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>sudden urge to replay vidya
>remember "that part"
>all desire to play vidya destroyed

What's her name, /vr/?

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Whoops, wrong image

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Meant to post this

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water temple.

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Metropolis Zone.

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Gabriel Knight II... that virtual tour on Neucschwanstein...

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You'll get more replies with a picture of a half naked 2-D girl than a retro game.

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Don't open it man

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>Think about replaying FFVII
>remember how boring Midgar is
>remember how tedious Chocobo breeding is

>Think about replaying FFVIII
>remember how boring the start of disc 2 is
>remember how annoying Rinoa is

>Think about replaying FFIX
>remember how slow the battles in it are
>remember how retarded the Trance system is

>Think about replaying FFX
>remember how many unskippable cutscenes it has
>remember how annoying some characters are
>remember how tedious getting the best weapons is

I used to love these games but I simply can't be arsed to play them anymore.

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Like you, I don't replay FF8-X, for similar reasons.

But my I suggest my fix for your complaint with 7? I have a saved game on my memory card right outside of Midgar. Alternately, you can make one right after the Sephiroth flashback, though I like watching it myself. Now, whenever I play 7, I can start off 6 hours in, after all the Midgar stuff, which I liked, but don't like doing every time.

As for Chocobo breeding, I just don't do it. You don't need any of the stuff it gives, because the game is so damn easy.

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>Rusty Bucket Bay

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I still haven't hacked my way through Omega Dungeon, so I think I might play X again. But you're right about everything.

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>Mayahem Temple

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>remember how boring Midgar is
Dude what, Midgar is the best part of the game bar none.

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I would stick my dick so far down her throat it would come out the ass of a chinese chick.

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This. Midgar is the only really fresh and interesting part in the whole fucking game.

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>>1311819 seriously. I would say most of,my gr8 attempts end after the sephroith flashback because the next few hours of play are just Towns no one remembers doing stuff that's not revenant to the story.

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While you don't technically have to play it, I still dread this stage, no matter the music that accompanies it. I hate eels.

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The clock tower from castlevania.

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World 7 from a no whistle run of SMB3.

Though I usually end up getting fatigued by that point anyway so my reflex's are pretty well shot.

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Why, IREM. Why?

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this, although, it made for a great episode of Game Center CX

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Is it me or this is the first time I see on a modern spaceship picture some good oldschool spaceship panel that doesn't try to be sleeky blue round wannabe-hardcore futurist?

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Are... Are you me? The eels and deep sea levels in games always scare the shit out of me. Even when I come across them in new games like Super Mario Galaxy or whatever.

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>pick up one of those games where you have name characters before you can even start playing
>there are no default names
>can't think of any
>your own name either doesn't fit or would look stupid and/or out of place
>like any real /vr/gin you don't have friends to name the characters after either
>in worst case scenario names are limited to 4 only letters
>you literally can't think of any names and stop playing or just go something like AAAA, BBBB, CCCC and DDDD every time
I can't be the only one with this problem? Also I have to say that in games where you only need one name "Anon" has been a live saver for me.

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I don't think I'd mind replaying FFVIII again, though my last run was pretty much a 100% run and I don't know if I care to do that all again.

Going to be replaying FFX when the HD collection comes out. It's my personal favourite and I'm down for playing it another time. I think.

Started playing FFIX for the first time a few months back and never finished it. It was kind of slow.

Oh jeez, I'm right with you there. This whole level is the bane of my existence. Only other one I find as annoying is For Pete's Sake at times.

As for the question, Desert of Death in Breath of Fire III. I generally enjoy myself up until I know it's coming. Some of the mini games (like sishu making) deserve a special mention too.

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>not picking four fighters and naming them BALS TO THE WALL
get a load of this guy eveyone

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Ha. That's been my wallpaper for the last four months.

Occasionally I feel like playing through Full Throttle, but then I remember the old mine road chapter.

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>I once thought about replaying Ocarina of Time
>remembered playing Ocarina of Time

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Mega Man X
I hate that I have to play that stupid intro stage every time. I know, it's short, but so is my attention span.

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i can sleep through the intro stage...

...its sigmas 2nd form that I can't stand


also, i really hate having to replay through virtuous mission on MGS3, honestly shouldve just been a cutscene. now I kinda understand why there were so many in mgs4...

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Yeah I just feel like the Intro Stage should have been the first option on the menu screen so if you don't want to you don't have to play it. Because frankly play it once and you've gotten all you're going to get from it. X is weak, he must get stronger. Introductions of Zero and Sigma. You don't need that stuff EVERY TIME you play the game, since the levels and bosses are the real meat.

