive feedback

Even fucking Kaiser (the dude who did the Doom 64 PC port) thinks he still sucks at mapping

>> No.1422215
File: 289 KB, 447x341, hot shit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Burn some shit.

>> No.1422216

Seems interesting, but isn't it really hard?

This looks promising, thanks!

>> No.1422218

>That fire column

>> No.1422221


the GnG series is a gold mine for cool weapon ideas, though admittedly the weapons in the games themselves can be kind of shitty.

>> No.1422223


And now you just realized it has the Pinky's eyes. I'm telling ya man, frankenspriting has no limits

>> No.1422230

>but it didn't work out

You sure about that, mate?
Just needs a little bit of retexturing and polishing and it looks like it could kick ass.

>> No.1422241

V-Version 1.0 when?

>> No.1422246

>SGnG Torch: Good Version
you're doing god's work

>> No.1422249


Soon. I have two spells, some sounds to add, and a new HUD element to show utility functions for weapons, like the grappler for the sword and the force wave for the wand.

...and I need to figure out something for the power sword, the staff is gonna spit out caltrops.


I fucking love GnG's weapons, but I hated how some of the weapons were gimped in some ways, the torch's projectile does ungodly damage, and the flames do rapid damage, but in Super GnG, some monsters have longer invulnerability frames to protect themselves from the fire, well fuck that shit I say.

>> No.1422253

Noice. Look forward to it.

>> No.1422254

That's what's "not working," it's the texturing. I played it in a little 1v1 today and it's fun enough but right now I just hate how it looks.

>> No.1422261

I gotta say, making the boomerang cost sword rage to throw (regenerating resource) and granting sword power (non-regenerating resource) when caught seems like a pretty dumb idea to me. The wand auto-generating mana already leads to 'sit and wait' tactics, I'd hate to see 'spam throw and catch' tactics to gain sword power.

>> No.1422263

Can you guys think of any sort of useful utility function for the power sword? I'm still trying to think of something, here's what I got so far:

Sword: Grappler for pulling enemies in

wand: Force wave for pushing enemies back/into eachother for infighting fun

staff: caltrops for passive, steady damage and slowing monsters up

mace: defensive orbs that float around the player (probably gonna need help figuring this one out, not for v1.0 though)

Axe: lob a grenade that scatters bouncing shrapnel everwhere (again, not for v1.0)

Crossbow: change secondary ammo type from explosive bolts to, if possible, a JC2 style dual hook chain bolt, for forcing enemies to smash into eachother, or into walls, and some other bolts that come to mind (after v1.0)


Yeah, I've been thinking about that too, I'll remove that and just make the boomerang give you a full bar of sword rage instantly if you catch it.

>> No.1422264

Multiplayer server where

>> No.1422269

Power sword: Charge up sword for maximum power slash that drains all sword meter

>> No.1422272


I was thinking more of a utility function, not quite an attack. and honestly the power sword's cleave attack does the job

>> No.1422281
File: 1.16 MB, 1680x1050, 200647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well, what do you hate about the texturing? The blocky look or the low-res textures?

If you don't like the blocky look, it generally should be just as simple as adding some extra layers to the map--a flesh out the cylinders on the wall to actual cylinders, add a layer behind the wall with some malfunctioning electronics, add some computer screens on the walls, maybe put some lab equipment around, etc.

If you don't like the low-res textures, Terminus said he was doing some higher-res versions of some Metroid tiles (and they looked great in the titlemap), if you let him know he'll probably sketch some out additional ones for you.

>> No.1422293

Sacrifice sword energy for attack speed

>> No.1422294


Hm, possibly.

>> No.1422295

why not go full rage and slow the world around you ?

>> No.1422301


>Become so angry, time stops.

Oh, now -this- I like, I'll have to make all of my projectiles immune to the time stop effect, but yeah, this is fucking badass

>> No.1422316
File: 11 KB, 142x88, D64ClassicArach-Ringman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't post blox's version, the light doesn't make sense

it's just his fucking bullshit obsession with lelsmooth all over the feet

why does this fucker keep trying to make everything look like rounded plastic

>> No.1422370

How can I set it up so whenever I play a .wad on GZDOOM it's always using Brutal Doom? Brutal Doom just feels like a straight upgrade in every way.

>> No.1422376

Get ZDL and never let it out of the loading list

>> No.1422378

boku no OP
Get ZDL, set a .zdl for brutal doom, load the .wad.

>> No.1422386 [DELETED] 

Consider following Mark's advice and kill yourself

>> No.1422449

Computer Complex is THE tribute to Episode 1


>> No.1422450
File: 55 KB, 560x407, 1352977496281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brutal Doom, seriously.

Just keep in mind the author created some drama at some point so some people are likely to piss and moan if you bring him up.

>> No.1422458


Brutal Doom kinda borks the monster mechanics though, and the fatalities can really slow the pacing down, and yeah you can set it so your fists just smash monsters but then you don't get the HP bonuses and you need those because hitscanners are a serious threat.

>> No.1422461


You don't really need them.

>> No.1422467

I didn't need them at all, and I suck dick at dodging and shit.
Didn't BD change it so that their bullets are actually projectiles?

>> No.1422469

>Didn't BD change it so that their bullets are actually projectiles?

>> No.1422471

>How can I set it up so whenever I play a .wad on GZDOOM it's always using Brutal Doom? Brutal Doom just feels like a straight upgrade in every way.

If you really insist on being a faggot and playing absolutely nothing but Brutal Doom, just put it in your skins folder.

>> No.1422478

talking about that, can you make "presets" for ZDL?
like, save your load order (or parts of it) as a text file for quick selection?

>> No.1422492

I'm not sure if I'm understanting you, but yeah.
Click on .zdl, then save.

>> No.1422494

>Come back to thread.
>People hating on Brutal Doom.

Butt why. Like I said, it's an upgrade in every way. Visually it's better, the bullet spread on some guns is tighter, the monsters are harder and do more deeps, and

well mostly those three

While we're on the subject, what the fuck is commando rolling supposed to achieve.

>> No.1422496
File: 204 KB, 500x561, 1368057276369.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is just completely unnecessary.

True, to me it was a fun thing to experiment with. I do not view it was "better" than the base game in all areas but it was a cool alternative.

Play Brutal for a few weeks and go back to vanilla and first thing you notice is Brutal is slower.
Hitscanners are also much more annoying, yes......always losing tiny little bits of health pissed me off as it was more a pain in the arse than threatening.

>> No.1422497

I think some projectiles move faster, so they made that dodge thing. I never use it though, feels weird and a bit sluggish.
Also, >opinions, mang, don't forget about that. Some people don't like the gore, for example.

>> No.1422502


I'll roll with that, it can be a fun alternative at times, and as I keep saying. I fucking -love- that kick, goddamn.

>> No.1422507

>Butt why.

Mark created drama and pissed off SJWs because reasons.

>Like I said, it's an upgrade in every way

You say things this stupid and you'll deserve the shit in your lap.
It's slower for starters, speed wise and game mechanic wise everything comes together to make the game slower and it's a big deal since speed was always a part of doom, plus it's harder to mod from the vanilla game.

