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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

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hello world

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hello world

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any of you goyim know of a new /v/ archive now that moe is down?

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any of you goyim know of a new /v/ archive now that moe is down?

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dreamcast released on 1998,ps2 released on 1999 they belong here in fact the most modern ones would be
Gamecube released 2001
Xbox released 2002 to 2005 (had little life)

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dreamcast released on 1998,ps2 released on 1999 they belong here in fact the most modern ones would be
Gamecube released 2001
Xbox released 2002 to 2005 (had little life)

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>PS2 is literally 20 years old as of today
>still not retro

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>PS2 is literally 20 years old as of today
>still not retro

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still enjoyed X (last FF I enjoyed) although I missed flying around the overworld in my airship

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Dragon Quest XI

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Oh you.

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It is at the least the last pure Squaresoft game before the Spirits Within flop caused a purging of staff, the Enix merger, and all going to shit afterwards.

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That's Enix magic

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play on a 4:3 CRT

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Ideally, use a 4:3 CRT.
With a 3D game, I occasionally use widescreen hacks, I'm not too bothered if 2D hud elements get stretched in a primarily 3D game.

2D games always get played in with pillarboxes in their original aspect ratio, though I do use integer scaling so they aren't fucking tiny

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reply to this post instead of OP to hopefully not get infected :^)
or maybe just don't reply to me directly.

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Bravely Default (2012)

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Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

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I second this

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Oh come on. 8 was objectively the best in terms of mechanics, though if you know how to do it, it made the game way too easy, not to say it wasn't already.

9 is slow and clunky. Still love it, though.

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I thought the junction system was awesome, no doubt about that. That said, I felt like having to draw magic from enemies seemed cool at first and quickly became a pain in the ass.

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Maybe 12

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That's the irony of it.

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I's a ROM, so it won't get erased when you turn off your Mega Drive

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Not too hard, though I did not enjoy Sandopolis.

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eat your vegetables, and brush after every meal

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I'm aware you can use Card Mod to get materials to refine into magic, if that's what you're talking about.

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VIRUS for PSX. Also RE of course.

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It's way too short and easy, though.

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Every Alex Kidd game is short and easy though. Shamefully he's forgotten forever, he's one of my favourite Sega's mascot along with Robo and Mobo

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The game was originally released back in 1984 for ZX Spectrum platform in Great Britain. A greatly saturated and overblown home computer market often saw the releases of unfinished, broken games in their beta or even alpha stages. The original "Zniggy!" became one of the most notorious examples of saturating the market with alphaware, thus making it a somehow of an 'unholy grail' within the british Speccy community, forcing Zniggy to be a limited release only with no further re-releases whatsoever. The reasons why the game was published in its beta stages are unknown; the rumors include a chaotic, congested software house that couldn't keep up with the promised deadlines; the head manager of the project (known by his initials as O.P.) left mid-way after going on a drug binge and finally, a loss of trust within its own selves due to the slow collapse of 8-bit home computer market in favor of video consoles. Nevertheless, the only existing version of the game was dumped and released on the internet and it's totally playable, boasting few dozens of fully finished rooms with exciting platforming gameplay in vein of classics like Jet Set Willy. Zniggy! is a true hidden gem.

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FFX did have an airship but it didn’t have an overworld

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I think we finished the map but it needed a lot of cleanup to make it actually playable in the engine. Dunno if that ever got done

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Is Pathologic retro?

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Not retro, idiot

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is that Fanboy and Chum Chum?

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there's some theory I'm hearing around the place that its flop was planned for a long time;

Sakaguchi wanted to get in bed with Hollywood during the 90s to turn the company into an animation studio, and even went so far as to hiring some of their 3D technicians to make their FMV's. Hollywood saw SquareSoft's 3D FMV's leagues above theirs, and cooed Sakaguchi into a ''partnership'' to help make a movie (which had some of its story cut).

Another one is that Hollywood went so far as to allowing Disney collaborate with them to ruin them from the inside (this was before KH) so they can keep their monopoly on the animation industry.

Its an interesting theory, but idk.

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I just want to know when the writing got so fucking retarded. I mean it was never super great but they seemed to keep it simple for the most part. Now they seem like they're more interested in jargon and world build stuff that either doesn't match up, connect or flow together at all. The orphanage plot twist was pointless and retarded but it's got nothing on that dream of the fayth shit.

