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So /vr/ which ones should I get ? Don't care about PAL being slowdown and shit, I got a lot of time to waste

Never played FF before, and I'm a huge Dragon Quest fan

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all of them

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none of them

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Start with 6. If you like it, play 7 after that. Then 5.

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My bad, forgot to say that I played FFVI before, and i loved it. Thanks for your advice

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LoL somebody repeating my mantra. I'm glad this correct view is catching on.

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1. FF7
2. FF9

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Play them ALL!
No, really, do a series run.

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Start with VII, then IX, then try VI and work your way back from there.

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Honestly, if you're that into DQ, FF1 might be the best choice.

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They are all good in their own way, even FF8 which I really don't like, I have to admit it has some neat ideas and isn't all terrible. I know it's not helpful to say "get them all", but really they are all worth playing eventually.

Out of them though 5 and 6 are generally regarded as the best of the series. I'm actually a rather big fan of FF2 and think it's outstanding, but it's not really representative of FF since it uses a completely different stat gaining system that doesn't use levels. Like >>1358019 says, FF1 would be a good buy too, especially since it is the PSP version it removes all the grinding and ends up only being about a 12 hour game, but still a lot of fun.

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Uh...what happened to FF3, OP?

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Dunno, they didn't included it in the promotion.

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>I'm a huge Dragon Quest fan
Another DQ fan here. Personally, I think 4, 5, 6, 9, and Tactics are all solid games. The only game I'd say not to play is 8.

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II is the weakest
VI, VII, VIII, IX are the "best" depending on (basically) which was the first you played
I is alright, nothing special, but it's the first of the series so it's nice to see the roots.
IV is trash, as is IV.2

III isn't on there because it's only on DS/iOS/Android in english and was never straight ported to america. They had to completely remake it in 3d before they sold it here. It's not very good either.

If you want a 3d game start with VIII. VII is severely dated with the graphics and static backgrounds. IX has a ridiculous amount of slowdown and waiting times and the story isn't that good.
If you want to start with a 2d either go with V or VI. V is shorter and has a lot more customization, VI has a lot more characters and some cool plot points.

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Thanks you all for your precious advices. /vr/ is really a nice place to be

I've never really understood the whole deprecation around FFVIII. A close friend of mine love this game. What's the deal with it ?

And you seem to love VIII. Looks like a very polaziration around this game.

Sorry for my english btw.

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>III isn't on there because it's only on DS/iOS/Android in english

Lies. III was ported to the PSP (with fast forward and auto-battle options, and some other shits).
It's a PSN-only title, though.

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A good portion of people that do not like 8 are people that started the series at 7. 8 on it's own is a pretty good game. A decent story, good characters, great mini-game and awesome battle system.

It gets a lot of flak because it "wasn't 7", and it's incredibly easy to break with junctioning and refining. I just recently started 8 for the first time since beating it when it came out and am loving it. I've gotten much further into the game than I did the last time I picked up 7 and tried to play it.

8 has standard "dated" graphics, but 7 is downright ugly.

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The deal with 8 is it works completely counter-intuitively. You don't get stronger by leveling up, you actually get weaker due to a system where enemies level up with you. So the more you grind the stronger they get, just making it more difficult for you later on. You also don't really gain stats by leveling up, you absorb magic from enemies or creating it through items and then link each magic spell to a certain stat. You can have up to 99 "uses" of each magic, and the more you have the more it boosts your stat.

It's a bizarre system until you get used to it, but personally I didn't like the game because of the story, characters, and how it went super sci-fi halfway through. It just didn't feel like a FF by the end to me.

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>If you want a 3d game start with VIII

It's like you want him to hate the series.

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>8 on it's own is a pretty good game. A decent story, good characters, great mini-game and awesome battle system.
This is where we differ. I don't think 8's story or characters are good at all, and the magic junctioning system needed a lot more ironing out. I'm indifferent to the card game. I found most of the main characters not very likable and the story starts to fall apart in Disc 2, and by Disc 3 it's completely off the deep end. At least the adventures of Laguna, Kiros, and Ward were very entertaining.

