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Do you ever rename your RPG characters?

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Usually no. When I do, I name them with a single punctuation mark or with pronouns.

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I create my RPG characters, or use the intended names for premade ones. What's the point of giving them a name if the game doesn't let you control their backstory/character/behaviour? Japanese games do this a lot and I never understood why.

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So you can put your own name and self-insert.

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Itoi said he did it in the Mother series because he intended you to name the characters after you and your friends. In Earthbound, the characters don't actually even have default games. The canon ones used are just the first set of "I don't care" choices.

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Generally, if the main character is male I name him after myself.

Everyone else gets the default name unless it's particularly stupid.

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in story driven ones where the characters have backstory: no

in rpgs where the hero is just referred to as hero or chosen one the whole games and has no persona or backstory: yes

Cloud is always cloud, sabin is always sabin....but Fallout man/woman vault dweller is customized name.

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But anon, their names are Claude and Mash.

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No. Never. Fucking Seibzehn stop tempting me.

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>Playing Earthbound
>Using default names for Ness, Paula, Jeff
>Chinese kid shows up
>"Name this kid."
>Yang it is.

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>Six letters allowed

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No, and I dread when there are no default names. I'm not very creative with names.

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Etrian Odyssey will drive you mad.

It did for me.

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One character I have to rename is Dagger from FF9. I find the name and the reason behind it completely retarded and refuse to read it.

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Same here. I just call her Garnet throughout.

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On my first playthrough of a game, I'll use the defaults, or whatever the game gives me when you hit the "I don't care" option that's sometimes available. On a repeat playthrough, though, I'll sometimes do it on a whim.

The only time I always name the characters myself is when you get to name grunt characters, like in Final Fantasy Tactics, in which case I'll name them after myself and my friends.

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Oh shit, I was about to post "I wish I could have renamed Stiletto Anyway in Anachronox because that name was just retarded" but then your post (and a subsequent google search) made me realize her name was probably a reference to this character.
"Birth name Sarah" (Sera in Anachronox).

Pretty neat.

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Main character is always Crispy. Zesty. If there's a black character then I name him Mean Joe. After that I really have a hard time coming up with names.

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Zesty is for second most important character. I typed that in, don't know why it didn't show.

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I used to name Red XIII to Nanaki and Cloud to Zack on later playthroughs.

Before that I always named Red to Dog.

Back in middle school id name the characters to my name and my friends, but now I hardly do that unless its a second playthrough and I just rename things to Nigger or Butts

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>and Cloud to Zack
You do know that Cloud credited Zack's actions to himself because his entire psychology from memories to personality was fucked up due to exposure to mako and Jenova's cells, right? They were two different people.

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I always rename Marle "Nadia" on Chrono Trigger replays.
It's a much better name.

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I know but during the part where Zack comes into play the dialogue gets pretty screwy when they are trying to explain everything.

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I rename my RPG characters Bob. All of them. That way the shitty stories are more interesting as I have to figure out whose saying what in what context. Usually it ends up Bob is being a whiny cunt.

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No. If a name is not provided I always name my characters single traditional christian names like Richard or George, at random without paying attention to their skills, backgrounds, or attributes

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>renaming every character in FF7 to Sephiroth

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I usually give them my best ideas of ridiculoua spanish/latin dub names cause it sounds ridiculous and never fits the tone of the games/my nostalgia

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I rename my main character to "fucker."

It's pretty funny. "Nice to meet you, fucker."

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It's about 50/50 with me. If I've played something already I'll rename them with immature names if I play again, but I'll usually leave them as they are if I'm playing it for the first time.

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I have never played a game of FF7 where I didn't name Barret Mr. T.

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I'm pretty abd at picking names. If it wasn't because the game usually suggests one I'd probably wouldn't make it past the naming screen lol.

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Rename, no. I don't see the point of changing the name of a character who already has a backstory, their own design, their own place in the world. They are not my character, they won't do what I want them to, they can keep their default name and frankly it bugs me if they DON'T have a default name.

If I am to name a character I want to design that character too.

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This is pretty much how I do it, with jRPG's at least. I always give my c/wRPG characters a proper name though, since they actually matter.

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I rename every character, and at least one of them after myself.

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My nigga.

I also rename Frog to Glenn and Robo to R-66Y.

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only in two circumstances

a) the original name was in ALLCAPS for some stupid reason so I fix that
b) their default name is not their true name (so frog becomes glenn, shadow becomes clyde, etc.)

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If they already have a given name, I leave it alone.
If they have a default name, I use it.

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Jesus christ, I meant If they don't have a default name, I come up with something silly.

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I try not to rename them, and when I do I end up regretting it because it's just some stupid joke and it becomes distracting.

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I used to name the main character after myself when i was younger but have since stopped doing so and just use the default name if there's one. I remember the first time i played chrono trigger i named robo "Jack" because i thought robo was a stupid name. epoch was "Hope". don't remember if i renamed frog in that playthrough. i've sometimes names them glenn and r66y.

when there is no default name i give the girls names i like such as Sara, Iara, Jennifer, Jessica or Agatha. i always have the hardest of times tinking up of male naem sbecause there is not one in particular i like ecept my own and i've vowed never to name a character after me again though i've had fallout characters named after my usual internet handle.

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Are you me?

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You should've kept going. Just posted 20 lines saying the same exact thing in different ways. I would've fucking scream-laughed probably.

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I usually rename them, especially when the characters don't have much of a backstory.

Somehow, it becomes more entertaining when my party is made up of Arino, Abe, Toujima and Urakawa.

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I usually name them after my cats

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>Have a set of names for use with party creation
>Suddenly the game asks for last names/guild name/whatever
>Everything falls apart

Otherwise i usually stick with the default names.
Then there's the SMT games, in which the MC is always named Bones/Bones Mcgee. No exceptions.

