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Super Nintendo is superior.
The controls on the Genesis game always felt a little slow and clunky to me. Same as the Lion King and Jungle Book games.

I speedrun SNES Aladdin on almost a monthly basis.

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the SNES version. and this is coming from a genny fan.

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I played the SNES version for years and enjoyed it. I only played the Genesis version for the first time last year. I liked it, though I felt that the SNES was better. A few months later I went through them back to back and revised my opinion. The Genesis version is more challenging and more fun, I think, and I like the final couple areas more than the SNES areas (actually most Genesis levels were better I think).

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the pc version

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Well let's see.

The SNES version has better control and better level design. The Genesis one has WAY better graphics and animation, more music from the movie, and even the plot is closer to the movie overall.

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Snes alladin is the shit

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i grew up on the genesis version so imma have to go with that one

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Genesis version. No doubt about it. Same with Lion King.

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SNES version is more fun.

Animation is better in the Genesis version.

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So far it seems SNES is the preferred version here. For years I'd mostly always heard people say that the Genesis version was their favorite. Then again /vr/'s favorite DKC appears to be DKC3 when anywhere else you go it's almost always DKC2.

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One is by Capcom

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Bullshit. They're too completely different games.

I can tell you that I prefer the SNES one because I prefer the platforming to the action, but I wouldn't say either is better because they're not the same game.

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It's because all the kids who grew up with the version and used poor nostalgic reasons moved on, and now new people are comparing them properly.

Back then, kids used to argue all the time which version of Aladdin was better. Everyone used the same argument: in the Genesis version, you get a sword. AWESOME!

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I vote Genesis, mainly for the super smooth animation, but also because the soundtrack was closer to the film. I liked the level design in both, and it was neat that they weren't exactly the same in that regard, unlike a lot of licensed games.

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The sword IS awesome.

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I like the Genesis version better. I didn't play either as a kid.

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Yes, and?

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Average Japanese platform game
System seller with actual Disney animation and music


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SNES, the Genesis controlls feel awkward and I prefer the raw graphic style over the smoothed one

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>I prefer the raw graphic style over the smoothed one
What does this even mean? You prefer slower, choppier animations?

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What I meant was that I enjoy sharp pixels, the Genesis one always seems so blurry

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That's probably because of your video output, not the game itself.

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Oh I saw this coming while I pressed submit. I didn't want to say it doesn't give out a sharp picture but that I dislike the graphic style they went with one the Genesis

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Genesis version, of course.

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You dislike that they made it like you're actually playing the film? That's the goal for releases like this.

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Nah, I get what he means, even though I think it's ridiculous.
Like, look at this guys face hopping on the coals. It's sort of hard to make it out.
It looks god tier in motion, and nothing looked sharp on the average 90's CRT anyway, but... well, I can't justify it, like I said I think it's ridiculous.

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Mega Drive version has shitty hitboxes.

SNES version wins.

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They're completely different games, and they just happen to be licensed from the same movie.

It's like apples an oranges.

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I don't remember oranges in either game.

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Well we have both right now so fuck your shitty logic.

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There were apples AND oranges in the background of the SNES version, so it's the superior version.

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but genesis has the sword you need to peel them both, just having them is useless if you cant eat them

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>can't eat apples without peeling them

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that just means the genesis version wins because the apples are a moot point and sword > oranges

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Sword !> oranges if you're dying of scurvy. Considering how little vitamin c the average street youth in Agrabah probably gets, this starts to become an issue.

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aladdin isnt an average street rat
hes a diamond in the rough

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The AVGN says that the Genesis version is best version so that's the only correct answer

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Yeah well he thinks Final Fight beats Streets of Rage and that Contra Hard Corps is better than Contra III. Anything he says should be taken with a shaker of salt.

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Did you get Alien Wars and Hard Corps mixed up there?

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Well, but a sword can't diamond...! Checkmate atheists, SNES wins

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No? Contra Hard Corps is the Genesis game, while the SNES got Contra III: The Alien Wars. AVGN said the former was better.

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Huh, I would have expected the opposite. I guess AVGN actually does know his shit sometimes, even if he really thinks Final Fight is better than Streets of Rage.

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it can if its a diamond sword

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How Can A Diamond Sword Be Real If A Diamond Sword Isn't Real?

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robin williams can make them real

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SNES = better controls, overall better level design (dat genie stage) and an awesome final boss fight with mode 7

Genesis = beautiful animated sprites, and.. that's it, Capcom's version is better in pretty much everything else. I understand some people prefer Virgin's game because you can actually attack using the sword, but it's too bad the hitbox detect in the game is so off

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It has better music though.

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Yeah, probably, to be honest I haven't played either in a long while so I can't remember the music for neither too much, but I do remember the controls on SNES being so much better. Also, I was disappointed as fuck when I reached the final boss on the virgin game.

By the way

I do remember playing it on PC as well... wasn't it just the same as the Genesis version? except with even worse controls because I had to use arrow keys as I didn't have a proper PC pad back then.

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Too bad music isn't gameplay in either.

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It adds to the experience. Ahem, nostalgia?