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7 if you want the most quantity and quality for your buck. Worst part: rabid fanbase.

8 is not a bad game, but it's not a great game. It's produced well and there is plenty of content, but it's hard to care about much of it. Whatever.

9 is a decent game but those motherfuckers went full kawaii. Never go full kawaii.

1 is like an rpg history lesson if you know nothing of the genre. Play it, but find it for a cheaper price.

2 is just a more intricate version of 1. No point in playing 2 if you haven't played one, and no point in playing 1 when there are other, better options available to you.

4, 5, & 6 are basically the same thing, different stories (sort of...). Good games, nothing amazing other than a few inside jokes.

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>At least the adventures of Laguna, Kiros, and Ward were very entertaining.

The whole game should've been about them. Everyone in Squall's party was horrible.

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>7 if you want the most quantity and quality for your buck. Worst part: rabid fanbase.

The worst part of 7 is how incredibly overrated it is.
The story is OK at best, the battle system is one of the worst in the series, none of the characters are really memorable except maybe Cid, (and if you try to say Barrett, he's not at all. He's literally just an angry black man that shouts all game)

To be honest though, OP should just pick up Tactics and never, ever look back.

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>the battle system is one of the worst in the series

How so? It's the same system from V and VI, only you can load more skills onto the selection menu.

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You mean the BEST system?
5 has the job system though so mechanically, it's the best.

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I'm just talking about it using ATB, it hadn't changed since V, or I guess technically IV, but you couldn't actually see the ATB bars in IV.

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>same system as V and VI
No it's not.
In V the abilities you learn stay on your character if you wish to set them that way via the job system.
In VI the spells you learn stay on your characters.
In VII your abilities are tied to the materia that can be put on any person, at any time, and are incredibly limited. You have at max 16 materia slots per character, and you use entire slots for things like 1 summon spell, 1 set of elemental spells, or an HP-Up.

VII took one of the best things about VI (the magic learning system) and butchered it for no reason.

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>Gary Jules - Mad World

Every FF thread ever.

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>worst part of 7 is how incredibly overrated it is
>rabid fanbase

>none of the characters are really memorable except maybe Cid
I think what you're trying to say is "written well", instead of "memorable". Up until 7 you only had sprites with different colored hair, 7 had some of the most memorable characters.

Doesn't seem to be one of OP's options, was never a part of the discussion. Nobody is arguing with you.

>worst battle system in the series
No by a long shot. It was innovative and malleable.

>You have at max 16 materia slots
Exactly. You want overpowered characters and not customized characters. You can't bitch about poor character design and expect your claim of poor character design in 7 to hold up when you only like Mary Sue's. Not only were there limited materia slots, there were many different ways to combine and use materia.

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>He's literally just an angry black man that shouts all game

I love it when people who haven't actually played FFVII expect their opinions on the game to be taken seriously.

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I like IV the best. Always loved Cecil because he was a villain trying to redeem what he did in the past.

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>You can't bitch about poor character design and expect your claim of poor character design in 7 to hold up when you only like Mary Sue's

I never said anything like that. If anything, FFVIII has the most marry sue out of the games (well, maybe 8 has it more) because there are no unique traits to any of the characters except limit breaks.

At least in VI each character had their own skill to go with the magic/espers, and you could customize them how you wanted with the +stats on levels from espers.

In VII all you have are characters that are 100% interchangeable in nearly every aspect.

Ok so there's a 10 minute sequence when you are about to get to the casino place where he's not a raging black man but a somber black man. Other than that he's literally a stereotype with no defining characteristics. He basically forgets about his daughter 10 minutes after you leave Midgar.

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>FFVIII has the most marry sue out of the games (well, maybe 8 has it more) because there are no unique traits to any of the characters except limit breaks.

That's supposed to say FFVII has the most...