If you're going to try and talk objectively about fun then you're acting as stupid as Vaecrius was when he tries to imply objective quality in maps instead of a design philosophy.

PS: Commando rolling is like a fast dodge.

>> No.1422518

I fucking give up. Helllbound has trap room where imps come out and surround you. MSX imps move fucking fast and thow multiple fireballs, I die almost instantly.

>> No.1422519 [SPOILER] 
File: 98 KB, 776x602, 1334484309502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am aware of who these people are and I understand completely. You have convinced me wholeheartedly. Have a swell day and it'd be nice if we could have dinner some time.

>> No.1422520


Ok so


Remind me why Hellbound wasn't a Cacoward winner, again?

>> No.1422528

>Visually it's better
No, it isn't.

>the bullet spread on some guns is tighter

>the monsters are harder and do more deeps, and
And Hard Doom is even harder. CLEARLY IT MUST BE EVEN BETTER.

>> No.1422531
File: 17 KB, 247x239, 1333976482703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I must play this

>> No.1422534

well yeah it IS better

>> No.1422535

It wasn't? Huh, I thought it was.
Anyways, yeah, it's pretty awesome.

>> No.1422538


go hard doom + chillax

>> No.1422539

>It's slower for starters
Not him but how so? I can only think of the fatalities thing.

>> No.1422541

>Mark created drama and pissed off SJWs because reasons.
He did? I thought he was just an all-around asshole.

>> No.1422546

i think anon is referring to mark saying shit like go back to the kitchen on some feminist youtube video

>> No.1422549

well, to be fair...

>> No.1422550

Ah, hadn't heard of that. To be fair, the whole "hue hue stupid grill go back to the kitchen" thing is pretty stupid.

>> No.1422552

11/10 >tfw megatrolled on 4chan my shitposts are moving on their own

>> No.1422556
File: 54 KB, 294x360, llosysje.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people disliking brutal doom

This should surprise you why?
Surprise, some people like stuff.
Surprise, some people don't like stuff.
Hell, we just got an anticipated release in Guncaster, and--surprise!--some people like it and some people don't.

If you're surprised that your favorite mod of choice isn't universally adored, then you're either A: intentionally trying to stir up shit, or B: a fucking idiot.

>> No.1422560

But literally everyone is saying it's terrible.

>> No.1422563

the only good thing that BD did was lots of blood,that's why running some mods with ketchup makes things a bit better
and for those that dont want to touch the regular BD,play sperglord edition

>> No.1422564

No they're not. I think it's an okay mod myself, actually. Though Sperglord Edition improves upon it significantly.

>> No.1422569

That's not true. I like it, and some other people above said it was okay for them.

>> No.1422574

Don't de-legitimize my feelings. /vr/ loves to condemn Brutal Doom players because it doesn't follow retro FPS philosophies and instead focuses on modern gameplay.

I'm sick of feeling like a second-class poster just because everyone on /vr/ is an elitist asshole.

>> No.1422576

This is just obvious bait.

>> No.1422578

it has potential just needs to be fixed.

the BFG feels so weak, monsters need more complex attacks to keep up with doomguy.

>> No.1422582

>everyone on /vr/ is an elitist asshole.


this is SO not true

>> No.1422583

There was like a handful of people in here who were hating on it, do you seriously fucking think a guy from /vr/ would have made Sperglord Edition if nobody liked it? Do you think people from /vr/ would then play Spergord Edition if nobody liked Brutal Doom? Some people love it, some people hate it, all you're doing is focusing on one side of things and using it to manufacture drama.

>> No.1422584

Yeah, when you sum up everything pro-Mark posters say in one post you can't take it seriously.

Now can we stop talking about Brutal Doom?

>> No.1422585


>I'm sick of feeling like a second-class poster just because everyone on /vr/ is an elitist asshole.

I ain't like that, that's kinda mean anon.

>> No.1422587

Hideous Destructor makes Brutal Doom look like the casual shit it is.

>> No.1422589

>using it to manufacture drama
anon we're talking about brutal doom

>> No.1422593

HD is the one I always find myself going back to. I'll play a level or two with it, and I'm like "Fuck this shit I ain't playing this anymore", and then I delete it, and awhile later I just wanna play it again. It's wicked hard, but fun at the same time. Like Dark Souls.

>> No.1422595 [DELETED] 
File: 26 KB, 538x399, 1352031535158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Take a fat shit.
>So heavy it doesn't flush.
>Get the bucket out of the usual spot in the laundry.
>Check bowl again.
>There's a floating nugget.
>Managed to do a poop that was too heavy and too light simultaneously.
>Come back to thread.
>Errybody still mad about Brutal Doom.

I feel like i've made my mark on this general. I may ascend to godhood now.

>> No.1422598

get on with your bad self, poop anon

get on with it

>> No.1422603
File: 177 KB, 546x702, 1375378158581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You want me to go into detail of why SJW types did not like him? What is the point of this? They hate anybody who does not march in lockstep with them, it does not have to make sense.

It may have changed since I last played but you physically move slower, reloading also slows the game down.
It's still a fast paced game, it's just slower compared to vanilla doom.

Yeah he was kind of a tosser at times but I excused much of it. Probably because we can all be very caustic here on 4chan (but where Mark spoke his name was attached to his comments).

Also, since he actually produced quite a bit of content (and he could make good maps) I let it slide.

He deserved the last ban he got but I'd let it up now since it's been months, some people though will never let it go because they're bitchy and think saying they hate Mark for social justice reasons looks more politically correct than "I think I got upstaged".

>> No.1422604

> /vr/ loves to condemn Brutal Doom players because it doesn't follow retro FPS philosophies and instead focuses on modern gameplay.
>meanwhile, Project MSX is generally well-liked despite having more modern features than Brutal Doom
Strawman arguments from a Brutal Doom fan? Well, I never.

>> No.1422605

Hideous Destructor is unbalanced by design nigga, of course it's harder.

>> No.1422607

this is a supreme bait,people here were happy that MSX got a cacoward and MSX has way more modern shit than BD

>> No.1422608

isn't this post also a strawman? not all brutal doom fans are like that

>> No.1422610

>mfw I went to school with a guy who took a shit so huge one day that instead of it breaking off it was just one big long one and it was reaching out of the bowl

>his friends took a photo of it and passed it around the school

>> No.1422612


No, you're not like that.
You're just kind of clueless.

>> No.1422614

>Hideous Destructor is unbalanced
get a load of this casual

I bet you couldn't even figure out how to kill archviles

>> No.1422617

that's kinda mean anon.

>> No.1422621


By his own admission

>> No.1422625

that's still kinda mean anon.

don't be a mark.

>> No.1422627

The author himself said that.

>> No.1422628


But he's right, he's not saying I'm stupid or anything. Just clueless.

>> No.1422635

It may be hard, but it's boring as shit. If I wanted to play ARMA I would play ARMA, not fucking Doom.

>> No.1422636
File: 2 KB, 306x30, ss (2014-02-22 at 12.19.43).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1422637

don't be a mark to yourself.