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Genesis is better in the aesthetic stuff. It looks great and the music is much more memorable.
I liked the gameplay style of the SNES Aladdin more, though.

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>the PC controls were worse because I didn't have a game pad
That's retarded dude, you can't blame the game for that.

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My college professor worked on these games. Really cool talking to someone that knows first hand how to format and animate on the limited space of a sprite sheet.

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I wasn't blaming the game, just saying I didn't had a PC pad, so my experience with the game, using the keyboard, was weaker than on the Genesis... everything else was the same iirc, so why would one say "PC"? it's just the same Genesis version ported to PC, unless there's something I'm forgetting

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If it's anything like other 'animotion' games, like Earthworm Jim or Maui Mallard, the graphics and music were probably significantly better than the Genesis version.

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Ask him if he's ever played the SNES version.

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You guys, my sides are in orbit.

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you could say theyre in a whole new world

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Man, fuck you. I'm not even that guy and you made me literally laugh out loud.

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I love you guys.

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Well he's right

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Fucking incredible.

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How can anyone claim that the Megadrive version sounds better?

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Because it actually has all the songs from the movie whereas the SNES version only has Friend Like Me and A Whole New World. Plus it's a completely different soundtrack altogether and sounds great for the Genesis.

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It does

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It's true that the Genesis version has more songs, but like usually, the Genesis sounds like shit.

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Genesis sounds good. Fuck off retard.

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>Genesis sounds

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Didn't you hear me? I said fuck off retard.

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Looks like PC has a slightly better resolution, but the screen looks cropped, you can't even see the upper part of the screen on the PC ver.

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Why do people contine to act like the Genesis had bad sound despite the popularity of Streets of Rage and Sonic? Its so dumb. It's not the Genesis, its the GEMS sound driver.

>> No.1256270

Genesis has bad sound, but like anything bad some have managed to make good things using it.
Sonic and Streets of Rage are two of those that do.

>> No.1256271

Do I have to ask a third time for you to fuck off retard?
Fuck off retard.

>> No.1256272

Because the amount of games on the Genesis that have good music are vastly outnumbered by the amount of games that have horrid music.
I'm not saying that it's objective or anything, I just think that it sounds like shit.
Me having that opinion doesn't make me any more of a retard than the one who thinks otherwise, they're just opinions.

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>Because the amount of games on the Genesis that have good music are vastly outnumbered by the amount of games that have horrid music.
Most NES or SNES games sound like complete fucking garbage as well. The same is probably true of every system.
But generally with those other systems we focus on the games that are good and have good art and music and stuff in them, because the other stuff isn't worth remembering or talking about.
Why can you not do that with the Genesis?
Is it because you never played it? You don't know any of the good games? You're a shill? What's the deal here? Why do you have to be so dumb?

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Why are you shitposting? He's telling the truth here.

Genesis is weak on sound. That doesn't mean there aren't good songs on the system, though.

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Fuck off retard.

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Again, having an opinion that is about me liking or disliking something doesn't make me stupid, having an opinion like "The NES has better graphics than the Megadrive" is a dumb one. Learn the difference.

Have I played every Megadrive game out there? Not even close.
Have I played Megadrive games that I liked?
Of course.
Do I like the music and sounds on most games?
No, I really dislike the sounds of that system. I'm not being ignorant and saying that all Megadrive games sound like shit, for example I've always enjoyed the musics in Sonic games more than the actual games.

>> No.1256293

But you are being ignorant, because the Genesis factually sounds good as 16-bit systems go.

>> No.1256297


Yeah, about that. There's nothing factual about how good you think the sound is. That's all subjective, as are anyone else's opinions.

>> No.1256303

your opinion is shit

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avgn actually said he prefers the snes version of final fight to streets of rage? what a fucking retard. he knows nothing about good gameplay anyway

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In the video he only uses footage from SoR 1 which is shit compared to the sequels. I don't even think he played them.

>> No.1258153

He also collects and enjoys watching VHS tapes...

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Why do some of you guys completely derail the thread to talk about garbage internet celebrities instead of the topic at hand?

Personally I think the Virgin Aladdin game is completely worthless, with its floaty controls, poor hitbox detection and farty adaptions of the movie soundtrack being used in stages where they don't really fit at all, when put up against Capcom's Aladdin which is pure precision platforming among the best of its kind and with detailed and clean graphics.

In a previous Aladdin thread I saw people writing up statements like "it has been unanimously agreed that the Virgin Aladdin is the better game", and "Genesis Aladdin is objectively better". Please keep that level of commentary coming, I'm planning to use these for a song set to Arabian Nights and need a little more material before the lyrics are complete.

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>Personally I think the Virgin Aladdin game is completely worthless

Yeah, stopped reading at that. Go bait elsewhere with your fanboyism, retard.

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I'm a huge SNES fan but I always found the Genesis version of Aladdin much better than the average SNES version and the best Disney video game I've ever played. No wonder why the Genesis version was more popular. I don't remember anyone playing the SNES version. But /vr/ proves me once again that there are many people with shitty taste in video games, just like there are many autistic kids believing that Alundra is better than any other Zelda.