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If you play 7 here's some stuff you should remember.
Look up how to get Vincent and Yuffie since they're secret characters.
Rename Aeris to Aerith since her name was mistranslated.

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>Rename Aeris to Aerith since her name was mistranslated.

You just opened up a big can of worms.

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>not renaming everyone Cloud

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Full kawaii, whatever. 9 and 13 are by far the most graphically interesting of the 3D ones, whatever other virtues or flaws they may have. And those cute characters manage to communicate a lot of personality visually, unlike the characters in every other 3D FF game. The style is goofy but it also actually tries. The other games just go "effeminate doll" over and over and over.

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Try to also point out how the game ends, OP might not know yet!!!!!

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6, 4, 9, and 7.
You can thank me later

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>If you play 7 here's some stuff you should remember.
>Look up how to get Vincent and Yuffie since they're secret characters.
Seems good so far.

>Rename Aeris to Aerith since her name was mistranslated.
Oh damn it.

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Yep, though 5 is pretty good too, but it's not the best to start with

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>unlike the characters in every other 3D FF game.
>The other games just go "effeminate doll" over and over and over.

nigga please


inb4 its not a real final fantasy

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This gentleman wouldn't die even if you killed him.

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9 Is the best for story telling.
6 is the best for gameplay. Play anything earlier and it will be like a inferior version of 6.
8 Is different to the rest so good if your board with the usual formula. (Personal Favorite)
7 Has to be mentioned for obvious reasons. Strong start with Avalanche goes a bit gay once sephiroth gets involved.

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What do you mean PAl being slowdown?? Arent ntsc and pal identical?

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do you know what Mary Sue means? because you're not applying it well.

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PAL PS1 games worked at 50Hz, not just the display rate, so they were slower. It's easy to see, for example, on FMVs, where the NTSC and PAL versions have the music desynced.

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FF 9 far the best for ps1 FF, 7 and 8 are overrated.

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>Don't care about PAL being slowdown and shit,

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Final Fantasy IX has the most legitimate fun. Great music, great art direction, fun characters. It's one of the few from the latter half of the 90s that didn't try to be edgy and angsty. The combat and levelling up mechanics are also very polished and enjoyable. Great introduction to the series.

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only the music was bearable, the story was terrible, the characters were terrible, the art was terrible, and the battle system was casualized. babby's first FF doesn't hold up against 4,5,6,7 or even 8.

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>6 is the best for gameplay. Play anything earlier and it will be like a inferior version of 6.
I can agree with your post, but 3 is more like an inferior 5, and 5s job system is enough of a difference to separate it from 6. A lot of people like 5 for this reason

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fun is seriously just a buzzword that people use to defend shitty games. just because you enjoyed it, that doesn't mean it's a good game, let alone a fun game.

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If op is a dragon quest fan, wouldnt ff1 be the most similar/best choice to start off with?

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My dislike of Final Fantasy started with VIII, but I still forced myself to finish it. I couldn't finish IX. I really hated where Square took the franchise. I-VI was mostly medieval swords and magic with a few minor steam punkish things like airships tossed in. VII started the trend with dropping that for some quasi modern magic bullshit, and by IX it had become full blown homoerotic designs, faggot emo kids, belts, zippers, and more belts.

Fuck you Square.

Play through IV-VI. The SNES era was the peak for Final Fantasy.

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>the art was terrible
What? It's better than the visual mishmash in 7 and 8.
>and the battle system was casualized
Yeah, because the rest of the series consists of hardcore rpgs for hardcore gamers...

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My suggestion is that you play them all and see for yourself how good/bad they are.
Final Fantasy recommendations on /vr/ (or any place on 4chan, really) always turns into shit.

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I'd recommend 7, 9 and 6 to anyone.
I'd say start there.
Then 4, 5 and 3 on the DS, and Tactics
Then If you love the series, I'd go with things like 1, 2 and 12, 10 and 8

I think 6 is the best and should not be missed, I think 9,4, Tactics, and 7 are solid.

