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Not everything with retro gaming has to be about nostalgic fondness and reminiscing about better times.

Sometimes you gotta remember the shit too.

This thread is about music from older games that was just plain bad.

I offer E1M1 from the 32X version of Doom:


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All jokes aside the PC version didn't sound much better on the OPL FM cards of the day.

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Where's muh shitty music?

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>Oh how bad could it be E1M1 is an amazing song


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nothing wrong with 32x E1M1, op just has shit taste. Go back to /v/

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Yeah, that is something that people most often forget (or at least mentally block out)

I personally didn't even have a soundcard when I first played doom, I had no idea what people were talking about when they brought up its music since playing it with a PC speaker got rid of all the music and all of the sounds were like someone beating an atari 2600 with a hammer


here is a video for reference

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i kind of like it. imagine if it played in boogerman.

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Not sure if bootleg counts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAUMgTTYLbA

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Whoa, I actually kind of like this better.
Gonna go listen to the whole 32X version of the soundtrack.

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>everyone commenting on the 32X version on the Doom sountracks with fecal matter/intestinal venting references which I can't replicate here without violating Global 6

could someone tell me why all of this suddenly happened? I could swear no-one had this trend going years ago.

Also, related to this topic, Hydlide's music didn't helped to get you around the difficulty of the game

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And this is WHAT it should have sounded like if the devs were competent.

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Consoles just couldn't into Doom.
1993 is the breakaway year when the PC Master Race started.

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That chainsaw hurt my ears.

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It's crazy to think it took consoles until the original Xbox to get a faithful port of Doom.

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Oh God the nostalgia. I actually shed two tears to your video. I'm a big sucker for those PC speaker sounds in W3D and Doom.

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>Thread about bad music
>Posts a video with bad voice acting instead
>From a game that isn't goddamn retro
>The same video that always gets linked despite not showing how truly bad a game X7 is

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The song sounds like it was composed of farts. How can you seriously think it sounds good? I think you are just playing me for a fool right now.

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See, everyone? This is what I was talking about in >>1230534

Seriously, why everyone started repeating all that stuff?

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The 32X Doom's soundtrack sounds like it was built from the soundfont of Road Rash 3 but they cut anything above the middle registers, leaving only the fart-esque bass notes.

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I thought you were making making a joke because 32x Doom sounds like shit and thus every post mentioning it would be a shitpost, which is a violation of the rules? Get it?

wait no..

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It's not a matter of the Devs being competent, it's about




From that horrific, HORRIFIC GEMS driver that Sega handed out. There's tons of sound drivers that sound better, hell, they could've bought a Japanese sound driver like Toaplan, Technoforce, or Compile and used that instead.

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But why take a joke of a console like 32x seriously anyway? they could've literally sampled farts and DOOM still would have sold to its pathetically wimpy installbase

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What? That has been going on forever. The Doom 32X soundtrack has always been shit on for sounding horrible. But hey if you got a fart fetish then I am cool with that.

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but i am not the one with the fart fixation you double nignog, see >>1231640, that dude isn't me

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>Action 52 devs in charge of original songs

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Because of youtube stars doing all those SNES vs. Sega comparisons.

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skrillex remix of e1m1?

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Well, they did create that Cheetahmen theme...

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Just wanted to post this.


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the SNES doom is unplayable, but it probably has my favorite version of the game's soundtrack


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SNES has the potential to make amazing bleep bloop music (see Demons Crest), but too often was it used to mimic orchestral music. The end result, as heard here, was kind of shitty.

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Playing Doom and Wolf 3D on the PC speaker was awesome. It gave them an unique feeling and atmosphere. Even after getting a sound card (and a pretty good one too - SB AWE32), I sometimes ran the setup.exe and put back speaker sounds.

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Stop blaming everything you don't like on Youtube. The 32X music for Doom has always been compared to farts.

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A lot of Genesis music has. And rightfully so, because there were a number of composers who couldn't work the magic.

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I liked the 32X DOOM soundtrack. I thought the SNES one sounded muddy and echo-y.

Most other games, though, the SNES sound would kick the shit out of Genesis.

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>The 32X music for Doom has always been compared to farts

Longtime Doomfag (DWANGO days) here. No they weren't.

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32x doom didn't use GEMS, and GEMS could actually sound decent in good hands, so it was all a matter of the devs being competent. (though it they were really good, they would write their own driver, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sN-lekUOC0 )

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>Because of youtube stars doing all those SNES vs. Sega comparisons.

hmm...it seems like it, but I would love to be proven wrong.

