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I just installed a modchip in my Playstation.

>tfw playing Suikoden II for 2 pennies (the price of a CD-R)

Anyone else know this feel?

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Why are legit PS1 games so fucking expensive? Even shit that every man and his dog owned back in the day?

Is that reseller retro bubble I've been hearing so much about?

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All I know is that I paid $4 for this and $8 for a 50 pack of Verbatim CD-Rs and I have every game I've ever wanted and there's no difference in quality.

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Maybe the originals are so expensive because so few people bought them back then - at least around here. No one I knew that had PS1 didn't have a modchip or at least one of those swap trick devices.

Pretty much every PS1 I've found in the wild came with a spindle of games on CD-Rs, a stack of HK copies in the little sleeves and maybe 1 or 2 legit games.

I still have boxes and boxes of CD-Rs I burnt back in the day in storage somewhere. I wonder how many of them are still readable.

Funny thing is looking back actually just buying the few good games I actually played the shit out would have been less effort than downloading and burning hundreds of shitty games I played once and threw back in the box.

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Do you have original pads? I considered buying ps1 but theres seems to be problem with pads so I just emulate with retroarch and use dualshock3.

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Not OP

I can't get the swap trick to work for me, I have a PS1 SCPH9001, does it not work for these models?

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"retro" boom or whatever fuck they're calling it

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Well I hope it fucking ends soon.

There's no way in hell I'm paying $20 for a copy of Pipe Dreams 3D.

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I have a playstation question so I'm just going to ask it here.

Should I get a PlayStation SCPH-1000 or a SCPH-3500?
I know that anything earlier than a 5000 series had hardware problems, and the earlier the model the more problems it had.
They're the same price.

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You could always buy a new laser assembly on ebay for a few bucks. I'd go for a 1000 just because of the integrated RCA ports and because it's one of the first models.

Next year The orig Playstation will be 20 years I still remember the US launch U R NOT READY ENOS LIVES

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Yeah, back in 1998 when playstation was the rage. Everyone I knew, schoolmate or adult alike who owned a playstation had it chipped.

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great, thanks

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Mine is modded too, feels good. I'm still going to buy PSIO when it's out though.

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Is there any way to find out what chip is in my PS2?

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I believe it's demand created by my generation (who grew up in the 90's) that want an easy means of playing those old games again. Anyone who knows their shit (like me and a lot of us on /vr/) can just use roms, but there those who think it's too much effort.

Also, not everything is going to be released for legit emulation on current or last-gen hardware.

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Did you just luck out and get a chipped ps1 or did you find a $4 mod chip?

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You can use PS2 controllers.

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heh, yes.

It's glorious isn't it anon? Even better is playing a translated game on original hardware. It's like a "new" game.

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>so fucking expensive

not yet daniel-san...

but soon

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woah, are you me from the future? I've got my playstation open and everything ready to install a modchip. Just deciding on how to run the wires (Using a separate proto-board with an 8-pin socket sot hat I can swap the chip later on if I want to change the programming).

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Not sure exactly what you're asking, but most PS2s can run hacked firmware from the memory card. Do some Googling for FreeMcBoot and compatible model numbers, and you'll find out if your PS2 can be hacked. Most can, and there's a homebrew program that will stop the motor after verifying a real PS1 game, so you can do the swap trick without damaging the disc motor.

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Try a pawn shop. That's where I got my PS2 and it was cheap. Ended up buying a SCPH 7501 PS1 on amazon out of laziness and while it was fairly cheap the shipping was not. New lasers I got fairly cheap though (won an auction of five of them for 8 bux, under 20 with shipping)

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>2 pennies (the price of a CD-R)

>$8 for a 50 pack of Verbatim CD-Rs

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The only reason to get a 1000 is if you're really into the audio chipset. The best version to get is the 750x version. The earlier versions were more prone to breaking and the later versions had no serial port in the back.

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I know the feel of having a chipped psone. It's pretty nice. The only shit I've used it for specifically is a single import game and Policenauts.

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i loved the shit of LSD, but it was unrequited

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It sounds like you are not from USA/UK/JPN. Your experiences probably weren't too typical for the vast majority of users here.

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Where did you get a modchip for the PSX from?

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>anyone else know that feel?

16 years ago.

I thought I was the shit for playing Jackie Chan's Stuntmaster on a CD-R the day it came out.

I realize now that I was indeed the shit.

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>single import game

What a waste.

I remember importing the Vampire Hunter D game for the PS-1 and being let down.
The original chip made you grab the spinning PS-1 disc and replace it with the burn.
It would eventually burn out the Playstation's motor.
When the gameshark version came out it was the best.
It actually stopped the disc so you could change it and didn't require soldering.

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Because the people who were like three or four when the PS1 came out are now having jobs and wanting to own all the games they had from their childhood.

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I don't know where OP bought his chip but I just ordered one today from here; http://www.eurasia.[\spoiler]nu/shop/default.php?cPath=52

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I'm not OP, but I bought one from a site called Eurasia recently.

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Also not OP, I too just bought a chip from Eurasia. Cost the same as OP said too so I imagine he got it from the same site. Only $4 for the chip but then $5 for shipping

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Fuck, I was adding an mm3 chip to an SCPH 7501 playstation and accidentally tore a pad. What do I do?

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No. No one else knows how this feels. You're the only person alive who has installed a PS mod chip.
Anyone else who did died of old age a long time ago.

Because apparently $1 is "so fucking expensive" for some people.

Not OP, but every single PSX I have came with a mod chip. All 10 or whatever I have. Does anyone know where to get one without a mod chip?

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I didnt knew that! Thank you sir.

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Nevermind, I worked it out. I just scratched at the trace with a razer and soldered to that. My moded playstation is up and running now.

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Can I ask, what program are you using to burn your games?

I've been trying so hard to get policenauts on a cd-r, it's probably the brand I'm using?

I can only guess that I'd succeed if I now tried verbatim cd-r and 4x speed, but maybe there's a program that makes it work?

Imgburn has never failed me until now.

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I'm this guy >>1381539

I was having issues with imgburn as well where it kept failing during the validation stage on different games. It was inconsistent though, like sometimes it would work fine and other times it wouldn't seemingly for no reason. I am using pretty shitty CD-Rs but the playstation wasn't reading my higher quality CD-RW's at all. Anyway, I switched to Alcohol 120% which I happen to have installed. Alcohol has special configurations for ripping and burning playstation games (along with a bunch of other configurations for other types of CDs/games/copy protection). As soon as I switched to that everything has gone smoothly, every disk I've burned has worked without any issue.

Alcohol is kind of a pain in the ass to pirate though (not hard, just does weird shit) and does have a fuckload of features you probably don't need or are using other programs for (eg. virtual drives like Daemon Tools).

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open it and use those things called your fucking eyes

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Alright dude, I will try Alcohol 120% when I get home.

Hopefully it works!

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>>tfw playing Suikoden II for 2 pennies (the price of a CD-R)
>Anyone else know this feel?
I played it for about 10 hours for free with an emulator, it was a waste of time.

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