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I stated some of my reasons for thinking so, but you are of course free to try disregarding my whole post if you don't have any arguments against the specific points I brought up. Sticking your head in the sand is always the best choice when not preaching to the choir, yeah?

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>fart noises


SNES version, of course, sounded much duller and relied on awful echo effects.

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This one.

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I only had the GameBoy version.

>> No.1259338

>specific points
lol your reasons amount to nothing more than fanboy jingoism the equivalent of "hurr sega sux nintendo rulez".
Straight out dismissing the one title and disregarding its many merits in favour of the other title makes you a baiting myopic fucktard whose opinion is worth shit.

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>people on the internet don't share my taste so they must be autistic

I think it's the other way around, anon.
Also, read the thread. Both are fine games, it's just some people prefer prettier animated sprite graphics (Genesis) while other prefer tighter controls and better level design (SNES).

>> No.1259436

>lol your reasons amount to nothing more than fanboy jingoism the equivalent of "hurr sega sux nintendo rulez".
I don't have stock in either company, it didn't matter to me which company got the better entries back then either. All I care about is good games, and sorry but a platformer with floaty controls and poor hitbox detection does not make one.
>Straight out dismissing the one title and disregarding its many merits in favour of the other title makes you a baiting myopic fucktard whose opinion is worth shit.
Having a preference that differs from yours makes people fucktards? Doesn't take much to get you buttblasted then. You poor thing, it must be difficult to function in society with a brain wired that way, you're very brave.

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>check /v/'s recommended games wiki
>Genesis version is listed
>SNES version is nowhere

>> No.1259641

I played them both to completion.

I liked them both equally and if you don't think this is a legitimate answer I hate you

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Such projection

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I think the better question is, who would win in a fight? SNES Aladdin vs. Genesis Aladdin?

>> No.1259846

I've only played the Genesis version so I can't say if the SNES version is better or worse. But I thought the Genesis game was pretty good. The controls are kinda weird but a lot of games are like that and you can get used to it.

I remember seeing a cable access show for a university that had some student films on it. One was about a guy so addicted to Aladdin that he started to neglect his family. I think it was the Genesis version. But now that I think about it I'm not entirely sure anymore.

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...then add it.

>> No.1259895

I played them both and I prefer the SNES version. I can't get past the controls on the Genesis. They are both fun though.

>tfw you bought the Genesis version thinking both versions were the same

>> No.1259916

My point was that it USED to be there. The wiki news said they were culling games from pages that weren't worth playing starting with the SNES page. Aladdin was one of the victims and I was like "what the fuck".

>> No.1259921

Prefer Genesis, fucking love both. Just that Genesis version has a slight edge.

There never has to be only one.

>> No.1259927

I played the Genesis version first and loved it. When I tried out the SNES it looked and felt like just another Mario rip off since you jumped on people's heads to kill them. Granted I only played the first level and not even all of it so I never gave it a fair chance. Now that there's so many people here that praise it I might as well try it out again.

>> No.1259954

It's pretty fucking useless due to the fucky camera of the genesis version

>> No.1260325


these wikis aren't serious anyway, they just try to appeal to the 'hivemind'

>> No.1261319


UGH, No japanese developed game EVER used that fartfest that was GEMS



>> No.1261356

ToeJam & Earl + sequel use GEMS and they sound great.

>> No.1261363

Some games at least had composeres that overwrote the default GEMS instrumentation, like Vectorman 1 & 2 and those games you mentioned, but for the most part, you can tell when a genesis game has that "distinctive" sound.

>> No.1261370

That's because ToeJam & Earl used the console's superior bass and drums to its advantage.

>> No.1261435

Comix Zone uses GEMS too and it's not bad.

>> No.1261458

I had the SNES version, while on the other hand my cousin had the genesis version. While I was enjoying going through the game, my cousin was pulling his hair out.

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Aladdin on the Megadrive is one of the best games ever made and anyone who disagrees is just shitposting

>> No.1261502

I don't think it is but since my opinion is contrary to yours I guess that means I'm shitposting. Sorry.

>> No.1261507

snes version is a well-designed game all-around. genesis version is a clusterfuck of design that people only like because "ogm aladdin uses a sowrd" even though the mechanic itself is shitty and frustrating and doesnt fit his character at all. i kinda like the genesis version's graphics a little better though.

>> No.1261606

-Better graphics and animation
-followed up the movie a lot better than the SNES version[it applies for the soundtrack too]
-Action oriented[hence the sword]
>SNES aladdin
-Better controls
-Platforming focused
-Better level design
-Soundtrack was good but it didnt had some theme remixes of the movie

i think its a draw,both games are totally different,Genesis might follow up the movie a bit better because the soundtrack,however i dont remember aladdin using a sword outside of the battle with Jafar in the movie but if i remember correctly,you didnt even used a sword in the SNES final boss

TL;DR:Both versions are equally good so fuck anyone who says there must be only one
Seriously,its like trying to compare a square to a circle

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Yeah, the SNES version is more well-rounded.

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good job on that bump, genecis scum

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