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Let's have a Tyrian thread. It'll be fun, I promise.





Game download: http://code.google.com/p/opentyrian/

THREAD MUSIC CUNT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGAVNClKWBQ

Good luck.

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I played this a couple days ago
The ship intertia is really terrible
Also the game runs at 30fps
My childhood is a lie

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>thread music
>anything but this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dJ7lo0Vmiw
You fucked up, OP.

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Just because it's American doesn't mean it's not euroshmup trash.

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Holy shit I just started playing Tyrian again yesterday. I forgot how great it is and how the entire goddamn genre is still leagues behind this masterpiece TODAY, IN TWO-THOUSAND-FUCKING-FOURTEEN. Too busy trying to make kaleidoscopes and anime it seems.

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No amount of caps lock will make people forget how lame the game was, OP.

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Cool opinion, dick. If you don't like it why not stay out of the thread instead of coming in just to shitpost?

In case anyone was unaware there's a good PSP port of the game. It's way better than the impossible-to-control Android version.

Is it worth it to swap my rear mega pulse for guided micro bombs? Mega pulse damage probably isn't as high but at least it hits reliably.

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Does anyone use the ship editor?

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Where's the caps, cocksucker?

Your opinion is still shit and so is this fucking game.

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I know /v/ welcomes the whole "angry autist manchild" thing but we don't take so kindly to it here.

TELL ME WHY IT SUCKS, MOTHERFUCKER. So I can despair at how misguided the human condition is. Or god forbid some shitty troll actually promotes discussion instead of pathetically crying for attention.

Or, y'know, you could also just go fuck yourself. Maybe that's what's best for you.

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I have it OP and I agree. It is a bad ass game.

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Everybody praising this game has either never played an arcade shmup or is blinded by nostalgia.

Xevious is more fun than Tyrian.

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So you're just a shitposter, then? I'm sure you realize shitposting is a rule violation now. And on a board that isn't a torrent of pure shit (like /v/), mods and janitors actually do something about it.

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I've played both and I don't agree. Tyrian has much more interesting art, lots of strange humor in the datacubes, and is more forgiving. I've never been a fan of the whole "get hit once and do the whole fucking thing over" style shmup. You like arcade shmups, I like something a little deeper. To each their own and it's no reason to make such sweeping generalizations.

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Most rear guns that aren't Sonic Greenshit, Wildball or Micro Bombs are basically for style points. I won't say not to use the Mega Pulse because I think it's probably the most entertaining weapon and it's not weak by any stretch.

I'm fond of rear heavy missiles myself, but I'm just a sucker for missiles in general.

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I'm probably going to be branded a weeaboo for this, but in my opinion the choice among 2D shooters on PCs in the West wasn't very good until Windows 95 came around and Japanese arcade-focused developers finally starting porting their games to it. If a game like Phalanx had ever come out on DOS I would have had a very hard time taking the other typical shmups releases on it seriously.

Games like Tyrian are emblematic of the poor design philosophy generally plaguing arcade-like DOS releases as a whole. It's a game that tries to ape Compile's style in particular but almost seems to miss the point entirely, with boring bosses and stages, and central mechanics that make the action experience in general just kind of tedious. If you want a shooter with a shop system but that manages to actually pull it off well without breaking things and keeping its own action flow, look no further than Compile's own Gun Nac.

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I dunno...there was always good ol' Major Stryker and Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Both a lot more challenging than Tyrian and featuring some pretty interesting weapons and enemies. I'd personally take Raptor over super-jap mega touhou style bullet memorizers any day.

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to be honest,Tyrian isnt that impressive
its cool but its not a masterpiece
U.N. Squadron did the ship variety better
R-type Final[i know not retro] did a supreme job at unlocking stuff
its a cool game but it's kinda forgetable

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What makes this game special is the coop where players can connect their ships in mid flight to form one bigger ship controlled by both of them. Also it wasn't limited to local multiplayer; I used to play over modem.

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Dude, you're omitting Fireball, which is one of the best guns in the game period. Nearly whole-screen coverage with damage almost that of heavy missiles.

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Side Arms Hyper Dyne did that nearly a decade prior.

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>I like something a little deeper
Yet you play a game that requires less skill and strategy than 99% of arcade shmups. Sure, Tyrian has a shitload more bells and whistles, but they don't offer any meaningful challenge and hence don't really make the game any deeper.

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maybe because it's not supposed to just eat your quarters ASAP, so they made it a bit more enjoyable for the less dexterous players?