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>Not having developped a standard 4namex4letter set for all games

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>first time playing Mega Man X
This intro stage is AWESOME!

>playing Mega Man X again for the umpteenth time
Why do I have to play through this pointless level every goddamn time?

But the worst part is that similar intro stage is featured in every Mega Man X game and they even put it in Mega Man 7 & 8 where they feel even more out of place. Speaking of Mega Man 7 & 8 I really hate how they limited your choice of levels to four instead of having all eight stages available to you from the get go.

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I've got you covered.

While I don't have this problem, my friends absolutely love Final Fantasy 6 up until they make it to the WoR. I like WoR, but I can understand why they lose interest at that point in the game.

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I'm stuck on a jump in Lost Levels

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Ugh for real. Tooie starts off with a 40 minuet cutscene/intro, then throws Mayhem Temple in your face. The rest of the game is gold, but first 3 hours...bleh.

For me, both Paper Mario and TYD. Ive wanted to replay both of those for the longest time but the intros lasts so long.

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Have fun fighting the undead.

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Babel Tower; gear fights become resource management sims instead of, you know, battling.

Must refine Cards, must pass TT rules through the map, must get Doomtrain, must level up but Squall gets the last hit and levels faster... by must, read "I want to get 100% and these are required"

That second quest, especially from the fourth dungeon onwards.

>Zelda 2
Death Mountain. Just... Death Mountain.

>every Dragon Quest ever
Battles are terribly boring, but thou must, otherwise you won't beat the bosses and proceed.

Terrible save system, never understood it.

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While is respect your opinion I must disagree. I love Midgar. Wish we could've had some more time in the upper plates.

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I think it's a well designed puzzle unlike other opinions, but i do groan thinking there's four versions of the puzzle and it's a random pick every time you do a run.

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>want to replay Half-Life 1
>then I remember the annoying 2 hour long train ride into work
>nope, fuck you half life

>wanna replay deus ex
>remember how annoying liberty island mission is
>drag through it anyway
>then remember that the plot turns full-retard sometime after hong kong and paris.

>wanna do a full play through of doom
>remember that E2 is so un-memorable that I can't even remember why I hate E2 so badly
>play E1M1-E1M9 and call it a day

>wanna play doom2
>remember that doom2 is shit level design and it all goes to shit after the first city map
>looks like I'm adding a pwad to my command line today...

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>>Giga Gaia - Chrono Trigger.
Fuck that boss

>> No.1314045

The only levels i don't like in E2 are E2M5 and E2M7.

The Catacombs and The Chasm form Doom 2 can suck a dick though.

>> No.1314070

>falcon hit
crisis averted

>> No.1314083

It's not that I don't like E2, it's literally that I can't remember anything specific about E2, other than E2M1.

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So for HL and Deus Ex you basically admit to being a child with ADD. Sucks to be you.

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The ultimate cockblock of replay

>> No.1314190

I can admit this unashamedly.
Most of my game library is shmups and arena shooters.
Deus Ex is god tier regardless, so I guess I was stretching there, but HL's opening is so goddamn tedious...mabey I could like the game more if I just created a save file that starts at the train platform and use that as my "new" game.

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>this sewer map with thieves
fuck that shit

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>can't sit through a short intro sequence

>> No.1314229

What is this?

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Peragus Station

The killer of replays

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>Want to replay Earthbound
>spirits a little lowered after first boss cave
>get to pic related

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>Majora's Mask
>All of Great Bay

>> No.1314290

check urself
at the door

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Gimme some more
Gimme some more
Gimme some more of your rolos

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Those are some really gay names though

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>Mendel Palace
>Having to get through this stage

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>>every Dragon Quest ever
>Battles are terribly boring, but thou must, otherwise you won't beat the bosses and proceed.
This is why I like emulating the old ones, I can just blaze through grinding.

>> No.1314420

Thus ruining the pacing and taking away all sense of gratification.

Why even play then? What, for the "story"?

>> No.1314425

I don't blaze through the boss battles and the actual dialogue, just the A-button-mashing sessions.

And if you don't care about the "story", why do you care about the "pacing"?

>> No.1314430

Because the actual video game storytelling is in it. Can you beat tge enemy? Will you last through the dungeon? Will the boss still be unbeatable on this try? That's where it's at.

Adventure and exploration is still there is you fast-forward, but it all just flashes by unsubstantially compared to the sense of unstoppable growth that made the series popular.

