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I'm tired of playing on emulators, so I want to buy a console. I'm thinking about getting a retro duo. My dorm is super small, so space saving is definitely a good idea.

I figured I should run it by /vr/
Is there a good reason I should stay away from these things?

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It's an emulator. You'd be better off with a cheap laptop setup with USB controller adapters.

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The point of this for me is to be able to play on a tv, vs my computer monitor. I've got one of those fake wood paneled tubes right now, and wanna play on that

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>I'm tired of playing on emulators,
>I'm thinking about getting a retro duo

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I read somewhere that the way most nintendo third party systems are wired will damage your carts, this is to avoid being sued by nintendo

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There's no need to spread false rumors when the truth is so compelling on its own.

Don't fucking play on modern clone systems. Don't do it. If you want to play on your TV modify your Wii or Xbox OR use real consoles. Don't take some lame middle ground like some fence sitting piece of shit.

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I haven't heard of this before so I assume it's false. I have heard that rad racer II on the NES causes poorly made famiclones to burn up though

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This. Just get a Wii and softmod it.

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Then get a Wii or Xbox Hueg and mod it. Since you're gonna be emulating anyway no matter what, might as well go for something that can do more than just emulate, AND is more reliable. Unless you're one of those types that is married to the concept of having to use your own physical carts.

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My local retro game store sells retro duos and has one hooked up to a tv at all times to let people try it. It looks like butt compared to actual hardware. modded wii is the way to go man.

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they feel like cheap pieces of plastic, but mine seems to work fine.
i'd get some 1st party controllers, though.

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You should get some first party consoles.

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Question: Why are Wii and Xbox suggested so much? Have they gotten some ridiculously good emulators or something? Wouldn't a PC be better? Is it because they can easily do 240p?

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They're cheap as hell and easy to plug into a TV. That's what I figure, at least.

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Cheap, easy to mod, can output at low resolutions and I don't know about the Xbox but the Wii has Retroarch and the kickass Classic Controller.
It's pretty much the closest you're getting to the original as far as emulation is concerned.

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>It's pretty much the closest you're getting to the original as far as emulation is concerned.
Up to the Genesis, maybe. SNES emulation on the Wii is limited by its weak hardware, and you'd be a lot closer to the original by using a PC and the real controllers.

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You can use adaptors for controllers on the Wii too but leaving that aside the Wii is the easiest solution to get running for consoles up to the Genesis which is why a lot of people recommend it.
Obviously there are other set ups that might be as good or better but I just explained why the wii was being suggested so much.

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Buy the legit console. It costs less than $30

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Point taken, and the Wii certainly is an easy-to-set-up solution for getting TV-connected emulation going. I have one myself and that club nintendo SNES replica controller, but the accuracy level of Snes9x GX/Next is saddening. Actually do most of my emulation on a CFW PS3, but it's the same thing on that side too with only Next being available.

Probably should move on from consoles and get going with emulation on the HTPC soon.

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Truth be told I haven't actually tried SNES emulation yet because my Classic Controller hasn't arrived yet but out of what I did try I'm overall very very pleased with the Wii.
What you're saying is right though. Setting up XBMC or some other front-end would make for a very decent emulation machine. I just don't know much when it comes to resolutions and how to set up everything just right, takes some research.
Android might be good but I'm not sure how you can connect an android device to a CRT with the proper connections.

If you have any ideas or insight feel free to share.

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>I'm tired of playing on emulators, so I want to buy an emulator.

Where is the logic?

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The Retro Duo was actually my first clone. I can confirm that it's mostly good, at least for the SNES side. Supposedly the NES side has some noticeable audio/video quirks but they are fixable with soldering. Also, if you want to play Zapper games, you're going to have to get a RetroN 2 or something that supports NES controllers.

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The Xbox cannot output 240p as far as I know. It does have RetroArch as well, however.

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Snes9x-Next on RA Wii works quite well. Almost all games bar a few intensive ones on certain screens run at full speed with no frameskip. It's not perfect, of course, but much, much better than the PSP's shitfest, at least.