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Call me when those 99% of arcade shmups actually have stories to them.

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Playing a shmup with a mouse and keyboard is for faggots.

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Genuine question for the arcade autists trying to bring the thread down and calling Tyrian too easy:

Have you tried the hidden difficulty modes? Past hard there's suicide, impossible, and lord of the game.

Or are you just whining because you played it on normal/hard and it wasn't buttfrustrating enough?

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Why would you replay a boring game ten times to get all the modes when you can just go play a good, difficult arcade shooter right away?

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You don't have to replay it at all. At the difficulty selection screen:

shift+} for suicide
shift+g for impossible
L+O+R+D for lord of the game

Confirmed for uninformed and trying to stir the shitpot. Why do some arcade shmuppers have such a complex about only playing difficult games? Is it some kind of problem with self-worth or is it just classic elitism?

What's wrong with liking both? Oh man, I better turn in my bullet hell fancard 'cause I like Tyrian. Shit.

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>all this whining from purists
Retards like you who can't have ANYTHING be ANY fucking different from your Cave memorization fests based entirely around stupid scoring gimmicks and quarter munching are the reason the SHMUP genre is so dead.

God forbid a HOME CONSOLE/PC GAME try to actually have a lot of content beyond "20 minute game with 3 difficulty levels where all you do is score attack."
God forbid a HOME CONSOLE/PC GAME try to be ANYTHING other than an arcade style quarter sucker, no, let's design all games meant to be used at home like they're cheap arcade games.

What the fuck is wrong with a game like Magical Chase or Tyrian or R-Type Neo, a game that actually tries giving you a good amount of content for a HOME CONSOLE GAME MEANT TO BE USED AT HOME? Fuck you autists.

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>Why do some arcade shmuppers have such a complex about only playing difficult games?
It's not really a complex. Shmups aren't very complex in terms of mechanics. If they're easy too, then you're just wasting your time with a completely braindead game.

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Don't forget Super Tyrian and the Super Arcade modes for variety.

>> No.1374695

that anon didn't mean complex as in complicated

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Isn't wasting time the entire point of gaming?

I like Tyrian because I can play it, be relaxed, and just have fun with it. I can't do that with superNEET OCD difficultyboner quartersucker-style games.

Except for Darius, I'm always in the mood for that.

>> No.1374705

Sorry, in the first sentence I was referring to the mindset. In the second sentence I meant complicated.

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I mean, if you enjoy games that you can play while half-asleep that's fine. I'm sure most people like a little excitement in games about shooting things down.

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TYRIAN is shit deal with it op.

you can caps lock all you want it the truth.

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You're still here? Can't you take a hint?

The internet is a vast wonderland of places, why stick around and shitpost here when there are far greener pastures?

You'll never experience the world like this. Get out and spread your shitwings. Believe in yourself. Live a little. Maybe try on a shitpost general board like /v/ or /g/. But this is just sad, painful to watch.


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If the game had rebalanced weaponry, more diversified threats on stages and revamped super twiddles (preferrably extra fire button for them), then it would be very good.
Graphics and diversity were stellar for its age.

>> No.1374874

If the game had rebalanced weaponry, more diversified threats on stages and revamped super twiddles (preferrably extra fire button for them), then it would be very good.
Graphics and diversity were stellar for its age.

I recently ran some testings to see which weapons were the most powerful, here's what I found out: http://pastebin.com/ubDCmYSf

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>mfw Cho Ren Sha 68k came out in 1995 too, and is leagues better


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you are loosing your time OP can't get his head out of his ass and understand what a real shmup is.

>> No.1374946

How do I play it? All I get is a demo and the only key that works is escape to pause the demo.
I'm tried both 1.01 and 0.45.

>> No.1374948

>posts arcade-style single hit obscure jap shmup in thread for the appreciation of a western durable-ship upgrade shop story shmup as evidence

>stop liking what I don't like

It's real cool and all you took a break from your "euro shmup is trash" circlejerking in the shmup general thread to come and grace us with the misfortune of your appearance and bring us the gospel of your preferred flavor but seriously you're just making yourself look like sperglords.

>> No.1374965

Just play the Windows port silly.