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I really like 2,
but nobody else seems to.
It's basically just a grindfest,
but I like that sort of game.

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8 and 10 have flaws, but they have strengths to.
To be honest, we're not sure whether you're going to love them or hate them. We just know, that those are the ones you might want to face with lowered expectations, or deal with after you've gotten into the series.

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Though not my favorite, I find IX to be the best introduction to the series.
My guess would be that people recommending VII played it when they were 9 y/o, and didn't mind the fact that atter (great
avalanche start, the story completely falls apart, they bit off more than they could chew.

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I've only played the PSP version of it. It was a far better game than the FF3 and 4 DS ports. Don't know why people don't like it.

>> No.1360119

7 had the best marketing when it premiered, So most people who played them in order in the playstation era like 7 more than others.
If you're coming into the series after they all came out, then 7 is solid, but not as epic as it's hyped as, as most hype is from the fans who were around for its day in the sun.

>> No.1360196

the PS1 ports of 5 and 6 are bad

>> No.1360216


I really, really, REALLY hated the keyword system that the implemented in that game. Absolute trash

>> No.1360256


What the fuck are you talking about? The closest I can think of coming to your descriptions in 9 are maybe Zidane and Kuja. Are you sure you're not thinking of some of the later games?

>> No.1360310

Every three editions feels like an era
the I, II, III era
the IV, V, VI era
the 7, 8, 9 era, etc

>> No.1360346


No shit, Sherlock.

>> No.1360357

That's what I was pointing out.
I know for people familiar with the series I'm "stating the obvious"
but for the guy who's unfamiliar it's not.

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>I'm a huge Dragon Quest fan
FF1, FF5, FF9

FF5 is basically the DQ of the FF series.

>> No.1363756

ff8 is the first one i played, and the one i enjoyed/played the most


>> No.1363768


what you said are facts

opinions are just lies / falsehoods that are presented as facts

>> No.1363774

>opinions are just lies / falsehoods that are presented as facts
Ha ha, what?

>> No.1363780

>Never played FF before, and I'm a huge Dragon Quest fan
You'll hate them, then. The one thing Final Fantasy II+ lack is the sense of adventure and progression. They're so preoccupied with their soap drama that gameplay is always an afterthought. Even 2 and 3 are like that, but, starting with 4, it just becomes a game where you're looking for the next cutscene.

The only exception is FFV, which is good but not great, yet has a system that makes it very gameplay-centric. You're not waiting for somehting to happen in the story, you're looking for new things to actually do. But it's all centered on battles - there's nothing at all to do in the sparse, empty and lifeless world.

In a word, Final Fantasy games are best enjoyed before you've played a real JRPG like Dragon Quest 3 or 5.

>> No.1363798

fair enuf

>> No.1363816

So what sets DQ apart from FF? Never played a DQ game before, and I can't sit through most FFs so I might be curious to check the series out.

>> No.1363817

If your opinion is true, then it's actually a fact and not an opinion.

>> No.1363819


"i think ____ is best"

that's true, can also be validated / supported with facts about the game

"____ is a good game", when it's not

that's untrue

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>So what sets DQ apart from FF?
Final Fantasy games focus on battles and story, while Dragon Quest games focus on adventure gameplay and adventure in storytelling.

Story and setting-wise, Final Fantasy is often over-the-top anime, while DQ is vanilla storybook (not even high) fantasy - done right. For example, as you know, in Final Fantasy you summon monsters and pilot airships, while in, say, DQ5 you travel with monsters you recruit, then marry and train your own kids from level 1, going to the final boss with a party of a wife and two kids if you want (you keep the monster wagon, and you have some supporters of your cause join you), with your son actually being more important story-wise than yourself, which you discover not through a cutscene, but through inventory interaction of all things.

Also, historically, Dragon Quest games always were one step ahead - people compare DQ1 to FF1 because they fail to realize that DQ2 already came out _before_ FF1, - but that's irrelevant today.