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It has the most engaging gameplay of any of the silent hill games because they put a lot of thought into the map and the riddles. what do u mean.

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Get the motherfuck off this goddamn board

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I'd say VII started the downward spiral. There's nothing confusing about VI. But with VII, everything involving Cloud, Jenova, Sephiroth, and Zack was borderline retarded. Some of that had to do with mistranslation, but yeah. VIII wasn't much better. IX was decent, but not great. X was idiotic. Kingdom Hearts was incoherent. And I stopped caring after that. Everything after seems like a mess.

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I'm an idort (grew up with both MD and SNES, sorry console war-kuns), but I never heard of this Clockwork Tortoise dev.

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Shadow Man

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AiTD's melee combat was the most advanced of it's era. Every weapon could be swung in multiple directions, + reverse direction for blocking if you have a sword. Each direction had different speed, reach, collision area, and damage. The animation had weighty build up to it. The pirate duel section of the game showcased how advanced the melee combat was. You could throw items at enemies and damage them too.

As far as survival horrors go, AiTD had some of the most detailed combat.

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only other one I can think of is Crash Bandicoot

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I think FF and its turn-based counterparts would be better off just making films at this point.
They definitely began relying on spectacle in an effort to 'wow' themselves into expanding into other media. I wouldn't be complaining if it happened since cinema and entertainment could probably do with another shakeup anyway.

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Find your own way to play it. To me it's a lot like Half Life with stealth and cutscenes
The semi open world and rpg elements are interesting but if you don't care about those you can basically ignore them. It's a good game and fairly open with how you can handle things. My current playthrough I'm doing a stealth assassin playthrough, put a scope and range extender on my stealth pistol and have just been head shotting people when they're out of range of other npcs, the ones that aren't get left alone... for know. The game gets a lot more interesting and challenging fairly quickly, once you need to deal with bots and automated security. Not for everyone, though. I think they did a good job with Human Revolution which is a good starting point for the series. If you want something more modern that funnels you more into a mercenary or detective role you might like it more.

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There's not a lot of voodoo-themed anything nowadays. Even zombies aren't brought to life by it or even magic anymore. It's all plagues and science experiments.

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This is an adventure / exploration game first and foremost and really I feel that SH1 does it better than the rest of the series. I love how the game just drops you into a very open map and leaves it up to you to figure out how you're supposed to proceed by giving you little clues. It really trusts the intelligence of the player and makes the experience that much more satisfying to figure out on your own. Also helped the scenario that harry is in feel more real.

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too bad those are all throw away mechanics that don't matter and actually controlling it feels like shit

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It's actually a run 'n gun, thanks for proving you didn't even play the game before deciding to shitpost about it, Nintenigger.

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Who cares, it sucks. It's more interesting as a techdemo than it is to play.

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I don't think Liberty Island was inherently bad but the opening sequence is very heavy handed and the plot base is forced in. Biggest issue with Liberty Island is with how empty it is you don't really get a good feel for the mechanics, it's more to demonstrate that you can explore and get sidetracked and manipulate the AI and y ou u know what? It actually is kind of crappy and doesn't at all help by creating a steep difficulty spike by going from walking sim to moving too quick and you get gunned down. Still not that bad.

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You posted it.

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And it still won't be a good game.

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20 years from now all those shitty cartrudges wont be working anymore.

eat shit you simp incel.

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Kirby 64 is good

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kirakira kizzu
For actual kirby games though, Superstar definitely. Dreamland 3 is fun, but very slow and most of the powers are pretty weak

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>what am I doing wrong
Probably trying to do stealth. Stealth is dreadful. Just gun idiots down, spam augments and the GEP Gun.

And still try to pay attention to the flavour text and character arcs because that shit is tight. But yes, the first level tries to set you up to take things slow, don't. Unless you're a Thief fanatic and actually like that style of gameplay in which case more power to you, bud.

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I watched a longplay video of it a couple weeks ago. I was trying to gauge whether the game is incredibly hard or not. In the video, they don't make any mistakes, but that's because it's tool assisted.

I'm wondering if kids can breeze through it or if it would take memorization to get past the first few tasks.

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That's not a boring answer, just the wrong answer

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When I was a kid, I had a friend named Dana. His parents were fairly well-off, so he had the Sega CD on launch. As we all remember, Sewer Shark was the pack-in title. You'd have to use the joypad to "jump" from tunnel to tunnel using the directions the robot buddy (named Catfish, I didn't even have to look that up btw) would give you.
Anyway, in class one day, Dana was telling me that he was playing Sewer Shark, and the game reminds him to "remember your jump data!". But for a moment he thought it said, "remember to jump, Dana!" and his mind was fucking blown by how amazing this new CD-ROM tech was.

