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what does /vr/ think of this little fucker? I'm talking about the original ps1 trilogy, none of that 'wrath of titansanity' bullshit

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The time trials in the third game were pretty fun, and CTR is the best kart racer of all time, but I was never as big a fan of Crash as Spyro.

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I really enjoyed 2 and 3, but I never got much of an opportunity to play them as a friend owned them and I didn't. Had the first three Spyro games instead.

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I've only played the 3rd game. I was actually pretty disappointed after hearing many great things about the series. It didn't really stick out to me at all.

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Give the second one a try. A lot of people tend to say that the third, while good in its own right, does try to do a bit too much at once. Kind of like the third Spyro game in that regard.

One of the reasons people tend to like the games (especially the second and third) is that the gameplay is pretty solid and there's a fair bit of charm to it, along with making dying, which tends to be pretty easy unless you have an Aku-Aku mask handy, humorous to the point of not minding it as much. Also features some fairly decent (for the time, compared to some other games) voice acting in both the second and third games.

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Loved the first three. The first one kicked my ass.
He is supposed to be coming back on PS4

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Still yet to play the first here myself, but mainly because I'm something of a stickler for physical titles and it's borderline impossible to find an original label copy of Crash 1 where I live, and even then, most copies have manuals that have wound up pretty faded colorwise.

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Never saw the appeal, always preferred Spyro and even Croc.

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Too much 'tude for me.

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I played the first two games back to back the other day and didn't enjoy 2 nearly as much as 1.

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Dear god I had no idea that was possible
Fuck I used to try and do this so much when I was a kid
you made my day

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It was the only game that understood how 3d platforming was supposed to fucking work. Simple, fixed camera with predictable and simple goddamn controls.

If we would have followed this game instead of fucking goddamn Mario 64 gaming would be much improved these days.

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Crash Team Racing is still my favorite game of all time. It's like they took all that was right with kart racing and perfected it.

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It is, just requires some really tight timing on the spins, slide, and jumps to be able to do so.

I still think there's something to be said for both styles, be it straight up Crash Bandicoot style platforming, or a more collectathon oriented game, the way the 3D Mario games, as well as Spyro are. That said, I do think it would have been nice to see more of the Crash style ones, but maybe it's nice that that's kind of the series' thing.

Only control issues I've had from two and three was constantly jumping into pits in the second game when the camera was on the side like a normal sidescroller instead of to the back/front, but doing those parts with the d-pad instead of the analog stick made it a lot more manageable.

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Wish I or my friends had that growing up. Found a copy a while back and don't have anyone to play it with now.

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Random memory: when I was a child playing the first one I got stuck on being able to collect a gem. I don't think my parents allowed me on the Internet, or if we even had the Internet back then. So me being the creative kid I am I called up my local retail store and asked if they had a walkthrough for Crash Bandicoot. The girl employee went and looked for me, and found it. They didn't wrap the magazines up back then. So I was like, "Can you tell me how to find the red gem?" and she's all "Yeah, let me have a look. *pause* You have to jump and blah blah blah." Me: "Thank you!"

It cracks me up to think about it, that the employee was actually telling me how to get the gem while she was at work. Back in the 1990s people were nicer I tells ya.

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Op i'mma let you finish but i just wanna say that Dr. Neo Cortex had the best lines for a vg villain from all time--From ALL-TIME!!


I knew it had to be done like that!

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IMO the game felt plain and boring the tracks were short and the music forgetable, but i guess that's the unpopular opinion

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Doesn't have to be done like that though. There's a secret route into the upper parts of the cave from a hidden warp in one of the river levels, that eventually results in running through a nitro field (hopefully with a full power Aku Aku mask) and falling through the hole to get the gem from above.

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I tried that, never worked... just my luck. At least i was on the right track.

Maybe is the emulator trolling me, never played the second when i had my Playstation.

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CTR was fantastic! Truly one of the great racing games. To me though, it's a tie between CTR and Diddy Kong Racing for best cart racer.

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Holy shit, if I ever showed that to my younger self he'd have an aneurysm.
I didn't like Crash Nitro Kart for similar reasons. The tracks, while cool-looking, weren't varied enough and the characters weren't as fun to play as.
If you like Diddy Kong Racer, avoid the DS remake at all costs. It fucked with the starting boost and added a bunch of gimmicky touch-screen bullshit.

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We've yet to get comments that this game was 'overrated' or 'aged' like we do in practically every thread which is pretty good.

Could it be that the people who grew up with Playstation don't shitpost their own threads, but are happy to do it to others?

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>Holy shit, if I ever showed that to my younger self he'd have an aneurysm.
There's some actual videos on youtube of each of those gifs, and yeah, I suppose someone learning timing or thinking outside the box pays off in some ways (granted, there should be an intended way to do stuff, but occasional breaking of it to pull off stuff like that is pretty cool too, especially since that red gem just sits there taunting you the entire first time you play the level).