I'm not telling you that you shoukd or shouldn't do this or that. All I'm saying is that, with fast-forward-grind, I think you're denying yourself a unique experience that is DQ.

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>he can't get past giga gaia

>> No.1314453

>I think you're denying yourself a unique experience that is DQ.
I disagree. I find it more fast-forwarding through things I've already done, or will find boring. For example, I never do it in a dungeon or area I haven't been in, just when I'm on the world map, walking around in the same four spaces, and making the inconsequential numbers on my characters go up so I can continue the story. That shit's annoying. However, I will never do it if I've not beaten the game before. I never did it in Dragon Quest 8 or 9 when I played them recently. I just like to cut out the middle man when I replay them for old time's sake, and even then, I only do it if I've "beaten" the area, and are just grinding for levels. Shit's annoying, yo, and not in the good way that I play retro games for.

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>map c1m1a
there, solved it for you

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So Wall Market wasn't an obviously tedious FedEx mission?

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Lunar Silver Star Story Complete.
Fuck you Royce, fuck you.

>> No.1314929

Even if you did though, the game is still plagued with moments you have to sit through

Half-Life 2 is even worse about this

That's why I don't like the whole "first person cutscenes" gimmick

>> No.1314935

The only time it happens to me is in a not retro example but it's whenever I am handed a quest that requires me to find something in Vivec. I fucking love Morrowind and play it for hours and hours but the instant I have to go to that city my desire to play just dies.

>> No.1314961

Ha, I agree, but all of the districts are built almost the same so when someone asks you to go to a shop you can almost guess where it is. Boots of binding speed ftw.

>> No.1315314

>want to replay Crystalis

>> No.1315329

Yep. Just use a move that destroys both hands in one hit, and he (she?)'s easy. I spammed Delta Force.

>> No.1315335

Xenobia was worse than Royce IMO, that mass-petrify meant that blue dragon healing was going to eat up a turn

>> No.1315336

Blaze Heatnix in Megaman X6

>> No.1315360

>think of NES TMNT
>sewer level disarming bombs


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>Majora's Mask
>when you're trapped as a deku scrub

>> No.1315389

Just keep switching turtles. How can so many people find this hard?

>> No.1315589


Giga Attacks/Charged Metal Anchor shots. There, I solved your problem for you. Game is super fun now!

>> No.1315594

It takes all of 30 minutes to get past that part

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>get a hankering to play pocky and rocky
>remember about this part
>find another game

>> No.1315601


During my 1cc of that game I nearly died of time out thanks to that fucking part.

>> No.1315613

You can hate things for reasons other then difficulty, you know.
Like Mayahem Temple in BT.

>> No.1315616

Well I was saying that it wasn't that long even if it is boring. If I'd do another MM playthrough, I'd multitask through that part

>> No.1315663

It takes even less if you watch a speedrun route.

>> No.1315720

>having to switch turtles

Howzabout you not get hit, it's not hard.

>> No.1315825

half life 2 turns to shit for me as soon as you get to ravenholm...but that's not /vr/ so I didn't mention it before.

Also, vehicle sequneces...vehicle sequences everywhere. Fuck that...it's a first person shooter, not a first person dunebuggy/airboat sim.

>> No.1315830

I used to get this feel too, but then I started to wise up to the ferrymen in vivec...made my trips there so much easier. I still hate vehk's city, but the ferrys take the pain down a notch.

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I had to pay the arcade manager $65 for a new Namco stick for that machine and $20 for machine downtime and potentially lost sales, in addition to the over $225 in quarters I dropped into the machine.
All because I got a little bit angry and winged the stick.
Fuck you, Girugamesh.

>> No.1315863


I completely hated the sneaking at the docks part.

>> No.1315868

>Not using BUTT FART ANUS and RCTM

>> No.1315964

I don't remember Mayahem Temple being that hard.

>> No.1316483

>think of NES TMNT
>finding the Technodrone from it's random location
>actually beating it
>last level inside technodrome is literally hell unless you have shitloads of those scroll weapons stored up


>> No.1316501

>not 4 fighters names BALS TO THE WALL
The rape train has no brakes.

>> No.1316651

I have that problem. In FF1 my characters were named 1, 2, 3, and 4.

>> No.1316658

You know the flying level in Dynamite Headdy? That part always wrecks my shit and now I'm starting to hate the game for it.

>> No.1316678

>want to play any of the ps1 FF games
>remember how slow and tedious they are in general

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It's hard to explain the pain of this area to people who haven't played it.

