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The American soundtrack is good on its own but terrible when compared to the Japanese one.

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I disagree, it's still good compared to the Japanese one. The thing is, the Japanese soundtrack is more fitting to the levels, that's why it's better.
Also, Sonic Boom > Cosmic Eternity

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>terrible when compared to the Japanese one
>Stardust Speedway bad future

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The American soundtrack is some really cool music to play with. The Japanese soundtrack is the reason Sonic CD exists.

>Sonic Boom > Cosmic Eternity
You're a faggot who doesn't keep an open mind.

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Blend them together. You know you can do that, right? Find the MP3 folder and replace each individual file with a favorite from either soundtrack or you can just use a remix or something from a different game if you feel like it. Be sure to keep the same filename though or it won't play! Ex: Replace track 01 with another MP3 that is also called track 01. Say yes when it asks you to overwrite.

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classic sonic soundtrack power rankings:
1. S3&K
2. S1
3. SCD(JP)
4. SCD(US)
90000001. S2

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>hating anything by bass-god Nakamura

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You Can Do Anything > Cosmic Eternity
Cosmic Eternity is weak. Sonic Boom and You Can Do Anything are not.

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>American soundtrack
Sounds like videogame music
>JP soundtrack
Sounds like a fucking goddamn hip-hop rap club for tweens.

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Even if it's not in mp3 the same logic can be applied to most games where you can shift around the music.

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>American soundtrack
Sounds like videogame music
>JP soundtrack
Sounds like videogame music

Fixed. Fuck, you guys will complain about anything.

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JP doesn't sound like videogame music. It sounds like fucking club shit. My god, I cringe when I hear the horrible fucking hip-hop/rap garbage on the opening, and it gets much worse later on with "songs" that don't even fit the fucking level, instead sounding like they picked some random hip-hop diva to record some random shit for it.

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Opinions. Cosmic Eternity has a really catchy tune and beat, with some lyrics not screaming cheesy all the way around. Sonic Boom is okay, but it didn't give me the same vibes as CE, it's like I was listening to some average Saturday morning opening. Not forgettable, but not amazing.

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> "songs" that don't even fit the fucking level, instead sounding like they picked some random hip-hop diva to record some random shit for it

You sure you're not thinking of the American one? I don't recall hearing songs playing through levels.

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It's still video game music whether you like it or not, you fucking nerd.

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>I don't recall hearing songs playing through levels.
Um, what? The fucking music.

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>weeaboo kid irrationally loving his japanese master race gets technical by saying "it's videogame music because it's in a videogame!!!"
That's not what I mean and you know it.

Why, every time I argue something that makes perfect sense, does everyone that argues back at me use faulty logic and stupidity to try to defend their flawed ideas? Really shows you how much you all seem to cling to poorly thought out ideas and defend things that can't be defended.

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Yeah, because I go around saying shitty video game music doesn't sound like video game music even though that makes no fucking sense. What does video game music sound like then? Anything as long as isn't genres you don't like, right?

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The only music with lyrics are the metalic madness ones and they don't feature a "diva". Try again.

Why don't you look up "videogame music" or better yet tell some composer about "videogame music"? There is no such thing as videogame music, only music, which fits in a lot of genres. SCDJ took the Disco-hip hop route, which was really popular at the time (and Sega Rally really made me like it).

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God I hate the fucking japanese music. It really sounds out of place and definitely "of its time". Compared to the other games it really doesn't fit in anywhere as well as the other game music. But then again the game itself is possibly the weakest entry of the classic sonic games so it's comparing different kinds of shit floating in a dirty old toilet bowl.

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>Sonic CD
Nah, Knuckles Chaotix has that covered.

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>I argue something that makes perfect sense

Maybe in your own delusional mind...

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>hates one of the Sonic CD soundtracks
>feels the need to make a thread about it and argue that their opinion should be heard
>both are a testament to how good video game music can be

>JP doesn't sound like videogame music. It sounds like fucking club shit
>My god I cringe

There's this great place for people who aren't able to articulate themselves rationally. I think you should go there instead.

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Non-retro, but Sonic Shuffle and Dark Legion would like to have the word with you.

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Did /v/ get lost? the post quality between /vr/ and /v/ermin is like black and white

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Sonic Shuffle is retro now, but I forgot about that game. That is definitely weaker than Knuckles Chaotix, my mistake.
>Dark Legion
What is that?

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Are you implying that this

isn't the GOAT track in SCD?

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Why did the game have two different soundtracks in the first place?

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> Looking over the game, SOA decided that they wanted to change the soundtrack already present within. The original tracks created for the Japanese release (which remained in the original European releases), they felt, were simply too similar to other electronic dance scores that were being produced at the time. Wanting to create its own identity, Sega contracted recently hired in-house musician Spencer Nilsen to rescore the entire game, giving him less than a month to do so.


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I give the slight edge to the US soundtrack because it gave me one of my favorite Sonic tunes of all time.


The JP soundtrack did "fit" more though.

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I started with the US soundtrack. It was boring save for a few songs. Literal background music. The past themes on the other hand were energetic and catchy. When I discovered the JP soundtrack, the rest is history.

Seriously, the sampling and vocals only made it stand out more. Imagine what we could've gotten from musicians if the JP soundtrack was left untouched. Nielsen is cancer.

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>he thinks the past BGM is different in the NA version

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muh weeb composers

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>all these pleb ears
Can't like both? Or is your taste so bad you strongly favor one over the other?

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