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List flaws in your favorite games.

Link's Awakening - having to read the "this is too heavy to lift" message every time you touch something heavy without the bracelet equipped.

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Metal Gear Solid? The PAL run is always a drag. The one thing TTS did right was make a shortcut for that.

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DKC2 - some of the DK coins are ridiculously hard to find. I didn't get the one in Bramble Scramble until I was an adult.

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Resident Evil 2:

Ammo shortage.

I love the actual campaigns but I hate that on a new game +, I don't get the option to have infinite ammo on at least one of my most used guns.

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I really had major problems finding the second piece of the madallion in the graveyard in S.H Homecoming. Right where you fight the dog. They should have made the clues more relevant for that part. Great game aside from that.

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Street Fighter Alpha 2

they made it 2 EZ to master all my combops i got champion sstatus in my local tournament in one hour i was only 8 years old thats it. i dont even have time for chumps i only play for the BEST

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Please pay more attention to your grammar, reading posts like that is painful.

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Super Metroid

ooh wait..

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It's boring and the plateform part is really clunky.

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It would have been nice to see the sun at some point in Super Ghouls N' Ghosts. Call me a casual or whatever if you want, but night doesn't carry much weight without day to compare it to.

The same goes for Ghosts N' Goblins.

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Way too easy if you collect most of the power-ups.
The quicksand in Maridia is bullshit.

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You can't skip the intro and item fanfare.

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If only they had been more conservative and used the Japanese message size. wouldn't "it's too heavy to lift!" have sufficed?

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Xenogears..... Second disk.... Nuff said.

Also in earthbound I hate that they only show you Such a limited stat block and you have to feel out the rest of a weapons effects. Even a line of text saying something like low chance to hit but high chance of critical would have been good.

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Megaman 6's color scheme is a little off, and the Rush suits are annoying to have to switch back and forth between.

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Keep it retro.

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You need five fucking passwords to continue your game.

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Hill Top Zone basically being a palette swap of Emerald Hill.

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>Not mentioning the music

I like the song, but I think it's mostly an ironic enjoyment

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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon has beautiful music everywhere, except for the tunnels. They have absolutely zero music. There is no reason for that. They are not creepy or mysterious. They just don't have music. This is such a big contrast when you enter them.

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sonic 2 is a palette swap of sonic 1

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The Boobeam Trap in Megaman 2. Metal Blades are way too broken.

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That's my only issue with Link's Awakening. They really should have reconsidered that.

>Super Mario RPG
That one missable frog coin that you have to jump on the Toad's head to get.

Getting 100 super jumps is hard as fuck, I've never done it and I've played through the game a million times.

The normal battle music gets repetitive, they should have had a second song to spice the normal battles up.

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Pokemon RB - For a late Game Boy title, holy shit this game is ugly.

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Yoshi's Island

...I really don't want to say the baby crying is annoying, because that feels like a cop-out, but I really can't think of a lot more that I actively disliked about the game.

I guess I'll go with Poochy, that dumbass cunt.

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Having to choose between the two masks at the end of the kafei quest

The lore/townsfolk and backstory of characters is lacking in Phantasy Star IV, also the sidequests and endgame sucks balls.

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>Resident Evil 2:
>Ammo shortage.

That's kind of the point of the game.

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He's talking about New Game+. He probably doesn't want the infinite ammo weapons that you unlock, but infinite ammo with one of the normal weapons you get during the main game.

A fair request considering that NG+ with unlocked weapons is a joke in RE games.

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The location of level-7 on the second quest doesn't have a hint for some reason, and is therefore only found by either pure chance or burning/bombing/fluting everything in the overworld.

>Contra Hard Corps
Some weapons are absolute shit (Sheena's laser) and some are far too overpowered (Brownie's yo-yo).
The boss music quickly loses its charm.

>Fallout 1
Skills and attributes are terribly balanced.
Several "fun" perks can only be acquired so late in the game that you can't possibly hope to use them more than maybe once, if even that.

>Wonder Boy in Monster World
The price of Charmstones (500k gold) is just stupid.
Fire Storm has terrible pathfinding and can effectively lock you out from using magic if it decides to spaz out and fly around in circles.