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File: 38 KB, 522x591, 1386107100010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...When I play this part I've learned to listen to my playstation. I never attempt a jump when the disk is revving (disk loads during random battles). Yeah, screw perspective on this tower.

>> No.1317053

Which part is this in reference to? It looks like the underground city

>> No.1317062

Tower of Babel.

>> No.1317081

I see. In the upper end of the tower.

>> No.1317265

what the fuck is wrong with her left leg?

>> No.1317338

She's got space legs.

>> No.1317372

The battle with the robot with expandable arms strait after that level is a nightmare.

>> No.1317391

>remember "that part"

That's *why* I get back into gaming. I enjoy a good challenge. If the game weren't able to challenge me to this day, how would it continue to hold my interest after all these years?

So, let me rephrase the question: Which parts do I find most challenging and rewarding?

>The path to Rhone (Dragon Warrior II)
>Pretty much every dungeon in Vagrant Story, at least during the first playthrough
>Mysidia Tower and Pandemonium (Final Fantasy 2j)
>The Ice Cave, particularly when promoting my party early (Final Fantasy)
>The Temple of Xian (Tomb Raider II)
>Stage 2 of Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (the ship graveyard and rafting sequence)

>> No.1317405

Not a part per se, but when I think about the slow text speed of Xenogears, I cross it off the list. I still have yet to beat it, and I got so close when I was a teenager.

lol, you can say that again. The real kicker is that the game forces you to listen to EVERY SINGLE description in that museum. I love the story to GK2, but I don't think I could stomach playing it again.

>> No.1317436

You misunderstand what "that part" is referring to. It's not necessarily a challenging part, it's a boring and tedious part of the game that you have to suffer through before you can get to the meat of the game.

For example, having to run around doing pointless errands for NPCs, having to grind before you can make progress, or maybe it's a series of long, unskippable cutscenes. Simply put, "that part" is not rewarding and not interesting, although for some players it can be a part that is challenging.

>> No.1317442

>>The Ice Cave, particularly when promoting my party early

I did it. With four thieves. And another time with four white mages. on the NES.

Both of those parties are piss easy on the GBA, PSone and PSP versions.

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File: 56 KB, 383x349, boobeam_trap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just why, Capcom.

>> No.1317503

>>>The Ice Cave
Man, Ice Cave was easy. My "that part" in FF1 was the goddamned Marsh Cave. I hated needing to level up to at least level 6 before going in there to get the CROWN. Bunch of wasted time grinding.

>> No.1317538

I'm with you on the save system on Crystalis. I thought I was an idiot for no figuring it out. Even if I am, at least I'm not the only one.

>> No.1317685

I usually did my grind before Provoka. I usually hit level 2 before Garland as well. Makes things easier. But yes...of all the places in that game, the Marsh Cave is a HUGE bitch. Also didn't help that the last boss before the crown could be 1 Wizard or 3 of them. :/

>> No.1318076


>> No.1318090

I just made something up, or used what sounded good to me.


>> No.1318101

Still don't get how you can do this without E-tanks or dying. I mean you don't have to blow the wall for the one on the top right, you could just that one last, but you still wouldn't have the ammo.

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> Dino Crisis 2
> The water level

no, just no

>> No.1318169

Is that the part with all the underwater brontosaurs at the dock?

Because I got my highest combo there running and gunning with uzis

>> No.1318173

funny, that was one of my favourite parts

>> No.1318191

>I hated needing to level up to at least level 6 before going in there to get the CROWN

Unless you know about the peninsula of power.

>> No.1318193

standard fighter, thief, w mage, b mage party

>> No.1318196
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No, it is beyond that part, but yeah, i kinda liked that level, killing them with a single shot of the machinegun and getting a fuckton of points


i always hated underwater levels, to me, it felt almost as tedious as the water temple

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>any pokemon game
>Evil team's building

fuck that noise

>> No.1318242

>Any RPG game with floor hazard explorations levels

Well golly gee whizz, do I waste skill points on protection skills or money on protection items?

>> No.1318409
File: 823 B, 56x56, Spr_GS_Rocket_Executive_M.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know, I always looked forward to fighting the bosses, I thought they were badass

Remember the Rocket Executive with that one Houndoom?

>> No.1320307

[bamping intensifies]

>> No.1320317



Nigger get the fuck out

>> No.1320335

>disc starts spinning

>haven't fought for a while

It's really not hard

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my penis brought me here.

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