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>ITT: Things you didn't realize were in games you had for years/decades

I just found out about the sequel hook in Megaman X1. Apparently if you wait at the ending screen for several minutes Sigma appears and tells you he's not completely defeated.

I have owned X1 since I was a young child and I never found that out. I'm actually shocked that I didn't know it, since I could've sworn I've stayed on the ending screen before (to listen to the music).

It may be a good thing that I didn't know about it, though, since I didn't get to play X2 until I discovered emulation a couple years ago and knowing I hadn't really beaten Sigma would've driven me insane as a child.

Anyone else have moments like that?

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>playing Mario 64 one day
>2nd Bowser fight
>jump around doing flips and shit and generally fucking around
>Bowser starts teleporting all over the stage like he's fucking Goku or some shit

Don't know how I went all these years without seeing that.

Also, sometimes in the first Bowser fight, he'll start off just standing there thrashing about. Don't know how I never saw that either.

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That Mew was technically coded into Pokemon Red/Blue.

Yeah you can only get him via glitching or Gameshark, but he's there man!

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I just found out stage elements change depending on your boss order in X1 during a playthrough on Thanksgiving

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For the longest time, I didn't know you could pick up at Atlas Armlet at Mt. Kolts.

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He usually starts teleporting for me pretty quickly, you must have defeated him fast every time.

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huh wut

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Well yeah, Mew was an event pokemon wasn't he?

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Damn, that's pretty well hidden.

I'm guessing you walk behind the wall to get to "F"?

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With no events.

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I'm pretty sure there was a Mew event, but only in very few select cities like New York and LA.

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Just found this completely by accident the other day and I've had this game for 20 years.

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Holy shit, I really had no idea about that ending to MMX. Thanks for sharing that OP; like you, it was a game of my childhood

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You're not the only one. The other day I was playing Sonic 2 on the Sonic Jam compilation. I found out a secret path in Chemical Plant Zone 2 that completely skips the water sequence, gives you free items and drops you off safely at the boss. I've had this game for decades. I've played it so much I thought I discovered EVERYTHING. I was wrong.

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I didn't know Wild Arms had a cool prologue sequence if you wait around after the opening until a few days ago.

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An incredibly plot important one at that.

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Holy shit! How do you get to point F?

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I'm guessing you can simply walk "through" that outcropping.

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Yep, there's a path behind the rock wall there, so you just walk straight through, and go up.

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I've played through Sonic 1 probably a hundred times, and I had no idea that was there. Holy shit.

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>stage elements

Excuse me?

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If you beat Chill Penguin, then go to Flame Mammoth's stage, all the lava is frozen over. If you beat Storm Eagle, then go to Spark Mandrill's stage, his carrier has crashed into the stage, opening up some paths, but causing the power to flicker. Things like that.

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OOOOOOOOHHHH Okay, my bad then

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Well shit. I only discovered you could roll through the big walls on Green Hill Zone Act 3 fairly recently

Sonic levels have a lot of little secrets like that, it's very impressive

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Really? I've known about that since I was a kid, but only because that's down a hill and the game kind of subtley hints that you should roll down it. I was really surprised when I found that out, either way.

Admitedly I'm the guy who posted the Star Light Zone thing anyway so I'm in no position to talk down on that, haha.

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>REAL ||D.||.||\/||.||D NIGGA
>I only discovered you could roll through the big walls on Green Hill Zone Act 3 fairly recently

so filtered

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Beating Launch Octopus floods Sting Chameleon's stage.

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Well by "recently" I mean a few years, which is pretty recent considering I first played it about 16 years ago. Those subtle hints aren't as easy to see when you're a small child
Would you like a handkerchief?

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Unedited face version

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If you wait severql minutes at the end of Star Fox there's a pretty jingle

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The debug button combination before Golden Torizo in Super Metroid. But then, nobody else knew about that either. Pretty amazing how people could still be finding out new things about it though, this wasn't that many years ago when we found out.

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>Cho Ren Sha
>if you put the level select on "F", it puts you into a secret level where you fight three bosses not seen in the main game

It's like a secret within a secret.

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>siding with humans
I seriously hope you reploids don't do this.

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Super Mario 3D Land

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Could you imagine if someone did that in a RBO run

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Super Mario Bros 3

>if you wait long enough next to a Chain Chomp, its chain will blink red and then brake, it will run free bouncing.
>if you defeat a Koopaling while using the frog suite, the text from the king will be different
>the islands in World 7 are shaped like pipes

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The islands in most lands look like things. In world 4, it is a giant koopa. In another, the castle is literally in Japan.

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>if you defeat a Koopaling while using the frog suite, the text from the king will be different

This is true for the other two special suits two (Hammer/Tanooki?)

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Does he say different things depending on the suit? I forget.

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Yes it is.

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King: Oh, thank heavens! I'm back to my old self again! Thank you so much! Here's a letter from the Princess.

King: [seeing Mario in his Frog Suit] Oh me! Oh my! You've been transformed! Shall I change you back with this wand?

King: [seeing Mario in his Tanooki Suit] Thank you, kind racoon. Please tell me your name.

King: [seeing Mario in his Hammer Suit] Hey you! How about lending me your clothes? No dice? What a drag!

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