>> No.1422646

>It may have changed since I last played but you physically move slower, reloading also slows the game down.
It's still a fast paced game, it's just slower compared to vanilla doom.

Then you should give another try. The movement speed has been restored to vanilla many versions ago, and the guns reloading doesn't make the game slower because the guns deal more damage. The shotgun for example, needs two shots to kill a Lost Soul, or three to kill a Pinky, while in Brutal Doom, you can dispatch a Lost Soul in a single shot, or kill a pinky will two shots. Plus, all weapons have a noticeable higher fire of rate than their vanilla counterparts, specially the chaingun, which doesn't just fires 50% faster, but also deals 50% more damage. I really, really, really don't understand at all this argument that "Brutal Doom makes Doom slower"

>> No.1422647

No,you dont be a mark to yourself
and everyone in this thread should not be a mark yourselves,you like Brutal doom[either normal BD or SE],fine you like it. You hate BD[both SE and Normal],fine you hate it. Read the FAQ,BD discussion is nothing but

>> No.1422648

>I really, really, really don't understand at all this argument that "Brutal Doom makes Doom slower"
It's more about how much easier it is for the player to get hurt so duck and cover tactics comes up more often.

>> No.1422649

don't be a mark.

>> No.1422652

in BD(SE), everything is pretty much a glass canon

>> No.1422654

>It may have changed since I last played but you physically move slower, reloading also slows the game down.
Iirc, you move at the same speed, but mosters and projectiles are faster.
I'm not sure about reloading though. I kind of like it but I disable it most of the time.

>> No.1422656

v18 has a "Power Fantasy" difficulty that has UV spawns, and player takes 50% less damage. Try it. This difficulty encourages you to don't duck in cover and try more often to dodge the projectiles because your punishment will be much smaller if you fail to dodge them.

>> No.1422662

It seems like it at a first glance, kinda like in MSX. But I run and gun just like in vanilla (except in certain cases, again, like in vanilla), even more, actually, because of the dodge things and the fact that you can dodge all the zombie human monsters now.
And also because the weapon sounds just call you to rip and tear.

>> No.1422671

>look up Hideous Destructor
I'm sorry, but this http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H-oA-DcSaqg looks like the most boring shit ever.

>> No.1422681

I also rush in Brutal Doom.
I think MSX handles high speed play a bit better.

But if there's a lot of Zombiemen/Shotgun guys it's considerably harder to survive in Brutal Doom than vanilla.

I like vanilla, MSX and Brutal Doom SE a lot. Picking sides is silly

>> No.1422689
File: 103 KB, 600x600, 1393047238952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, thanks to a fucking awesome drawfriend on a /b/ thread, I finally got some art of Lord Blaz done

I was fucking blown away.

>> No.1422690

I kinda like it.
But what's on his head?

>> No.1422695

True, unless it's a somewhat open area.
> I like vanilla, MSX and Brutal Doom SE a lot. Picking sides is silly
Agreed. I also like Beautiful Doom.

>> No.1422698

That looks cool.

>> No.1422708


It's a helmet plume, just an aesthetic thing some knights had on their helmets.

>> No.1422710

Anyone knows what map is it on the MSX trailer?

>> No.1422716

>people in the comments saying it should be on zandronum

>> No.1422717

Vanilla is how I usually roll when I want to play "Vanilla", it's pretty damn close to vanilla gameplay, and I like all the added effects.

>> No.1422718

>Vanilla is how I usually roll when I want to play "Vanilla"
Does the multiplayer work on gzdoom?

>> No.1422719

Oh fuck me, meant to say "Beautiful Doom" is how I usually roll when I play "Vanilla".

>> No.1422723

Doesn't work multiplayer at all because of the scripts

Edward850 offered to help but I don't know if anything happened

>> No.1422760
File: 2.13 MB, 311x164, 1377661959053.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aside of WoC+HeXercise,does exist a mod that makes me a Lich/Necromancer?

>> No.1422767

Satanic Redux

>> No.1422768

will try it

>> No.1422770


There was a mod that used Blood sprites that was in grayscale that let you be a straight up evil necromancer and you had blood magic and shit but I forgot the fucking name

>> No.1422772


>> No.1422776

I like beautiful doom, what bugs me is that it has compatibility issues with some of my favorite wads. Like in High Tech Hell 2 it replaces a lot of objects with random torches and stuff. What the hell is up with that?

>> No.1422778
File: 285 KB, 640x480, MM6 2014-02-21 02-24-06-81.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there more WADs that rip monsters or other resources from Might and Magic VI? It's like it's begging people to.

>> No.1422781


>> No.1422783

i think its >>1422767
i checked the screenshots

>> No.1422789
File: 305 KB, 640x480, MM6 2014-02-20 02-13-55-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1422796
File: 21 KB, 414x352, 1317148896274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that bottom right.

What a pimp.

>> No.1422809

should doom have real people that do relaistic things instead of jsut only emons

if carmck could haein vented it wwould you think that the game woudl have mercenaries working for demons

>> No.1422810

why doesn't demons do sharn

>> No.1422815

Oh my fucking god Russian Overkill is awesome. Jesus christ those weapons.

>> No.1422818

just make more zombie soldiers with different weapons and give them better AI that makes them use tactics

>> No.1422819
File: 322 KB, 1008x1764, ITS_HAPPENING2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

try it on nuts or sunder, shits funny as hell

when you want to play seriously though, it's still actually quite challenging

>> No.1422835

>That weird giant fucking yellow gun that shoots the gigantic energy ball with the crazy lines
Favorite gun.

>> No.1422841
File: 138 KB, 1015x736, ioncannon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked the ion cannon (or any of the superguns) with the item that increases their power.

I mean some of these guns are so insane that it can blow up the entire map.

>> No.1422845

>you'll never bro it up on sunder

>> No.1422846
File: 91 KB, 600x600, Kuros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


and oh shit look, he drew art for the second playable character, Kuros.

>> No.1422850

Where the hell did Sunder go anyways? All DL link are broken.

>> No.1422851

a better question is where did the author go

thats a guy we want to keep around

>> No.1422854


the demos recorded and stored at DSDA always keep a copy of the PWAD

That's where everyone have downloaded it

>> No.1422858

Thanks anon!

>> No.1422869

Where the heck can i find the skulltag editing configurations for making doom in skulltag format maps?

>> No.1422870

Personally, I love it, makes the weapon feel alive (one can also use it to for melee weapons, to simulate motion).

>> No.1423063
File: 367 KB, 1000x1332, 1392810338640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are there any wads that try to be historically accurate or base their wads on a time period?

>> No.1423064

whats this mod called?

>> No.1423093

looks like someone dropped an a-bomb on nuts.wad

>> No.1423094


Russian Overkill.

>> No.1423214
File: 95 KB, 1545x575, petit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1423228 [DELETED] 

this retard...

>> No.1423229

ignore and report

>> No.1423234
File: 6 KB, 389x371, woah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Antiquated level design relies too much on finding keys and doors

>> No.1423235

well, it isn't false. This kind of review don't seem to have space for details, so she couldn't mention it's more a matter of taste than flaw

>> No.1423242


>Port of an old as fuck game.