>> No.1374973

It's kind of amazing just how much Cho Ren Sha 68K curbstomps Tyrian yet it's so much less popular. I think Donpachi came out in 1995 as well. To me it always seems like people who hype this stinker have very limited experience with the rest of the genre--people who played DOS games and nothing else, with little interest in other game platforms of the time. Because just about everywhere else you looked there were orders of magnitude better scrolling shooters than the paltry selection of poor DOS imitations by Western developers who practically miss the point entirely when it comes to the action.

>> No.1374987

you are no different than cawadoody kiddies complaining about other fps games not being cawadoody

>> No.1375001

don't post

>> No.1375020

Is there a way to get mouse control?
From my initial impression the game isn't similar to Tyrian at all, not even to the Arcade mode.

>> No.1375027

No, why would you want mouse control in the first place? It would totally break a game like this.

>> No.1375037

Because I like mouse control in computer games. I played a bunch of Shmups on the PC98 with mouse so I thought a 68k one could have it as well.

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>mouse controls

free bump so we can laughs more at this turd fans.

>> No.1377916


>apples are shit because I like oranges

Anyway, how exactly do the various frontblasters work? Does it do damage when you shoot out the blaster at something or does it just seem that way because all the shots hit whatever's underneath it?

>> No.1377945

I think tyrian is aight but jesus christ the weeaboo autism in this thread. Everyone of the haters faps to their anime girl body pillows so you guys shouldnt feel bad about liking tyrian.

>> No.1378075


Playing a shmup with a mouse entirely changes the gameplay. All of the things that take skill on a joystick/gamepad don't take skill with a mouse. It's not just certain types of shmups it's all types for analogous reasons. Twin sticks boil down to point and click, they're especially worse when you have boss fights that zoom out so that you barely have to move the mouse as you dodge his attacks.

I wouldn't mind it except that by allowing optional mouse controls you end up with games that are meant to require the player to start off sucking but build up skill, but instead you get players who say the game is unplayable without mouse and tell everyone to only play it with mouse. All just because the difference in difficulty between mouse and no mouse is so huge. Bleed is a very good example of this.

>> No.1378090

Example about Bleed. One of the first search results in youtube.

They give up on normal controls and switch to easy-mode mouse based controls at 2:46. It's a twin stick shmup by the way.

>> No.1378106

why do you hate your freedoms, amurika? everyone and their dads now tyrian has an arcade mode. and arcade fags so retards they can't into options, and need stiff linear games hat baby-feed them and tell them what to do? stopping hitting yourself, retard

>> No.1378201

I love how people can complain about western shooters having ship inertia and then go back and bitch because there's mouse control available. Raptor's a great example of this; the inertia and capped movement speed of your fighter make it a challenge even using a mouse. Yet these games aren't locked into mouse control; they work just as well with a keyboard, joystick, gamepad, whatever one prefers.

Meanwhile these arcade autists don't understand the idea of different design philosophies. Obviously something designed specifically to be controlled with a fightstick and eat quarters isn't likely to adapt well to the precision and speed of a mouse. And then you get some babby who comes across a shitty doujin j-shooter with 1:1 mouse control or something else equally inappropriate and that's all it takes for them to go on a sperg crusade.

>> No.1378285

Uh, that problem with inertia is that it's a needless feature that only serves to obfuscate movement in an action game. That anon never even brought it up, don't pretend like mouse movement and inertia are similar complaints.

>> No.1378329

A huge wall of text is approaching fast!

Tyrian sucks. There, I said it. The controls suck, the sound effects are terrible, the weapons are underpowered, and the level design and enemies were clearly thrown together with absolutely no thought put into them. Most bosses are boringly simple with very repetitive attacks. The pacing and difficulty progression is absolutely schizophrenic. Worst of all, you can brute force your way right through many badly-designed enemy attacks and formations by simply having a powerful generator to keep your shield recharging fast.

And you know what? The music isn't even that good. I've played bunches of 2D shooters with similar later age FM-style soundtracks CONSIDERABLY better than this.

I'm so glad I finally played this turd so I can know just what you nostalgiafaggots get so worked up over. You know what's better than Tyrian? Jets 'n' Guns. Hell, you know what's better than Tyrian? Fucking Touhou. I shit you not, the bottom of the barrel in modern independent 2D shooters is still better than this turd.

Tyrian was released in 1995. So what else was released in 1995? Donpachi, Strikers 1945, Viper Phase 1, Cho Ren Sha 68K, and finally motherfucking Raiden and Raiden II got proper home ports with The Raiden Project. All of those, every single one, kick the SHIT out of Tyrian. And that was a WEAK year for 2D shooters.

