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As we all know, the PS1's original controller was essentially an SNES controller with handles and an extra set of shoulder buttons. Sony eventually redesigned it to give it two additional analog sticks in 1997.

This thread is about PS1 games that can be played with the original controller. If their number is too great, maybe this could be reduced to PS1 games that require a Dual Analog controller to be played properly. Additionally, maybe this could turn into a thread for the first time PS1 owner about games that are worth a damn that can be played with the original PS1 controller.

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Back when I played Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. I always preferred the controllers without sticks. Probably because the third party ones were cheap and came in cool colors, and I was about 3 at the time.

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Summon Night 1/2.

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>posts the REAL original PlayStation controller, the SCPH 1010

Well done, OP. 99/100 would have used an SCPH 1080.

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>This thread is about PS1 games that can be played with the original controller.

All of them.

Analog usage didn't become mandatory until 6th gen. Some PS2 games don't even let you turn that shit off (as the d-pad is used for things other than movement).

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What's the difference?

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SCPH 1010 was only available with the original Japanese release of the PlayStation, and as a separate controller for about a month afterwards.

It had stubbier legs, and a bigger "face" for the d-pad and buttons.

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I never owned a Playstation console until recently with the PS3, so I just picked a decently sized image that would be accepted by 4chan.

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I know Ape Escape requires analog sticks, and I'm sure there are other games that do as well.

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I never got into Ape Escape. I'll have to check it out.

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ore no ryouri requires two sticks and is fucking awesome


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Nectaris uses the digital controller. Still my favorite strategy game, and much better than the piss-awful remake that recently came out on XBL/PSN.

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The 1st ape escape is amazing, brings back good memories. The dual stick setup is the defining feature of the game- catch a monkey in 360 degrees!

It has a shitload of levels, pretty solid platforming and (later on) boss fights, and it gives you a good reason to backtrack and catch em all!

>mfw can't stop saying "slow down nigger" loudly when playing

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Well you got lucky.

>the most elusive PlayStation controller in the world

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the large majority of playstation games did not require the analog sticks, most supported them beyond the first few years of the PS1 but pretty few required them, I'd say

pretty much all earlier ones didn't even support them

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How was I lucky? What made me buy a PS3 is the fact that the PS4 wasn't BC with anything. Additionally, when the PS2 came out and was BC with PS1 games, I figured that the next console would have to be. As you expected, I wondered if the PS4 would be the same, but it wasn't, so I tracked down a triple.

Haven't actually played anything besides San Andreas or GTAV.

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Currently playing through this right now. I normally suck balls at console FPS, but I'm actually having some fun with this.

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Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, two of my favorite PSX games. They're great, and you should play them.

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was meant for
>so I just picked a decently sized image that would be accepted by 4chan.

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>posts the REAL original PlayStation controller, the SCPH 1010
>SCP-1010 - The Green Man
This is off-topic and all, but that model name is pretty fitting for 4chan.
No, I'm not into SCP, just thought the model name sounded like "that Slenderman-Area51-online-thingy" so I Googled it b-baka!

inb4 >Google >not Altavista

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Holy crap I remember that game back when it first came out. I remember how great it was for its time.

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It's probably because of Ramses and the beeping. It's nearly impossible to get stuck, except for the platforming and traps.
>TFW you pretend you're the Kacho when you play it
>It actually had a JP release

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What about the strangest of strange? PS1 games that required no analog/analog off?

Also on the subject of games that DON'T work only digital, Medievil (1 at least, never played 2) was a bitch with digital controls.
>tap direction to walk
>double tap to run

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In FFVIII, use the D-pad when running away from the robot spider on one particular screen—this will prevent your character from snagging on a field barrier, or something.

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