It wasn't antiquated for its time. Might as well have said the graphics and AI were shit too.

>> No.1423285

"antiquated" when a great number of games just conceal their buttons as levers and keys as path clearing powerups

>> No.1423312 [DELETED] 

come on! don't do this!

>> No.1423328


>> No.1423358 [DELETED] 

>being from /v/
come on! don't do this!

>> No.1423363 [DELETED] 
File: 2.85 MB, 300x236, Every4chanDiscussionEver.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Antiquated level design relies too much on finding keys and doors

>> No.1423368

You can't expect a reviewer in this day and age to say 'well it was good in its time!' They have a job to do, which is to inform people now on what they want to play. That means writing for modern expectations. If you want a review that recognizes its position in its time, then dig up some reviews from when it was first released.

>> No.1423370 [DELETED] 

it's really not a woman, you asshat
also, you really saying you're not from /v/?you just waltzed onto this site and found /vr/?

>> No.1423372

actually, you can't expect such old man behavior out of any reviewer of any time, unless they're waxing nostalgic. And no, I don't agree that Doom's design is in any way antiquated. I'm just pointing out that 'good for its time' is a weak defense at best.

>> No.1423374

Yeah it seems like she's not trying to say it's really bad, just outdated, which may not appeal to some people. It's a matter of taste. I know I've had difficulty playing older games... Got the Thief games on steam since I love stealth, tried playing the first one, just cannot get into it to save my life.

>> No.1423389 [SPOILER] 
File: 29 KB, 354x542, this shit was hard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember those sweetass sprites DoomNukem made and got turned into Accessories to Murder?
well, they got turned into voxels!
Accessories to Voxel is here: https://www.mediafire.com/?8kdjblmi801ncx1
With love and hard labor, Voxelbro

>> No.1423402

should post it in the thread


>> No.1423405
File: 486 KB, 475x363, 13501635668865.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, new to DOOM and its scene.

What are some mods that add an absolute fuckton of weaponry? There was no mention of anything like this on the mods area of the site.

>> No.1423408

>an absolute fuckton of weaponry
Anon you do not want that. Sure, it may sound cool at first, but then you're trying to navigate through an absolute fuckton of weaponry with 10 weapon slots.

I suppose if you really want it there's Aeons of Death, stylized as ÆoD.

>> No.1423409

What's this for?

>> No.1423412

>an absolute fuckton of weaponry?

DoomRL Arsenal, I guess?

>> No.1423414

*Puts eyeliner on Doomguy's hud face*

>> No.1423417

>Yellow range
>Tiny gold range
>4 purples
>Over 30 reds
>Filled with brown and brown accessories

>> No.1423419


>> No.1423421

sorry if I made it confusing, It's for Accessories to Murder

the next step is posting them in the zdoom foruns so more people finds them.
Should I make 1 thread with everything, 1 for each, or post them in the original project threads? The last option seems to have no visibility

>> No.1423427

I think it might belong in the original project thread BUT

You AND AtM will likely get more visibility with a new thread and if it's a problem a mod will merge it with the original project thread

>> No.1423430

Russian Overkill. Ratchet and Clank levels of crazy weapons.

>> No.1423435

Why has it been made into a voxel format?

>> No.1423439
File: 2 KB, 72x87, STFST01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1423453

"My name is Dewmguy"

>> No.1423465

Because I could, among other motives
what you should be asking is "What looks better to me, this or vanilla?"

>> No.1423469

because people like voxels and gzdoom supports them...?

>> No.1423471


voxels run better than sprites

>> No.1423474 [DELETED] 

It's true that women have poor taste in video games.

>> No.1423475

>gzdoom supports them

Wow, awesome. Any screenshots of it in-game?

>> No.1423507
File: 253 KB, 1600x900, 1393092273491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll make a mashup later, but for now this will do

>> No.1423596

How do I import Doom's palette into Photoshop's swatches? Importing the palette as raw and then converting to Indexed and saving those colours doesn't preserve the range order.

>> No.1423662

>people still hating BD
If you think it's slow paced, you just need to git gud.
Sgtmark's personality, however shitty it might be, has nothing to do with BD's gameplay quality. Besides, he made a lot of people on zdoom forums mad as fuck with just a couple of posts, so he's allright in my book.
Also BD's cyberdemon and mastermind actually became a real threat to the player the should've always been instead of a giant bfg sponges.

>> No.1423669

>because he was an asshole i like him

>> No.1423675 [DELETED] 

Its the internet kid. If you can't stand somebody calling you a fag or making fun of you on a fucking videogame discussion board, how are you going to survive in real world?

>> No.1423678

Ignore and report

>> No.1423721

Hey Marty do yo have dem hand sprite base?

>> No.1423734
File: 2 KB, 125x102, 1350259492234s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1423789
File: 858 KB, 3148x4673, 1391564084451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just beat Doom for the first time.
>Fighting Spiderfuck with 40hp
Felt fucking satisfying when I blew up his little faggot ass spider crawler and knocked him into the pavement.

>> No.1423794
File: 53 KB, 500x366, 5438392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a doom wad or something like that. I just need the name. I saw a youtube video of it two years ago? and haven't been able to find it now that I got ready to play some Doom yesterday. Modern like Project MSX or Brutal Doom.

It's definetly at least a custom map and in the difficulty menu there is an image of a muscled warrior depending on difficult chosen.
The very first moment of the first level is you collecting weapons and the minigun with godmode and you gun down a legion of demons down a path and into some ruins.
It's medieval with castles and water, moats, caverns etc. Demonic visuals. Some of the enemies are very cool like archviles with different abilities and sprites.

I know the character gets a skill like a bones shield from Diablo, a green spiral around him that harms enemies or maybe can throw discs or something like that

I would really appreciate it if some /vr/o could help

>> No.1423797


Changelog (if it's worth of being noted)

*The Devourer (Spectre replacement, it's the brown pinky) should behave in the regular way he does in -fast now; so when you get to play in both ways you shouldn't see any changes on its behaviour (for those who may not know, in normal play he goes as fast as the regular Pinkie when playing on -fast). Also I fixed some errors regarding certain sprites being cropped out slightly.

*Both Zombieman and Shotgunner received updates in their sprites. Still debating about the look of the Zombieman. Shotgunner's look may be final.

Enjoy. For more info see: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=44603

>> No.1423807
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, 1393101240117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished a new palette with colormap.

Based on Duke Nukem 3D it's got subdued red, orange, yellow, gold, brown, dark brown, peach, reddish grey, warmer green, purple, magenta.


Includes converted Doom graphics. The Doom graphics don't show off all of the colours but they look alright in it.

>> No.1423810 [DELETED] 

>waah mods mods I'm being oppressed by privilege!
Don't you have some tumblr hugbox to post in?
Its the internet kid. If you can't stand somebody calling you a fag or making fun of you on a fucking videogame discussion board, how are you going to survive in real world?
>implying reports do anything

>> No.1423813

>this mad

>> No.1423836
File: 183 KB, 331x285, canon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1423847
File: 88 KB, 640x480, 239875297035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need someone to help me identify this mod

It's not like I haven't tried looking for it guys

>> No.1423851


Yeah, not ringing any bells.
Don't worry, you're not alone in not finding mods you barely remember.