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I did that with the Road to Ruin level in the second game. But the game didn't register me picking up the gem and it locked me out of 100% completion, even when I went back and got it legitimately.

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Wow. That sucks.

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Walkthrough magazines were the shit.

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>even Croc.

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Why do games always turn shit after the 3rd? The same thing happened to Spyro and to a lesser degree Gex.

Kind of makes me wonder what Croc 3 could have been.

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Well Crash got sold to a different team of developers, could be something to do with that

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There were only 3 Gex games, and they were all pretty good.

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I know, I just said to a lesser degree because whilst good in its own right the first wasn't even almost in league with EtG and DCG

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The only reason spyro and crash were shit after the third is because they were made by different developers.

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I've yet to beat the first one due to how fucky the save system is. I still have my black label copy, though.

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That save system was shit, I'll agree with ya. It's actually worse in the Japanese version because, while they tweaked the difficulty to make the second island easier, it removed passwords.

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Naughty Dog didn't have the rights to Crash, so they couldn't take the franchise with them when whatever caused them to leave Universal happened (and from what I've seen, they've regretted not being able to bring Crash with them). As for Spyro, Insomniac got worn out by Sony wanting it to be something of a yearly title for three games anyways, and stated that they were through with making games for the series (though they didn't own the rights either, or sold them, I don't know); though at least all three Spyro games were pretty good regardless of how Insomniac felt about it. Not sure about Gex. Unfortunately for Crash and Spyro, people thought they could still milk some money from them past the point they really ought to have ended.

>it removed passwords
Why would that even be done in the first place?

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I loved him with every fiber of my being as kid. Too bad they ruined him.

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>insomniac gets worn out from spyro being wanted as a yearly title
>end up making 11 ratchet and clanks in 11 years

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Because Ted's a lombax.

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To sell more memory cards.

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I remember the commercials. They're classics.

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The reason Insomniac sold the rights to Spyro was because they thought they couldn't make anything new with a thumbless character. Que Ratchet and Clank.

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I'm sure they could have also kept making Spyro games on the side if they had time and wanted to. And to be fair, it's not like the first three Ratchet and Clank games (at the very least) are bad or anything.

Posting some Crash related videos.
Making of Crash Bandicoot 2
Making of Crash Bandicoot Warped
Making of CTR

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Speaking of Crash videos...

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I think he looks nothing like a bandicoot. Maybe a fox on steroids or something

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Seems like a pretty chill girl.

Where does the time go?
Crash, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, The last of us. Those guys surely know their business.
Pic related. My Crash 3 toy.

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> took all that was right with kart racing and perfected it

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Which came out 13 years later.

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I would actually say Enter the Gecko is the weakest of the trilogy. The levels always felt really empty, probably due to the horrendously low draw distance,

Maybe DCG's level variety spoiled me, though, I don't know. I remember being pretty disappointed with there just being one cartoon level, one horror level, one computer level, etc, in each EtG hub.

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I had no idea. That changes everything.

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Mario kart 64 was still better. It was faster, had better physics, and the camera wasn't a piece of shit.

CTR just loked better.

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Got more of these?

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My last one.

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Found some more.

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You can get these on archive of ND website

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I can't see anything with him being made now to be that good.

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>tfw Dingodile's voice actor is dead now.
He did a great job as Max in Eternal Darkness as well, though that game's not /vr/.

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heres some amazing stuff that used to be on Naughty Dog's site.

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There's some awesome sutff on here.

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Fun Fact: At E3 naughty Dog was showing a tech demo of the first Crash Bandicoot game. Shigeru Miyamoto got a glimpse at the water effects. He was so impressed he asked the designers to quit Sony and come to Nintendo, but they respectfully declined.

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>8) Q: Is Crash related to the Tasmanian Devil?
>A: The Tasmanian Devil refuses to do blood tests, so we may never know.

>13) Q:(c) How do you animate him?
>A: We attach motion capture equipment to Crash and ask him to do the moves we need for the game.

These guys.

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It feels so good to manage pulling this trick.

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>citation required

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I got a PS1 a few days back and me and a few friends have been playing Crash Team Racing daily. Most tracks are so awesome.
I also played some Crash 1 with a friend today and some of the stages are really frustrating. Still fun as fuck though.

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I think i played CTR longer than the other games, just to see that sweet, heartwarming commemorative video that would always play after the end credits. and turbo sliding felt so great, i never touched Mario Kart 64 ever since.

everything else after the trilogy wasnt so bad neither, except for the DS one.

