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>What game was the biggest part of your childhood?

For me it was pic related. I played a lot of games, but this was probably my favorite as a kid. I remember countless Saturdays waking up and playing this with my little bro while we ate cereal. Taking turns beating levels, getting the stars that were too hard for him...

> tfw 1996 was almost 18 years ago ;_;

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Its funny to think that Mario 64 was basically the end of the Mario franchise to me. It didn't look, play, or feel anything like Mario. Yet the game is now nearly 20 years old.

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dgaf what anyone says, this game is fucking magical.

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Super Mario Land, Tetris and Tennis for the GB.

I don't think I've played any game more than I played those on my GB.

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> It didn't look, play, or feel anything like Mario
It's a Mario game, made by the creators of Mario.

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did you play mario 3 and mario world

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>tfw 1996 was almost 18 years ago ;_;

Jesus, no wonder why I never see anybody spout "underage" on /v/ any more over nostalgia about Drake & Josh and Spongebob games.

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Oh shit I was just about to make this thread!

For me it was DEFINITELY Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I shudder to think of how many hours I spent on that game. Still play it whenever I can because it's fucking awesome. Easily my personal favorite, and arguably one of the best games ever made.

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Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask and Super Mario 64. I played those games religiously. Now I really want to play them again.

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Why don't you buy A Link between worlds for the 3DS? You'll be satisfied and feel like you're in nostalgia heaven

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megaman, pokemon, ocarina. all equal

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all of this guy's videos are superb:


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Fuckin', I don't know why. Years later, I don't even like gambling or going to casinos.

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sonic adventure

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I can relate

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Because in a video game you don't waste your real money, nor have to be around chain-smoking old people and the endless noise of slot machines?

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My mom played the shit out of that and memorized all of her passwords. There was a point where my sister started to memorize them and play them too.

Fucking weird. That game was so shit.

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>Mah childhood

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For me, it's a combination of Dragon Warrior 3 and 4, and Final Fantasy 4 and 6.

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My brother played tons of this, in fact, I still enjoy the music.

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I swear I've entered "dirty" names in this before, and it starts you with more money. Anyone else notice that?

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Perfect Dark for me without question. Sucks that the 64 version is supposedly the only good one of the series.
OoT comes close, and then Super Smash Bros. after that.

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Super Mario RPG

Seeing Mario in such a different role and even teaming up with Bowser was so magical to me at the time.

Another one that's a bit of an odd choice would be the original Pilotwings game.

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Tomb Raider (I, II & III) for me.

The hours I spent on that games, you can't even comprehend. I didn't even have a crush on Lara like all of my friends who played these games did, but I just fucking loved this "exploration" feeling. I don't know, it was amazing. I actually found them again recently and played them a bit, felt the same kind of nostalgia that you usually do visiting a village you haven't been in since you were a child.

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It was the first game I ever played. Something about it just stuck with me. And as a five year-old, I didn't grasp the rules of the casino games, much less the concept of gambling. I just knew that if I went outside, I'd get taken to jail or something, so I kept giving the guys at the green tables my money to stay out of jail.

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So many hours were spent on this game.

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What other versions were there that you thought were good? The Gameboy one? XBox 360?

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I'm not the only one?

This and Parlor Games (pool and darts, bingo can fuck right off).

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Pretty much anything I ever played on the Mega Drive, but I think the one I must've played the most was Sonic The Hedgehog 2. It saddens me to see how hard the franchise has fallen.

Other games that were pretty important to me were Shinobi III (my absolute favorite and quite possibly the best game on the system), Comix Zone, Mega Bomberman and Columns.

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You are indeed me.

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Tecmo Super Bowl. Just endless upon endless seasons played. I can name more NFL players from 1990 than today.

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High five?

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mah nigga

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I would, but technically Comix Zone was only rented a few times, so... it would feel wrong. Replace that with Castle of Illusion and you'd have a deal.

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No shit? Castle of Illusion was actually one of the first games I played on it, the first one of course being Sonic The Hedgehog. High five!

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These. Also, Ocarina of Time...

I miss being a kid...

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Probably Doom II. I liked the game and dad got me a copy of Tricks of the Doom Gurus. I didn't actually start mapping though until my teens, and they were pretty weaksauce. Still some of my cherished memories.

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Yep, high five for sure. The Disney platformers for the system were almost universally great.

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I'll definitely throw my hat in the ring for the Pokemans. This song makes me well up with nostalgia. So many hours, man...


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I loved Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse as well. That final boss was so easy but I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Well I've always felt that way in any game, anyway. I still remember the first time I beat Comix Zone.

Lisa died that time. I then quickly resolved to try again and save her. I succeeded. Those feels.

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Never completed Comix Zone! I rented out so many games back then. Used to have a dude with a big van full of games for all consoles who drove around the neighborhood. You could rent out a couple for the week for only a couple of pounds, even less once he got to know you. He was a word of mouth thing. Clearly a tax dodge, but he was awesome. Totally one-off.

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>Never completed Comix Zone!
It's only 6 stages long, you can beat it in about 30-40 minutes. What are you waiting for?

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I'm waiting for me to find where my PSP charger is so I can play it again.

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I only played the Gameboy one for like 20 minutes as a kid and never played it again. I remember it being bad, but I coulda been wrong. I just assumed most any gun game for GB/GBA is bad.
Never played the Xbox 360 one but I've only heard awful things...
Considering buying the remake from the Xbox Arcade thing on my roommates Xbox but I'm only going to be living with him for less than a year more.

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>What game was the biggest part of your childhood?

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