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THAT'S what you picked from Pokemon R/B?

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The Suikoden series
Certain people are completely missable and not relevant to the plot so you miss their window pretty easily if you don't thoroughly check/use a guide

Dragon Quest games
After a while all I do is auto battle the random encounters, too many of them

RPGs in general
Ill never use these expensive items

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Of all the things wrong with Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, that's what you pick?

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It's an accurate translation.

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>wanting to skip item fanfare
get out

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>Super Castlevania 4
I think it's one of the ugliest 2-d Castlevania games.
Romance sub-plot all but completely hijacks the main plot at disc 3.
>Vagrant Story
That goddamn battle system nearly drove me insane when I first started playing it.
Gameplay is honestly pretty mediocre. If it didn't have other things going for it, I don't think it would be worth a playthrough.

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Even if it is, there's no reason why they couldn't have just shortened it to one message box. "This looks too heavy to lift" would have worked.

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if your chomp rock goes outside of your field of view, it's fucking gone

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>some moves (i.e., focus energy) doing nothing
>inclusion of ghost type for no reason (no applicable STAB moves)
>no rock types outside of rock/ground and fossil pokemon
>having to constantly use cut to navigate towns like cerulean and celadon
>not being prompted to use hm moves in context

that being said, i love the games

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Ocarina of time
>100 skulltulas does nothing

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>Ninja Gaiden 2
Plot is pants-on-head retarded. Yet, better than NG3's

>Tecmo Super Bowl
The cpu is a cheating bastard in the playoffs.

>Secret of Mana
Leveling magic is tedious as fuck.

>Metroid II: Return of Samus
Outside of two or so tracks, the soundtrack is grating, even for gameboy standards.

>Super Metroid
I will never know what it's like to play this for the first time again.

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Quake 3 Arena
The singleplayer sucks. I beat it on nightmare and have no desire to ever touch it again.

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But they do. You get an infinite supply of rupees.

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The translation is accurate but it's not necessary for it to be as accurate as it is. It's like they tried to maintain the sentence structure of the original Japanese without considering that they could just say "it's too heavy to lift with your bare hands".

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That doesn't really matter because at that point in the game you'll have no reason to even need that many rupees.

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Hit detection is sometimes spotty. Stab a zombie with a pitchfork and you'll see blood come out, but he wont react
Also opening doors basically means there is a 100% chance you're about to be shot by something on the other side, which you cant dodge

Ice Climbers are OP as fuck. Pls nerf

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Umihara Kawase: The way the levels were laid out was dumb. Shortcuts should not be in an already short game like this, especially when it's fairly easy compared to all the other paths. It just encourages players to be lazy.

Fuck I feel filthy for saying something about this game, gonna go shower for 3 hours straight.

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you forgot the time limit. You need to beat the entire game within a certain time period (I forget what it is) or else the game will end right after the field that you go above the time limit on. This makes the shortcuts Actually Useful though.

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30 minutes. That's an eternity in this game. The only way you're going to be seeing that field is if you're still learning how to play, or are deliberately stalling out each field.

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I just finished playing Link's Awakening again, and these are the things I didn't like about it.

First, I don't like how the Trade Quest has to be done (at least a certain part of the quest) in order to advance through the game. Eventually you'll have to get the Magnifying Glass unless you want to go through the Egg blindly.

Second, I don't like how the rooster has such a limited use especially getting him so late in the game. All you do is use him to get the key for Eagle's Tower, and then you don't really need him to navigate through the rest of the mountain.

And finally, the Angler Fish boss is too easy. It's probably since I've played the game so much, but I wish he was as tough as Slime Eel or Evil Eagle.

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>Final Fantasy 6
Combat is too easy and the Esper system really destroys some of the uniqueness of the characters in battle.

>Dragon Warrior/Quest VII
Long game is long.

>Front Mission 1
If you're not careful, you can screw up your character builds and there's no way to fix it because you can't grind.

>The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Combat is too easy.