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Haven't been able to find a cheap, good condition copy of the first game locally (I prefer physical copies of things, so not just going to buy a cheap digital version off the PSn or anything), so I haven't played it myself, but yeah, I've heard it's fairly difficult. Give the second and third games a shot as well. Especially the second.

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I've got a modded PS1 so it wasn't an Issue. But yeah, I owned the second and third games as a kid but I just felt like replaying them. It's been so long I don't remember shit anyway.

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The original trilogy is fantastic.

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So how do I save in Crash 1?

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For me its 2>1>3

2 was just all around fun, had neat environments, and pretty cool secrets. Bosses were shit though.

Number 1 just had a classic platforming deal that made it challenging and the fact its the first and it holds up is bretty gud.

3 was a good game, but I think >>1332336 said it best that it just tried to do too much. I mean I wouldn't mind one racing or plane level, but they went overboard with it. I'd rather take good clever platforming over a pseudoracing portion.

The series seemed like it had a lot of potential, but of course we all know what happened to it. Sony could've had a cash cow IP almost akin to Mario, but th-thanks Universal Studios.

I also met Crash Bandicoot at Universal Studios when I was like 7. Guy was a dick.

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Get a gem or beat a bonus stage.

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>hurr i'm a retard

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It was mediocre back when it was new.

Never liked the games.

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i never liked you

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That's OK, anon.

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Refer back to >>1335167 for more information about saving in Crash 1.

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Yes!!! Why did the little gator only have one game?

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He's great.

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Fact: At CTR's credit movie of the staff you can see in one of the pictures a N64 on the self in a office..

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Honestly? Fucking hated those games.

>> No.1341056

I think he had at least 4. The first one which was on PS1 and Saturn, the second one was on the PS1, and two GBC games, one which was a top down game ala Zelda, and the other being a sidescroller.

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Is this some mod by MrBean35000vr guy?

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But anon...

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I really hate the croc 1 controls

>> No.1341293

It's a mod, but not by him.

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I will never understand how we went from Tawna to Coco in CB to CB2

>> No.1341383

Probably kind of offputting to have a sexy bandicoot as a playable character in a kids game. That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if Tawna was originally supposed to be in Crash 2 but was replaced due to her proportions being significantly different from Crash's; that could interfere with gameplay in several ways.

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Coco is cuter.

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From what I read, it was because one of the executives at Universal was a "video games are sexist and must cater to our needs" feminist who bitched about her design until Naughty Dog said "fuck this" and decided to drop her from the series.
She later quit vidya forever after Lara Croft was released.

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Also if you guys havent seen it yet, a few years ago a Crash 1 prototype (beta?) surfaced. Almost everything about the game is different besides the levels (including a few not included in the final release). You can grab the ISO on most ISO sites, its quite a trip for you crash lovers!

>> No.1342248

Yeah even a Crash 2 Beta surfaced.


Not gonna lie, my dick gets HARD whenever I see beta footage. Nothing better than seeing the progression of a game and when a full leak occurs.

>> No.1342418

Crash is still named obj_willy in the game files (for 2 and 3 anyway), as a reference to the name "Willy the Wombat" which they used during development.

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My god so awesome! Know if I can download it anywhere??

>> No.1345031

Played the first one just to "try the classic". Got pretty bored. Game was pretty repetitive, not very interesting gameplay-wise,...

It's okay for Super Mario in 1987, but ten years later and end up with a bad clone?

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>> No.1345058



>> No.1345067

Why are there no fan games of these old 3D platformers
Must be the easiest type of 3D fan game to make

>> No.1345558

They actually had to nix Tawna after Crash 1 due to a Universal marketing coordinator strongly disapproving of the sexual overtones of the character. Official canon states that Tawna is gone because she ditched Crash to be with Pinstripe Potoroo

>It’s also worth mentioning that she objected to Crash’s rather busty girlfriend (or Bandicoot-friend) on basic sexist principles...Crash’s girlfriend Tawna ended up on the chopping block after Crash 1. We tried to choose our battles wisely. Unlike the name “Crash Bandicoot”, Tawna wasn’t worth fighting for.


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My sides.

>> No.1345832

Try the second and third. The first game is pretty difficult, but barebones compared to 2 and 3, which have more refined gameplay and add more to what you can do.

Loved all the death animations.
>Arabian levels in the third game.
>Guy with the scimitar slices Crash in half while his upper half stands there annoyed and the bottom half keeps walking.
>Sometimes merely cuts Crash's belt, causing his pants to fall, and laughs at him while he walks off in embarrassment at the cost of a life.

>> No.1347736

From I read, said marketing coordinator was one of those "video games are sexist and must cater to us" feminists, if I recall correctly.
She later resigned after Lara Croft came out.

>> No.1347845

Deep cover gecko was easily my favorite of the whole series.

>> No.1347906

In her defense Tawna was kind of shit.

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