>> No.1363836

Those are both opinions.

>> No.1363837

How does that make opinions, I quote, "just lies / falsehoods"?

>> No.1363839


because words mean things

...i don't know how else to explain this.

>> No.1363841

> words mean things
True, and "opinions", for example, are not necessarily falsehoods, and they can't be lies by definition.

>> No.1363869

If they were true, it wouldn't be an opinion.

>> No.1363903

Why not? Something being or not being a fact is irrelevant to it being an opinion. I may hold an opinion that is based on fact; the facts are facts, my opinion is my opinion.

Contrary to what you thought that flash video had told you, junior.

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It's gotta be V. What's that? It has a weak story? I can't hear you over the best gameplay the series ever had.

>> No.1364178

But...but JRPGs are more about story than gameplay, anon.

>> No.1364195

Play something that isn't a crappy Squaresoft game for once, friend.

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See, that's false, and a giant misconception. FFV was simply a weak game, although it does have better gameplay then some entries.

Now THIS post is fucking retarded.

>> No.1364225

I recommend FF IV, V or VI for a newcomer. They're easy to get into and feel great plus are among the best Final Fantasy's. My personal favorite being V.

>> No.1364241

4 through 9.

After that stop.

>> No.1364246


I cant speak for everyone, but here is why I do not like VIII.

The Junction system is needlessly complicated (coming from a guy who grew up on Ultima VII). You have to assign your magic to different attributes, you have to draw magic from monsters and if you want the full effect from the assigned magic, you have to max it out.

Story wise, it continues the winy, feel sorry for me protagonist who would rather slash his own wrist than save the world. It's was hard for me to identify with Squall.

Hell I don't even agree that VII is the best of the series like some do. The overblown environmental anti corporate trope just rears it's head too much in the story. Oddworld did the trope better because it wasn't the focus of the story. In FF VII, everything goes back to Shinra. Shinra are destroying the world, No, wait here's Sephiroth...someone created by Shinra, etc. It gets old quick.

In reply to OP, Start with V, go to IV, then VI and go from there. IX isn't that bad either.

>> No.1364287

>would rather slash his own wrist than save the world.

Please don't.

FFVIII isn't exactly my favorite FF game, but Squall isn't a fucking emo and he never acts like one. He's just a loner. The whole fucking emo thing got assigned to him long after the fact. You don't like the character? That's fine, but call him a self centered standoffish asshole or something else that actually applies.

>> No.1364292

Are those the PS1 versions of all those games?

If so, don't get V. It's balls on the PS1. It didn't get a decent translation over here until the GBA.

...IV, however, is really really good on the Playstation. I recommend it highly.

>> No.1364305


PSX -does- have the best version of FF1.

Improved mechanics. graphics, music, and extra dungeons, but it doesn't do away with the old MP system

>> No.1364321


Never played FF1 on the PS1. Might have to.

I just know they butchered the FFV translation and FFIV on the PS1 is as close to the original game as it gets.

>> No.1364328

If you are in it for the long haul, start at the beginning and work forward.

There are enough graphical updates to the early games that graphics won't matter. FFII is the only one that may stop you. Very strange leveling system that just gets frustrating.

FFI+2 - GBA or PSP
FFIV - PSP complete collection with the after years
A note on both of those. the sound sucks hard in the remake. if you're going to play them on something besides a DS (like the GBA on the GCN) be prepared for it to sound off.
FFVII-IX - get the PSN releases or PC. either way is fine.
FFX - wait for the HD release in March.

>> No.1364338

>FFI+2 - GBA or PSP

No, FFI's MP system is changed significantly for these games and it makes the style of play very different in my book. Play FFI on PSX or Wonderswan or something.

>> No.1364348

you're right. forgot about the change.

>> No.1364354


Uh, I've seen people recommend the DS version of FF3 several times, but (not counting the original NES version) the PSP port is superior in almost every way. Why is that?

