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Hello /vr/ lets talk about some famous cancelled games it's a really great topic and with companies like Nintendo must is still unknown due to secrecy.

The Games I know of are
>Mother 3: Fall of the Pig King
This games story was done but the project was moved from the snes to the 64 to the 64dd then cancelled. The Thread image is from the beta

>Super Mario 64 2 meant for the DD
This game was killed about half way through production because of the DD's failure

Star Fox 2 and sonic xtreme

I'm sure you guys know more

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Bonk RPG, there is not much information about this game, except from some scans from old japanese magazine. Judging by the graphics it looked like a Hu-Card game.

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Jungle Taitei for the N64, it was being developed by nintendo with Miyamoto as the producer.

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Super Mario's Wacky Worlds
It was the first attempt at a sequel to super Mario world and there is a very rough Rom floating around online.

Super Mario FX
This was an attempt at 3d Mario but was quickly scrapped untill the n64

Zelda III I heard was at least started for the NES

well not /vr/ but
rare was almost done with donkey kong racing for the game cube but then they were purchased my Microsoft

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There was a Jungle Taitei game for the Famicom that was cancelled too.

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There was an entirely different Final Fantasy 4 being developed for the NES, but it was canceled and we only know it existed. Not at interesting as some other things, but it makes some wonder.

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Jazz Jackrabbit 3

It was an attempt to make a 3D Jazz Jackrabbit game.

The alpha was leaked, and it's actually pretty good. Wish they could have finished it.

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>Zelda III
Am I the only one who saw that SNES box that called A Link to the Past 'Zelda III: A Link to the Past'?

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Why is Nintendo so dam secretive about old stuff

I swear they do a better job at protecting secrets then the NSA and the government

Pic related not retro well sorta It was first a 64 project then gamecube it was called mario 128

You now know whats left of the game as pikmin

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No idea care to elaborate?

I hate people that pass off repro carts of mother as legit and trick people

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Hit The Ice for the NES

I wanted to play it so bad when I first saw the preview of it in Nintendo Power, and only found out recently that it had never been released.

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The SNES version released it seems...
Found on ebay

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Yeah, it was released for a lot of different platforms, but the NES one was the only one that had an RPG-style mode, where you traveled around the world challenging other cities' hockey teams, or something like that.

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They found a model of Mario inside the Pikmin ISO, I wonder if it's from Mario 128 or not. I'd love to see comparison pics.

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Rev Limit

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a 64DD title. I'm sure it would have sucked.

I have some scans of a Game Cave ad where they claim to have it in stock. lel

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It's shit anyway.

Good riddance.

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Dude - a 4-player 3D fighter for regular PlayStation? It was awesome and I'm glad there's a complete version available for download. The Wu Tang Clan buy-out version is a step down if you ask me.

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they used alot of assets from 128

Galaxy got alot of its ideas and pikmin got the rest from what I understand

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128 was a tech demo that they tried to turn into a game. It wasn't canceled, they just turned it into pikmin.

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The version of Duke Nukem Forever they were "working" on from 1997-2001

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Super Mario FX never existed. That was just the codename for the Super FX chip.

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Here's an unreleased game no one talks about for the SNES: Nightmare Busters.

There's a pretty much finished version somewhere on the Internet. You're a leprechaun that fights evil etc. It plays similar to Contra or NeoGeo's Spin Masters.

Also it was released legally in an SNES cart in early 2013 for a wopping sixty bucks. If you're into that.

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No, it did. Mario 64 was originally going to be a game for the SNES using the Super FX2 chip, but when Miyamoto realized that the SNES controller didn't work the way he wanted it to, and since they were designing the N64 at the time, he built the N64 controller around what he'd need for a true 3D Mario game.

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Any more cases of unreleased games being dumped online?

Pic related is a famous case, but I'd like more.

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Seems Seta had a history in unreleased titles.

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kind of happy mother 3(d) wasn't made...it's much cuter on 2d.

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Same. The n64 one's graphics look like shit, and 2d graphics age much better than early 3d does

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The Last Guardian

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recently a dreamcast version of toejam and earl

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someone find and dump the rom for that n64 first party / second party rc car racing game please

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it was called Mini Racers

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oh shit lucky me someone did leak it! and it's apparently pretty good!


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Jerry Boy 2, the sequel to Smart Ball, is practically finished but dropped because I guess Sony wanted to focus making games for Playstation

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goddamnit this looks fucking rad too

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If only the industry could mature enough for there to be a market for this kind of stuff. Nintendo could release a compendium or series of limited editions containing what they have of these projects. The film industry does it all the time with deleted scenes.

One I would like to see is the rejected Super Mario World 2.

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It would have had a track editor.

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i'd have to say its a little bit different for the video game industry considering a lot more effort going into a scrapped video game most of the time to make it 'playable' compared to deleted scenes from movies...

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That's not even covering the fact that oftentimes scrapped things will end up in other games.

Fungi Forest is a great example.