>Super Metroid
Controls are a bit floaty. The game would be perfect if it used Metroid Fusion's engine.

>Jagged Alliance 2
Combat is too hard at the beginning of the game when you're stuck with handguns.

>Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters
"What the fuck am I supposed to do?" can become a problem in the game at points.

>Fallout 1
Has a couple clunky interface problems.

>Fallout 2
Less interface problems, but the story get's a little too silly at times.

>Mega Man 2
Heat Man's disappearing blocks and Wily Fortress stage 4's boss.

>Mega Man 3
Difficulty drops after you beat all the Doc Robot stages.

>Goldeneye 007
The controls.

>> No.1208765

>difficulty spikes at the Doc Robot stages

Fixed, the Wily Stages going down wouldn't be a big deal if they didn't make the Doc Robot stages so grueling.

>> No.1208775

I liked the Doc Robot stages' difficulty. Either way, there's a fluctuation where difficulty drops going further into the game and a game like Mega Man 3 shouldn't do that

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Maybe it's just been a while, but I remember getting Yae's mermaid transformation in Mystical Ninja to be a complete and utter bitch.

>> No.1208790

Yeah, I hate having to scroll through three pages of text every time I accidentally touch a rock, or get a power acorn, or getting the compass.

>You got the compass!
>Now you can see where
>the lair of the evil boss is!
>This compass has a new
>feature! An alarm will tell
>you where hidden chests are!

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>Star Ocean: The Second Story

Sometimes when you assign an attack, your character will run alongside the target while they both try to pathfind next to each other. This can happen for upwards of 20 seconds. Very frustrating when your spellcasters are getting beaten up, but you can't get Claude to stop dancing with the enemy swordsman.

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Which is useless. The only thing worth buying is beans and you would have gotten them most if not all at that point.

>> No.1208852

I don't think you really understand how Umihara Kawase works.

>> No.1208873


Taking certain exits on certain fields will get you to an end field much sooner than others. How the hell is that not a shortcut?

Ah, forget it. You're probably just trolling.

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Star Fox: the framerate. That's it. Framerate is very important to me and I've even given up on games like Dragon's Dogma because of unacceptable framerate. But Star Fox is just such a masterpiece that it barely matters. Still though, imagine Star Fox at 60 FPS (without inaccurate speed up of course)
It would be fucking amazing. Maybe Ninty should remake it

>> No.1208887

Fuck off to /vp/. The balance issues dont matter at all because its a singleplayer JRPG, not an esport. Go waste more of your life on EV training

>> No.1208895

You do realize that Pokemon games have issues that aren't related to the meta game right? Pokemon RBY aren't perfect.

>> No.1208913

>not every path is completely identical in length
>that means hurrr durr shortcuts and lazy design

Umihara Kawase is designed to be nonlinear, so of course some paths are gonna be shorter than others. It's also designed so that you can never see every level in a single playthrough. It even has multiple ending levels.

Umihara Kawase is a game that encourages and rewards exploration. If you're some casual Mario faggot who only intends to play through a game once so he can get his "retro cred", of course you're not gonna like Umihara Kawase.

>implying Umihara Kawase's design encourages people to be lazy

Okay, let's see you beat one of Princess Sevenleaf's speedruns, show us how not-lazy you are.

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Who are you quoting

No, seriously, what are you even arguing against

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Here's something for your inability to follow a conversation longer than two replies.

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But a bunch of those points you're arguing against were never made in the first place...

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Your response is far more amusing than I originally thought it would be.

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Yes they were. See: >>1208214

>> No.1208942


A bunch may have been the wrong term. But like lazy design, no one said that.

And I don't know why you're accusing anyone here of disliking the game. Have you noticed the thread you're in?

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>late Game Boy title
Pokemon Red & Green started development in 1990 and were released in 1996. It was also one of the largest games released on the system. The graphics took a hit for obvious reasons.

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Thief 2 - Final mission was a lame fetch quest sort of thing, and there wasn't even a proper confrontation with Karras.

DKC3 - Kiddy sucked.

UFO Enemy Unknown - Mind control breaks the game in a huge way.