>> No.1423852


>> No.1423859


You can try this thread at Doomworld for more help


>> No.1423872


It's still available under doomedsda.us/lmps/1193/sunder.zip

Don't thank me.

>> No.1423874
File: 52 KB, 1074x280, BasedModsEtc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At the risk of stirring another shitpot, here's something that I think /doom/ needs to hear.

>> No.1423875


And here it is!


>> No.1423880


Fuck me, the FTP is still there! After all these years.

>> No.1423881

So, can I rename .wads or will they not work if I do that?

>> No.1423885

Surely google will have no information on this. If only there were some indication of useful keywords to search with. Shame.

>> No.1423886 [DELETED] 

>so mad he made a picture

>> No.1423887

They should work fine.

>> No.1423889

It's right there, the WAD is called "GHOSTBUSTERS DOOM".

Don't thanks me.

>> No.1423892

I think the trick is to do all your testing of your mod in software mode, then once you have it the way you like it in there then do gl effects.

>> No.1423894

Oh, by the way, the download link for the Ghostbusters WAD is http://www.doomworld.com/gbd2/files/gbd2.zip

Don't thank me.

>> No.1423895

>video time
>scan level
what am i looking at

>> No.1423897
File: 2.43 MB, 262x192, VQuvfLH2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1423902

its a broken unfinished mod

>> No.1423906


And it can still be downloaded, thx to me. Look up 1423894

Don't thank me.

>> No.1423907

>Cuckold mad he got scored on by the biggest shitposter on /vr/

>> No.1423910

Good diss in theory but in execution it lacks weight

>> No.1423924

If you want something else difficult try fractal doom.

>> No.1423929

You sure it's Doom? That bit sounds like the intro to one of the levels that come with WGRealms2, a Duke mod. You start, pick up the quad damage, and kill a bunch of enemies going up a slope into some ruined areas.

Jedrik's got a bunch of abilities with his sword, some sound familiar to what you described.

>> No.1423934

>voxels run better than sprites
i love this crazy rule

anyway, how the progress voxbro?

>> No.1423941

So I found a CD that had been floating around my dads desk/my house for... 20 years? It's called "Doom 1/2 Collection". Has some levels ripped from the net and sold on disc, along with old wad editors and shit. I made an .iso

Is this something anyone is interested, or is it commonly found elsewhere? I haven't seen it in all my 15 minutes of internet searching. Haven't really gone through it to see what's good/not.

>> No.1423943

thank you for what?
what are you talking about?
are you doomworld database?

>> No.1423950

this, i would of used with jodie but thats a military shit

>> No.1423951

can Wolfenstein enemies, player models etc. be put into doom?

or are the dimensions different?

>> No.1423953


>> No.1423956


There's already several wolfenstein TCs, with full rotation for all sprites. Also levels 31 & 32 in Doom2.

>> No.1423957


>> No.1423960

but i always thought the player was too tall in Map30 and the nazis were too short.

darn, i was hoping my first project could produce some originality

>> No.1423962

general progress?
To finish Samsara's numbered skulls I need to use the old and clunky slab6, so it is at the bottom of my priority list

FKER can be polished, but for this I need to get more experience.

Accessories is finished

gonna try my hand at Hellspawn unfinished business

>voxels run better than sprites
never heard of this

>> No.1423963

They do in gzdoom.

Doesn't zdoom accomodate voxels too now?

Anyway I was curious what program you are using.

>> No.1423974
File: 24 KB, 250x250, douk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes! You are right. Thank you, I went crazy sifting through the doom wads.

And the way I remembered it - it did feel more like Blood or Duke, I just thought there wasn't a lot of content mods for Duke and so I said it was a Doom wad. I made the wrong bet.
It did feel polished an probably well known so that's why I mentioned those Doom wads.

Infact I found the video as well. I've had it liked, but three years ago:

Looks crazy fun to play. Another time though Douk. Sorry

>> No.1423976


Wow. Jedrik's hands are really nice looking, anyone have any idea where they came from?

>> No.1423987

>Not giving Demons herd ai

>> No.1423992
File: 238 KB, 1280x800, 1393107279024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Try beating THIS one on ultra violence with no god mode!"

... Okay...

>> No.1423998

They're edits of the Hexen arms, by Cage.

>> No.1424003


I noticed they're edits of Baratus' arms but they seem a little thinner, which would be relevant to what I need, there's got to be a way to view all of the sprites.

>> No.1424005

I'm the guy that was asking for the mod.

The youtube video uploader has worked on wgr2. You can ask him on his account maybe?

>> No.1424010

Okay so guys
since cyantusk and jesh are ragequitting the samsara add-ons

What would be needed to make them not totally shitty?

Off the top of my head
1: Completely rehaul Strifegay, pistol is crossbow, flamethrower is chainsaw, mauler and sigil aren't tied for 7, etc
3: Proper hud for IPiss Freeley, maybe change him to Taradino Cocksack

>> No.1424019
File: 329 KB, 1280x800, 1393108122789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one was based off the blueprints for the death star. Actually an okay map, aside from unmarked key doors. zdooms map features made that a nonissue though.

>> No.1424020

I'm surprised original resources from this don't ever really get used.

>> No.1424024


Here's what was in the to-do list.
To Do:
- StrifeGuys HUD and Tipboxes.
- Make Strifeguy begin with Teleporter Beacon. To get more, he should get Unique Item.
- Do Pistol for Caleb.
- Doom64 HUD.
- Add Mooman.
- Add Grondoval.
- Add Kyle.
- Add Eleena.
- Add Jon.
- Add Redneck Rampage Guy.
(hopefully) - Make Slot 5 projectiles NOT telefrag people on teleporting.

have fun

>> No.1424027


well I'll be damned, so he is. I'll try and ask him, cus these hands would be well suited for Kuros, with a few small edits



I'd certainly like to use a few of them. with permission of course

>> No.1424030


I say drop fucking everything and work on your own stuff with a different name. Samsara Addons has been shitstained enough nobody will even attempt to play it just because of the name

>> No.1424035


Wait, does anyone know how to contact this cage guy? This would probably be my best bet for both asking for permission and getting the sprites themselves.

>> No.1424041

he's on the zdoom forum and sometimes in #zdoom and he's on duke4

>> No.1424046


Perfect, just messaged the guy on the Zdoom forums. Now all I gotta do is wait and hope he's okay with me using those hands, and hopefully he's got backups laying around

>> No.1424053

Given that Romero was always fascinated by medieval fantasy you think he liked Hexen and Heretic more than Doom and Quake? I mean his dream project years later was Daikatana which had rpg elements.

>> No.1424068


He loved the fuck out of Heretic and Hexen and was so, so goddamn sad when Hecatomb never saw the light of day.

