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ROM hack and fan game thread
haven't been on this board for more than a year so dunno if these threads are still held but whatever
pic related my recs

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oh and the direct link so you don't have to type it out

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Playing ROM hacks is as retarded as reading fanfiction

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Sonic 3 Complete sucks. They "fixed" Super Sonic being able to use fast shoes powerups, which was great anyway, and it also had the side-effect of permanently reducing HYPER Sonic's speed down to Super level! Who even gives a shit if being too fast broke things, that was a fun part too.

It's like you don't even want to go fast.

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isn't Sonic 3 Complete customizable though?

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Anyone MMU here?

Sadly this is the only picture I have.

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is it a game?
I wanted to try it out

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*a fan game
I meant

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Very much so, but you can't customize that part.

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Well that's like your opinion man.

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i wish this wasn't true though. the concept sounds fun but it's always overblown.

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literally the only interesting Mario hack I've found, that actually had significant changes and not just SMB2-tier palette/layout swap
it's a little better with SMB3 (Mario Adventure is amazing), but still
only Sonic hacks reach this level of complexity and Mario scene has almost nothing to show for it, the same goes for Megaman, except for like 2-3 unfinished games like Megaman Forever
that's sad

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Yes. A fine one at that.
I suggest to search for "Megaman Unlimited" for more info.

I still haven't beat the final boss though. I just could've said who it is but it's a Megaman game, so it's painfully obvious.
Man, cometwoman's waifu material as well.

In rankings:
>Gameplay is 10/10,
Stages are great, very long though, but worth it,
>Music 8/10
Some tracks are great, some aren't. Whatever floats your boat.
>Story 7/10
The usual stories you expect in Megaman games. Can't say anything unique about it since there isn't much unique.
>RM weapons 9/10
They're all usable and some are perfect in situations.
There's also a hidden stage+RM+Weapon

It's definitely worth the try.

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Any FUN megaman hacks that aren't just artificial difficulty circlejerking?

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tactical bump

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where is pic related

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didn't update the list since the game appeared
the idea is neat but I wish Cinossu did more with it
there is Extended Edition you lazy fuck

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Pokemon hacks are always cool

I like the ones where you don't need to trade to get a complete pokedex.

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I really wish I could like more Sonic ROMhacks, but they tend to have pretty terrible level design.
I remember not being able to enjoy The S Factor and Sonic 2 Delta in particular for this reason. The levels are just fucking awful. I don't even think Sonic Megamix's levels are all that good.
Just played that Pana Der Hejhog hack though, and it's pretty solid, even when it uses a ball rolling gimmick. Ice physics can fuck right off though. It's no wonder that the Sonic games always avoided having ice physics after seeing what they are like here.

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>Gameplay is 10/10,
Enjoying the overly long ass levels with tons of cheap spikes and the Rainbow lasers?

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You've probably already played them before but sucked at them too badly to notice how good their design really was.

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