King of Dragon Pass - Events repeat multiple times during long games.

>> No.1208950

I actively avoided the power acorns for that reason. Plus they changed the music to something annoying when I wanted to listen to the cool dungeon music.

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Sonic CD
Future zones have little purpose

Castlevania SotN
Too short
Can reach practical level cap in minutes, levels don't do much anyway

>> No.1208953

On second thought, I'll respond anyway because this guy is so funny.

>Umihara Kawase is a game that encourages and rewards exploration.

It doesn't reward you for anything at all. The same credits roll at every end field. That's not what I call a reward.

>let's see you beat one of Princess Sevenleaf's speedruns, show us how not-lazy you are.

Why on earth are you sucking up to such a shitty tripfag? My whole point about the uneven level structure is that I'd only be boring myself grinding the same few levels leading up to F55 to beat another speedrunner.

>> No.1208958

Yes, I'm aware he claims to like Umihara Kawase. I'm saying he doesn't.

>I like Doom but I wish there were less demons and guns
>I like Sonic but I hate going fast
>I like Nethack but I hate that you have to level up to be more powerful

How can you claim to like a game, then criticize as a "flaw" something that is fundamental to the game's design?

>> No.1208960

>It doesn't reward you for anything
Okay, so you don't actually like the game, thanks for clearing that up.

>> No.1208969


It sounds to me like you don't actually like the game given what a tryhard you're being here. I've enjoyed playing through every level in UK, but that doesn't mean most of the levels are pointless from a speedrunning perspective. Which is literally all I'm criticizing, but you're way too dense to see that.

>> No.1208973

>most of the levels are pointless from a speedrunning perspective. Which is literally all I'm criticizing

Actually this is the first time you've mentioned speedrunning. If that's what you were trying to say all along, you might want to work on your communication skills.

>> No.1208979

If Jaden Smith was cast as Anakin, he would have said it was pod racing long ago.

>> No.1208995

>You don't like this game because *I* say so!

I can't decide if this is better or worse than "Stop liking what I don't like!"

>> No.1209000


You mentioned speedrunning in response to me saying the game encourages people to be lazy about their playthroughs. It sounds to me like you understood just fine, but wanted to shitpost for a little while.

>> No.1209032

>Combat is too easy and the Esper system really destroys some of the uniqueness of the characters in battle.

This. The whole second half of the game is where all the characters lose their charm and importance somewhat. You can have them all learn ultima, and so many of them are optional. They become kind of bland.

still my favorite game

>> No.1209086

>don't fully understand what makes a popular thing "good"
>pretend to like it anyway, because you want to fit in

You realize this is extremely fucking common, right? That psychological studies have been conducting, proving that this is normal human behavior? That this desire to fit in is so ingrained in our social instinct, that most people don't even realize they're doing it?

Think of how often you hear this from your book-reading "such a nerd" friends.
>"I love Shakespeare! Hamlet is a way better love story than Twilight!"

Then try using a word like "petard" outside its Shakespearean context, and see if they actually know what it means.

>> No.1209087

>Final Fantasy 6
>the Esper system really destroys some of the uniqueness of the characters

That's why I like VII better. You could say the same thing about the materia system, but at least they still have their limit breaks to differentiate them.

>> No.1209098 [DELETED] 

The Dark Knight Rises:

>Talia and Bane's backstory portrays the horrible reality of prison rape, and shows us exactly why you don't send a woman to men's prison

>Catwoman gets sent to men's prison, and it's played for laughs when everyone wants to rape her

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Megaman 1

>No possible way to save progress
>Fall like a fucking rock (no pun intended) tied to a sumo wrestler
>No E-tanks
>Insta-kill on spikes during post-hit invincibility
>The fucking foot holder glitch: if you get hit while trying to land on a foot holder (even if you're directly over it), you'll fall right through it

Man, it hurts, because I love this game...

>> No.1209106

A rock tied to a sumo wrestler wouldn't fall any faster than the rock would on its own. Actually it'd fall more slowly if anything.