>> No.1424090
File: 10 KB, 250x160, New_classic_doom_enem_imp[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if this jolly fellow had a 1/3 chance of firing a -fast fireball? Would you guys be ok with a mod featuring such change?

>> No.1424093

>randomly can't dodge
patterns are better

>> No.1424095

>can't dodge
That's -fast fireball, not -hitscan fireball

>> No.1424097

patterns are better

>> No.1424101

https://voxel.codeplex.com/- My voxel modeling wet dream come true

>> No.1424102

He wanted Quake to be an RPG. That's why it's all in castles and you're fighting knights and shit. But the engine took longer than expected to develop, and nobody else on the dev team wanted to do an RPG, so they stuffed a bunch of shotguns into it and made it like Doom.

>> No.1424105


to further expand on this, Quake was supposed to be the protagonist who wielded a giant fuckoff hammer that could produce earthquakes, based off a DnD character in one of their campaigns.

damn shame that never happened

>> No.1424116


Work on dat typo, jimmy.

>> No.1424117

Expansion pack had a hammer at least.

>> No.1424125

How do I install brutaldoom? Do I just put the rar into my Doom 1 folder and extract?

>> No.1424134

Hey doomers, I need your help.

My friend is trying to convince me doom is edgy. He has played and actually likes the game but he keeps telling me it's edgy because it involve hell and demons.

What the flying fuck do I do? Is it really Edgy and I never noticed it?

>> No.1424138

Superkick him and berate him for using the word "edgy" in a /v/ manner.

>> No.1424139

person is trolling

>> No.1424143

A lot of pre-DECORATE WADs used to use what was called DEHACKED to replace existing items with new ones. They wouldn't strictly change all the data, just graphics and some properties. But a mod like Beautiful Doom will replace the original shit--so if HTH2 replaced a torch with a light, it'll replace that light with the upgraded torch.

>> No.1424145

Doom is not really trying hard to be extreme.

It's violent but there's a reason behind it.

If all it takes is Hell and Demons to be edgy then Disgaea is edgy.

>> No.1424151

Guys, I've been bored as fug of doom since forever now and I wanna play something fresh. I don't just wanna keep replaying Dmonfear (since that's the only wad I really like), or half-hour maps that eventually go slaughter-shit on you. I would seriously appreciate it if you guys recommended me a wad with some disturbing visuals, music, and atmosphere. Hell, even something similar to Dmonfear's frenetic yet short levels would be welcome. I just need something to get me back into Doom.

>> No.1424152

No. Edgy is saying Doom is cool because the Columbine kids liked it.

>> No.1424153


Doom is not edgy.

Doom is metal. Your friend is either yanking your chain or he's a retard who lingers too much on /v/

>> No.1424154
File: 18 KB, 640x400, wolfenstein-3d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where would I go about downloading the sounds used in Wolfenstein 3D?
Google doesn't really help that much.

>> No.1424160

>frenetic but short

That is literally the description of Scythe.

Also, you might want to try some of the speedmapping/limited sector competition WADs. Stuff like "make a map with only 10 sectors." I forget what it was called though. Super fun and super short.

>> No.1424161

Download the Wolfenstein 3D Doom mod.

>> No.1424169

>I wanna play something fresh.
>Dmonfear [...] is the only wad I really like

There's your problem, chief.

>> No.1424172

>DnD inspired

ID software team were really inspired by that game, even at Doom's development. Seeing as how they were huge fans of it.

>> No.1424176

Two options:
-Download Wolf3D, get a Wolf3D editor, gank the sounds that way
-Download any of the many Wolf3D TCs, gank the sounds that way

>> No.1424178


This >>1423875 is what you're looking for. The progression is really really nice

>> No.1424180


You can also download the source code of iPhone's Wolf3D since for a strange reason they included the sounds too

>> No.1424181

Don't know why I didn't think of those. Cheers!

>> No.1424184


nice argument you got there

>> No.1424187

there isn't an argument, no one asked for one

nice post that makes you sound like an asshole

>> No.1424203

Would play. Any twist, even if it's just slightly harder but not outright unfair, is good to me. Do it.

>> No.1424205
File: 20 KB, 400x400, mmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we coexist in a community where it's okay to kill demons with a red BFG with infinite ammo, but heaven forbid if an imp can throw a fast ball at ya

this is what I call progression

>> No.1424215


I'd certainly like it.

Crafty goddamn murder mutants.

>> No.1424220

Nobody likes infinite ammo.

>> No.1424227

Should be possible to anticipate, perhaps a fast every third.

>> No.1424230
File: 17 KB, 184x172, uhhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


...I do. But not for super weapons.

>> No.1424231

Or a different animation for the fast attack.

>> No.1424237

like punchout?

>> No.1424238

You don't like infinite ammo either.
Otherwise your mod would have had one.

Melee weapons don't count

>> No.1424240


The Ruby wand's primary attack is infinite.

Plus I kinda want to make a mod later on where all weapons have infinite ammo, they just need to be reloaded.

>> No.1424242

Pretty much.

>> No.1424272
File: 29 KB, 401x293, plain9mm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's a cool pistol and some variants.

You shouldn't use it as is though, the thumb is fucked up and the hands don't have any shadows from the pistol.

>> No.1424276

That's actually a really good idea. If the attack is different, the telegraph should also be different.

>> No.1424285
File: 2 KB, 109x58, the thumbnail that remains.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And the hands are cut off what an oversight

Here's a cool rifle with iron sights http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=35797

Majhost has been down for a while though just wait a bit. Here's a jpeg of it from Google.

>> No.1424292
File: 3 KB, 149x42, shellcasingedits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From Turbo


>> No.1424316
File: 8 KB, 160x275, war_serpent_proto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick idea I came up with. Thinking of attaching a cannon to his other arm.

>> No.1424321

I like it.

>> No.1424331


Hold him down and fuck him hard, and slow, in the ass

>> No.1424335


Play complex doom just to see this in action

Barons and knights will use both arms to throw multiple fireballs or one explosive comet thats extremely fast

brutal dooms barons to this too with a tri-fireball

>> No.1424342
File: 29 KB, 334x372, FrenchGuySurrenders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried to implement Gordon Freemans pistol and crowbar into Samsara. What do you guys think?


Those are sprites not models (just like the Ranger in Samsara). It took me approx 20 hours of work (100% workload) to extract each frame from the model viewer by taking screenshots (!), scaling them down in GIMP. This was not an easy task.

It sucks that the delays between the frames are too long (currently 2 tics, 1 tic is too short). Alternating between 1 and 2 makes the animation look extremely choppy. I guess theres no other solution to this problem.

>mfw there are still 8 weapons left

>> No.1424348

I knowthey are small in number, but is there a good site for Doom 3 maps? google isn't helping

>> No.1424349

Why didn't you use Paranoia's sprites? It animated HL weapons into sprites didn't it?

>> No.1424351
File: 203 KB, 400x324, 3254236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Animation wise that's pretty damn impressive

>> No.1424353

1.) It did not include all weapons
2.) They were reskinned. I wanted the pure/vanilla sprites of Half-Life
3.) Each sprite was very large (>20 KB for each frame)

>> No.1424361

Russian Overkill is great. Be sure to play it on a slaughtermap, like hell revealed or something, because the weapons are quite OP.

