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Wait, so these little fuckers AREN'T Bowser's kids?

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Since when?

They're even reffered to as koopalings.

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Then who is Morton sr?

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Apparently, they were retconned into "minions" when Bowser Jr. showed up

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Morton "Bowser" Koopa Sr.

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Actually they are clones with different genetic combinations.

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You forgot they pilot bi-pedal nuclear equipped tanks and their nanomachine injections.

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>Larry and Ludwig Von
>Only ones with blue hair
>Morton Jr and Roy
Only bald ones (three hairs on Morton doesn't count) and only ones with weird "skin" coloring (Wendy not included, only the guys)
>Iggy and Lemmy
Only ones with multicolored hair, also pretty much twins except Iggy is wearing weird glasses

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And that's why I'll always hate that stupid faggot. They're still Bowser's kids to me.

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No Morton Downey Jr.

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When did Han solo wrestle?

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I always thought of Bowser Jr. the youngest. The events of Mario Sunshine were a father-son vacation. The other kids were off doing their own thing back in the Koopa Kingdom.

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So then Bowser Jr. is like 10 while the others are all late teens/20's or something?

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So it actually was a retcon. Dammit, Nintendo.

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sounds alright.

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So Wendy is actually a guy?

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yeah, from bowser's 2nd wife.

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It's pretty obvious that "she" is a tranny. Otherwise she's the most hideous girl I've ever seen.

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At the top right of that spread it says "7兄弟" / "Nana Kyoudai", which means "7 Brothers". So I guess that means Wendy is canonically a transvestite...

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Well, she is Bowser's offspring.

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兄弟 can mean "siblings" too, it doesn't have to be brothers.

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Well the US instructions said birdo was a guy who pretended he was a girl. It's not like trannies are unprecedented for the series.

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Talk shit get hit

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My guess is that Bowser had a harem of Koopa bitches that he got pregnant at the same time.

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Retcon since miyamoto went senile and out of touch, period.

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funny, i always thought they were general minions only related in species.

what about Bowser's wife?

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oh yeah, i remember when miyamoto drew that

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I'm pretty sure the only way this entire thing could work is if he had more than one wife.

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>Not knowing the breeding patterns of koopas
>Not knowing they have super short pregnancies and can have litters up to 12

Step it up senpai.

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Miyamoto never does the artwork. Everything official you see in this thread was drawn by Yōichi Kotabe. This is what Miyamoto's artwork looks like.

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That Bowser really is an asshole. Not accepting the gender his daughter Wendy has chosen and still calling her his son.

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Bowser.....he had a hard life

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This may be true but look at the kids. They seem to have similarities only between themselves and one other Koopa (blue hair, pink shell, etc). The trait might have been from their mother.

When you look at it close enough, everyone is twins with someone else except for Morton Jr.

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Not knowing most trans are more attractive than actual females

You must be new here

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Morton must be a bastard son, or something. That's pretty likely.

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>what about Bowser's wife?

Princess Peach is doing just fine. She was most likely giving birth during the events of SMB 1.

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go back to /b/ with your trap threads
this is a straight, normal, family friendly board

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you must be new to this website!

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Bowser's kids don't have a mom. They never did. You don't need parents to be born in Mario world.

You just get dropped off at someone's house by the stork.

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princess Toadstool

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>Princess Peach
Despite her evolutionary form. It's doubtful she has functioning genitals. Much less, Mammillian ovaries, a womb, and breasts.

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you must be on the wrong part of this website

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Take your cancer back to /b/

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I think all grown up Morton jr. would look most like bowser. Anyone got an age progression its been like 22 years since these were taken

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This is old news. An interview with Shiggy announced they arent his kids. I counted once and there are like 17 references to them being his kids in the SMB3 NES manual.. oh well. Its retarded, I don't even like Bowser Jr.

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i will have fun killing you

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didn't they all call him Uncle Bowser in the cartoon shows?

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They called him King Dad.

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gah, cursed japanese subtext

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He was great in Ironman.

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No, Japanese people don't recognize women as actual progeny. Women exist to pleasure men and to give sons. If you're lucky you can sell your daughter off for a small parcel of land if she's healthy enough to bear children to a lord.

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I have this.

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>ITT: we pretend that Japan is still ruled by the Shogunate or Emperor
Granted, Japan is still more sexist than Western countries, but they've come a long way from where they were at, like we have.

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Ludwig best koopaling

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That's a funny way of spelling "Iggy"

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They really need to make a Mario game set in the future like this. Bowser's all old and lazy so he gets Ludwig to step up as in heir. That's a cool premise.

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why weren't these bastards in Smash bros
1 character 7 skins

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>Morton jr. would look most like bowser
Are you serious? He is the only nigger Koopa of the bunch.
He would look the *least* like Bowser out of all of them.
There are several with the right skin + shell color combination.

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this would be awesome they can have the wand from mario 3 as one of their attacks

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These guys had some really cool designs. You can tell the artists had fun making them. Though I can't believe after all this time I just now noticed Wendy is bald. That bow gives a really good illusion of having hair.

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Anon, you spelled "Roy" wrong.

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Fire Emblem>Mario

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It's a trap then. Even better

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>There will never be a 2D platformer Mario game with Miyamoto's art style

It looks so cute and 80's styled.

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