I mean, they pretty similar, but on the PSP you have auto-battle, fast forward, higher resolution, and a less problematic way to complete the Mognet side-quests.

>> No.1364387

Some people like touch screens.

>> No.1364417


There's patches for the GBA versions FFV and FFVI that restores for the original SNES soundtracks.

FFV: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/563/
FFVI: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/657/

>> No.1364628

That list is all fucked up. He's the best versions you can get;

FFI - iOS/Android
FFII - iOS/Android
FFIII - iOS/Android
FFIV - iOS/Android
FFIV:AY - iOS/Android
FFV - iOS/Android
FFVI - iOS/Android
FFX - Wait for HD or emulate it with the H textures pack.

>> No.1364636


Please die

>> No.1364724


It's funny because they actually removed some bonus dungeons in the iOS/Android port for some reason.

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File: 67 KB, 780x477, Hahaha_No_Owl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


gba translation is very inaccurate and full of silly puns / jokes that are made up and have nothing to do with anything

if you like that sort of thing...i don't

>> No.1364737

Really? That's pretty lame, the bonus dungeons in FF1 easily added an extra 10 hours or so and were packed with bosses that were actually challenging for once.

The most fun I ever had in FF1, in any version, was my Red Wizard ending up the last survivor against Omega and soloing him the rest of the way.

>> No.1364771


The ONLY name you should change is Red XIII to Nanaki. It makes a lot of the conversation in cosmo canyon hillarious

And in IV you rename Garnet back to Garnet or Sarah for trolling

>> No.1364808

I used to play Final Fantasy V obsessively, trying to get full jobs on all characters.

I can't Ulillillia games anymore because I have a full time job these days

>> No.1364825


>Playing FFI
>Bonus dungeons


Made my fucking day

>> No.1364832

>I can't Ulillillia games anymore because I have a full time job these days

You still could, it would just take you a significantly longer amount of time.

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File: 41 KB, 429x600, Red.Mage.600.794573[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That reminds me when I did a Red Mage solo challenge in the PSP version.
Good times, even managed to complete the bonus dungeons and the Labyrinth of Time.
You guys weren't joking when you said every FFI above PS1 was piss-easy.

>> No.1364857


Naming Garnet pretty much anything but dagger is hilarious

>What's this called?
>It's a dagger
>That's it! I'll call myself toaster!

>> No.1364869

pal games have slowdown on PS1? I thought it just affected older generations? Are modern generations also affected by slowdown? Do eurogamers play slower games than the rest of the world?

>> No.1364871

>You still could, it would just take you a significantly longer amount of time.

If I don't have 16 uninterrupted hours then I can't convince myself it's worth it.

>> No.1366351

actually 8 gets a lot of flak cause it's just not as good as most of the other FF's. that doesn't mean it's not light years beyond say Legend of Dragoon, which tended to be the ff7 "babby" second rpg.

try 8 eventually, I still like it even with it's flaws.

>> No.1366356

woosley or go play dragon warrior. ps1/gba translations are god awful

>> No.1366370

The majority of PAL games of that era were fine, since developers were largely aware of ye conversion issues by then. The FF games for PSX only really had issues with FMV, and even then it wasn't anywhere near as bad as they could have been. I think the in-game timers would run too fast as well, but that's also a non-issue for most people.

IMO, FFX probably holds the title for being one of the worst PAL releases in history. Complete slowdown throughout the entire game. Absolutely no excuse for that botched fuck-up.

>> No.1366527

If you're playing the GBA version you can master every job in a couple of hours tops, probably faster. Just use the mover trick/exploit.

>> No.1366783

Bullshit. I enjoy the Dragonquest games, especially 3,4 and 5, but they are not vanilla story book fantasy done right. They are just as over the top anime as final fantasy is, the art is done by Akira Toriyama for fucks sake.