>> No.1209115


Still trying to make a huge ass of yourself huh?

btw, I didn't even realize it was possible to not understand Umihara Kawase until you came around. Could it be... You're projecting?

>> No.1209117


Kind of jarring to play after playing Super MEtroid, which has some of the best controls for any 2-D game

Streets of Rage 2
Not as replayable as a single player game, lack of combos and techniques makes it feel very limited

Spyro 2
Horrible characters and lacks the chill atmosphere of the first game

>> No.1209142

well you have fun trying to disprove the fact that other people are having fun bro

you sound like a well-adjusted person who is probably surrounded by vagina because lord knows you're fun to talk to

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When you try to punch or kick, your guy will instead block if your teammate puches/kicks immediately before you do.

>> No.1209167

I think you mean
>RcR has so much lag and flickering in 2 players that it's unplayable
>drinking tea and staring at men's ass while they shower breaks the badass flaw of a beat'em up

>> No.1209174

Yeah but then they just eat the entire tea cup without giving a fuck

>> No.1209182 [DELETED] 

>lel projecting

>lel you're a fun guy at parties XD

What is it with these stock comebacks?

>> No.1209186

yoshi's island - they got rid of the exploration and world map mechanic from mario world, goin back to linear progression. no proper 2 player mode like the ones in SMB3 and World.

>> No.1209202

That's because it's not actually Super Mario World 2. That was just a subtitle they slapped on for amerifats to want to buy a game about Yossi.

>> No.1209205


Yoshi's Island was a Mario game in Japan, you idiot.

You are seriously dumb if you think the game needed to be "Super Mario World 2" over here to sell.

>> No.1209207

>Yoshi's Island was a Mario game in Japan
No, it's a Yossi game. You don't play as Mario, you play as Yossi.

>> No.1209209

>Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (スーパーマリオ ヨッシーアイランド Sūpā Mario: Yosshī Airando?, "Super Mario: Yoshi's Island"

"World" was absent from the Japanese title, but "Mario" was not.

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Huge fucking pain in the ass to play on a modern computer.
>fix broken OpenGL/DirectX support, discover that it's incompatible with multicore CPUs
>apply multicore fix, discover that it's incompatible with my mouse
>attempt to fix mouse issues, discover that the problem is with OpenGL

>> No.1209214

>use gog version

>> No.1209226

Neither SMB3 nor World had proper 2 player modes( except for the remade arcade Mario Bros in 3). Not implementing lazy switching was not a problem considering that just passing the controller gives you nearly the exact same experience.

>> No.1209231

The mouse problems occurred with the GOG version of UT99, running OldSkool. I have no idea what caused it.

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Not counting the CD-i games, Link's Awakening has the worst boss and the worst dungeon music out of all the games in it's 4 dungeon.

>> No.1209245

4th i mean

>> No.1209258

Yeah rewriting the cave music was pretty lazy.

All the dungeon themes were variations on the cave music, but most of them were pretty subtle.

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Apart from the fact it's extremely unlikely I'll ever be able to play it with friend again I can't think of anything.

>> No.1209442


>> No.1209460

The closest thing that resembles 'difficulty in either of the two Ogre Battle games is trying to figure out the obtuse mechanics and event trigger prerequisites for a good ending.

I love absolutely everything else. I just wish enemies would put up an actual fight, outside of having to stay clear of Cockatrices.

>> No.1209465

Dude. The 3DS version has CO-OP, even if player 2 doesn't own the game, and it's five bucks.

But I still ain't buying a 3DS.

>> No.1209476

Virtually every 5th gen game: low framerate

>> No.1209479

I think in the original, you could press B to skip multiple message boxes from the Compass/Piece of Power/Guardian Acorn. The DX version took that out for some damn reason.

>> No.1209482

Except F-Zero X, best racing game of the whole gen and it's 60 FPS

>> No.1209484


In retrospective, there's not a lot of puzzles to do. I can probably beat it in 25 minutes now.

>> No.1209489
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>The Secret of Monkey Island

The whole Monkey Island part until you meet the cannibals was pretty goddamn boring. Except for that Sam & Max/Day of the Tentacle easter egg at the monkey head.