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really bro?

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Fuck that, Daytona is amazing

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>Rad Gravity
>Hong Kong 97
I wanted to forget those songs existed.

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Majyuuou. Everything about this game builds into a fairly competent platformer except for the sound.

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>they could've bought a Japanese sound driver like Toaplan, Technoforce, or Compile and used that instead.
While I like the idea, I doubt any American developer would have thought of this. They had tight deadlines to make and the GEMS sound driver was right down the street waving to them. Who are you anyway? Why such an emphasis on driver and not the competence of the composer?
>32x doom didn't use GEMS

Go all the way down to the end of the list and you'll see Doom 32X with GEMS right next to it. Brian Coburn did the 32x renditions and he worked at Sega of America. GEMS is without a doubt what they probably used. I'm certain the people who contributed to this page searched and found the driver in the game. The more you know guys.

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>Why such an emphasis on driver and not the competence of the composer?

Because only a handful of composers could make the GEMS sound good. That Talarico guy and the guy who did Comix Zone come to mind. It also doesn't help that the Genesis audio is just weird and difficult to work with, I bet they could make bad music with TechnoSoft's driver given how awkward it was.

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>moving the cursor to the rad gravity theme
So I'm not the only one who does that kind of shit.

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>7. Daytona (Let's go away)
>worst video game music ever
>Let's go away

Stopped watching there. I've no more jimmies left to being rustled.

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Read the thread for god's sake. At least three random people are saying that they like it. If the conversation was held strictly between those who actually played the game, it would be 50/50 opinion split. Thanks to youtube it's more like 99,9/0,01 HERP DERP IT'S FARTZ LULZ GUYZ, and these 99,9 never bothered to play anything.

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You're scapegoating and strawmanning. Stop being dumb.

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Stop pretending being smart.

>> No.1234550

I'm not, unless you want to pretend any of the words in my post are particularly hard to understand.

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For some reason I remember this sounding better as a kid:


Now it just sounds tinny and cheap (especially that "basketball" bass line).

This Genesis-esque remix is more in line of how I remember this theme sounding like when I was younger:


I thought the SNES was capable of better music than that. The guitar in Uniracers is really fantastic by comparison.

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It's pretty fucking strange man, maybe when we're kids we hear stuff in a whole different way. City escape from sa2 sounded a lot different for me when I was a kid

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oh my god you could tell they tried but just couldn't... quite... get it

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The King

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>worst vidya music

Come on /vr/, lets go away from this video

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spend the first 50 seconds preparing yourself for torture.

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AVGN. He did a video on the 32x years ago,and spent a big chunk of it comparing the music in the 32x and SNES versions of Doom.

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here we go with the scapegoating again

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dude, just admit it. hes a big influence on the internet just as any other guy with such a big platform where they can express their own opinions on certain matters without having the chance to control their audience to let em know that they're just that, opinions.

the dude even has its own videogame. who do you know has also his own videogame?

>> No.1237440

he's a big influence on underage who didn't grow up with most of the shit he talks about.

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Admit what? That every time he opens his mouth to say something, he's the only one who has ever had that opinion? Because that's the furthest from the truth.

Dudes, this shit is getting way old. AVGN is used any time someone wants to discredit an opinion that you don't like. This is just like when Egoraptor pointed out why Mega Man X was well-designed, people started blaming Ego for other people having these opinions despite the fact that nothing he apparently said in that damn video was anything new.

If you want to argue against someone else's points, actually do so. In the case of this thread, if you don't think Doom for the 32X sounds like someone farting in a microphone, why don't you actually post something of substance instead of blaming Youtube reviewers?

It's lazy, it's retarded, and it's a quick and easy way to discredit the people you're arguing against without actually saying anything at all.

What's even funnier is that for people who apparently hate these youtube reviewers, you sure do spend a lot of time watching them. I've never watched a AVGN video (I only know him for apparently putting on an act or something) and my familiarity with Egoraptor begins and ends with Metal Gear Awesome.

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nothing that I haven't said nor will deny

>> No.1237479

yeah i wasn't aiming that at anyone in here either just saying generally haha

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Yo, >>1233917 here. Still waiting on someone to show me undeniable proof that we used to talk about the 32X soundtrack and doing fart jokes back in the dial-up days.

In the meantime, I'm trying to look up a mahjong NES game with god-awful music, gonna post it here as soon as I can get a hold of the name of it

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God dammit, meant to link to this >>1234187 post.