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>rejected Super Mario World 2
i haven't heard about this. what was it?

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It was on the CDI.

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Super Mario Wacky Worlds for the Philips CDi. It was made by the team who made the wonderful Zelda CDi games. Their goal was to make a game that wasn't shitty to save their reputation. There's a prototype of the ROM out there, but the game never even made it to alpha. It was actually shown to Nintendo, and they said they were impressed with what they saw. The sprits and graphics all looked like they were lifted from Mario is Missing, because the "Wacky World" were all based on real world locations, like the Pyramids and New York City.

Just try your best to imagine Mario is Missing, but starting Mario, and is only slightly shitty instead of completely shitty.

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2 NES unreleased games that got dumped in ROM format:

Secret Ties, a Ninja Gaiden clone
Bio Force Ape... wrestling monkey platformer?

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>all those spelling mistakes

I'm going to bed

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No. That wasn't what I was referring to. I was referring to the uncompleted Super Mario World 2 for the SNES that eventually became Yoshi's Island.

The game was fairly far in progress before Miyamoto decided he didn't like it and completely changed the art style of the game to what it is now.

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I read he got told to be less cartoony, got angry at Rare's Donkey Kong and decided to make things look more cartoony after dissing DK to the press.

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Are you sure it's not that stupid rumor Nintendo fans made to bash on DKC/Rareware fans, saying YI was meant to be made in cgi but then Myiamoto changed it because he hated 3D or some stupid shit?
I'm pretty sure that's false, considering how Shiggy himself worked on Mario RPG and Yoshi Story, both of which used pre-rendered 3D.

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>I'm pretty sure that's false
It IS false, since Miyamoto said not that long ago in an interview that he has no idea where people got the idea that he didn't like DKC. He said he was even e-mailing Chris Stamper daily about development of the game.

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No, it has nothing to do with that. It was being made in the same graphical style as the original SMW.

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Final Fantasy 64


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Conker Twelve Tales, looks interesting for an old Banjo-Kazooie fan.

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it dose!

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Were there ever any screenshots of the Mario 64DD project?

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Not sure it qualifies since it wouldn't even be a decade old yet, but I remember being bummed reading about this one getting cancelled...even if it was a bit action-heavy for the purists Dark Corners is still one of the finest Lovecraftian games to date.

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That new Yoshi's Island on the 3DS is pretty much how it would look like if Miyamoto actually used DKC's graphics, isn't it?

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Space Fantasy Zone. It was a pretty cool Space Harrier X Fantasy Zone crossover for the PC Engine CD that was almost finished, at least it got leaked.

There was also going to be a sequel to Cocoron on the PC engine, but alas. Not even a leak this time.

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They turned that failed project into Conker's - the developers said that Twelve Tales was too derivative of Banjo-Kazooie and they weren't happy with it.

The developers discuss it in the Director's Commentary somewhere:

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Miner Willy Meets the Taxman

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If there's one prototype/unreleased game I want out there, it would be the original playstation build for Lufia: The legend returns, since it WAS being developed for the PS1 originally, got somewhere aroudn 70% to 80% complete, and then there was developer issues, taito pulled all the game assets and reworked them inhouse, downsizing shitloads of everything and cutting a little less than half the game out and releasing it on Gameboy Color. Knowing how japanese devs tended to treat their source work on games before 2000, there's a good chance there's nothing left from that version of the game, but if there is, I would absolutely love to see it. I know there's some old scanned shots of what the PS1 version was shaping up to be, but I can't find them currently.

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pretty sure this got turned into bad fur day

>> No.1372773

still, i heard the plot was gonna be more depressing and creepy, because itoi was depressed at the time,

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Primal Rage II

Also that one Beavis and Butthead game for the arcades.

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or maybe judging from the text in the scan you posted?

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Too derivative, no. Chris Seavor said the Project Dream team looked at Conker and made their game's new direction (that is, what ended up as Banjo-Kazooie) very similar to what Twelve Tails had going on, and managed to release their game first. Internal competition at Rare was fierce.

Now, while I personally love the guy and find him hilarious, be aware that most ex-Rare people outside of Seavor's clique say he's full of shit, so we can't be sure what he's telling about the golden days is completely accurate. At any rate, overlap between Conker and Banjo was the reason Twelve Tails got canned and turned into CBFD.

I still dream of Twelve Tails protos getting dumped and leaked online

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The 3D Vectorman game. It was going to be shit, but I wanted to SEE it.

>> No.1373403

>that op image

Shitty 3D please, not even charming to ruin a game like that.

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Well it did end up turning into Wu-Tang Shaolin Style.

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Many. Although lots of them are unfinished and/or not totally playable.

The Assemblergames unreleased games board is a great resource for this topic. Plus just about every proto or cancelled game that has been dumped has been talked about there.

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game looks kind of ugly, I can understand why they might have not wanted it released.

>> No.1374113

Even the pre-release test versions were creepier and more depressing. The videos online of various cut content makes that case well.