>> No.1209490


Um... erm... I have to eventually stop playing it and do real-life stuff?

>> No.1209496

>Not enjoying sinking your whole worthless crew into the goddamn ocean, leaving them to get caught by the cannibals..

>> No.1209501

FF7 is just as bad as 6 in that regard. FF6 has each character with their own special move and Desperation Attack, the precursor to Limit Breaks. The Material system makes FF7's characters just as interchangeable in battle as the Espers do in FF6's.

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Crash Bandicoot 2

not enough levels

>> No.1209553


>want to play the african mines level? go beat transylvania first.
>didn't get the key from transylvania? go back there and get it again.
>have to visit transylvania again at the end of the game

>> No.1209568

FFVII is worse in that regard. Limit breaks are literally the only difference between the characters while the characters in FFVI also have equipment, skills and desperation attacks that are unique to them.

Also to contribute to the actual thread:
Constantly having grind for levels just to be able hurt the enemies in new areas you just got into. Grinding for levels really shouldn't be part of an action RPG.

>> No.1209632

I feel you might have played it wrong, dear anon.

>> No.1209635

I have never noticed any desperation attacks. Or do you refer to each characters special attacks (blitz, rage etc)?

>> No.1209645

Cockatries were crazy motherfuckers, mon.

>> No.1209648

Get your HP to near fatal status and use the Fight command. There's a 1/16 chance they'll do their Desperation Attack instead of a normal one.


>> No.1209736

The melody is pretty awesome (it reminds me of a W.C. Handy composition), but that high-pitched synth that comes in right after the bass is painful to listen to:

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>I like Sonic but I hate going fast

Sadly, there are several sections and levels in the games to please any who actually feel that way.

>> No.1209876

Fucking nigger skaarj are way hard to kill some times. I use the fully loaded 8ball on the fast ones.

>> No.1209943

Not related, but I was at that Star Wars convention where OP's pic was taken. I felt bad for him because they put at the end of the line, nobody was getting his autograph, and Daniel Logan had 50 people waiting for him.

Then I remembered that he fucked up Darth Vader so I went to get Warwick Davis' autograph.

>> No.1209958
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Doom could have had infinitely better level design. There are a few imaginative ideas, but even 1995 modders showed how the game could be so much more with creatively designed levels.

>> No.1209967

>I felt bad for him because they put at the end of the line, nobody was getting his autograph
Poor bastard. Imagine how it feels to be given much of the blame for destroying Star Wars when you were just a ten year-old when it came out.

>> No.1209973

No it isn't you retard

>> No.1209974
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Crash Bandicoot 2 is too easy if you play it after the first part.

I say the first Doom had varying and colorful levels. They were great there.
Doom 2, on the other hand, had bland level desidns with obnoxious spatial puzzles (shoot the wall in MAP28, remember?) and recycled assets. Also the SSG broke it a bit.

>> No.1210006

>I say the first Doom had varying and colorful levels. They were great there.
They were OK, but even back then the engine was capable of so much more. There could have been a lot more interactivity, and the levels could have looked a lot less/more abstract than they did.

>> No.1210016

>The 3DS version has CO-OP, even if player 2 doesn't own the game

Is this a common feature for eshop games? I might just get it. I just need someone to play with now.

>> No.1210019

To give Earthbound some credit. While the battle system was nothing new, the rolling HP bar added some tension to the mix. Also, there was a lot more enemy diversity in the game; each one had some dick move up there sleeve (i.e. those FUCKING exploding trees, man).

>> No.1210056

it's perfect in every way and doesn't give other games a chance

>> No.1210083

I second that.

>> No.1210089

Not perfect in the sense you need to buy 2 full priced games to have a complete experience.

>> No.1212252

>Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

The game is far too short and it feels as if the devs actively added mundane tasks and backtracking in an effort to extend it, but they didn't do a very good job

>> No.1212741

All bosses are easy as hell, with the exception of maybe Marble Garden depending on who you're playing as.

>> No.1212752

Demon's Crest

Fuck that wolf boss, and fuck the headbutt game accuracy.

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