>> No.1424415

It'd be 'edgy' if Doomguy said shit like "the jews deserved the holocaust" or "who cares if you kill kittens, moralfag?"

Your friend doesn't understand the meaning of 'edgy' is what I'm saying. He's stupid, and I'm sorry.

>> No.1424423

looks pretty twisted

i like it

>> No.1424452
File: 522 KB, 1366x768, i'm so fucked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys help

>> No.1424456

Hit it with the axe.

>> No.1424465


Shoot it with the sapphire wand, circle strafe his fat bovine ass. It'd take awhile but you can outlast him

>> No.1424476

But the protip said shoot at him till he dies.
Thought about doing that but it's not metal enough. Turns out circlestrafin works even in melee.

>> No.1424486
File: 134 KB, 495x481, CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well if anyone wants it, I uploaded it anyway.


1993 era wads/utilities. A few are fun, most or all of them are ugly, and many are "this is my first map guys". Enjoy.

>> No.1424494

Welp, now I realized I could have opened the door and gotten some ammo, and that I used the axe with no blue mana.

>> No.1424516
File: 260 KB, 1280x720, 1393123102136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah yes

>> No.1424523

Is that the Killing Floor Lever-Action

>> No.1424524

Ah yes

>> No.1424532

Haha, I think I remember stuff like that, namely one for Duke 3D that touted having hundreds of maps. Weren't some of these basically people going online, downloading a shit-ton of random WADs, and slapping them on a CD with shitty cover art and selling them at CompUSA?

>> No.1424543
File: 137 KB, 600x600, shovelware was weird shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, pretty much.

>> No.1424545

Yup. My dad bought a few. This is one. The other he has (that I remember) was called Demons Gate 666 (666 ACTION PACKED LEVELS!)

They all ran through dos.

>> No.1424548

Why can I not help but think that is Eric H or Dylan K.

And I wonder what it felt like to be some guy who put out a WAD for free, only to find some douche trying to use it to make money.

>> No.1424550

>IDKFA helmet
10/10 would wear in public

>> No.1424553

Probably both annoying and neat. On one hand you're not making any money, but on the other "Hey, a lot of people will play my wad now!".

>> No.1424557

Did we ever find out what Piratefall is?

>> No.1424558

Any old-Doomers in here, a.k.a those who played it between 1993-1997?

I'm receiving an older rig later this evening and I'm curious as to how well it will run Doom. It meets the system requirements to run, but barely.

It's an AT clone, with an AMD Am386DXL-40, 8 MB 70ns EDO RAM, 1MB Trident 8900D ISA, and an SB Pro 2.

I know it runs near perfectly (at least for me) on an 486DX2-66. I can't find a whole lot of info concerning its performance on a 386.

However, being one of the fastest 386es produced, I figured the Am386DXL-40 might be able to run it okay.

Any info appreciated.

Also, I know the Trident isn't very good, but from what I hear, CPU performance is more important than VGA performance. I don't have any other ISA video cards, but I have plenty of VLB, but this mobo doesn't have support. My 486 does, though.

>> No.1424559

The same feeling when an anon from another board realizes that somebody else is cashing on a forced meme they started unintentionally.

The goon who did the original 'deal with it' image macro regrets making it entirely, with every idiot ironically responding back with DEAL WITH IT

>> No.1424571


Or when someone makes a creepy story simply because of their fondness for horror, only to find it spammed in a bunch of shitty games and turned into a fucking fad.

>> No.1424573


I've personally never run it on a 386, (started pc gaming on a pentium 60) but I remember some of my friends saying it ran like shit on their 386 comp.

of course none of us were really good with computers back then though.

>> No.1424576
File: 415 KB, 1366x768, BUT WHY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1424582



>> No.1424584

doom 4 beta was leaked

>> No.1424585

>Rifle that appears to be lever action
This is in my interests, what is this

>> No.1424586

>Playing as Parias
Those revenants never stood a chance.

>> No.1424592

what, again?
every 3 years there's a new leak on doom 4

>> No.1424593

Lies. All lies.

>> No.1424601


>> No.1424603

tryed hard

>> No.1424615 [DELETED] 

Shotgun Frenzy link is ded, anyone got a mirror?

>> No.1424636
File: 292 KB, 1600x900, 1393127078826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1424640


>> No.1424761

Yeah,but its weak,still its useful when you meet a bunch of cacos

>> No.1424770

You can run frames for less than a tic. You just gotta do it right.


>> No.1424780

But anon that runs GUN1 A for 3 tics, then GUN1 B for 3 tics. Half-tics are possible but more complicated than that.

>> No.1424782


>> No.1424786

Yeah, they're not real half-tics. Only ECWolf has true half-tics, and that's only because it runs 70 tics per second instead of 35.

>> No.1424791
File: 239 KB, 1280x720, 1393132464556.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Spend 30 minutes editing the arm
>Load it into ZDoom
>Can't even see the arm
>Tiny wrist
>Not enough palm
>Too large
>Too close

>> No.1424796


Oh yes, the Ruby Wand is great honestly, plus those orbs build up more Mystic energy, so that's more mana for bigger spells or to use the staff.

Also I think this next spell might be a little too OP, I'm finally making the tornado, which is going to work like Storm Eagle's tornado weapon.

>> No.1424815

...wait, what? For real?

Have I been reading code wrong the entire time? Can you show me on the wiki where it says this?

>> No.1424816

are you one of those shitposters i keep hearing about

*hushed voice* you smell like a shitposter

>> No.1424825

>Bare hands

>> No.1424826

i wanted to ask you
How are you going to make the second character..like what will be its role?

>> No.1424828

is there an browning Auto-5 shotgun?

>> No.1424830


The second character's gonna be more momentum based than Lord Blaz, who's ridiculous from the start and has a shitload of subweapons.

Kuros will have a smaller selection, and his ammo for special weapons won't be generated from just attacking monsters, his sword won't strike multiple times like Blaz's either, but instead just once, but with more reach.

What's going to set him apart is the boomerang dagger/axe, a few special temp powerups exclusive to him, and his wicked kick, which will be capable of blasting monsters and projectiles backwards.

>> No.1424835

>Doom thread: I still can't believe we've been doing this for 20 years

>> No.1424837

Sounds cool

>> No.1424845

Not that I've seen

>> No.1424848

how does it look like in FPS view..im trying to edit one but idk what it looks like in POV

>> No.1424851



>> No.1424854

i think one can use Action doom rifle as a bace

>> No.1424873
File: 54 KB, 709x406, Vorpal Blade Update - Eriance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1424874
File: 767 KB, 487x332, Tornado.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and you thought the lightning was strong. Wait til you hit something with this

>> No.1424882

That looks fantastic.

It probably won't function any different from the sword we have now though.

>> No.1424883



>> No.1424884


I wish you'd stop posting these, I'd hack off my left testicle to get a sword sprite made by eriance

>> No.1424887

maybe you can arrange it

>> No.1424889

So for how long do we have to wait until ZDoom supports actual laser guns? I'm not talking about arcade laser guns, I'm speaking of in-game weapons

>> No.1424891

you mean something like Quake's lightning gun?