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I'll be nice because you're probably underage:

The 3D version is the canceled game. The 2D one is the version of Mother 3 we actually got.

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I was super disappointed when Outcast 2 got canned. It was fair enough I suppose, I don't think Outcast did that well despite its huge budget.

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"Outcast was an action-adventure computer game by Belgian developer Appeal. A sequel, Outcast 2, was originally being developed for Sony’s PlayStation 2 console. During development, the company Appeal went bankrupt and development ceased. Appeal had been requesting funds from their publisher to help finish the game for release but this plea fell on deaf ears. [info from Wikipedia]"

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Jet Force Gemini for the Gameboy color.

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I love you Outcast...

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I fucking loved Smartball.

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Super Mario 64 2 was the one that I've always found the most depressing not to get until I played Super Mario Galaxy. I felt like I had been waiting to play that game for a decade, but after playing Galaxy 1 and 2 I'm not that bummed anymore that we never got a Super Mario 64 2.

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CV: The bloodletting for 32x. Thank god Konami created SotN, but if this game was released... even if it became a mediocre Castlevania title, would probably the best game for 32x.

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...That's literally what that anon said at the end of his post.
>You now know whats left of the game as pikmin

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At first I thought this was fake but turns out Rareware really did intend there to be a GBC counterpart to the N64 title much like with Perfect Dark. The same idea was present here also in that plugging the GBC cartridge into the N64 controller adapter would unlock cheats in the N64 version of Jet Force Gemini.

Unfortunately the development team didn't have time to put everything they wanted into JFG so content was slashed including the amount of cheats. Considering this loss of functionality and the lack of interest in previous GBC titles it's understandable that they cancelled the release of the
Supposedly the game was pretty much complete before that happened however not much is known about this prototype still because the guy who leaked it threw a massive bitch fit asking for $$$ instead of dumping the contents. Doesn't help how dubious he made the cartridge appear.

>> No.1376467

What cheats does the perfect dark gbc unlock for the 64 version?

Recently found my 64, PD and gb cart adapter and am wondering if it's worth it to pick up PD for the GBC

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the lack of reading comprehension in this thread is staggering

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Never found out much about this game other that a few wallpapers that had really nice artwork.

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>donkey Kong racing
i remember getting game informer for a whole year just to see any progress made. so bummed, it looked awesome

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Magician Lord 2.

I'm still bitter about that one.

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Dinosaur Planet.

...What? Star Fox Adventures? Never heard of it. Dinosaur Planet though, that looked fascinating. Shame it was never released.

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The original Rayman for the SNES....

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...and Rayman 2 - the initial 2D version.

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File: 948 KB, 1300x976, Starfox2 start screen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Star Fox 2
Nintendo can suck my dick a thousand times over

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The very first version of Duke Nukem Forever which was a sidescroller, got sold to Inner Circle Creations and eventually turned into the (fucking awesome) Alien Rampage.

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Is dat some Satoshi Urushihara?

>> No.1379091

>ywf Earthbound 64 would've been localized since the n64 was starved for rpgs

>> No.1379092


Holy shit. Secret Ties looks pretty fucking awesome.

>> No.1379101

The bucktooth is unmistakable.

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File: 19 KB, 320x240, DINOPLANET0342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dinosaur Planet.
I hate fucking everything about this. I'm a militant defender of Starfox Adventures, but it's obvious that it was an unfinished product. So much cool cut content, down the drain.

>TFW Nintendo will never make a sequel fixing the flaws.
>TFW it would've probably been finished properly for Xbox had it been an original IP, with (slim) hopes for another one.

>> No.1379395

Actually no, there was an RPG for the N64 that was Japan Only.

>> No.1379457

>>Dinosaur Planet.
>I hate fucking everything about this. I'm a militant defender of Starfox Adventures, but it's obvious that it was an unfinished product. So much cool cut content, down the drain.

Are you me

>> No.1379478


Loved that game. Final boss is creepy as fuck.

>> No.1379504

I know there's a guy who's had PC-Cocoron for years, but he just refuses to sell it or dump it. Hope he finally relents before anything bad happens and the game is lost forever.

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File: 137 KB, 257x257, BoxArtForTyrannosaurusTex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always kind of wish Tyrannosaurus Tex had been finished. I looked really awesome for a GBA game, and it was far enough along that there were adds in magazines. There's was a prototype cart sold awhile back and some gameplay shown, but it's very unfinished.

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This guy made a thread on here and dumped all these download links to playable prototypes and shit. Not sure if it was archived or what. It was a while ago

>> No.1381958

Find this shit!

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Isn't Kameo pretty much a spiritual sequel?

>> No.1383292

I still want to know what happened to Onett and Ness in that version.

>> No.1383553


That's strange. You'd think Nintendo would have wanted SOMETHING to compete with all the RPGs on ps1

>> No.1383581

No, Kameo was a very different game and was in development at the same time.

>> No.1383665

What game was it? I'm interested.

Unless it's Super Robot Taisen 64, because I already own that one.

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