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Let's post some retro game developer photos. Here's Kojima planning out the level design of MGS1 with lego.


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Here's the VO cast of Snatcher from the same article.

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Look at these happy campers. This is what fun looks like.

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My favorite pic of Romero and Carmack.

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>Hell Yeah Motherfucker.png

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more pls

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Fuck, I'm so old they look like kids to me now.


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Is it just me, or does Romero always have that sort of blank look to his face, especially his eyes?

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look at carmack's arms. bro lifted

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>there will never be a Doom team like this again

Who all is even left at id with Carmack gone?

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He's reached the pinacle of his life. He knows nothing lies ahead but disapointment.

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>helps create the most celebrated FPS of all time
>now creates mobile games

Being Romero is suffering.

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Oh, spare me. He brought it on himself.

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I never said he didn't.

But a person with as big an ego as he had must wake up and look at himself in the mirror with disgust. He's old news, and has been for over a decade now.

Compare that to Carmack who still makes news when he switches companies or does something with the Rift.

Even Romero's best chance, Ion Storm, had most of its great games come out from Warren Spector's studio.

Pic related, its Tom Hall, John Romero, and Warren Spector.

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Ive always loved Naughty Dog since Crash, and I have researched extensively on the company trying to learn more about them. Ive got a few great pics you guys would probably love

Heres an old pic right before Crash was released of Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin

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Jason and Andy having some fun in Japan

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This is a picture of one of the workstations of one of the guys who worked at Looking Glass Studios, the people who made System Shock 1 and the first two Thief games.

This picture was taken on the last day the studio was open.


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Thanks for posting that. I think I'm going to archive all these pictures and the ones in this thread.

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Makes me wish I was a programmer in the 90s.

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Ah, remember the days when anime was something only scifi and gamer geeks enjoyed? Remember when anime was actually good? Pepridge farm fucking remembers.

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They made some Doom levels with Legos iirc

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there's still good annie may

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I saw this one in an article and I liked it enough to save it. Fits the thread.

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Let's not get into that. This is about retro game development.

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No but I do remember stupid revisionism that comes up every time a nerdy hobby is being discussed.

See: People who try to claim that video games used to only be for nerds in spite of the fact that Pac-Man and Space Invaders were household names and that arcade titles could frequently be found in bars and other places adults frequented.

Can someone post old photos of Iwata, Shiggy, and Sakurai? They used to be adorable little men. Well, Sakurai still kinda is.

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I remember when anime was Giant Robo, Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Vampire Hunter D, or Akira.

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No problem. If you're collecting videos too there's also this video series.


Some guy was going around the office with a camera on the same day, apparently. It might have actually been the same guy.

Looking Glass looked like such a chill place to work, it is too bad they didn't manage to stay around like Irrational did.

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>Can someone post old photos of Iwata, Shiggy, and Sakurai? They used to be adorable little men. Well, Sakurai still kinda is.

Sorry about the resolution on this. It's really difficult to find pictures of young Japanese developers with their teams for some reason.

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That video made me kinda pull back for a moment. You have this tight knit group of friends doing what they love, and then they have to disband. Of course, there is the flipside that "it's better to have loved and lost" so to speak.

Post more pics, folks. Let's make this thread a cool scrapbook.

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>dead men don't wear plaid

Muh nigga, whoever owns that coding battle station.

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>tfw you will never be video game developer in the 90s

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Look at him lookin at those galaxies and shit...wait, this looks hes working on it and...galaxies?! What in the world did he have in mind!

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Got any other pictures of Will in game development environments? I always see him surrounded by stuff other than games.

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Mai husbando Daisuke Ishiwatari, brightening up an otherwise dreary day with his handsome looks.

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Probably Spore. Not sure how old the pic is though.

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God damn does this wackiness even exist in game devs anymore?

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Maybe he just liked astronomy.

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Got some retro dev pics of early era Squaresoft.

First up is the original Square team during one of their early projects. [1/5]

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Next is what I can gather is an advertisement for their first game, The Death Trap? Srry, can't decipher moon runes. (Sakaguchi and Tanaka were such qts doe, dat arm-in-arm) [2/5]

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This one is young Nobuo Uematsu, as in really, really young. Unknown when this was taken. [3/5]

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This is obviously much later; Uematsu is deliberating over the FFV theme composition. [4/5]

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Finally, some more qtpi Sakaguchi and Tanaka, this time in some candid mugshots. It's amazing, they look barely older than us - I mean, they joined Square while still in college, and it shows. [5/5]

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iktf man
>all dat rad 90s musics and distortion effects, pulled off with such 'tude

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>you will never join a gaming company at a young age and compose music for one of the most popular franchises of all time

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>mfw the age when any idiot could join a videogame company, regardless of their actual skills or ability, is long over

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Quite the contrary - it's just beginning. I don't think you appreciate the effort required to do even the most basic tasks efficiently on an 8-bit CPU with a couple Kb of RAM. The people who could make good video games in those conditions, let alone even functional ones, are practically wizards.

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I'm old.
I had a set up almost identical to that.

A sudden sadness has come over me.

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Sugiyama before he looked like a prune

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Here's hori.

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To complete the holy trinity, here's toriyama

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I really want these pink haired Links...

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Don't Google, who am I?

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oh god

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looks like Kamiya

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Pretty sure that is my main man Yokoi.

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Nope, but I'll give you a vauge hint. His earliest work helped produce a prominent black game character.

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Yup, dude was looking fresh then.

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Always cuts me a little that he died. It might sound selfish, but I would have enjoyed seeing him continue to shape the industry beyond the WonderSwan.

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Dude was brilliant that's for sure.

His impact is still felt in nintendo's vision

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This thread makes me sad...


>any idiot
It took geniuses to create games back then. Most of time you needed to code your own tools before even starting work on the game (aside from the art portion)

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Sure that statement would be false if he were talking about video games. But anime really did used to be mainly for nerds... Aside from kids shows. It was fairly rare to find anyone who was really into it, and if you did they were usually pretty fucking into it.

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If you knew anything about video games you'd know the gaming market crashed in 1983.

1984 to 1999 is nerd territory for games. Then they picked up steam and I think it was around 2006 or so that the video game industry net revenue exceeded Hollywood's revenue. Quite frankly I wouldn't mind another crash because most AAA studios just churn out half-assed Hollywood style "games" now.

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>something along the lines of pilotwings
that he's me so hyped knowing he's talking about star fox

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Anime was never good.

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