>> No.1424892

Isn't that basically what the plasma rifle is?

>> No.1424895

There have been many mods with laser guns.

Continuous lasers, instant lasers like railguns, machinegun lasers, plasma balls, etc.

>> No.1424896


I mentioned the probability of asking Eriance before and some anon said the odds of him making a sprite for my shit is low.

But I guess I could always try asking nicely, couldn't I?

>> No.1424898

offer a testicle and be serious

actually remove it if he agrees

>> No.1424901


I don't have health insurance, so I'd probably just bleed out and die.

Then we'd have some nice sprites and a dead modder. is that what you want anon?

>> No.1424902


>plasma rifle

Nope, I'm talking about continuos lazors


Truth be told I'm not acknowledged with Quake's arsenal (how foolish this sounds, sorry everyone)


I'm certainly looking for continuous laserguns, like the one from Metal Slug, for example.

>> No.1424903

lots of people have removed their own testicles

>> No.1424904

Oh I get what you mean, not individual bolts of of laser, but a continuous beam.

>> No.1424907 [SPOILER] 
File: 878 B, 108x64, 4720281780519997.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Okay I'll admit it, I can't remove a testicle.

I don't have the balls

>> No.1424910

custom railgun every tic

would need some way to interpolate movement for framerates higher than 35fps but if you limit fps to 35 fps it'll look constant

>> No.1424914

Lightning gun is a continous beam of damage.

>> No.1424921


Yeah, that kind of weapon. Hmm, maybe it shouldn't hurt to spill the beans a liiitle bit...


This is the type of lasergun I'm looking forward to create. As a matter of fact, I'm planning to create all the weapons in the game. The laser will keep firing as long as you keep the button pressed.

If anyone is willing to help me with this gun, I'll thank you enormously

>> No.1424925

Maybe a railgun that has a puff that always puffs and that puff does a railgun with a puff that always puffs that does a railgun

Maybe make it a friendly monster to target a nearby monster

>> No.1424929
File: 52 KB, 320x200, I need bionics to live.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What I'd do to have that kind of talent and patience.

>> No.1424930

>If anyone is willing to help me with this gun, I'll thank you enormously
Get scroton to do it, he does decorate work for people.

>> No.1424932

I hope your mod will also have endless spewing of one liners that aren't even that good.

>> No.1424935

>What I'd do to have a skill
Would you...


>> No.1424936
File: 597 KB, 1366x768, 1393137423372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might want to look into how Super Chicken does its laser.

>> No.1424941


That's bullshit, no.

>> No.1424947


Is this mod?

>that aren't even that good

I'm willing to fite ya for what you just said m8


And where is he, anyway? Last thing I knew from him is that he wanted someone to create a gameplay trailer for Fractal

>> No.1424958

no idea

>> No.1424961

It's been awhile since I played it, I just remember one liners being spewed out in rapid rapid succession and most were hokey at best.

I also remember it being a fun mindless action game and liked the weapons overall.

>> No.1424968
File: 52 KB, 544x520, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I... how does ZDL work?

>> No.1424973

IWADs are the main Doom files(DOOM, DOOM2, HERETIC, HEXEN)
PWads are the custom files(Brutal Doom, Project MSX, Scythe, Unloved)

It's really simple

>> No.1424975

you did it

>> No.1424976


open up the settings tab, point ZDL to your iwads, and your source port (Zdoom, zandronum, etc)

>> No.1424980
File: 53 KB, 544x520, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So yes, source=GZDoom exe and IWAD=wherever I drop them?

>> No.1424985


Wherever you put your iwads yes, Doom, Doom 2, heretic, hexen, etc.

>> No.1424987

Any pack to download them all in one go?

>> No.1424989


Check the OP's FAQ/Pastebin

>> No.1425000

Are you the /rlg/ anon?

>> No.1425008

I somehow fucked up and I'll try again tomorrow.

>> No.1425015

Jesus, looks like I'm a few versions behind on ZDL. I have 3.1a.

>> No.1425023

Okay, I'll look for the pic I told ya.
how do you fuck up drag and drop anyways

>> No.1425084

>project msx will never be updated again

>> No.1425093

eeh..its alright how it currently is,and knowing MagSigma,he disappears but when he returns he delivers instead of hyping up more his project(s)

>> No.1425095


Last time I thought that it got an update after over a year of inactivity.

>> No.1425101

No, I'm just seriously shocked that I've been apparently reading decorate code wrong for 6 years

>> No.1425102

does anybody use timidity with the sc55 1.9 soundfont in linux? It sounds fine except on the tracks Nobody told me about id and Donna to the rescue where some notes seem out of tune or clashing together. I tried using fluidsynth instead which fixed those issues but the playback quality is much worse than timidity i find.

>> No.1425103

What did you think GUN1 AB 3 meant

Did you actually only read it

>> No.1425108
File: 24 KB, 298x251, 1356791263599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since we're in confessionals
That image of doomguy with the coffee cup, based on the image of the character from the film "the iron giant" I asked a guy on /tg/ to draw a long time ago, I never knew it would catch on

When m00t was in a thread on /pol/ and he asked about the flags I said "make them all JIDF"......then he made them all JIDF and put on the polka music

It does feel strange putting out an idea that actually gets taken somewhere, though I have a big regret myself in posting an idea for a music video I had once (my fault) but I never knew how much I was attached to it until I saw somebody repeat it, so I decided I probably will never make it.

>> No.1425110
File: 400 KB, 488x519, Decaf is for FAGGOTS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It certainly caught on

>> No.1425159

>polka music

It's from fiddler on the roof you pleb

>> No.1425178


its whatever this was

>> No.1425189

GUN1 is the sprite.
AB is the frames, first A, then B.
3 is how many tics per fame.
So A plays for three tics, then B plays for three tics.

GUN1 A 3
GUN1 B 3
will be exactly the same.

>> No.1425227

My bad, I knew it from somewhere.

>> No.1425295

Is there a completed voxel pack? All I can seem to find is old unfinished ones.

>> No.1425303

completed? not yet.
but with that new voxel editor, i think a lot of progress will happen soon.
trust voxelbro

>> No.1425386



>> No.1425520
File: 221 KB, 400x324, 1393166934504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That looks like a lever-action.
What is it, a .30-30? .45-70? Or something more modern like .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum?

>> No.1425530
File: 98 KB, 383x286, yotsuba happy mfw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When m00t was in a thread on /pol/ and he asked about the flags I said "make them all JIDF"......then he made them all JIDF and put on the polka music

>> No.1426256

>And I wonder what it felt like to be some guy who put out a WAD for free, only to find some douche trying to use it to make money.

you talking about Doom 3 wad and that long time video game scammer?

>> No.1426750

>damn shame that never happened
I'm glad things played out the way they played out.

Dude, it's a game that implies that a marine singlehandedly saves earth from demons, sometimes even fighting them in hell itself, because they killed his pet bunny. Obviously extremely edgy.

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