The DQ games were incredibly innovative early on and the first 5 each have at least one original idea to call their own (2 has the party, 3 has the plot twist, 4 has the plot structure, 5 has the pokemon) but every one of those ideas (except the pokemon) is barely fleshed out, more of sketch than a core concept.

Take DQ 4 for example, it's big idea was that it had separate chapters for each of the party members, so you could get to know them. Great idea right? It would be except that every single one of those characters is an empty husk who doesn't say anything, or have anything but the barest of character motivations. This empty husk thing works for the protagonist, because it's supposed to be you, but the principle doesn't work if you apply it to every character in the party. All this results in is that you spend 10+ hours meeting a bunch of nobodies. I'm not saying that DQ should have more plot and story, I'm just confused why you would bother to have an interesting plot structure if you have nothing to fill it with?

And yes the games really do push the adventure side RPG's. They're so adventurous that DQ 3, 4 and 5 make you explore the same world map and DQ1, 2 and 3 so the same thing (For those confused, Dragon quest 3 had two world maps).

DQ was and innovator early on, but every idea in the games has now been done better elsewhere. They are not a step ahead, ever since DQ 2 they have been a step behind. The Dragon quest franchise is like the Call of Duty of JRPG's: they producing nearly identical content game after game, with a maybe few twists thrown in to prevent the audience from dying of boredom.

>> No.1366889

>They're so adventurous that DQ 3, 4 and 5 make you explore the same world map
>and DQ1, 2 and 3 so the same thing
Oh, you're wrong, but I know what your'e talking about. You mean the trilogy thing.

Look, there are no trilogies. 1-3 and 4-6 reference each other sparingly, that is all. There's a connection in the Loto games, but the worlds are entirely different design and gameplay-wise.

Arguing about characterization in DQIV is a waste of time. You thought characters weren't interesting, I thought they were. The fact is, DQ is about adventure and not cinematic storytelling. You get to live and adventure as a knight, a princess with her own little party, a shopkeeper, a pair of sorcerous sisters, and then, when you play as yourself the Hero, you meet up with them all. What else do you need?
>every single one of those characters is an empty husk who doesn't say anything
Oh? Well, I, on the other hand, applaud there's little dialogue. Dragon Quest, even 4, which isn't my favourite, tells it's stories through gameplay, not cutscenes. Everything that happens, the way you run from monsters in the dungeons, discover treasures, have fun with new equipment, the way you drag fallen friends to the church - THAT'S the story developing your characters. DQ4 are characterized through gameplay. Characters are meaningful, because all of them are your characters. They're given gravity in play-time sphere, not story-time.

>> No.1366931

Starting with FFV made me resentful of the lack of class system in FFIV and FFVI the first time I played them. They are great games, don't ruin them like that.

>> No.1367523

Isn't FFX also the international edition with all sorts of added content? That sucks hard if it's the case.

>> No.1370629


>the worlds are entirely different design
No they are not, DQ 3, 4, 5 have slightly different maps, but they are all based on the same design (that being earth). seriously look them up in order, it's kind of like seeing one of those time lapse images of pangea breaking up into smaller continents.

This reduces the adventurous elements of the game, because you know that you're not really going to find any place new or exciting.

> tells it's stories through gameplay, not cutscenes

I'm not refuting that you can become attached to the characters in a dragon quest game through gameplay. It's the same way people get attached to any game object, like a pong paddle; you and the game object have shared a bunch of emergent game play experiences together: tough scrapes, dramatic reversals, times when your back has been against the wall and you've pushed through regardless. But there wasn't a 10+ hour multi-pronged narrative structure in pong that introduced your pong paddle. You just played the game.

The overly elaborate setup section DQ4 is wasteful and jarring. Once the hero actually unites with a member of the party, the party member, who up to this point has been a empty vessel for the player to project onto, speaks with a defined character and an idiosyncratic speech pattern. This creates a disconnect with the character that the player had projected onto them, and more or less invalidates the previous 10+ hours of character introduction. So again I'm left asking, why they had an elaborate plot structure if they had nothing to fill it with.

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