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Super Star, followed by Adventure. They're all good though.

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>too many locked doors

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Hacked ps1 mini

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I don't know or care about the "best way". I just play them on my PS2 2bh.

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Is it decent enough for HDTV play? I don’t have autism so don’t really care if it is not perfect.

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Did he say that

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pistol starts are lame

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>Hoshi no Kirby
>"no Kirby"
>Kirby is the main character and features prominently in the game
Unironically what did Nintendo mean by this?

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Dumb pic.

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Explain why.

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The Shrinker and Freeze gun specifically are just really unsatisfying and boring to use to me. I feel like if I was a kid I would enjoy those 2 weapons more. The pipe bomb just feels kinda crappy too. Now that I'm thinking back, those are really the only ones I don't like and the others are pretty good. For some reason those 3 weapons make me think negatively about the game when there is more good weapons than bad.

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not him, but I feel that most of the weapon sound effects just sound weak, the worst being the ripper cannon which sounds like some kinda of silenced pistol rather than a heavy machine gun

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Not him but I sorta agree.
Pistol: Good, high fire rate decently accurate
Shotgun: Okay. It gets the job done but its no double barrel
Chaingun Cannon: Kinda sucks. 3 barrels would seem good but they don't stagger enemies enough and the silenced weapon effect makes it feel even wimpier. I personally found myself not using this gun purely because standing around taking damage is dumb while corner peeking with a shotgun was always better
RPG: Nothing special. Good weapon needs a better sound effect when firing. Not suicide when corner peeking which is nice.
Pipe Bomb: I love it.
Shrinker: Best gun but also really sucks sometimes when the enemy you're aiming for never gets hit. I also think its kinda lame some enemies are basically impossible to overcome game enders without this weapon.
Expander: Funny then the novelty wears off and its boring and you never use it again
Devestator: Great weapon looks like you're punching rockets into your enemies.
Lazer Tripbomb: Worthless 99.9% of the time
Freezethrower: I feel like it could have been useful but why use it when the Shrinker exists?

Overall the weapons are either fine or boring with only a few standouts

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What game is this?

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NBA hangtime

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Not him but I love mine. Autobleem is easy as fuck to "install" and has a few different cores with different filters. Nothing my pc couldn't do any better yea but its better then playing ps1 games on my ps3 on my crt tv. All the 8 and 16 bit games look fine. I like the idea of having an offline device loaded with all those games. It's portable too so I take it to friends house. Pc would be better and maybe a pi would be better. I got my psc for 20 bucks which to me was worth it for the controllers alone. I play it often and on my days off play lrave it on for 10 - 12 hours at a time. About 6 months in and havent had any problems as far as it breaking or anything

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With the original hardware hooked up to S-video on a nice consumer set.

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>Assault Troopers
Meant Enforcers. The Ripper has no problems with Assault Troopers, very useful for large numbers of those in fact.

>> No.6306727

Ah, just like the Holoduke then?

>> No.6306732

Should make that angry anon happy.

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>Too many locked doors

Because if there was an abandoned town, chances are the most of the doors really would be locked. Plus it gives an excuse as to why you can't go inside them rather than just not being able to interact with them at all like in most games. It makes the experience a little more realistic, it works.

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SH3 has great combat wtf

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>the riddles didn't make sense
also the combat is fine

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If a game had bad gameplay, you wouldn't play it at all. Think on what you are really talking about instead of just throwing the term "gameplay" around. Gameplay is the sum of all the parts; the end result that you play.

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>a bunch of arch-viles behind them reviving whichever one goes down

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>A hallway lowers in between two closets full of 50 pinkies

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I'm looking for a good quality set of levels to play instead of the normal ones. Preferably one that had a good challenge curve and isn't just a set of high-difficulty maps.
A set of levels that could have been the default set in another reality.

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> Last room is a lock-in slaughterfest

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I'm going to guess you've already played DTWID? If you havent you probably should.

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fuck you, this game is amazing all around

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Alright I fixed the said errors that I mentioned here >>6306503 as much as I could. Your map should now run in Chocolate properly.

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Same reason why you apparently want it. This is cool.

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