I can only conclude one thing: The people who hype this stinker have very limited experience with the rest of the genre. People who were stuck playing DOS games and nothing else at the time. But even that isn't the best explanation, because arcade shooters finally started getting PC ports only few years later. This game is a joke compared to its obvious Compile shooter inspirations.

Oh, and maybe people who value humor or "intellectual" pursuits (in this case, pointless decision-making) in video games over good action. Well the joke's on you: you're playing the wrong game genre!

>> No.1378339

I think you're missing the point here.


Christ. It's a deliberate feature to counteract the MOUSE TOO BABBY thing.

Ok, so you don't like Tyrian. Some of us still do. What right does that give you to tell us what games we're supposed to like or not like? There's a lot more to a game than "good action" and just because some of us have different tastes that doesn't give you the right to shit all over us.

Donpachi is not like Tyrian. Strikers is not like Tyrian. VP1, CRS68K, and Raiden are not like Tyrian. What about this is so hard for you to understand?

>> No.1378420

So inertia is there to make the controls deliberately shitty. This is what you're saying. I want you to think hard about this.

>> No.1378434

And you're trying to argue that a mouse, arguably the most precise and flexible input available, is TOO GOOD. It breaks the game because the controls aren't shitty enough.

Can't you take your fuckhead circlejerk back to the shmup general? You'll find more of your filthy kin there than you will in this thread.

>> No.1378614

First of all, I'm not even that other anon you were arguing with. Seriously, think about what's you're saying. You seem to agree that inertia is a shitty addition to controls that makes them worse, yet somehow you're trying to defend it.

>Can't you take your fuckhead circlejerk back to the shmup general?
Also lol, I don't step foot in shitty "general" threads.

>> No.1378658

Go make a first person shooter with a touchscreen and try to call it good.

>> No.1378924

I just played Tyrian. Normal difficulty, because that's the default and games should be judged by the default settings.

First three episodes are a joke. You barely have to dodge anything. Most of the weapons are pathetically weak, except for the plasma sidekicks which are god-tier and destroy most bosses in one burst. The "good" weapons (eg. lightning) are actually bad because they drain your energy too fast. The starburst isn't bad if you point blank things with it.

Episode 4 has some more challenge, but it's mostly the un-fun kind of challenge where you get unexpectedly destroyed by an inconspicuous part of the background or swarmed by enemies you can't harm because you have the wrong weapon equipped. A few boss fights are actually worth playing because they have multiple phases and you can't just spam plasma.

This is a very bad game. The best part is the Interstellar House of Gruel datacube.

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I don't get the raging hateboners. It's just a game. This thread is for those that had fun with the game. Arguments won't change anyone's mind about it. No one's experiences with the game is going to be invalidated and their memories erased. You aren't earning money for posts. Who the fuck cares?

>> No.1380472

Unless of course there's Tyrian fans shitting up other threads about other shmups.

>> No.1380759

Because the game simply isn't very good and you have fags like OP going around acting like it's god's gift to vidya.

>> No.1380786

there are are worse games that are even more over-hyped than Tyrian

>> No.1380791

People liking a game more than you do does not warrant your shitposting.

>> No.1380807

Someone criticizing a game you like does not warrant being called "shitposting".

>> No.1381393

Which version did you play? Since you mention Episode 4 but not 5 I assume 2.0 or Open Tyrian.

>"good" weapons (eg. lightning) are actually bad because they drain your energy too fast.
You have to balance your energy production and consumption. Halt fire when no enemies are around and always get the best generator
>swarmed by enemies you can't harm because you have the wrong weapon equipped.
There are no specfic immunities, some enemies are just invincible.

>> No.1381396

DOS 2.01 version in Dosbox. I discovered there was also an episode 5 soon after posting but I have no interest in playing it.

>> No.1381401

>always get the best generator
Great example of fake depth. Generators are so much better than any other upgrade that you'd be an idiot not to take it. The upgrades might as well be automatic with less money drops to compensate.

>> No.1381403

Episode 5 isn't great anyway.
There are also extra levels in Episode 3 only unlocked at higher difficulties and some of the secret levels are only available under special circumstances.

>> No.1381987

>everyone who doesn't love Tyrian is "shitposting"

It's an okay game, but you Tyrian fans kind of ruin your own case when you come right out the gates screaming about how uncreative Japanese companies are.

Like this. See this? This is trolling. This is the kind of comment that ruins a thread.

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