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Depends on the game...
If it's like a JRPG-style game, or if the character has a canon name, I use that (i.e. in FF8, main character is Squall, in LoZ, Link).

If the character does NOT have a canon name, I aim for a lore-friendly name, or a name that is a sound shift of my name + lore-friendly conjugationals elements (i.e. in Morrowind, if I'm a nord, I use Thorir, Sigurdr, or Oeysteinn [norse equivalent of my first name], a wood elf; Takkiel [sound shift of middle name + elf masc. ending], Dunmer; Nevror [common dunmer name similar to nerevar, thus lore friendly], or in NetHack when playing samurai class, toyotomo [lore-friendly; name is a samurai's])


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First four letters of my name in all caps.

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>mfw i name her "Honey"

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If they have a pre-determined name, I don't (ex: Zidane)
If they have no pre-determined name, but there's a material collection or artbook with a canon name, that's what I use (ex: Tir, Riou)
If they have no canon name at all, I just use the name from the manga/novel/drama cd (ex: Arus)
If they have nothing of the above, I just go with my and my friend's name (ex: the party from DQ3).

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>a) the original name was in ALLCAPS for some stupid reason so I fix that
in Pokemon this is pointless because any important word is in all caps and its akward as fuck to see "Hey "anon",i will give you this POKEMON in change of your POKEMON"

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If its a heavy linear storyline, no. It's "their" story and their names really are Cloud, etc.

If it has little storyline or I can make whatever I want to, then yes. I name them either my name or something cool.

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I have a three letter name so I can generally self insert in any game, which I do.

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I'm playing Dragon Quest V.
I just named my kids "One" and "Two".

I'm gonna be a great father one day.

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Hi Tom.

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You must rename all your FF6 characters, huh. It pisses me off how when Banon is in your party, he's billed as BANON, and when he talks, it's always BANON:, but when people talk about him, they spell it Banon.

Makes renaming the cast weird, since when people refer to PCs, they ALWAYS use whatever you wrote, so if you defaulted to the allcaps version, it'll always be "We gotta save TERRA!"

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Well, I renamed Squall to my nickname.
But he's always Squall in my head.
I really can't imagine naming any character after my real name.

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Yeah, I always uncapslock characters in games that do that. I don't really consider it to be the same as renaming them, though.

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I usually pick "Dongs". My humour is crude like that.

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I wonder if 'Whatever' would fit.

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>My humour is crude like that.
So you're 13. Nice.

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In WRPGs yes, most of the time, when given the option to. In JRPGs usually no.
If the PC is made to be simply a vessel, a container for me to fill I will decorate it with a name. If it's an already established personality I'd opt just to go along with it.

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My name is Boris. I name all my main characters Boris. I'm sorry.

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Are you new around here?

Personally, in my latest run of A Link To The Past, I decided to name Link "Nigger", just so I could hear everyone in Hyrule call Link by a racial slur, because I'm very immature like that.

Particularly fun with the telepathic stones "Listen, Nigger..."

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I'm now renaming every character in every RPG I play Sephiroth.

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Or a goon.

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I used to, when I was young. For inexplicable reasons, really, none of them were ever my own name.

For some reason, I called Zidane from FFIX "Bolt", for years.

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I rename the MC after myself.

Is it wrong to feel important?

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I like doing this with my pokemon to get specific responses for example I like to rename my starter things like God damnit so that I can chuckle at the in game text.

>GO! God Damnit
>Enough God Damnit
>Aw Shit! hurt itself in confusion
>Cubone Identified Retard

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>everyone's names are in caps, except for you
I really hate when this happens.

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Usually Adol or Adrick, the ones that I do play anyway

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>not naming the main character after yourself and the love interest after that girl you liked in the 5th grade

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Almost never.
If i do its to name everyone FAGGOT and ASSDICK. I never use my name because i am not a faggot that self inserts themselves in RPGs

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But I always do that, every time.

I liked how the female character in Earthbound had her same name, what a coincidence.

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>I never use my name

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my friend used to always name him "damien" to the point that I almost took that as his canon name...

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In fifth grade I liked The Terminator, not girls.

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You named the love interest The Terminator?

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I used rename everyone but voice acting killed that.

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>implying I had the mental concentration to play rpgs in fifth grade
>implying I didnt start playing rpgs in about 7th grade
>implying i actually had a love interest in 5th grade

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>implying i actually had a love interest in 5th grade

Now that's just sad.

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I played the Chrono Cross intro at music class in 6th grade for a bring-your-own-music thing and earned very very weird stares. My crush didn't appreciate it either ;_;

... I don't think that's relevant for this thread but I had to get this off my chest. Feelsgoodman.

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>be 4th grade
>be 10
>mom takes us to visit friend
>she has a daughter my age who's homeschooled qt3.14~
>chill on couch with her watching tv
>talk about stuff
>go home
>they move
>never see her again
>spend the next year imagining us floating through outer-space naked together whenever our family takes a long car trip

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>spend the next year imagining us floating through outer-space naked together whenever our family takes a long car trip
that sure went places

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This gave me feels.

<3 anon. I just bought Chrono Cross at my local game store today after work and the intro song is wonderful.

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I have a gigantic book of names I use for P&P characters, and I pull it out for circumstances like this.

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I always watched the intro every time I started the game. Every time. I just loved the music that much

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> >implying I had the mental concentration to play rpgs in fifth grade
You murrican or what?
I was 9 when Fallout was released, I completed it maybe 5 times in a row and it was instantly my favourite game ever, tied with F2.

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I think I started playing JRPGs when I was in third grade.
Finished the original Phantasy Star at that age.

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