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>30 seconds in
>What is this guy talking about? This is fine...
>0:50 - 1:23 and 2:12 - 2:45
Why this?

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What points? I either like or dislike the soundtrack, period. I don't need to defend any point here, nor argue with the ones who don't share mine, unlike you, I am perfectly fine with diverse opinions.

The question came: why has it become such a trend?, and I attempted to answer that. You're the one who started arguing, bitching, claiming you want a constructive dialog, while all you actually do is calling others lazy, retarded and scapegoating.

Not to mention that the question of where the trend came from is completely unrelated to whether I like the soundtrack or not, whether I think it sounds like farts or not. I may not like it, I may think it does sounds like farts, yet I will still tie this 'opinion boom' with youtube reviewers. Good luck with defending all those discredited people in your head whose substantial points I am arguing against.

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>The question came: why has it become such a trend?

Gee, why don't you click the OP's link and listen to the song. I can't possibly imagine why ANYONE would think that it sounds like farts.

Use your brain.

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While I don't want to include it on that list, I do think "Let's Go Away" (racing variant) is my least favorite theme from Daytona USA.

>> No.1237745

>that sound
It's fucking begging to be combined with a VGA palette of some sort.

>> No.1238301


not him, i clicked the link, and it really doesn't sound like farts to me.

>> No.1238358


>What's even funnier is that for people who apparently hate these youtube reviewers, you sure do spend a lot of time watching them

But here's the deal, get ready for it: I do like AVGN. I watch his videos (not pretty often, but I do) but that doesn't stop me of thinking that he does have an influence on the younger audience regarding things they never got to experience 'cause of their age.

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I mean fuck, there were a handful of pretty good tracks from the DC version, but jesus fuck.

>> No.1238395

was this made using the actual sound chip? or emulation?

>> No.1238404

Description mang:
Kept to Genesis/32x limitations with 5 FM tones, DAC channel, Extra FM tone from 32x and 3 PSG tones. PWM channels are unused because they are used for sound effects in game.

>> No.1238430

Yes it did, although overall it didn't sound anywhere near as good as Wolfenstein 3D did.

>> No.1238808

That doesn't sound much better, and the SB AWE64 came out in 1996 xmas. Granted, it's predecessor the AWE32 came out in late 1994 but it cost more than an entire 32x did.

>> No.1238845

>i kind of like it. imagine if it played in boogerman.

Boogerman really showed off the Megadrive's ability to play farts. All jokes aside.


And for that matter, so did Beavis & Butthead.


Both games were way better than their SNES versions.

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>anywhere near bad, let alone worst

What the fuck, man.

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You mistyped 1983, there.

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>fruitloops studio

No one ever seems to make Genesis music with at least a Genesis tracker, much less programmed in assembly to be played back by a Genesis. Just because it sounds like that in FL Studio, doesn't mean it will sound like that when you program it in hexadecimal.

Programming music is by and far the most challenging aspect of game creation for older consoles. There's a reason why a lot of Homebrew NES games sound like this.


And very rarely sound like your typical Famitracker composition with arpeggios out the ass and VRC6 and all those fancy sound expansions.

>> No.1239593

hahaha I told you to prepare yourself! I have to mute my TV whenever I fight that shitlord panchos.

>> No.1239604

Why are the orchestra hits in the first song so muffled? Even Fester's Quest or Super C, both NES games, had clearer orchestra hits.



>> No.1239624

Wow, what?

>> No.1240130


what game got released that year, again?

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>a game about a monkey features a soundtrack with niggers rappiong

>> No.1240368

>any of those being bad

>> No.1240542


Great tune, horrible audio quality on the upload. The actual song has a great clean bass sound without the staticy distortion.

>> No.1241648


I'm still here. Not gonna go anywhere

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I haven't played this game in ten years and I still remember how shit the music was.

>> No.1241976

2 versions of the doom soundtrack that I really love are

sonic clang

tnt remix

this is a quality remix too, but im unfamiliar with the mixer

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Why, Yong Yong?

Now, get a load of THIS

>> No.1242097

that version of sonic clang sucks he changed quarter notes into 8th notes in the one part and it sounds stupid

>> No.1242184

As far as I know, they just stole an example tune from the program they were using.

>> No.1242191

That was just something I thought sounded more like what I remember Corneria sounding like as a kid. The more epic and clear tones and such.

>> No.1242193

The haunted fart mansion lives!

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Still waiting. I just can't imagine dealing with the fact that I am right ;__;

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32X port was rushed

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