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This. /thread

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How would it work if I were going to plug in a computer to my CRT? I found a VGA to Scart cable but I'm sure what to do next to get it to run the same way Retroarch on the wii does.

That's good to hear. It also does GBA games wh ich look amazing on a CRT.

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You're gonna need a VGA converter box of some kind. A simple cable will not do. And getting 240p out of a PC is tricky shit. Unless you can work some driver magic through PowerStrip or Soft15khz, you'll likely only get 480i, same as the Xbawks. The Wii, meanwhile, does it out of the box.

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So I guess I'll be sticking to the Wii seeing as it's the most simple option I have for now.
Wouldn't a WiiU do the same AND be able to emulate PS1 or something?

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I don't think the WiiU can output 240p. I could be wrong, though.

As for PS1, potentially some day in the future it could maybe handle a more proper port of PCSX-R or something, but given the only thing that has been hacked so far is the vWii portion, all you have is an extremely stripped down version of it.

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>I don't think the WiiU can output 240p.

I don't have mine modded but it definitely outputs 480i when playing Virtual Console titles in standard definition. I doubt homebrew would make any difference since I'm sure if the system could output 240p that's what they'd use for standard definition VC titles like on the Wii.

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Hmm, then it probably doesn't.

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Well, the only thing I want to emulate that the Wii can't is the PS1 so for now I'm good.
I just need to figure out why my PS2 refuses to read CD discs and why my burner keeps giving me errors while trying to burn games.

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Yeah, this was such a disappointment for me. I made the mistake of transferring all my Wii data to my Wii U. BIG fucking mistake. Lost 240p for VC, lost GCN controllers for important multiplayer games whose saves I can't transfer backward without homebrew (SSBB, MKW). What was I thinking??

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Also while we're on the topic, is there a [good] emulator for GB/GBC in 240p with SGB borders on Wii?

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I was talking not of performance but of accuracy. Snes9x Next has lots of problems with games that I like, ranging from minor ones to making games completely unplayable, being the speedhack fest that it is.

DKC being ridden with minor glitches like audio distortion when certain sound channels overlap bugs me, but I can deal with it.

Try playing something like the Lion King, and you'll understand where I'm coming from. It's bad enough that the music will sometimes completely disappear, but you'll be very lucky if you even get through the game. It can crash completely at any moment, and I have experienced this on both RetroArch PS3 Snes9x Next and Wii Snes9x GX.

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PC can output 240p fine if you double the refresh rate, most 31+ kHz monitors can display it.

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Game boy has always been true digital 160x144 why would you want to run it in 240p? Run it on a 1600x1440 native resolution digital display.

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i love my retro. NES's are too finicky. i have not been getting any problems playing any games on it, plus i like using the snes controller instead of the shitt nes controller. My friends that i fixed even when i replaced the 72 pin connector is still blinking. never had a legit problem playing any games on it.
TLDR i have never had a problem but the controllers it comes with suck ass. have some snes controllers and you should be fine. cheers.

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The OG Xbox is hands down the best device to emulate pre-5th gen games (and it can even do some decent N64 emulation). The Wii is recommended due to it being more readily available, but A. It has to be an older model with Gamecube controller ports to be hackable B. The Wii is basically a Gamecube in a new shell, so the original Xbox's beefier hardware (and larger harddrive space) will kick ass on all counts

If you can get ahold of an original Xbox (or be incredibly lucky and find one already hacked) then buy it and set it up.

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If you want to get something like that op wait for the Retron 5. It's supposed to release the 10th.

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Hyperkin GTFO

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Or, you know, just VGA/HDMI your computer to your TV and full screen your emulator. You could always do that. If you need a controller, use a USB controller.

A softmod Wii is fine too though. I play Super Metroid on my Wii with my Gamecube controller because having the Z button as Select makes switching between weapons significantly quicker and feels more natural.

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